発表論文一覧 (2015)

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Title Publication
Prediction of MeV electron fluxes throughout the outer radiation belt using multivariate autoregressive models 2015/12/28 search
Retrieving binary answers using whole-brain activity pattern classification 2015/12/23 search
Simultaneous observations of F2 layer stratification and spread F at postmidnight over a northern equatorial anomaly region 2015/12/22 search
The molecular mechanism of photochemical internalization of cell penetrating peptide-cargo-photosensitizer conjugates 2015/12/21 search
Statistical Approximation of Efficient Caching Mechanisms for One-Timers 2015/12/17 search
Throughput Enhancement of Multicarrier Cognitive M2M Networks: Universal-Filtered OFDM Systems 2015/12/17 search
Hit Rate of Space Weather Forecasts of the Japanese Forecast Center and Analysis of Problematic Events on the Forecasts between June 2014 and March 2015 2015/12/15 search
Fabrication of InAs quantum dot stacked structure on InP(311)B substrate by digital embedding method 2015/12/15 search
リカレントニューラルネットワークによる単語アラインメント 2015/12/14 search
Rotational diffusion measurements using polarization-dependent fluorescence correlation spectroscopy based on superconducting nanowire single-photon detector 2015/12/10 search
First demonstration of digital coherent transmission in a deployed ROADM network with a 120 Gbit/s polarization-multiplexed 64 QAM signal 2015/12/10 search
Cryogenic Ultra-Low Power Dissipation Operational Amplifiers with GaAs JFETs 2015/12/8 search
Feasibility of Improved Attenuation Correction for SPECT Reconstruction in the Presence of Dense Materials Using Dual-Energy Virtual Monochromatic CT: A Phantom Study 2015/12/4 search
Disavowable Public Key Encryption with Non-interactive Opening 2015/12/1 search
Multimodal corpus of multiparty conversations in L1 and L2 languages and findings obtained from it 2015/12/1 search
RoboCup@Home: Analysis and Results of Evolving Competitions for Domestic and Service Robots 2015/12/1 search
Computer-generated hologram calculation for real scenes using a commercial portable plenoptic camera 2015/12/1 search
誤り分析に基づく日本語事実性解析の課題抽出 2015/12/1 search
High-Speed Coherent Transmission Using Advanced Photonics in Terahertz Bands 2015/12/1 search
Terahertz and Infrared Spectroscopy of Room Temperature Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids 2015/12/1 search
Evaluation of optical amplification properties using dressed photons in a silicon waveguide 2015/12/1 search
CTA Telescopes as Deep-Space Lasercom Ground Receivers 2015/11/25 search
Feedback Bits Allocation for Interference Minimization in Cognitive Radio Communications 2015/11/25 search
Demonstration of 100 Gbps optical packet switching using header processor based on 48-bit longest prefix matching 2015/11/17 search
Supranormal orientation selectivity of visual neurons in orientation-restricted animals 2015/11/16 search
Phase coherence of auditory steady-state response reflects the amount of cognitive workload in a modified N-back task 2015/11/2 search
Development of a Superconducting Low-Noise 3.1-THz Hot Electron Bolometer Receiver 2015/11/2 search
Late Development of Cue Integration Is Linked to Sensory Fusion in Cortex 2015/11/2 search
Spectrally resolved Hong-Ou-Mandel interference between independent photon sources 2015/11/2 search
Sound-space recording and binaural presentation system based on a 252-channel microphone array 2015/11/1 search
A spatial extrapolation method to derive high-order Ambisonics data from stereo sources 2015/11/1 search
Capacity and Delay-Throughput Tradeoff in ICMNs with Poisson Contact Process 2015/11/1 search
N 2 + quadrupole transitions with small Zeeman shift 2015/10/30 search
Brain Informatics-Based Big Data and the Wisdom Web of Things 2015/10/30 search
Meiotic cohesin-based chromosome structure is essential for homologous chromosome pairing in Schizosaccharomyces pombe 2015/10/28 search
Periodic variations of oxygen EUV dayglow in the upper atmosphere of Venus: Hisaki/EXCEED observations 2015/10/28 search
