発表論文一覧 (2018)

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Title Publication
Numerical Investigation of the Equalization Enhanced Phase Noise Penalty for M-Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Formats in Short-Haul Few-Mode Fiber Transmission Systems with Time-Domain Equali 2018/11/7 search
Born-Kuhn model for magnetochiral effects 2018/11/5 search
Biologically inspired modeling of smart grid for dynamic power-flow control under power failure 2018/11/1 search
Calculations of electronic properties and vibrational parameters of alkaline-earth lithides: MgLi+ and CaLi+ 2018/10/29 search
Novel FDTD Scheme for Analysis of Frequency-Dependent Medium Using Fast Inverse Laplace Transform and Prony's Method 2018/10/26 search
Intercomparison of methods for measurement of dielectric properties of biological tissues with a coaxial sensor at millimeter-wave frequencies 2018/10/16 search
Decoding naturalistic experiences from human brain activity via distributed representations of words 2018/10/15 search
Landslide detection based on height and amplitude differences using pre- and post-event airborne X-band SAR data 2018/10/5 search
多視点映像伝送システム「REI」へのSECOND-MVD手法の実装と評価 2018/10/1 search
SuMo-SS: Submodular Optimization Sensor Scattering for Deploying Sensor Networks by Drones 2018/10/1 search
Horizontal and vertical structures of Jovian infrared aurora: Observation using Subaru IRCS with adaptive optics 2018/10/1 search
Pulsed large signal RF performance of field-plated Ga2O3 MOSFETs 2018/9/25 search
Antennae sense heat stress to inhibit mating and promote escaping in Drosophila females 2018/9/20 search
Exploring and Experimenting with Shaping Designs for Next-Generation Optical Communications 2018/9/19 search
LED無影灯から発生する電磁ノイズの評価と磁場式ナビゲーションシステムへの影響検証 2018/9/18 search
Precise measurement of transition frequencies of optically trapped 40Ca19F molecules 2018/9/18 search
Estimation of the glottal flow from speech pressure signals: Evaluation of three variants of iterative adaptive inverse filtering using computational physical modelling of voice production 2018/9/12 search
Impact of LED lamp noise on receiver sensitivity of wireless medical telemetry system 2018/9/5 search
Acceptor doping of β-Ga2O3 by Mg and N ion implantations 2018/9/5 search
Halide vapor phase epitaxy of Si doped β-Ga2O3 and its electrical properties 2018/9/5 search
Long distance crosstalk-supported transmission using homogeneous multicore fibers and SDM-MIMO demultiplexing 2018/9/3 search
Generic Constructions for Fully Secure Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption 2018/9/1 search
Investigation of Intermodal Four-Wave Mixing for Nonlinear Signal Processing in Few-Mode Fibers 2018/9/1 search
High Speed 2-D Photodetector Array for Space and Mode-Division Multiplexing Fiber Communications 2018/9/1 search
Numerical Dosimetry of Electromagnetic Pulse Exposures Using FDTD Method 2018/8/31 search
One-Step Discrete Symmetric Arrangement of Magnetic Microspheres with Nanoscale Spacing Immobilized by Ultraviolet Irradiation toward Plasmonic Resonators 2018/8/29 search
Free space optical secret key agreement 2018/8/28 search
Modeling and interpretation of UV and blue luminescence intensity in β-Ga2O3 by silicon and nitrogen doping 2018/8/20 search
Enhancement of the Jovian Magnetospheric Plasma Circulation Caused by the Change in Plasma Supply from the Satellite Io 2018/8/18 search
Precipitating electron energy flux and characteristic energies in Jupiter's main auroral region as measured by Juno/JEDI 2018/8/17 search
Secret Key Rates for Intensity-Modulated Dual-Threshold Detection Key Distribution under Individual Beam Splitting Attacks 2018/8/8 search
Spherical-harmonic-transform-based fast calculation algorithm for spherical computer-generated hologram considering occlusion culling 2018/8/7 search
Flexible generation of 28 Gbps PAM4 60 GHz/80 GHz radio over fiber signal by injection locking of direct multilevel modulated laser to spacing-tunable two-tone light 2018/8/6 search
Use of Software-Defined Radio Receivers in TWSTFT for UTC Computation 2018/8/3 search
Efficient Fully Structure-Preserving Signatures and Shrinking Commitments 2018/8/1 search
