発表論文一覧 (2016)

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Title Publication
The importance of spatiotemporal information in biological motion perception: White noise presented with a step-like motion activates the biological motion area 2016/12/29 search
Derivation of Coupling Factors for Different Wireless Power Transfer Systems: Inter- and Intralaboratory Comparison 2016/12/29 search
Absolute frequency measurement with uncertainty below 1*10^-15 using International Atomic Time 2016/12/28 search
Nanoscale hierarchical optical interactions for secure information 2016/12/28 search
Fast response of superconducting hot-electron bolometers with a twin-slot nano-antenna for mid-infrared operation 2016/12/27 search
Dawn-dusk difference of periodic oxygen EUV dayglow variations at Venus observed by Hisaki 2016/12/27 search
Lipid droplet dynamics during Schizosaccharomyces pombe sporulation and their role in spore survival 2016/12/23 search
Percolation of optical excitation mediated by near-field interactions 2016/12/21 search
Long-term recall accuracy for mobile phone calls in young Japanese people: A follow-up validation study using software-modified phones 2016/12/21 search
Phase-coherent transfer and retrieval of terahertz frequency standard over 20 km optical fiber with 4 × 10^(-18) accuracy 2016/12/20 search
Characterization of coherence-or-power selectable operation of an external-cavity semiconductor diode laser 2016/12/20 search
Electronic properties of the residual donor in unintentionally doped β-Ga2O3 2016/12/16 search
Multivoxel neurofeedback selectively modulates confidence without changing perceptual performance 2016/12/15 search
特許請求項に特有の文構造に基づく英中日特許請求項翻訳 2016/12/15 search
校閲カテゴリ体系に基づく翻訳学習者の誤り傾向の分析 2016/12/14 search
Ionosonde observations of daytime spread F at low latitudes 2016/12/10 search
Huge capacity spacial division multiplexing transmission and integrated optical switching technologies 2016/12/10 search
Efficient Dequeuing Technique for Distributed Messaging Systems Processing Massive Message Volumes 2016/12/9 search
Harnessing the Computational Power of Fluids for Optimization of Collective Decision Making 2016/12/7 search
Random walk with chaotically driven bias 2016/12/1 search
Low-Profile Terahertz Radar Based on Broadband Leaky-Wave Beam Steering 2016/12/1 search
Optical Networking Paradigm: Past, Recent Trends and Future Directions 2016/12/1 search
Recent Progress in Ferromagnet/Superconductor Hybrid Structure and its Applications to Cryogenic Computing 2016/12/1 search
Ultrashort Optical Pulse Source Using Mach-Zehnder-Modulator-Based Flat Comb Generator 2016/12/1 search
Error and Secrecy Exponents for Wiretap Channels under Two-Fold Cost Constraints 2016/12/1 search
Frequency Measurement System of Optical Clocks Without a Flywheel Oscillator 2016/12/1 search
レーザー医療機器の保守管理の現状と問題点に関する研究 2016/12/1 search
Directionally selective motion detection with bacteriorhodopsin patterned sensor 2016/12/1 search
Brownian Circuits: Designs 2016/12/1 search
Cycle and flow trusses in directed networks 2016/11/30 search
Spatial organization of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe genome within the nucleus 2016/11/29 search
Single Photon in Hierarchical Architecture for Physical Decision Making: Photon Intelligence 2016/11/28 search
Increase in the emission wavelength (over 1800 nm) of InAs quantum dots grown on InP substrates using a dot-in-well structure 2016/11/28 search
Anonymous and Leakage Resilient IBE and IPE 2016/11/25 search
Impact of Fluctuating Goals on Adaptability of Evolvable VNF Placement Method 2016/11/24 search
In vitro reconstitution and biochemical analyses of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe nucleosome 2016/11/24 search
Inspection of Asian Lacquer Substructures by Terahertz Time-Domain Imaging (THz-TDI) 2016/11/24 search
Heterogeneous Networks in Shared Spectrum Access Communications 2016/11/24 search
Simple method of generating and distributing frequency-entangled qudits 2016/11/23 search
Hybrid quantum magnetic-field sensor with an electron spin and a nuclear spin in diamond 2016/11/22 search
SDN-accelerated HPC Infrastructure for Scientific Research 2016/11/22 search