Cellular economy in fission yeast cells continuously cultured with limited nitrogen resources 2015/10/21 search
Nup132 modulates meiotic spindle attachment in fission yeast by regulating kinetochore assembly 2015/10/19 search
Intermittent optical frequency measurements to reduce the dead time uncertainty of frequency link 2015/10/15 search
Valence band ordering in β-Ga2O3 studied by polarized transmittance and reflectance spectroscopy 2015/10/14 search
Planetary period oscillations in Saturn's magnetosphere: Examining the relationship between abrupt changes in behavior and solar wind-induced magnetospheric compressions and expansions 2015/10/14 search
WDM RoF-MMW and Linearly Located Distributed Antenna System for Future High-Speed Railway Communications 2015/10/9 search
Protein-based optical filters for image processing 2015/10/7 search
West wall structuring of equatorial plasma bubbles simulated by three-dimensional HIRB model 2015/10/5 search
Revocable Group Signature with Constant-Size Revocation List 2015/10/1 search
制約条件・重み付き最小二乗法によるヘッドホン受聴を志向したサラウンド信号の再合成 2015/10/1 search
Numerical Study on Secrecy Capacity and Code Length Dependence of the Performances in Optical Wiretap Channels 2015/10/1 search
ESDガンの接触放電に対する放電電流のIEC規格波形と周波数スペクトル 2015/10/1 search
Superconductor-insulator transition in two-dimensional NbN/MgO and NbN/AlN/MgO films 2015/10/1 search
The far-ultraviolet main auroral emission at Jupiter - Part 1: Dawn-dusk brightness asymmetries 2015/10/1 search
The far-ultraviolet main auroral emission at Jupiter - Part 2: Vertical emission profile 2015/10/1 search
Effect of Discretization of Sound Source Position on Sense of Presence in 3D Audio Systems Using Multiple Vertical Panning 2015/9/30 search
The Bright Side Arguments for the Coming Smartphones Crypto War: The Added Value of Device Encryption 2015/9/28 search
Selective autophagic receptor p62 regulates the abundance of transcriptional coregulator ARIP4 during nutrient starvation 2015/9/28 search
Scalable two- and three-dimensional optical labels generated by 128-port encoder/decoder for optical packet switching 2015/9/25 search
GINEW 革新的なネットワーク運用管理アーキテクチャの一提案 2015/9/24 search
Mode-hop-free operation of a distributed Bragg reflector diode laser in an external fiber-cavity configuration 2015/9/23 search
Laser-Phase-Fluctuation-Insensitive Offset-Frequency-Spaced Two-Tone Optical Coherent Detection Scheme and Its Transmission for Radio-over-Fiber Systems 2015/9/21 search
Ultra-thin silicon/electro-optic polymer hybrid waveguide modulators 2015/9/21 search
Queueing Analysis of Optical and Electronic Combined Buffer for Optical Packet Switches 2015/9/15 search
Empowering anti-malware research in Japan by sharing the MWS Datasets 2015/9/15 search
Observation of interactive behavior increases corticospinal excitability in humans: A transcranial magnetic stimulation study 2015/9/14 search
New Connecting Structure for Waveguides with Special Connectors 2015/9/10 search
Sideband cooling of a Ca+-In+ ion chain toward the quantum logic spectroscopy of In+ 2015/9/7 search
Diode-pumped 2-μm pulse laser with noncomposite Tm,Ho:YLF rod conduction-cooled down to -80°C 2015/9/2 search
Impact of Mode Filtering on the performance of Femtosecond Pulse Amplification in a Large Mode Area Fiber 2015/9/1 search
Time and Modulation Frequency Dependence of Crosstalk in Homogeneous Multi-Core Fibers 2015/9/1 search
A Novel Double Oscillation Model for Prediction of fMRI BOLD Signals without Detrending 2015/9/1 search
Flexible OFDM-based access systems with intrinsic function of chromatic dispersion compensation 2015/8/28 search
Channel Direction Information Probing for Multi-Antenna Cognitive Radio System 2015/8/27 search
Flexible High-order QAM Transmitters for Elastic Optical Networks 2015/8/23 search
Time-resolved measurements of Cooper-pair radiative recombination in InAs quantum dots 2015/8/21 search
Shearing Distortion Correction for EPI at 7T MRI 2015/8/20 search
Underfilm Corrosion of Transmission Tower Cross-arms Service-used in a Pacific Coast Area 2015/8/19 search
