発表論文一覧 (2017)

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Title Publication
Silicon photonic processor of two-qubit entangling quantum logic 2017/10/17 search
Scalable Directory Service for IoT Applications 2017/10/16 search
Unconstrained Capacities of Quantum Key Distribution and Entanglement Distillation for Pure-Loss Bosonic Broadcast Channels 2017/10/13 search
Feasibility Study for Future Space-Borne Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar, Part 1: Instrumental Overview for Global Wind Profile Observation 2017/10/4 search
Numerical Investigation of a Multi-Rate Coherent Burst-Mode PDM-QPSK Optical Receiver for Flexible Optical Networks 2017/10/1 search
LEO-to-Ground Optical Communications using SOTA (Small Optical TrAnsponder) ?Payload Verification Results and Experiments on Space Quantum Communications? 2017/10/1 search
High-Performance CsPb1-xSnxBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots for Light-Emitting Diodes 2017/9/26 search
A web-based real-time and full-resolution data visualization for Himawari-8 satellite sensed images 2017/9/21 search
Direct Microrolling Processing on a Silicon Wafer 2017/9/21 search
Few-Mode Fiber, Splice and SDM Component Characterization by Spatially-Diverse Optical Vector Network Analysis 2017/9/18 search
素性空間拡張法に基づくフレーズベース統計翻訳のマルチドメイン適応 2017/9/15 search
大規模ダークネット観測と能動的スキャンによるマルウェア感染IoT機器の分類 2017/9/15 search
SMILES-2 mission for temperature, wind and composition in the whole atmosphere 2017/9/14 search
All-optical tunable buffering with coupled ultra-high Q whispering gallery mode microcavities 2017/9/6 search
Computational neuroanatomy of human stratum proprium of interparietal sulcus 2017/9/4 search
NerveNet Architecture and its Pilot Test in Shirahama for Resilient Social Infrastructure 2017/9/1 search
Group Signature with Deniability: How to Disavow a Signature 2017/9/1 search
ペアリング暗号解読の世界記録とその安全性評価 2017/9/1 search
EMC測定評価技術の研究開発 -妨害波計測技術- 2017/9/1 search
Numerical estimation for TEM horn antennas with transmission line taper shapes 2017/9/1 search
Facility implementation of adaptive clutter suppression to an existing wind profiler radar: First result 2017/9/1 search
ウェブサイトで公開されるデータベースの保存-Dnavi収載データのアクセス可否調査と公開データの長期保存- 2017/9/1 search
Translation Quality Estimation Using Only Bilingual Corpora 2017/9/1 search
6.7 GHz Methanol Maser Observations with Phased Hitachi 32 m and Takahagi 32 m Radio Telescopes 2017/8/31 search
Horizontal local sound field propagation based on sound source dimension mismatch 2017/8/29 search
IBE and Function-Private IBE under Linear Assumptions with Shorter Ciphertexts and Private Keys, and Extensions 2017/8/15 search
Geomagnetically conjugate observations of ionospheric and thermospheric variations accompanied by a midnight brightness wave at low latitudes 2017/8/15 search
Monte Carlo simulations of skin exposure to electromagnetic field from 10 GHz to 1 THz 2017/8/9 search
Illusory jitter perceived at the frequency of alpha oscillations 2017/8/7 search
Quantum photonic network and physical layer security 2017/8/6 search
中赤外光領域における金属材料特性に基づいた光検出器用アンテナ特性評価 2017/8/1 search
LAS測定法における供試装置の配置に関する理論的考察 2017/8/1 search
Development of Circuit Model of AC/Coaxial Adapter Using for Calibration of AMN 2017/8/1 search
STICS衛星におけるチャネライザサブバンド幅検討と効果 2017/8/1 search
A Novel Channel Assignment Method to Ensure Deadlock-Freedom for Deterministic Routing 2017/8/1 search
Neural Signature of Inattentional Deafness 2017/8/1 search
医療機関における安全な無線LAN運用のための電磁環境面での検討 2017/7/31 search
State-of-the-art technologies of gallium oxide power devices 2017/7/26 search
Input and Output Privacy-Preserving Linear Regression 2017/7/21 search
Polarization-resolved terahertz third-harmonic generation in a single-crystal superconductor NbN: Dominance of the Higgs mode beyond the BCS approximation 2017/7/21 search
Effect of intrinsic magnetic field decrease on the low- to middle-latitude upper atmosphere dynamics simulated by GAIA 2017/7/17 search