Heralded single excitation of atomic ensemble via solid-state-based telecom photon detection 2016/11/20 search
Metal Sounds Stiffer than Drums for Ears, but Not Always for Hands: Low-level Auditory Features Affect Multisensory Stiffness Perception More Than High-level Categorical Information 2016/11/18 search
Response of Jupiter's inner magnetosphere to the solar wind derived from extreme ultraviolet monitoring of the Io plasma torus 2016/11/16 search
Functional Organization of Flash-Induced V1 Offline Reactivation 2016/11/16 search
Observation of Collective Coupling between an Engineered Ensemble of Macroscopic Artificial Atoms and a Superconducting Resonator 2016/11/16 search
Spatial and Spectral Super-channel Optical Packet Switching System for Multigranular SDM-WDM Optical Networks 2016/11/16 search
Current status of Ga2O3 power devices 2016/11/15 search
Wide Frequency Range Optical Synthesizer With High-Frequency Resolution 2016/11/15 search
Received-Power Fluctuation Analysis for LEO Satellite-to-Ground Laser Links 2016/11/14 search
First imaging and identification of a noctilucent cloud from multiple sites in Hokkaido (43.2-44.4N), Japan 2016/11/14 search
Creating biomolecular motors based on dynein and actin-binding proteins 2016/11/14 search
Metal-insulator-metal photomonitor for optical waveguides at telecom wavelengths 2016/11/14 search
Detection-dependent six-photon Holland-Burnett state interference 2016/11/14 search
A 300 GHz CMOS Transmitter with 32-QAM 17.5 Gb/s/ch Capability over Six Channels 2016/11/13 search
A new expression for computing the bottomside thickness parameter and comparisons with the NeQuick and IRI-2012 models during declining phase of solar cycle 23 at equatorial latitude station 2016/11/12 search
Conjugate hemisphere ionospheric response to the St. Patrick's Day storms of 2013 and 2015 in the 100°E longitude sector 2016/11/11 search
Performance Evaluation of Leader-follower-based Mobile Molecular Communication Networks for Target Detection Applications 2016/11/11 search
Properties of Hot Electrons in the Jovian Inner Magnetosphere Deduced from Extended Observations of the Io Plasma Torus 2016/11/9 search
Application of Evolutionary Mechanism to Dynamic Virtual Network Function Placement 2016/11/8 search
Characterization of channel temperature in Ga2O3 metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors by electrical measurements and thermal modeling 2016/11/8 search
Off-great-circle paths in transequatorial propagation: 1. Discrete and diffuse types 2016/11/5 search
Off-great-circle paths in transequatorial propagation: 2. Nonmagnetic-field-aligned reflections 2016/11/5 search
"Big Data Assimilation" toward Post-petascale Severe Weather Prediction: An Overview and Progress 2016/11/1 search
VLBI観測量を用いた放送衛星の軌道決定 2016/11/1 search
Experimental transmission of quantum digital signatures over 90-km of installed optical fiber using a differential phase shift quantum key distribution system 2016/11/1 search
Borna disease virus assembles porous cage-like viral factories in the nucleus 2016/11/1 search
Job Mapping and Scheduling on Free-Space Optical Networks 2016/11/1 search
e-VLBI observations of GRB 080409 afterglow with an Australasian radio telescope network 2016/11/1 search
Coherent Access: A Review 2016/11/1 search
Electron channel mobility in silicon-doped Ga2O3 MOSFETs with a resistive buffer layer 2016/10/31 search
Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors with non-periodic dielectric multilayers 2016/10/24 search
Input-output relationship in social communications characterized by spike train analysis 2016/10/24 search
Theoretical design of an improved shunt-type AAN 2016/10/24 search
Ionospheric peak height at the magnetic equator: Comparison between ionosonde measurements and IRI 2016/10/21 search
Epitaxially grown crystalline Al2O3 interlayer on β-Ga2O3 (010) and its suppressed interface state density 2016/10/20 search
Seamless fiber-wireless bridge in the millimeter- and terahertz-wave bands 2016/10/15 search
Low and midlatitude ionospheric plasma density irregularities and their effects on geomagnetic field 2016/10/13 search
A High-Speed Data Transfer Protocol for Geostationary Orbit Satellites 2016/10/13 search