Spectral parameters estimation in precipitation for 50 MHz band atmospheric radars 2015/8/19 search
Evaluation of electromagnetic radiation from the DC side of a photovoltaic power generation system 2015/8/17 search
Single-photon decision maker 2015/8/17 search
Neocortical Rebound Depolarization Enhances Visual Perception 2015/8/14 search
The Rostral Prefrontal Cortex Underlies Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity: An approach from the Hierarchical Model of the Cognitive Control 2015/8/13 search
Optical 8QAM and 8PSK synthesis by cascading arbitrary 2QAM with squared QPSK 2015/8/10 search
Analysis of the spectroscopy of a hybrid system composed of a superconducting flux qubit and diamond NV- centers 2015/8/7 search
Greater Reliability in Disrupted Metropolitan Area Networks: Use Cases, Standards, and Practices 2015/8/6 search
Re-configurable Wavelength De-multiplexer in Wavelength Division Multiplexed Radio-over-Fiber Systems for Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave Signal Delivery 2015/8/5 search
Local circular polarizations in nanostructures induced by linear polarization via optical near-fields 2015/8/4 search
Dielectric Property Measurement of Ocular Tissues up to 110 GHz Using 1 mm Coaxial Sensor 2015/8/3 search
Millimeter-Wave Radar Receiver Using Z-Cut LiNbO3 Optical Modulator with Orthogonal-Gap-Embedded Patch-Antennas on Low-k Dielectric Material 2015/8/3 search
The EarthCARE Satellite: The next step forward in global measurements of clouds, aerosols, precipitation, and radiation 2015/8/1 search
Generation of Arbitrarily Patterned Pulse Trains in the THz Range by Spectral Synthesis of Optical Combs 2015/8/1 search
A performance study to ensure emergency communications during large scale disasters using Satellite/Terrestrial Integrated mobile Communications Systems 2015/8/1 search
テラヘルツ波を用いた誘電体の表面粗さ測定 2015/8/1 search
Moving Tunable Filters Forward: A "Heterointegration" Research Project for Tunable Filters Combining MEMS and RF SAW/BAW Technologies 2015/8/1 search
Performance of Uplink Packetized LTE-A Signal Transmission on a Cascaded Radio-on-Radio and Radio-over-Fiber System 2015/8/1 search
Optical and Electronic Combined Buffer Architecture for Optical Packet Switches 2015/7/30 search
Histone H4 acetylation required for chromatin decompaction during DNA replication 2015/7/30 search
Interplanetary particle transport simulation for warning system for aviation exposure to solar energetic particles 2015/7/29 search
Improvement of Experimental System for Tracking the Threshold of Current Perception 2015/7/29 search
Optical observation of superconducting density of states in luminescence spectra of InAs quantum dots 2015/7/27 search
Hierarchy-Aware Skip Graph for Sensing Resource Discoveries on Large-Scale Sensor Overlay Networks 2015/7/26 search
Highly condensed chromatins are formed adjacent to subtelomeric and decondensed silent chromatin in fission yeast 2015/7/24 search
OOK Modulated Optical Satellite Communications System for CCSDS Standardization 2015/7/21 search
Fresh and evolutionary-type field-aligned irregularities generated near sunrise terminator due to overshielding electric fields 2015/7/20 search
Different target discrimination times can be followed by the same saccade initiation timing in different stimulus conditions during visual searches 2015/7/14 search
Self-Homodyne Detection-Based Fully Coherent Reflective PON Using RSOA and Simplified DSP 2015/7/14 search
Tidal modulations of mesospheric gravity wave kinetic energy observed with MF radar at Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska 2015/7/14 search
fMRI Analysis-by-Synthesis Reveals a Dorsal Hierarchy That Extracts Surface Slant 2015/7/8 search
Plasma density undulations correlated with thermospheric neutral mass density in the daytime low-latitude to midlatitude topside ionosphere 2015/7/7 search
Evaluation of impact on digital radio systems by measuring amplitude probability distribution of interfering noise 2015/7/1 search
Variability of Specific Absorption Rate of Human Body for Various Configurations of Tablet Computer in Vicinity of Abdomen 2015/7/1 search