Planetary plasma and atmospheres explored by space missions in Japan: Hisaki, Akatsuki, and beyond 2017/7/11 search
PRAGMA-ENT: An International SDN testbed for cyberinfrastructure in the Pacific Rim 2017/7/10 search
Bessel function expansion to reduce the calculation time and memory usage for cylindrical computer-generated holograms 2017/7/10 search
Satellite-to-ground quantum-limited communication using a 50-kg-class microsatellite 2017/7/10 search
Enhanced radiative recombination rate for electron-hole droplets in a silicon photonic crystal nanocavity 2017/7/10 search
A Deep Denoising Autoencoder Approach to Improving the Intelligibility of Vocoded Speech in Cochlear Implant Simulation 2017/7/7 search
Quantum key distribution network for multiple applications 2017/7/6 search
Convergence analysis of interference-aware channel segregation 2017/7/1 search
Characterisation of Jupiter's secondary auroral oval and its response to hot plasma injections 2017/6/28 search
Feasibility study for future spaceborne coherent Doppler Wind Lidar, Part 2: Measurement simulation algorithms and retrieval error characterization. 2017/6/26 search
Performance of adaptive DD-OFDM multicore fiber links and its relation with intercore crosstalk 2017/6/26 search
Diurnal variation of oxygen isotopic enrichment in asymmetric-18 ozone observed by the SMILES from space 2017/6/17 search
大域的な並べ替えによるサブ言語翻訳の高精度化 2017/6/15 search
Unconscious improvement in foreign language learning using mismatch negativity neurofeedback: A preliminary study 2017/6/15 search
A Distributed Publisher-Driven Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Information-Centric IoT 2017/6/14 search
Electrical determination of current injection and internal quantum efficiencies in AlGaN-based deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes 2017/6/14 search
An isolated, bright cusp aurora at Saturn 2017/6/13 search
Estimation of Human Workload from the Auditory Steady-State Response Recorded via a Wearable Electroencephalography System during Walking 2017/6/13 search
Independent evolution of stratospheric temperatures in Jupiter's northern and southern auroral regions from 2014 to 2016 2017/6/12 search
Experimental demonstration of quantum digital signatures over 43 dB channel loss using differential phase shift quantum key distribution 2017/6/12 search
Simultaneously measured photoluminescence lifetime and quantum yield of two-photon cascade emission on single CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals 2017/6/12 search
Improved turn-on and operating voltages in AlGaN-based deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes 2017/6/6 search
Optimal pilot-tone-aided multi-core fiber transmission using a wide-band comb transmitter 2017/6/5 search
Vertical rise velocity of Equatorial Plasma Bubbles estimated from Equatorial Atmosphere Radar (EAR) observations and HIRB model simulations 2017/6/5 search
Design and Fabrication for the Construction of MIR HEB Mixers 2017/6/1 search
Dielectric Loss in Superconducting NbN(200) CPW Resonator Developed on Si substrate 2017/6/1 search
医療機関でのLED照明の安全な導入に向けた電磁環境面での評価 2017/6/1 search
An endosomal syntaxin and the AP-3 complex are required for formation and maturation of candidate lysosome-related secretory organelles (mucocysts) in Tetrahymena thermophila 2017/6/1 search
データジャーナル『Polar Data Journal』創刊の取り組み-極域科学データの新たな公開体制構築に向けて- 2017/6/1 search
地域におけるWi-SUNとスマートフォンの融合利活用による徘徊高齢者捜索支援システム 2017/6/1 search
外出・帰宅センサを活用した高齢者生活支援サービス 2017/6/1 search
High visibility Hong-Ou-Mandel interference via a time-resolved coincidence measurement 2017/5/29 search
Equatorial and low-latitude ionospheric response to the 17-18 March 2015 great storm over South East Asia longitude sector 2017/5/27 search
Transient brightening of Jupiter's aurora observed by the Hisaki satellite and Hubble Space Telescope during approach phase of the Juno spacecraft 2017/5/25 search