Sustaining The Emergency Wireless Multihop Infrastructure by Distributed Sharing of Energy Consumption 2016/10/13 search
Dynamic characteristics of 20-layer stacked QD-SOA with strain compensation technique by ultrafast signals using optical frequency comb 2016/10/12 search
Superconducting qubit-oscillator circuit beyond the ultrastrong-coupling regime 2016/10/11 search
Realising the European Open Science Cloud 2016/10/10 search
Decoding the semantic content of natural movies from human brain activity 2016/10/7 search
Effects of chirp of pump pulses on broadband terahertz pulse spectra generated by optical rectification 2016/10/6 search
Functional Subdomains within Scene-Selective Cortex: Parahippocampal Place Area, Retrosplenial Complex, and Occipital Place Area 2016/10/5 search
Demonstration of ultraprecision ductile-mode cutting for lithium niobate microring waveguides 2016/10/4 search
アロングトラック干渉SARによる波浪計測 2016/10/3 search
Improvement of Real-time Transfer of Phased Array Weather Radar Data on Long-Distance Networks 2016/10/3 search
Projection-type see-through holographic three-dimensional display 2016/10/3 search
Intrinsic Trade-off between Up-Conversion and Trapping Rates in InAs Quantum Dots for Intermediate-Band Solar Cells 2016/10/3 search
Distribution Characteristics of Coronal Electric Current Density as an Indicator for the Occurrence of a Solar Flare 2016/10/2 search
Time-Specific Encryption from Forward-Secure Encryption: Generic and Direct Constructions 2016/10/1 search
Quantum teleportation with independent sources and prior entanglement distribution over a network 2016/10/1 search
Meiotic cohesin subunits RAD21L and REC8 are positioned at distinct regions between lateral elements and transverse filaments in the synaptonemal complex of mouse spermatocytes 2016/9/26 search
Single-photon emission at 1.5μm from an InAs/InP quantum dot with highly suppressed multi-photon emission probabilities 2016/9/26 search
Classification of terahertz spectrometer for transmittance measurements of refractive materials 2016/9/25 search
欧州オープンサイエンスクラウドに見るオープンサイエンス及び研究データ基盤政策の展望 2016/9/25 search
Development of cross-correlation spectrometry and the coherent structures of maser sources 2016/9/24 search
A Quality Measurement Tool for High-Speed Data Transfer in Long Fat Networks 2016/9/22 search
Optical phase estimation via the coherent state and displaced-photon counting 2016/9/22 search
Spectroscopic ellipsometry studies on β-Ga2O3 films and single crystal 2016/9/21 search
A tunable fiber-coupled optical cavity for agile enhancement of detector absorption 2016/9/21 search
5G Transport Networks: The Need for New Technologies and Standards 2016/9/20 search
Comment on "The night when the auroral and equatorial ionospheres converged" by Martinis, C., J. Baumgardner, M. Mendillo, J. Wroten, A. Coster, and L. Paxton 2016/9/19 search
早期インシデント対応を目的としたDRDoS攻撃アラートシステム 2016/9/16 search
通信プロトコルのヘッダの特徴に基づく不正通信の検知手法 2016/9/16 search
Global Distribution of Gravity Wave Sources and Fields in the Martian Atmosphere during Equinox and Solstice Inferred From a High-Resolution General Circulation Model 2016/9/15 search
Unsupervised Word Alignment Using Frequency Constraint in Posterior Regularized EM 2016/9/15 search
Investigation on adaptive optics performance from propagation channel characterization with the small optical transponder 2016/9/14 search
Measurements of rainfall velocity and raindrop size distribution using coherent Doppler lidar 2016/9/13 search
Surface-normal electro-optic-polymer modulator with silicon subwavelength grating 2016/9/10 search
Path loss model at 300GHz for indoor mobile service applications 2016/9/9 search
Speaker Adaptive Training Localizing Speaker Modules in DNN for Hybrid DNN-HMM Speech Recognizers 2016/9/8 search
Time-resolved intensity and spectral changes in a wide-ridge terahertz quantum cascade laser by optical pulse injection 2016/9/6 search
Characterization and Control of Measurement-Induced Dephasing on Superconducting Flux Qubit with a Josephson Bifurcation Amplifier 2016/9/6 search
Internet of Things Standardization in ITU and Prospective Networking Technologies 2016/9/1 search
Deployment of Wireless Mesh Network Using RSSI-Based Swarm Robots-Passing Narrow Corridor by Movement Function along Walls- 2016/9/1 search