Auroral electron energy estimation using the H/H2 brightness ratio applied to Jupiter 2018/8/1 search
A flux comparison of northern and southern Saturn kilometric radio bursts during southern summer 2018/8/1 search
Graph-based Bilingual Word Embedding for Statistical Machine Translation 2018/8/1 search
Influence of Substrate Modification with Dipole Monolayers on the Electrical Characteristics of Short-Channel Polymer Field-Effect Transistors 2018/8/1 search
Simulation study for the Stratospheric Inferred Winds (SIW) sub-millimeter limb sounder 2018/7/31 search
Digitally designed holographic optical element for light field displays 2018/7/31 search
Demonstration of an SDM Network Testbed for Joint Spatial Circuit and Packet Switching 2018/7/28 search
Mapping H3+ Temperatures in Jupiter's Northern Auroral Ionosphere Using VLT-CRIRES 2018/7/27 search
Experimental observation of three-photon interference between a two-photon state and a weak coherent state on a beam splitter 2018/7/26 search
Response Modality vs. Target Modality: Sensory Transformations and Comparisons in Cross-modal Slant Matching Tasks 2018/7/23 search
Free-space optical wiretap channel and experimental secret key agreement in 7.8 km terrestrial link 2018/7/19 search
Characteristic Spectroscopic Features because of Cation-Anion Interactions Observed in the 700 ? 950 cm-1 Range of Infrared Spectroscopy for Various Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids 2018/7/18 search
Saturn's northern aurorae at solstice from HST observations coordinated with Cassini's Grand Finale 2018/7/17 search
歴史を紐解くセキュリティ技術,その現在,そして未来 2018/7/15 search
Decomposed description of Ramsey spectra under atomic interactions 2018/7/9 search
Mode-matching-based sound field recording and synthesis with circular double-layer arrays 2018/7/4 search
Omni-directional small planar antenna composed of folded slots spanning over both sides 2018/7/1 search
Performance Evaluation of Full-Duplex MIMO Seamless Fiber?Wireless System in W-Band 2018/7/1 search
Superconducting coincidence photon detector with short timing jitter 2018/6/26 search
Designing and Experimentally Demonstrating Automatic OPS/OCS/OpenFlow Network Control Driven by ChoiceNet Provider 2018/6/21 search
Non-destructive monitoring of molecular vibrational transitions 2018/6/17 search
Space QUEST mission proposal: experimentally testing decoherence due to gravity 2018/6/12 search
Optical signatures of deep level defects in Ga2O3 2018/6/11 search
Chosen Ciphertext Secure Keyed-Homomorphic Public-Key Cryptosystems 2018/6/7 search
広帯域VLBIシステムの開発と測地・周波数比較実験の報告 2018/6/1 search
Route Advertisement Policies and Inbound Traffic Engineering for Border Gateway Protocol with Provider Aggregatable Addressing 2018/6/1 search
Total electron content observations by dense regional and worldwide international networks of GNSS 2018/6/1 search
波線法による長波電界強度予測の実用 2018/6/1 search
測定近傍磁界を用いた電気自動車充電用無線電力伝送システムの結合係数の決定 2018/6/1 search
テラヘルツ帯進行波管増幅器 2018/6/1 search
All-ion-implanted planar-gate current aperture vertical Ga2O3 MOSFETs with Mg-doped blocking layer 2018/5/30 search
Exportin Crm1 is repurposed as a docking protein to generate microtubule organizing centers at the nuclear pore 2018/5/29 search
Ocular Effects of Exposure to 40, 75, and 95 GHz Millimeter Waves 2018/5/27 search
The Wolbachia protein TomO interacts with a host RNA to induce polarization defects in Drosophila oocytes 2018/5/21 search
Polarization insensitive frequency conversion for an atom-photon entanglement distribution via a telecom network 2018/5/21 search
Copying of Holograms by Spot Scanning Approach 2018/5/20 search
Observational Study on Formation of a Localized Rainfall on a Basin with Heat and Aridity on Days of Weak Synoptic Disturbance in Summer 2018/5/19 search
Interannual Variability of the Daytime Equatorial Ionospheric Electric Field 2018/5/19 search
Genetic dissection of stress-induced reproductive arrest in Drosophila melanogaster females 2018/5/18 search
Exploiting variable-length padding bits for decoder performance improvement with its application to compressed video transmission 2018/5/16 search
Brillouin lasing in coupled silica toroid microcavities 2018/5/16 search
Sentence Selection and Weighting for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation 2018/5/16 search
