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We are investigating communications technology of the future, so-called quantum info-communications, which directly controls the quantum mechanical properties of photons and electrons. The world of quantum mechanics promises a number of significant advances that are beyond the capabilities of conventional info-communications technologies. For example, it is possible to increase the reliability of information transmitted even at single-photon level by using a coding scheme that controls the quantum states of light. We aim at exploring theories to treat information in quantum mechanics properly, to develop basic technologies for controlling the quantum states of photons, and to realize as many dreams as possible for our future society.

Promoting R & D on quantum cryptography and communications
What's New Last Update: 2014.4.10

Recent Topics
▶ "New approach to the realization of a long-lived quantum memory for quantum computation
: Observation of a hidden state in a superconductor diamond quantum hybrid system" has been released - (Apr. 8, 2014: NTT Press Release), by Dr. K. Semba, Exsective Researcher, Advanced ICT Research Institute, NICT and others.
Nature Communications:http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2014/140408/ncomms4524/pdf/ncomms4524.pdf
▶Successful Demonstration of Quantum Tele-amplification - Establishing Common Foundation to Long-distance Quantum Cryptography, Low-power High-Capacity Communications - (May 13,2013)) «Press Release»
▶Bit error rate bound of optical communication theory was beaten - An important step toward ultra-long-distance, low-power and high-capacity communications - (Jun 28, 2011) «Press Release»
▶Satellite Conference will be held on October 21-22 at NII, Tokyo, Japan.
▶International Conference be held on 18th to 20th of October in ANA InterContinental Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.
▶Performance of hybrid entanglement photon pair source for quantum key distribution (Feb 3, 2010)
---For more information, please visit our website at Performance of hybrid entanglement-20100204.pdf
Recent Update
▶In Publications, some articles are linked to the abstract of the journal web page.
◆"Performance of Long-Distance Quantum Key Distribution Over 90-km Optical Links Installed in a Field Environment of Tokyo Metropolitan Area," IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology 32(1), pp. 141--151(2014).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/12/19)
◆"Maintenance-free operation of WDM quantum key distribution system through a field fiber over 30 days," Optics Express 21(25), pp. 31395--31401 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/12/17)
◆"Excitonic Rabi oscillations in self-assembled quantum dots in the presence of a local field effect," Phys. Rev. B87(24), pp. 241301/1--4 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/12/17)
◆“Performance gain of displacement receiver with optimized prior probability,”
Physics Letters A 377(39), pp. 2723--2728 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/11/28)
◆“Single-photon emission in telecommunication band from an InAs quantum dot grown on InP with molecular-beam epitaxy,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 103(6), pp. 061114/1--4 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/8/16)
◆“Nonclassical interference between independent intrinsically pure single photons at telecommunication wavelength,” Phys. Rev. A 87(6), pp. 063801/1--4 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/8/6)
◆“Evaluation of Submillimeter/Terahertz Camera Performance With the Cryogenic Multi-ChannelRead Out System,” IEEE Trans. TERAHERTZ SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 3(4), pp. 422--427 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/7/29)
▶“Widely tunable single photon source with high purity at telecom wavelength,” Opt. Express 21(9), pp. 010659--010666 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/6/14)
▶“Quantum receivers with squeezing and photon-number-resolving detectors for M-ary coherent state discrimination,” Phys. Rev. A 87(4), pp.042328/1--6 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/6/14)
▶“Characteristics of superconducting single photon detector in DPS-QKD system under bright illumination blinding attack,” Opt. Express 21(5), pp. 6304--6312 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/6/14)
▶"Countermeasure against tailored bright illumination attack for DPS-QKD," Opt. Express 21(3), pp. 2667--2673 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/1/29)  
"High-fidelity conversion of photonic quantum information to telecommunication wavelength with superconducting single-photon detectors," Phys. Rev. A 87(1), pp. 010301/1--4 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/1/29) 
▶"Anisotropic optical properties of excitons in strain-controlled InAs quantum dots," Phys. Rev. B 87, pp. 035304/1--10 (2013).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/1/16)  
▶"Verification Plan of Basic Quantum Key Distribution Experiments by Using a Small Satellite," Trans. JSASS Aerospace Tech. Japan, 10(ists28), pp. Pj_9--Pj_15 (2012).has been added to the list of publications.(2013/1/16)

Introduction to Quantum Cryptography and the Tokyo QKD Network

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