Swarm Networks in Brownian Environments 2015/7/1 search
Chromosome Scaffold is a Double-Stranded Assembly of Scaffold Proteins 2015/7/1 search
Bilingual Continuous-Space Language Model Growing for Statistical Machine Translation 2015/7/1 search
Dosimetry and verification for 6-GHz whole-body non-constraint exposure of rats using reverberation chamber 2015/7/1 search
Design and performance of mass-produced sideband separating SIS mixers for ALMA band 4 receivers 2015/6/30 search
X-Ray Fiber Diffraction Recordings from Oriented Demembranated Chlamydomonas Flagellar Axonemes 2015/6/30 search
Response of ionospheric electric fields at mid-low latitudes during sudden commencements 2015/6/27 search
Dynamically pre-trained deep recurrent neural networks using environmental monitoring data for predicting PM2.5 2015/6/26 search
Observation of quantum Zeno effect in a superconducting flux qubit 2015/6/25 search
An Aggregatable Name-Based Routing for Energy-Efficient Data Sharing in Big Data Era 2015/6/23 search
Global MHD simulation of magnetospheric response of preliminary impulse to large and sudden enhancement of the solar wind dynamic pressure 2015/6/19 search
Preordering using a Target-Language Parser via Cross-Language Syntactic Projection for Statistical Machine Translation 2015/6/12 search
Resource Allocation Optimization for Users with Different Levels of Service in Multicarrier Systems 2015/6/11 search
Effects of Ga-induced reconstructed surfaces and atomic steps on the morphology of GaSb islands on Si(100) 2015/6/8 search
BAF is a cytosolic DNA sensor that leads to exogenous DNA avoiding autophagy 2015/6/2 search
SKENO: Secret Key Encryption with Non-interactive Opening 2015/6/1 search
WiFi Network Virtualization to Control the Connectivity of a Target Service 2015/6/1 search
Regulation of homologous recombinational repair by lamin B1 in radiation-induced DNA damage 2015/6/1 search
Tuning circuit material for mass-produced Terahertz SIS receivers 2015/6/1 search
Study of Midinfrared Superconducting Detector With Phased-Array Nanoslot Antenna 2015/6/1 search
Fabrication of Superconducting Mid-Infrared Photodetectors With Dipole Nanoantennas 2015/6/1 search
Fabrication of (200)-Oriented TiN Films on Si (100) Substrates by DC Magnetron Sputtering 2015/6/1 search
Fabrication and Characterization of Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors on Si Waveguide 2015/6/1 search
Fabrication and characterization of epitaxial TiN-based Josephson junctions for superconducting circuit applications 2015/6/1 search
Reflection terahertz time-domain imaging for analysis of an 18th century neoclassical easel painting 2015/6/1 search
Uncleavable Nup98-Nup96 is functional in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe 2015/6/1 search
Stochastic model showing a transition to self-controlled particle-deposition state induced by optical near-fields 2015/5/29 search
Scalable quantum computation architecture using always-on Ising interactions via quantum feedforward 2015/5/28 search
Temporal change of EIA asymmetry revealed by a beacon receiver network in Southeast Asia 2015/5/27 search
Effects of Pre-reversal Enhancement of E×B drift on the Latitudinal Extension of Plasma Bubble in Southeast Asia 2015/5/27 search
Estimation of geomagnetically induced currents based on the measurement data of a transformer in a Japanese power network and geoelectric field observations 2015/5/27 search
Estimating the solar wind conditions during an extreme geomagnetic storm: a case study of the event that occurred on March 13-14, 1989 2015/5/27 search
Single Parity Check-Coded 16QAM over Spatial Superchannels in Multicore Fiber Transmission 2015/5/26 search
Automatic representation of a visual stimulus relative to a background in the right precuneus 2015/5/21 search
Amoeba-inspired Nanoarchitectonic Computing Implemented Using Electrical Brownian Ratchets 2015/5/20 search
Superpositional HMM-Based Intonation Synthesis Using a Functional F0 Model 2015/5/19 search
An Online Malicious Spam Email Detection System Using Resource Allocating Network with Locality Sensitive Hashing 2015/5/15 search