Generalized Measuring-Worm Algorithm: High-Accuracy Mapping and Movement via Cooperating Swarm Robots 2016/9/1 search
Important role of the ethylenedioxy group bound to the thienyl-di-vinylene π-conjugation unit of tricyanofuran-based donor-acceptor electro-optic chromophores 2016/9/1 search
モーショントラッキング機能を備えたラット二重課題実験系の構築 2016/9/1 search
Dispersion Impact on the Crosstalk Amplitude Response of Homogeneous Multi-Core Fibers 2016/9/1 search
Optical nano artifact metrics using silicon random nanostructures 2016/8/31 search
Neural correlates of the time marker for the perception of event timing 2016/8/31 search
"Big Data Assimilation" Revolutionizing Severe Weather Prediction 2016/8/31 search
Localized field-aligned currents and 4-min TEC and ground magnetic oscillations during the 2015 eruption of Chile's Calbuco volcano 2016/8/31 search
Cooperative Management Approaches for Spectrum Sharing in 5G 2016/8/26 search
Generation of field-aligned current (FAC) and convection through the formation of pressure regimes: Correction for the concept of Dungey's convection 2016/8/17 search
Optical Addressing of Multi-Colour Photochromic Material Mixture for Volumetric Display 2016/8/16 search
Development of High-speed Mobile Radio Communication Systems using 40GHz Frequency Band 2016/8/15 search
A Genetically Encoded Probe for Live-Cell Imaging of H4K20 Monomethylation 2016/8/14 search
Dissemination of optical-comb-based ultra-broadband frequency reference through a fiber network 2016/8/10 search
酸化ガリウムパワーデバイス開発の現状 2016/8/9 search
A New Method for Estimating the Content of Vinyl Acetate in Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer 2016/8/5 search
Vertical normal modes of human ears: Individual variation and frequency estimation from pinna anthropometry 2016/8/5 search
NMRTS: Content Name-Based Mobile Real-Time Streaming 2016/8/1 search
MZMベース超平坦光コム発生器を用いた600GHz帯高精度周波数計測 2016/8/1 search
Primary Contour Prediction Based on Detailed Topographic Data and Its Impact on TV White Space Availability 2016/8/1 search
Wavelet Speech Enhancement Based on Nonnegative Matrix Factorization 2016/8/1 search
Incremental and Decremental Max-Flow for Online Semi-Supervised Learning 2016/8/1 search
Electrical properties of organic?inorganic hybrid tin bromide cubic perovskites: hole-doping and iodide substitution effects 2016/8/1 search
Tagging motor memories with transcranial direct current stimulation allows later artificially-controlled retrieval 2016/7/29 search
Resource Allocation in Shared Spectrum Access Communications for Operators with Diverse Service Requirements 2016/7/29 search
Spontaneous Formation of a Globally Connected Contractile Network in a Microtubule-Motor System 2016/7/26 search
Roadmap on optical security 2016/7/22 search
Caravan-Submm, Black Hole Imager in the Andes 2016/7/21 search
Characterization of random fluctuation-based computation in cellular automata 2016/7/20 search
Scalable Pub/Sub system using OpenFlow Control 2016/7/15 search
Calibration Methods for AC-Coaxial Adapter Used in AMN Impedance Measurements 2016/7/7 search
Compact 141-GHz Differential Amplifier with 20-dB Peak Gain and 22-GHz 3-dB Bandwidth 2016/7/5 search
Flexible and scalable wavelength multicast of coherent optical OFDM with tolerance against pump phase-noise using reconfigurable coherent multi-carrier pumping 2016/7/5 search
Evaluation of variation in (mp/me) from the frequency difference between the 15N2+ and 87Sr transitions 2016/7/2 search
Demonstration of SDN/OpenFlow-based Path Control for Large-Scale Multi-Domain/Multi-Technology Optical Transport Networks 2016/7/1 search
Frequency-domain Hong-Ou-Mandel interference 2016/7/1 search
Unbreakable distributed storage with quantum key distribution network and password-authenticated secret sharing 2016/7/1 search
Transmission of Multiband Wireless Signals over a Seamless IM/DD Fiber-MMW System 2016/7/1 search
Is fear perception special? Evidence at the level of decision-making and subjective confidence 2016/7/1 search
A statistical Method for Reducing Sidelobe Clutter for the Ku-Band Precipitation Radar on board the GPM Core Observatory 2016/7/1 search
Bias-Free Operational UTC-PD above 110 GHz and Its Application to High Baud Rate Fixed-Fiber Communication and W-Band Photonic Wireless Communication 2016/7/1 search
