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Introduction of Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center

This movie introduces StarBED, large-scale network testbed developed and managed by National Institute of Infomation and Communications Technology(NICT) Hokuriku StarBED Technology Center, and also shows examples of R&D results on experimental infrastructure for verifying technologies of IoT-era.

Multilingual Translation Laboratory

Overview, VoiceTra4U-M and Minnano Honyaku(Translation for everyone)

Multisensory Cognition and Computation Laboratory

(1)Overview, (2)Multisensory Interaction Technology and (3)Perceptual and cognitive mechanisms and evaluation technology for multisensory Information

Ultra-realistic Video Systems Laboratory

Overview, Electronic holography technology and Ultra-multi-view 3D video technology

Information Services Platform Laboratory

Overview, Service-Controlled Networking, Cuber-Physical Cloud Computing, Cross-DB Search and Knowledge-language grid test bed

Information Analysis Laboratory

(1)Overview, (2)"Ikkyu", Speech-based Question Answering System and (3)"WISDOM", Information Analysis System

Spoken Language Communication Laboratory

Overview, VoiceTra4U-M, AssisTra and Kyo no Osusume