Long-distance single photon transmission from a trapped ion via quantum frequency conversion 2018/5/15 search
Accurate and fiducial-marker-free correction for three-dimensional chromatic shift in biological fluorescence microscopy 2018/5/15 search
Deep Flare Net (DeFN) Model for Solar Flare Prediction 2018/5/14 search
‘Necessary and sufficient’ in biology is not necessarily necessary ? confusions and erroneous conclusions resulting from misapplied logic in the field of biology, especially neuroscience 2018/5/14 search
Quantitative evaluation of perceived depth of transparently-visualized medical 3D data presented with a multi-view 3D display 2018/5/11 search
Nuclear localization signal targeting to macronucleus and micronucleus in binucleated ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila 2018/5/8 search
Enhancing Nanos expression via the bacterial TomO protein is a conserved strategy used by the symbiont Wolbachia to fuel germ-stem cell maintenance in infected Drosophila females 2018/4/27 search
UnisonFlow: A Software-Defined Coordination Mechanism for Message-Passing Communication and Computation 2018/4/23 search
Analysis of dermal composite conditions using collagen absorption characteristics in the THz range 2018/4/20 search
Experimental Demonstration of Disaggregated Emergency Optical System for Quick Disaster Recovery 2018/4/20 search
Inversion of qubit energy levels in qubit-oscillator circuits in the deep-strong-coupling regime 2018/4/18 search
High-performance parallel computing for next-generation holographic imaging 2018/4/17 search
Decomposition method for fast computation of gigapixel-sized Fresnel holograms on a graphics processing unit cluster 2018/4/17 search
Collective List-Only Entity Linking: A Graph-Based Approach 2018/4/17 search
2 × 2 MIMO FBMC-OQAM Signal Transmission Over a Seamless Fiber?Wireless System in the W-band 2018/4/15 search
Feasibility Study for Future Space-Borne Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar, Part 3: Impact Assessment Using Sensitivity Observing System Simulation Experiments 2018/4/13 search
Comparison of O2 and H2O as oxygen source for homoepitaxial growth of β-Ga2O3 layers by halide vapor phase epitaxy 2018/4/11 search
Detection of GPS signal scattered from mountain 2018/4/1 search
Accumulable Optimistic Fair Exchange from Verifiably Encrypted Homomorphic Signatures 2018/4/1 search
Advanced Satellite-based Frequency Transfer at the 10-16 Level 2018/3/30 search
Study of the Equatorial and Low‐Latitude Electrodynamic and Ionospheric Disturbances During the 22?23 June 2015 Geomagnetic Storm Using Ground‐Based and Spaceborne Techniques 2018/3/30 search
Comparative analysis of various AC/coaxial adapters for LISN calibration up to 1 GHz 2018/3/27 search
Specific absorption rate and temperature increase in pregnant women at 13, 18, and 26 weeks of gestation due to electromagnetic wave radiation from a smartphone 2018/3/27 search
On the (In)Efficiency of Non-Interactive Secure Multiparty Computation 2018/3/26 search
Vertical profile of tropospheric ozone derived from synergetic retrieval using three different wavelength ranges, UV, IR, and microwave:sensitivity study for satellite observation 2018/3/26 search
Cortical and subcortical responses to biological motion 2018/3/16 search
The conserved histone variant H2A.Z illuminates meiotic recombination initiation 2018/3/16 search
Long-Haul Transmission over Few-Mode Fibers with Space-Division Multiplexing 2018/3/15 search
Measurement Method for Specific Attenuation in the Melting Layer Using a Dual Ka-Band Radar System 2018/3/14 search
A non-invasive, quantitative study of broadband spectral responses in human visual cortex 2018/3/12 search
Months-long real-time generation of a time scale based on an optical clock 2018/3/9 search
Daily and seasonal variations in the linear growth rate of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability in the ionosphere obtained with GAIA 2018/3/9 search
Glasses-free large-screen three-dimensional display and super multiview camera for highly realistic communication 2018/3/7 search
Extraction and height estimation of artificial vertical structures based on the wrapped interferometric phase difference within their layovers 2018/3/6 search