Eigenanalysis of morphological diversity in silicon random nanostructures formed via resist collapse 2016/6/30 search
Learning to associate orientation with color in early visual areas by associative decoded fMRI neurofeedback 2016/6/30 search
Predawn plasma bubble cluster observed in Southeast Asia 2016/6/28 search
Identification of Conserved MEL-28/ELYS Domains with Essential Roles in Nuclear Assembly and Chromosome Segregation 2016/6/24 search
Characteristics of solar wind control on Jovian UV auroral activity deciphered by long-term Hisaki EXCEED observations: Evidence of preconditioning of the magnetosphere? 2016/6/24 search
Inner nuclear membrane protein Lem2 augments heterochromatin formation in response to nutritional conditions 2016/6/23 search
Efficiency degradation of short-distance wireless power transmission by distance alignment error 2016/6/18 search
Depletion of autophagy receptor p62/SQSTM1 enhances the efficiency of gene delivery in mammalian cells 2016/6/18 search
Duality picture of Superconductor-insulator transitions on Superconducting nanowire 2016/6/17 search
Interphase adhesion geometry is transmitted to an internal regulator for spindle orientation via caveolin-1 2016/6/13 search
Fast modulations of pulsating proton aurora related to subpacket structures of Pc1 geomagnetic pulsations at subauroral latitudes 2016/6/12 search
Neuronal substrates underlying performance variability in well-trained skillful motor task in humans 2016/6/12 search
超多視点裸眼立体ディスプレイのためのインタラクティブコンテンツの制作および実行環境の構築 2016/6/10 search
Comparison of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging in the Human Brain Using Readout-Segmented EPI and PROPELLER Turbo Spin Echo with Single-Shot EPI at 7 T MRI 2016/6/9 search
fVisiOn: 360-degree viewable glasses-free tabletop 3D display composed of conical screen and modular projector arrays 2016/6/7 search
Thermo-optical simulation and experiment for the assessment of single, hollow, and large aperture retroreflector for lunar laser ranging 2016/6/7 search
Quickly Converging Renumbering in Network with Hierarchical Link-State Routing Protocol 2016/6/1 search
Efficient Usage of Cover Free Families in Broadcast Encryption 2016/6/1 search
A technique for full flow virtualization of multi-tenant OpenFlow networks 2016/6/1 search
A Sensor Data Stream Delivery Method to Accommodate Heterogeneous Cycles on Cloud 2016/6/1 search
Epitaxial NbN/AlN/NbN tunnel junctions on Si substrates with TiN buffer layers 2016/6/1 search
Overview of the End-of-Mission Observation Experiments of Precipitation Radar Onboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Satellite 2016/6/1 search
Chromatic effects in beam wander correction for free-space quantum communications 2016/6/1 search
Word Segmentation for Burmese (Myanmar) 2016/6/1 search
Scalable GPU-Parallelized FDTD Method for Analysis of Large-Scale Electromagnetic Dosimetry Problems 2016/6/1 search
Privacy-Preserving Logistic Regression with Distributed Data Sources via Homomorphic Encryption 2016/5/31 search
Constructions of dynamic and non-dynamic threshold public-key encryption schemes with decryption consistency 2016/5/30 search
LEO-to-ground polarization measurements aiming for space QKD using Small Optical TrAnsponder (SOTA) 2016/5/26 search
Conductivities of epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue at intermediate frequencies 2016/5/25 search
モダリティ解析の導入による対災害SNS情報分析システムDISAANAの質問応答性能の改善 2016/5/24 search
Combination of multiple acoustic models with unsupervised adaptation for lecture speech transcription 2016/5/24 search
The Hitachi and Takahagi 32 m radio telescopes: upgrade of the antennas from satellite communication to radio astronomy 2016/5/23 search
Visuomotor map determines how visually guided reaching movements are corrected within and across trials 2016/5/23 search
Optically detected magnetic resonance of high-density ensemble of NV? centers in diamond 2016/5/23 search
Wideband Monopole Antenna Tightly Aligned to the Ground Plate 2016/5/20 search
IoTPOT: A Novel Honeypot for Revealing Current IoT Threats 2016/5/15 search
Prospect of molecular clocks 2016/5/12 search
電池駆動式イオンポンプを適用した試料搬送導入装置の性能 2016/5/10 search