Response of Jupiter's auroras to conditions in the interplanetary medium as measured by the Hubble Space Telescope and Juno 2017/5/25 search
Variability of Jupiter's IR H3+ aurorae during Juno approach 2017/5/25 search
Global simulation study for the time sequence of events leading to the subsorm onset 2017/5/23 search
Controlling quantum interference in phase space with amplitude 2017/5/23 search
First demonstration of Ga2O3 trench MOS-type Schottky barrier diodes 2017/5/22 search
Geomagnetic storms of cycle 24 and their solar sources 2017/5/19 search
Quantum key distribution with hacking countermeasures and long term field trial 2017/5/16 search
Mach-Zehnder interferometer using frequency-domain beamsplitter 2017/5/15 search
Crosstalk Dynamics in Multi-Core Fibers 2017/5/15 search
Superradiance phase transition in the presence of parameter fluctuations 2017/5/11 search
Frequency measurement of the clock transition of an indium ion sympathetically-cooled in a linear trap 2017/5/10 search
Characteristic spectra of circuit quantum electrodynamics systems from the ultrastrong- to the deep-strong-coupling regime 2017/5/9 search
日本視覚学会 若手の会主催 視覚実験プログラムワークショップ開催報告 2017/5/8 search
Sentence Selection Based on Extended Entropy Using Phonetic and Prosodic Contexts for Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis 2017/5/1 search
Infrared Spectroscopy of Ionic Liquids Consisting of Imidazolium Cations with Different Alkyl Chain Lengths and Various Halogen or Molecular Anions with and without a Small Amount of Water 2017/4/25 search
Simple method for fabrication of diamond nanowires by inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etching 2017/4/21 search
Momentum exchange impact damper design methodology for object-wall-collision problems 2017/4/17 search
Maximum A Posteriori based Decoding for End-to-End Acoustic Models 2017/4/14 search
Quantum networks: where should we be heading? 2017/4/14 search
Quantitative 3D structured illumination microscopy of nuclear structures 2017/4/13 search
Strategic and practical guidelines for successful structured illumination microscopy 2017/4/13 search
ラット脳局所ばく露マルチフィジクス解析の高精度化 2017/4/12 search
Coulomb-Enhanced Radiative Recombination of Biexcitons in Single Giant-Shell CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Nanocrystals 2017/4/12 search
High Spatiotemporal Resolution ECoG Recording of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials with Flexible Micro-Electrode Arrays 2017/4/11 search
Ultra-High-Capacity Optical Packet Switching Networks with Coherent Polarization Division Multiplexing QPSK/16QAM Modulation Formats 2017/4/7 search
Compositionally distinct nuclear pore complexes of functionally distinct dimorphic nuclei in the ciliate Tetrahymena 2017/4/6 search
Polar cap potential saturation during the Bastille Day storm event using global MHD simulation 2017/4/6 search
LINCOS: A Storage System Providing Long-Term Integrity, Authenticity, and Confidentiality 2017/4/5 search
150 mW deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes with large-area AlN nanophotonic light-extraction structure emitting at 265 nm 2017/4/4 search
SI-traceable measurement of an optical frequency at the low 10^(-16) level without a local primary standard 2017/4/3 search
Distributed Shortcut Networks: Low-Latency Low-Degree Non-Random Topologies Targeting the Diameter and Cable Length Trade-Off 2017/4/1 search
AutoVFlow: Virtualization of Large-scale Wide-area OpenFlow Networks 2017/4/1 search
Advanced Space Division Multiplexing Technologies for Optical Networks 2017/4/1 search
Impact of GVD on Polarization-Insensitive Self-Homodyne Detection Receiver 2017/4/1 search
Decoded fMRI neurofeedback can induce bidirectional confidence changes within single participants 2017/4/1 search
A Fast Estimation Technique for Evaluating the Specific Absorption Rate of Multiple-Antenna Transmitting Devices 2017/4/1 search
Development of the “VoiceTra” Multi-Lingual Speech Translation System 2017/4/1 search