Discriminative Structured Feature Engineering for Macroscale Brain Connectomes 2015/5/8 search
Toward Improved Forecasts of Sea-Breeze Horizontal Convective Rolls at Super High Resolutions. Part I: Configuration and Verification of a Down-Scaling Simulation System (DS3) 2015/5/6 search
Toward Improved Forecasts of Sea-Breeze Horizontal Convective Rolls at Super High Resolutions. Part II: The Impacts of Land Use and Buildings 2015/5/6 search
Spectrally-efficient all-optical OFDM by WSS and AWG 2015/5/4 search
Quantum Photonic Network: Concept, Basic Tools, and Future Issues 2015/5/1 search
Designing a Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing Architecture 2015/5/1 search
Intercomparison of attenuation correction methods for the GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar 2015/5/1 search
Combining GPS and VLBI for inter-continental frequency transfer 2015/4/30 search
Numerical Techniques for SAR Assessment of Small Animals in Reverberation Chamber 2015/4/30 search
科学衛星で観測された波形データ処理を用いたNICTサイエンスクラウド上での並列分散処理の評価 2015/4/30 search
Generic Constructions of Secure-Channel Free Searchable Encryption with Adaptive Security 2015/4/29 search
A Quality Control Algorithm for the Osaka Phased Array Weather Radar 2015/4/28 search
Brain and arterial abnormalities following prenatal X-ray irradiation in mice assessed by magnetic resonance imaging and angiography 2015/4/16 search
Full analysis of multi-photon pair effects in spontaneous parametric down conversion based photonic quantum information processing 2015/4/16 search
Dynamic Openflow-controlled Optical Packet Switching Network 2015/4/15 search
Ensemble environment modeling using affine transform group 2015/4/10 search
Low intensity noise and narrow line-width diode laser light at 540 nm 2015/4/9 search
Impacts of AlOx Formation on Emission Properties of AlN/GaN Heterostructures 2015/4/7 search
Formation of GeSn layers on Si (001) substrates at high growth temperature and high deposition rate by sputter epitaxy method 2015/4/2 search
Coherence-selectable operation of external-cavity semiconductor diode laser by intracavity polarisation control 2015/4/2 search
Center-of-mass corrections for sub-cm-precision laser-ranging targets: Starlette, Stella and LARES 2015/4/1 search
Terahertz Spectral Change Associated with Glass Transition of Poly-ε-caprolactone 2015/4/1 search
テラヘルツカメラによる塗膜下腐食イメージングの高速化 2015/4/1 search
An Original Entry Point Detection Method with Candidate-Sorting for More Effective Generic Unpacking 2015/4/1 search
Light extraction enhancement of 265 nm deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes with over 90 mW output power via an AlN hybrid nanostructure 2015/4/1 search
GHOST Sensor: A Proactive Cyber Attack Monitoring Platform 2015/4/1 search
水平・垂直で画角が異なるIPカメラによるホログラフィック再生像の画質改善 2015/4/1 search
CDF data archive and integrated data analysis platform for ERG-related ground data developed by ERG Science Center (ERG-SC) 2015/3/31 search
Detached electrooptic imaging (DEI) 2015/3/31 search
Amoeba-inspired Spatiotemporal Dynamics for Solving the Satisfiability Problem 2015/3/31 search
Influence of an AC-coaxial adapter on measurements of the AMN impedance 2015/3/30 search
Functional MRI neurofeedback training on connectivity between two regions induces long-lasting changes in intrinsic functional network 2015/3/30 search
Pi2 pulsations observed around the dawn terminator 2015/3/28 search
Automated Courier Transport on the Rail Network: Concept and its Feasibility 2015/3/27 search
Improving the Coherence Time of a Quantum System via a Coupling to a Short-Lived system 2015/3/27 search
Airglow-imaging observation of plasma bubble disappearance at geomagnetically conjugate points 2015/3/26 search
Improvement of FPPR method to solve ECDLP 2015/3/25 search
Brightness masking is modulated by disparity structure 2015/3/24 search
Non-equilibrium Green’s function calculation of AlGaAs-well-based and GaSb-based terahertz quantum cascade laser structures 2015/3/20 search