Enhanced wall-plug efficiency in AlGaN-based deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes with uniform current spreading p-electrode structures 2016/5/6 search
小型可変容量を用いた体腔内MRIプローブの開発 2016/5/1 search
大規模数値解析における高速メモリデバイスを利用したネットワークI/O手法の提案 2016/5/1 search
前房水の対流を考慮した熱輸送解析のためのヒト及び家兎の数値眼球モデルの開発及びミリ波ばく露解析への応用 2016/5/1 search
広域分散ファイルシステムにおけるUDTマルチストリームファイル転送ツール 2016/5/1 search
Spectral Density Analysis of Total Electron Content Perturbations Associated with Earthquakes 2016/5/1 search
DAPA: Capacity Optimization in Wireless Networks through a Combined Design of Density of Access Points and Partially Overlapped Channel Allocation 2016/5/1 search
Multi-scale Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection Using Particle-in-Cell and Magnetohydrodynamics with Adaptive Mesh Refinement Technique 2016/4/27 search
The Brain is Faster than the Hand in Split-Second Intentions to Respond to an Impending Hazard: A Simulation of Neuroadaptive Automation to Speed Recovery to Perturbation in Flight Attitude 2016/4/27 search
Effective expansion of satellite laser ranging network to improve global geodetic parameters 2016/4/26 search
NbN/AlN/NbN/TiN tunnel junctions on Si (100) substrate for superconducting devices 2016/4/25 search
Variation of Jupiter's Aurora Observed by Hisaki/EXCEED: 1. Observed Characteristics of the Auroral Electron Energies Compared with observations performed using HST/STIS 2016/4/21 search
Bounds on entanglement distillation and secret key agreement for quantum broadcast channels 2016/4/19 search
Highly efficient phase-sensitive parametric gain in periodically poled LiNbO3 ridge waveguide 2016/4/19 search
Progress towards practical device-independent quantum key distribution with spontaneous parametric down-conversion sources, on-off photodetectors, and entanglement swapping 2016/4/18 search
High-Speed Wavelength Resource Reconfiguration System Concurrently Establishing/Removing Multiwavelength Signals 2016/4/15 search
The very slow solar wind: properties, origin and variability 2016/4/15 search
Free-space optical channel estimation for physical layer security 2016/4/14 search
Chip-to-chip quantum photonic interconnect by path-polarization interconversion 2016/4/13 search
Latitudinal variation of the specific local time of postmidnight enhancement peaks in F layer electron density at low latitudes: A case study 2016/4/9 search
Very Long Baseline Interferometry Experiment on Giant Radio Pulses of Crab Pulsar toward Fast Radio Burst Detection 2016/4/6 search
Enhanced Photocurrent Generation from Bacteriorhodopsin Photocells Using Grating-Structured Transparent Conductive Oxide Electrodes 2016/4/1 search
酸化ガリウムショットキーバリアダイオード 2016/4/1 search
Evaluation of Thermal Stability of Organic Electro-Optic Device by Using Thermally Stimulated Current 2016/4/1 search
Elastic and adaptive resource orchestration architecture on 3-tier network virtualization model 2016/4/1 search
ユーザ主体及びネットワーク主体の高可用ネットワークを実現するシステムの設計とソフトウェア実装 2016/4/1 search
Evolutionary core-periphery structure and its application to network function virtualization 2016/4/1 search
On the Throughput Capacity Study for Aloha Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2016/4/1 search
Development of UV Light Irradiation Patterning of Bacteriorhodopsin Thin Films for Biomimetic Functional Devices 2016/4/1 search
Characteristics of highly stacked InAs quantum-dot laser grown on vicinal (001)InP substrate 2016/4/1 search
Control of wavelength and decay time of photoluminescence for InAs quantum dots grown on InP(311)B using the digital embedding method 2016/4/1 search
Fabrication of Vertical Molecular Junction Devices with Conductive Polymer Contacts Using a Peeling Method 2016/4/1 search
Opportunities for Low Cost Processing of Erbium 8-Quinolinolates for Active Integrated Photonic Applications 2016/4/1 search
Resolution of live electrooptic imaging with a very thin (10-μm) sensor plate 2016/3/31 search
Stability improvement of an operational two-way satellite time and frequency transfer system 2016/3/31 search
Temperature-dependent capacitance-voltage and current-voltage characteristics of Pt/Ga2O3 (001) Schottky barrier diodes fabricated on n--Ga2O3 drift layers grown by halide vapor phase epitaxy 2016/3/30 search