A -244-dB FOM High-Frequency Piezoelectric Resonator-Based Cascaded Fractional-N PLL with Sub-ppb-Order Channel Adjusting Technique 2017/4/1 search
Regularization of neural network model with distance metric learning for i-vector based spoken language identification 2017/3/30 search
Multiphysics and Thermal Response Models to Improve Accuracy of Local Temperature Estimation in Rat Cortex under Microwave Exposure 2017/3/30 search
Frequency-Tunable Resonant-Tunneling-Diode Terahertz Oscillators Applied to Absorbance Measurement 2017/3/29 search
Occipital white matter tracts in human and macaque 2017/3/23 search
Stable, high-performance operation of a fiber-coupled superconducting nanowire avalanche photon detector 2017/3/20 search
多様な環境においてデジタル立体地球儀を実現するためのダジック・アースの開発 2017/3/17 search
Inducing a Bilingual Lexicon from Short Parallel Multiword Sequences 2017/3/17 search
Fission yeast APC/C activators Slp1 and Fzr1 sequentially trigger two consecutive nuclear divisions during meiosis 2017/3/17 search
A comparison of neural network-based predictions of foF2 with the IRI-2012 model at conjugate points in Southeast Asia 2017/3/17 search
Study of ionospheric topside variations based on NeQuick topside formulation and comparisons with the IRI-2012 model at equatorial latitude station, Chumphon, Thailand 2017/3/17 search
High Capacity Transmission Systems Using Homogeneous Multi-Core Fibers 2017/3/15 search
Experimental validation of spatial Fourier transform-based multiple sound zone generation with a linear loudspeaker array 2017/3/14 search
Analysis of plasmonic phase modulator with furan-thiophene chromatophore electro-optic polymer 2017/3/10 search
Uranus' aurorae past equinox 2017/3/9 search
Water vapor estimation using digital terrestrial broadcasting waves 2017/3/8 search
1-kV vertical Ga2O3 field-plated Schottky barrier diodes 2017/3/8 search
Enhancement-mode Ga2O3 MOSFETs with Si-ion-implanted source and drain 2017/3/7 search
Extremely stable temperature characteristics of 1550-nm band, p-doped, highly stacked quantum-dot laser diodes 2017/3/6 search
エチレン酢酸ビニル共重合体の酢酸ビニル量推定における遠赤外吸収分光と赤外吸収分光の比較 2017/3/1 search
テラヘルツ波を用いた遮熱コーティングの表面粗さ測定 2017/3/1 search
Recent progress and application of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors 2017/3/1 search
Low-latitude daytime F-region irregularities observed in two geomagnetically quiet days by the Hainan coherent scatter phased array radar (HCOPAR) 2017/2/28 search
Establishing Secure and Anonymous Communication Channel: KEM/DEM-based Construction and Its Implementation 2017/2/24 search
Smart power devices and ICs using GaAs and wide and extreme bandgap semiconductors 2017/2/24 search
Accuracy estimation of the 16O2 + transition frequencies targeting the search for the variation in the proton-electron mass ratio 2017/2/22 search
Molecular beam epitaxy of strained-layer InAs/GaInSb superlattices for long- wavelength photodetectors 2017/2/22 search
Evidence for various higher-subband resonances and interferences in a GaAs/AlAs asymmetric quadruple-quantum-well superlattice analyzed from its photoluminescence properties 2017/2/22 search
Numerical study of terahertz quantum cascade lasers subjected to near-infrared optical pulse injection 2017/2/21 search
無人化施工において遠隔操作の映像環境が作業効率へ与える影響について 2017/2/20 search
Wavelength division multiplexed and double-port pumped time-bin entangled photon pair generation using Si ring resonator 2017/2/20 search
One-colour control of activation, excitation and deactivation of a fluorescent diarylethene derivative in super-resolution microscopy 2017/2/20 search
All-optical Nyquist-OTDM to Nyquist-WDM conversion for high-granular flexible optical networks 2017/2/20 search
Optimal retrieval method to estimate ozone vertical profile in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) region from submillimeter-wave limb emission spectra 2017/2/20 search
