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Multilingual Translation Laboratory

Overview, VoiceTra4U-M and Minnano Honyaku(Translation for everyone)

Multisensory Cognition and Computation Laboratory

(1)Overview, (2)Multisensory Interaction Technology and (3)Perceptual and cognitive mechanisms and evaluation technology for multisensory Information

Ultra-realistic Video Systems Laboratory

Overview, Electronic holography technology and Ultra-multi-view 3D video technology

Information Services Platform Laboratory

Overview, Service-Controlled Networking, Cuber-Physical Cloud Computing, Cross-DB Search and Knowledge-language grid test bed

Information Analysis Laboratory

(1)Overview, (2)"Ikkyu", Speech-based Question Answering System and (3)"WISDOM", Information Analysis System

Spoken Language Communication Laboratory

Overview, VoiceTra4U-M, AssisTra and Kyo no Osusume

Introduction of the Hokuriku Research Center activities and StarBED

The Hokuriku Research Center is one of the research centers of NICT, in which research is performed under the topic of "Research and development of the next-generation ubiquitous network simulation technology". StarBED is the ubiquitous network simulator,and is able to make a large scale network experiment environment.