Formation of three-dimensional nano-trees with perpendicular branches by electrodeposition of CuSn alloy 2016/3/25 search
Heterogeneous quantum dot/silicon photonics-based wavelength-tunable laser diode with a 44 nm wavelength-tuning range 2016/3/23 search
Asynchronous live electrooptic imaging and its application to free-running broadband signal sources 2016/3/16 search
Anisotropy, phonon modes, and free charge carrier parameters in monoclinic β-gallium oxide single crystals 2016/3/15 search
Learning local word reorderings for hierarchical phrase-based statistical machine translation 2016/3/12 search
Effect of low-temperature-grown GaSb layer on formation of high-density and small GaSb islands on Si(100) substrate 2016/3/11 search
Theoretical and experimental investigation of optical absorption anisotropy in β-Ga2O3 2016/3/8 search
Converting Continuous-Space Language Models into N-gram Language Models with Efficient Bilingual Pruning for Statistical Machine Translation 2016/3/8 search
An Experimental Feasibility Study on Applying SDN Technology to Disaster-resilient Wide Area Networks 2016/3/8 search
Temperature-dependent exciton resonance energies and their correlation with IR-active optical phonon modes in β-Ga2O3 single crystals 2016/3/7 search
Simultaneous tDCS-fMRI identifies resting state networks correlated with visual search enhancement 2016/3/7 search
Trial and Error: Using Previous Experiences as Simulation Models in Humanoid Motor Learning 2016/3/4 search
Reconstruction of the vertical electron density profile based on vertical TEC using the simulated annealing algorithm 2016/3/2 search
Secure and Anonymous Communication Technique: Formal Model and its Prototype Implementation 2016/3/1 search
SAGE-based Tiled Display Wall Enhanced with Dynamic Routing Functionality Triggered by User Interaction 2016/3/1 search
On the security of CBC Mode in SSL3.0 and TLS1.0 2016/3/1 search
30 MHz以下で用いる標準磁界発生器の開発 2016/3/1 search
受信電波強度を用いた効率的な自律ロボット群展開制御による無線通信網構築-災害時の障害を抽象化した行動不能率による検証- 2016/3/1 search
EV用無線電力伝送(WPT)システムの漏えい磁界の解析 2016/3/1 search
Zero and negative energy dissipation at information-theoretic erasure 2016/3/1 search
Measurement performance assessment of future space-borne Doppler Wind Lidar for Numerical Weather Prediction 2016/2/27 search
Wireless Multichannel Neural Recording with a 128-Mbps UWB Transmitter for an Implantable Brain-Machine Interfaces 2016/2/26 search
Ionosonde tracking of infrasound wavefronts in the thermosphere launched by seismic waves after the 2010 M8.8 Chile earthquake 2016/2/24 search
Differential processing of binocular and monocular gloss cues in human visual cortex 2016/2/24 search
Undetectable Changes in Image Resolution of Luminance-Contrast Gradients Affect Depth Perception 2016/2/23 search
逐次近似応用CT再構成を用いた低吸収域の検出能評価-超急性期脳梗塞評価用ファントムの開発および解析- 2016/2/20 search
Development of the Laser Altimeter (LIDAR) for Hayabusa2 2016/2/19 search
Differential Responses to a Visual Self-Motion Signal in Human Medial Cortical Regions Revealed by Wide-View Stimulation 2016/2/18 search
Interpretation of deformed ionograms induced by vertical ground motion of seismic Rayleigh waves and infrasound in the thermosphere 2016/2/18 search
Terahertz time domain and far-infrared spectroscopies of side-chain electro-optic polymers 2016/2/18 search
Latitudinal dependence on the frequency of Pi2 pulsations near the plasmapause using THEMIS satellites and Asian-Oceanian SuperDARN radars 2016/2/17 search
Precipitation nowcasting with three-dimensional space-time extrapolation of dense and frequent phased-array weather radar observations 2016/2/17 search
Space-time multiple regression model for grid-based population estimation in urban areas 2016/2/16 search
Revocable hierarchical identity-based encryption via history-free approach 2016/2/15 search
重要情報へのファイルアクセス失敗挙動に基づく情報探索型マルウェア検知手法 2016/2/15 search
収集周期の異なるセンサデータストリームのための上限ホップ数を設けた P2P 型配信システムの実現と評価 2016/2/15 search
After-effects of pedaling exercise on spinal excitability and spinal reciprocal inhibition in patients with chronic stroke 2016/2/15 search
Study of Interference Voltage of an Implanted Pacemaker by Mobile Terminals 2016/2/15 search