ビデオゾンデで測定された上空の雨滴に対する捕捉効率に関する研究 2018/3/6 search
On the Optimality of Lattices for the Coppersmith Technique 2018/3/1 search
A Bayesian Game to Estimate the Optimal Initial Resource Demand for Entrant Virtual Network Operators 2018/3/1 search
FCReducer: Locating Symmetric Cryptographic Functions on the Memory 2018/3/1 search
Deep neural network-based power spectrum reconstruction to improve quality of vocoded speech with limited acoustic parameters 2018/3/1 search
A study on Quick Device Discovery for Fully Distributed D2D Networks 2018/3/1 search
Detection of intense ice precipitation with GPM/DPR 2018/3/1 search
Millimeter-Wave Integrated Photoreceivers for High Data Rate Photonic Wireless Communication 2018/3/1 search
Lateral attachment of kinetochores to microtubules is enriched in prometaphase rosette and facilitates chromosome alignment and bi-orientation establishment 2018/3/1 search
Classification and characterisation of brain network changes in chronic back pain: A multicenter study 2018/3/1 search
Construction of a Flexibility Analysis Model for Flexible High-Throughput Satellite Communication Systems With a Digital Channelizer 2018/3/1 search
実世界での行動に影響を与える情報のソーシャルメディアからの発見 2018/3/1 search
地上デジタル放送波を利用した高精度かつ高安定な発振器の製作 2018/2/28 search
Intervalley scattering in terahertz quantum cascade lasers with GaSb and InGaSb wells 2018/2/28 search
Sequential Bayesian Filters for Estimating Time Series of Wrapped and Unwrapped Angles with Hyperparameter Estimation 2018/2/27 search
Optical Properties of Low-Loss Ag Films and Nanostructures on Transparent Substrates 2018/2/27 search
Response of Jupiter's Aurora to Plasma Mass Loading Rate Monitored by the Hisaki Satellite During Volcanic Eruptions at Io 2018/2/27 search
The control of tonic pain by active relief learning 2018/2/27 search
Disruption in neural phase synchrony is related to identification of inattentional deafness in real-world setting 2018/2/26 search
都市避難シミュレーションにおける追従性心理の導入と遅滞リスク軽減モデル提案 2018/2/23 search
Case study on convection initiation associated with an isolated convective storm developed over flat terrain during TOMACS 2018/2/22 search
Investigation of SIS Up-Converters for Use in Multi-pixel Receivers 2018/2/22 search
Modeling the Hydrological Cycle in the Atmosphere of Mars: Influence of a Bimodal Size Distribution of Aerosol Nucleation Particles 2018/2/22 search
Remodeling the Specificity of an Endosomal CORVET Tether Underlies Formation of Regulated Secretory Vesicles in the Ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila 2018/2/21 search
Numerical study of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances generated by an upward‐propagating gravity wave 2018/2/20 search
Transmission analysis for OFDM signals over hybrid RF-Optical High-Throughput Satellite 2018/2/19 search
Unseasonal development of post-sunset F-region irregularities over Southeast Asia on 28 July 2014: 1. Forcing from above? 2018/2/14 search
Projective measurement onto arbitrary superposition of weak coherent state bases 2018/2/14 search
Quantum key distribution with an efficient countermeasure against correlated intensity fluctuations in optical pulses 2018/2/9 search
Microwave amplification based on quasiparticle SIS up and down frequency converters 2018/2/8 search
Theory and Transport of Nearly Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence. IV. Solar Coronal Turbulence 2018/2/8 search
Metamaterials with magnetism and chirality 2018/2/6 search
The dawn of gallium oxide microelectronics 2018/2/6 search
Emergency optical network planning with multi-vendor interconnection and portable EDFAs 2018/2/6 search
Coronal mass ejection hits mercury: A.I.K.E.F. hybrid-code results compared to MESSENGER data 2018/2/6 search
Self-face recognition begins to share active region in right inferior parietal lobule with proprioceptive illusion during adolescence 2018/2/6 search
Newly identified electromagnetic problems with medical telemetry systems 2018/2/5 search
Electromagnetic compatibility of wireless medical telemetry systems and light-emitting diode (LED) lamps 2018/2/5 search
Precise Power Measurement With a Single-Mode Waveguide Calorimeter in the 220-330 GHz Frequency Range 2018/2/5 search