Two-step pulse observation to improve resonance contrast for coherent population trapping atomic clock 2017/2/17 search
Multilevel Protection to Broadcaster Contour and Its Impact on TV White Space Availability 2017/2/15 search
The visual white matter: The application of diffusion MRI and fiber tractography to vision science 2017/2/15 search
High-extinction ratio integrated photonic filters for silicon quantum photonics 2017/2/15 search
映像解析による大規模避難誘導システム 2017/2/15 search
コンシステントハッシュ法を用いた複数センサデータストリーム配信システムの実現と評価 2017/2/15 search
Loop-Assisted Coherent Matched Detector for Parallel Time-Frequency Sampling (invited Paper) 2017/2/15 search
FARIS: Fast and Memory-efficient URL Filter on CPU and GPGPU 2017/2/11 search
Crystallinity of poly (ethylene naphthalate) and its relation to terahertz absorption 2017/2/10 search
Investigation of Layer Structure of the Takamatsuzuka Mural Paintings by Terahertz Imaging Technique 2017/2/10 search
Chip-based quantum key distribution 2017/2/9 search
Climatology of successive equatorial plasma bubbles observed by GPS ROTI over Malaysia 2017/2/6 search
Macroscopic neural mass model constructed from a current-based network model of spiking neurons 2017/2/6 search
Fabrication of bacteriorhodopsin (bR) thin films by wire-bar coating technique and evaluation of transient photocurrent response in its bR photocells 2017/2/3 search
Optically-driven Terahertz Wave Modulator using Ring-shaped Microstripline with GaInAs Photoconductive Mesa Structure 2017/2/2 search
Demonstration of wireless two-way interferometry (Wi-Wi) 2017/2/1 search
Control Orchestration Protocol: unified transport API for distributed cloud and network orchestration. 2017/2/1 search
Theoretical Characterization of X-Band Multiincidence Angle and Multipolarimetric SAR Data From Rice Paddies at Late Vegetative Stage 2017/2/1 search
Demonstration of Adaptive SDN Orchestration: A Real-time Congestion-aware Services Provisioning over OFDM-based 400G OPS and Flexi-WDM OCS 2017/2/1 search
Sensitivity of ionosonde detection of atmospheric disturbances induced by seismic Rayleigh waves at different latitudes 2017/1/30 search
Effects of non-exciton components excited by broadband pulses on quantum beats in a GaAs/AlAs multiple quantum well 2017/1/27 search
A new ionospheric storm scale based on TEC and foF2 statistics 2017/1/27 search
Solar Flare Prediction Model with Three Machine-learning Algorithms using Ultraviolet Brightening and Vector Magnetograms 2017/1/25 search
Intensity fluctuation of a gain-switched semiconductor laser for quantum key distribution systems 2017/1/23 search
No adverse effects detected for simultaneous whole-body exposure to multiple-frequency radiofrequency electromagnetic fields for rats in the intrauterine and pre- and post-weaning periods 2017/1/23 search
Vis-NIR Hyperspectral and Terahertz imaging investigations on a fresco-painting on "tavella" by Alessandro Gherardini 2017/1/20 search
e-beam irradiation effects on IR absorption bands in single-walled carbon nanotubes 2017/1/15 search
Eye movement-invariant representations in the human visual system 2017/1/10 search
SAR Variation Due to Exposure from a Smartphone Held at Various Positions Near the Torso 2017/1/10 search
Experimental Observations of Two Mountain Glaciers on the Eastern Slope of Mt. Tsurugi by Pi-SAR2 Airborne SAR 2017/1/9 search
Laser link experiment with the Hayabusa2 laser altimeter for in-flight alignment measurement 2017/1/3 search
Related-Key Attacks on Reduced-round Hierocrypt-L1 2017/1/1 search
Reducing latency for language identification based on large-vocabulary continuous speech recognition 2017/1/1 search
7.28-W, High-Energy, Conductively Cooled, Q-Switched Tm,Ho:YLF Laser 2017/1/1 search
Fear reduction without fear through reinforcement of neural activity that bypasses conscious exposure 2017/1/1 search
チミン塩基を持つデオキシリボ核酸の遠赤外吸収 2017/1/1 search
無人化施工技術における生産性向上に向けた取組み 2017/1/1 search
Spatio-Temporal Pseudo Relevance Feedback for Scientific Data Retrieval 2017/1/1 search