Pump-phase-noise-free optical wavelength data exchange between QAM signals with 50-GHz channel-spacing using coherent DFB pump 2016/2/12 search
Impact of Inter-Core Crosstalk on the Transmission Distance of QAM Formats in Multi-Core Fibers 2016/2/11 search
Weakening of Jupiter's main auroral emission during January 2014 2016/2/10 search
A Cohesin-Based Structural Platform Supporting Homologous Chromosome Pairing in Meiosis 2016/2/8 search
Response of the incompressible ionosphere to the compression of the magnetosphere during the geomagnetic sudden commencements 2016/2/6 search
Ensemble Tractography 2016/2/4 search
Dynamic Recovery of Wireless Multi-hop Infrastructure with the Autonomous Mobile Base Station 2016/2/3 search
Jupiter's X-ray and EUV auroras monitored by Chandra, XMM-Newton, and Hisaki satellite 2016/2/3 search
Virtual nuclear envelope breakdown and its regulators in fission yeast meiosis 2016/2/2 search
Low-Complexity Nanosensor Networking Through Spike-Encoded Signaling 2016/2/1 search
パッシブ観測とアクティブ観測を組み合わせた組込み機器の攻撃活動状況の把握 2016/2/1 search
ID-Based Communication Framework in Future Networks 2016/2/1 search
THz pulsed time-domain imaging of an oil canvas painting: a case study of a painting by Pablo Picasso 2016/2/1 search
Estimation of Talc Contents in Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Copolymer by Terahertz Absorption Spectroscopy 2016/2/1 search
Emergency Optical Network Construction and Control with Multi-Vendor Interconnection for Quick Disaster Recovery 2016/2/1 search
テラヘルツ帯SIWおよびテストフィクスチャの設計と損失評価法の構築 2016/2/1 search
A WDM/TDM Access Network Based on Broad T-Band Wavelength Resource Using Quantum Dot Semiconductor Devices 2016/2/1 search
Simultaneous Measurements of a Stratiform Cloud by Multipoint Videosonde Launchings 2016/1/30 search
IEEE P802.15.3d - Towards the First Wireless Communications Standard Operating in the 300 GHz Band 2016/1/29 search
Convergence of a Single-Frequency FDTD Solution in Numerical Dosimetry 2016/1/28 search
Field-plated Ga2O3 MOSFETs with a breakdown voltage of over 750 V 2016/1/25 search
Shugoshin forms a specialized chromatin domain at subtelomeres that regulates transcription and replication timing 2016/1/25 search
Precise Evaluation of a Phase-Locked THz Quantum Cascade Laser 2016/1/20 search
Histone H3K36 trimethylation is essential for multiple silencing mechanisms in fission yeast 2016/1/20 search
Differentiation Presentation for Sustaining Internet Access in a Disaster-Resilient Homogeneous Wireless Infrastructure 2016/1/18 search
Recent progress in Ga2O3 power devices 2016/1/18 search
Importance of human right inferior frontoparietal network connected by inferior branch of superior longitudinal fasciculus tract in corporeal awareness of kinesthetic illusory movement 2016/1/18 search
Laser-Phase-Fluctuation-Insensitive Optical Coherent Transmission of 16-Quadrature-Amplitude-Modulation Radio-over-Fiber Signal (Top-Scoring Paper) 2016/1/15 search
Full-Duplex Transmission of LTE-A Carrier Aggregation Signal over a Bidirectional Seamless Fiber-Millimeter-Wave System 2016/1/15 search
Matching of Energy Provisions in Multihop Wireless Infra-structures 2016/1/14 search
Multiple wall-reflection effect in adaptive-array differential-phase reflectometry on QUEST 2016/1/13 search
Right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex involvement in the integration of emotional processing: Parametric mediation analysis of fMRI 2016/1/12 search
Duskside enhancement of equatorial zonal electric field response to convection electric fields during the St. Patric's Day storm on 17 March 2015 2016/1/11 search
Evaluation of biological effects of intermediate frequency magnetic field on differentiation of embryonic stem cell 2016/1/4 search
Cryptanalysis and Improvement of a Provably Secure RFID Ownership Transfer Protocol 2016/1/1 search
Semi-generic Transformation of Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption and its DBDH Instantiation 2016/1/1 search
Large Spatial Channel (36-core × 3 mode) Heterogeneous Few-mode Multicore Fiber 2016/1/1 search
Superconductivity of In/Mo narrow wires fabricated using focused Ga-ion beam 2016/1/1 search
Cyber-Physical-Human Systems: Putting People in the Loop 2016/1/1 search
研究データへのDOI登録実験 2016/1/1 search