Relation between electrical and optical properties of p-type NiO films 2018/2/2 search
Road-to-Vehicle Communications with Time-Dependent Anonymity: A Lightweight Construction and its Experimental Results 2018/2/1 search
Approximate Relations of Admittance for Symmetrically Arranged Dipoles 2018/2/1 search
3-D imaging using SAR tomography with Pi-SAR2-X dataset 2018/2/1 search
The effects of neurochemical balance in the anterior cingulate cortex and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex on volitional control under irrelevant distraction 2018/2/1 search
SパラメータによるV型擬似電源回路網の特性測定 2018/2/1 search
Phrase Table Induction Using Monolingual Data for Low-Resource Statistical Machine Translation 2018/2/1 search
Quest towards ultimate performance in superconducting nanowire single photon detectors 2018/2/1 search
See-through Detection and 3D Reconstruction Using Terahertz Leaky-Wave Radar Based on Sparse Signal Processing 2018/2/1 search
Expanding Paraphrase Lexicons by Exploiting Generalities 2018/1/31 search
Three-dimensional reflection screens fabricated by holographic wavefront printer 2018/1/27 search
Not explicit but implicit memory is influenced by individual perception style 2018/1/25 search
An evaluation of the shortwave direct aerosol radiative forcing using CALIOP and MODIS observations 2018/1/24 search
Real-time colour hologram generation based on ray-sampling plane with multi-GPU acceleration 2018/1/24 search
Intense geomagnetic storms associated with coronal holes under the weak solar-wind conditions of Cycle 24 2018/1/23 search
High-fidelity entanglement swapping and generation of three-qubit GHZ state using asynchronous telecom photon pair sources 2018/1/23 search
p62/SQSTM1 promotes rapid ubiquitin conjugation to target proteins after endosome rupture during xenophagy 2018/1/23 search
Demonstration of an optical phased array using electro-optic polymer phase shifters 2018/1/23 search
Logistic regression of ligands of chemotaxis receptors offers clues about their recognition by bacteria 2018/1/22 search
Efficient transient photocurrent generation in waveguide-type bacteriorhodopsin photocells 2018/1/17 search
100-GHz Radio and Power Over Fiber Transmission Through Multicore Fiber Using Optical-to-Radio Converter 2018/1/15 search
2 μm Doppler wind lidar with a Tm:fiber laser-pumped Ho:YLF laser 2018/1/15 search
Millimeter-Wave Radio-Over-Fiber Network for Linear Cell Systems 2018/1/15 search
Wideband Rectangular Antenna Fed Sideways from a Ground Plate 2018/1/11 search
Volume holographic spatial mode demultiplexer with a dual-wavelength method 2018/1/10 search
Variation of Jupiter's Aurora Observed by Hisaki/EXCEED: 3. Volcanic Control of Jupiter's Aurora 2018/1/10 search
Radiation hardness of β-Ga2O3 metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors against gamma-ray irradiation 2018/1/10 search
時空間イベント探索のための3次元情報可視化 2018/1/10 search
Heterogeneous Redistribution of Facial Subcategory Information Within and Outside the Face-Selective Domain in Primate Inferior Temporal Cortex 2018/1/10 search
Environmental-data Collection System for Satellite-to-Ground Optical Communications 2018/1/9 search
Correction of wavefront tilt caused by atmospheric turbulence using quadrant detectors for enabling fast free-space quantum communications in daylight 2018/1/9 search
A Privacy-enhanced Access Log Management Mechanism in SSO Systems from Nominative Signatures 2018/1/8 search
Proposals and Implementation of High Band IR-UWB For Increasing Propagation Distance For Indoor Positioning 2018/1/4 search
Electron effective mass in Sn-doped monoclinic single crystal β-gallium oxide determined by mid-infrared optical Hall effect 2018/1/3 search
Lem2 is retained at the nuclear envelope through its interaction with Bqt4 in fission yeast 2018/1/2 search
Efficient Homomorphic Encryption with Key Rotation and Security Update 2018/1/1 search
Speech Privacy for Sound Surveillance Using Super-Resolution Based on Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Linear Regression 2018/1/1 search
Wiretap Channels with One-Time State Information: Strong Secrecy 2018/1/1 search
Large-scale cyber attacks monitoring using Evolving Cauchy possibilistic clustering 2018/1/1 search