Highly efficient entanglement swapping and teleportation at telecom wavelength 2015/3/20 search
Anticipation and Choice Heuristics in the Dynamic Consumption of Pain Relief 2015/3/20 search
No Changes in Cerebral Microcirculatory Parameters in Rat During Local Cortex Exposure to Microwaves 2015/3/20 search
Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity in Single Crystal β-Gallium Oxide 2015/3/19 search
Design and Implementation of Dynamic Mobile Sensor Network Platform 2015/3/19 search
Investigation of PPLN-based PSAs for high-gain optical amplification 2015/3/18 search
Biased assembly of the nuclear pore complex is required for somatic and germline nuclear differentiation in Tetrahymena 2015/3/18 search
Understanding space weather to shield society: A global road map for 2015-2025 commissioned by COSPAR and ILWS 2015/3/18 search
High speed prototype quantum key distribution system and long term field trial 2015/3/16 search
DNSアンプ攻撃の事前対策へ向けたDNSハニーポットとダークネットの相関分析 2015/3/15 search
Far-infrared Spectroscopy of Salt Penetration into a Collagen Fiber Scaffold 2015/3/13 search
対話解析のためのゼロ代名詞照応解析付き述語項構造解析 2015/3/10 search
Recall accuracy of mobile phone calls among Japanese young people 2015/3/8 search
Involvement of the left insula in the ecological validity of the human voice 2015/3/5 search
Asymmetrical intersection between the middle cerebral artery and rhinal vein suggests asymmetrical gustatory cortex location in rodent hemispheres 2015/3/4 search
GaAsSb/InAlAs/InGaAs tunnel diodes for millimeter wave detection in 220-330-GHz band 2015/3/2 search
Adaptive TTL Control to Minimize Resource Cost in Hierarchical Caching Networks 2015/3/2 search
Improved Resilience through Extended KVS-based Messaging System 2015/3/2 search
Local Tree Hunting: Finding Closest Contents from In-Network Cache 2015/3/2 search
空間FFT電波干渉計による電波天体の高速撮像 2015/3/1 search
Superconducting Light-Emitting Diodes 2015/3/1 search
Low-Energy Optical-to-Electrical Converters Based on Superconducting Nanowire for Single-Flux-Quantum Circuits 2015/3/1 search
Contrace: A Tool for Measuring and Tracing Content-Centric Networks 2015/3/1 search
Fission Yeast Scp3 Potentially Maintains Microtubule Orientation through Bundling 2015/3/1 search
Generation of tripartite quantum correlation among amplitude-squeezed beams by frequency doubling in a singly resonant cavity 2015/2/26 search
A hybrid electro-optic polymer and TiO2 double-slot waveguide modulator 2015/2/24 search
Frequency and amplitude estimation of the first peak of head-related transfer functions from individual pinna anthropometry 2015/2/19 search
Selective increase of intention-based economic decisions by noninvasive brain stimulation to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex 2015/2/18 search
7 Tesla fMRI Reveals Systematic Functional Organization for Binocular Disparity in Dorsal Visual Cortex 2015/2/18 search
Specific absorption rates of pregnant females and their fetuses from simple and realistic electromagnetic sources 2015/2/17 search
Classification of Single-Trial Auditory Events Using Dry-Wireless EEG During Real and Motion Simulated Flight 2015/2/17 search
Geomagnetically conjugate observation of plasma bubbles and thermospheric neutral winds at low latitudes 2015/2/17 search
Design, Implementation and Characterization of a Quantum-Dot-Based Volumetric Display 2015/2/16 search
Monolithically integrated quantum dot optical modulator with Semiconductor optical amplifier for short-range optical communications 2015/2/16 search
Effects of subconscious and conscious emotions on human cue-reward association learning 2015/2/16 search
Particle Acceleration in Shock Wave Produced by Coronal Mass Ejection 2015/2/12 search
Nanoantenna Enhancement for Telecom-Wavelength Superconducting Single Photon Detectors 2015/2/11 search
Effect of Frame Wire Installed between PV Panels and Ground Plane on Radiation Noise from PV Power Generation System 2015/2/9 search
Art Expertise Reduces Influence of Visual Salience on Fixation in Viewing Abstract-paintings 2015/2/6 search
Explicit characteristics of evolutionary-type plasma bubbles observed from Equatorial Atmosphere Radar during the low to moderate solar activity years 2010 - 2012 2015/2/5 search
Experimental Investigation of Crosstalk Penalties in Multicore Fiber Transmission Systems 2015/2/4 search
Numerical Verification of Expression for Current Distribution on a Dipole through Port Current and Port Voltage 2015/2/2 search
Usefulness of transmission ellipsometric method for evaluation of electro-optic materials 2015/2/2 search
Investigation of Sn surface segregation during GeSn epitaxial growth by Auger electron spectroscopy and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy 2015/2/2 search
On the Impossibility of d-Multiplicative Non-perfect Secret Sharing 2015/2/1 search
エナメル線の被覆用絶縁材料中に蓄積する空間電荷の分布測定 2015/2/1 search
前方励起ダブルクラッドYb添加ファイバーを使った高出力フェムト秒パルス増幅器 2015/2/1 search
進行波型カイネティックインダクタンス増幅器開発に向けた超伝導材料の検討 2015/2/1 search
Efficient detection of an ultra-bright single-photon source using superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors 2015/2/1 search
Meiotic nuclear movements in fission yeast are regulated by the transcription factor Mei4 downstream of a Cds1-dependent replication checkpoint pathway 2015/2/1 search
多くの高分子の超広帯域周波数での複素誘電率スペクトル 2015/2/1 search
Prospective errors determine motor learning 2015/1/30 search
PaddyFrog: Systematically Detecting Confused Deputy Vulnerability in Android Applications 2015/1/30 search
Kinetic mechanism of Nicotiana tabacum myosin-11 defines a new type of a processive motor 2015/1/29 search
Spectrally efficient enhanced performance bidirectional coherent PON with laserless 10 Gb/s ONU [invited] 2015/1/29 search
New human-specific brain landmark: The depth asymmetry of superior temporal sulcus 2015/1/27 search
Anomalous Fe diffusion in Si-ion-implanted β-Ga2O3 and its suppression in Ga2O3 transistor structures through highly resistive buffer layers 2015/1/23 search
Characteristics of ocular temperature elevations after exposure to quasi- and millimeter waves (18-40 GHz) 2015/1/23 search
Heavy and light hole transport in nominally undoped GaSb substrates 2015/1/19 search
Time-bin entangled photon pair generation from Si micro-ring resonator 2015/1/17 search
Generic Fully Simulatable Adaptive Oblivious Transfer 2015/1/15 search
An empirical solution for over-pruning with a novel ensemble-learning method for fMRI decoding. 2015/1/15 search
Experimental investigation of phase-sensitive amplification of data signals in a four-mode fiber-based PSA 2015/1/15 search
Development of Complex Relative Permittivity Measurement System Based on Free-Space in 220-330 GHz Range 2015/1/14 search
Long-delayed expression of the immediate early gene Arc/Arg3.1 refines neuronal circuits to perpetuate fear memory 2015/1/14 search
Wireless Network Performance Evaluation through Emulation: WiMAX Case Study 2015/1/13 search
Gain characteristics and femto-second optical pulse response of 1550 nm-band multi-stacked QD-SOA grown on InP(311)B substrate 2015/1/12 search
An fMRI study of the ventriloquism effect 2015/1/9 search
System Evaluation of a Practical IEEE 802.15.4/4e/4g Multi-Physical and Multi-Hop Smart Utility Network 2015/1/7 search
Pain: A Distributed Brain Information Network? 2015/1/6 search
Facilitated Lexical Ambiguity Processing by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over the Left Inferior Frontal Cortex 2015/1/5 search
Predicting learning plateau of working memory from whole-brain intrinsic network connectivity patterns 2015/1/5 search
Frontal association cortex is engaged in stimulus integration during associative learning 2015/1/5 search
Highly Secure Network Switches with Quantum Key Distribution Systems 2015/1/1 search
Individual Restoration of Tampered Pixels for Statistical Fragile Watermarking 2015/1/1 search
Phase shifts in alpha-frequency rhythm detected in electroencephalograms influence reaction time 2015/1/1 search
All-optical packet alignment using polarization attraction effect 2015/1/1 search
Live CLEM Imaging to Analyze Nuclear Structures at High Resolution 2015/1/1 search
Leveraging social Q&A collections for improving complex question answering 2015/1/1 search