発表論文一覧 (2019)

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Title Publication
受精卵にDNAを入れると「人口細胞核」ができた! 2019/9/2 search
Shortening the Libert-Peters-Yung Revocable Group Signature Scheme by Using the Random Oracle Methodology 2019/9/1 search
Enhancing Multipath TCP Initialization with SYN Duplication 2019/9/1 search
Group Signatures with Message-Dependent Opening: Formal Definitions and Constructions 2019/8/26 search
Relational Network of People Constructed on the Basis of Similarity of Brain Activities 2019/8/8 search
Enhanced Modal Dispersion Estimation Enabled by Chromatic Dispersion Compensation in Optical Vector Network Analysis 2019/8/1 search
Experimental Evaluation of a Novel Up-link NOMA System for IoT Communication Equipping Repetition Transmission and Receive Diversity 2019/8/1 search
Design and Implementation of a Scalable and Flexible Traffic Analysis Platform 2019/7/25 search
Calmodulin-binding transcription factor shapes the male courtship song in Drosophila 2019/7/25 search
Associative white matter connecting the dorsal and ventral posterior human cortex 2019/7/24 search
Neural Organization of Hierarchical Motor Sequence Representations in the Human Neocortex 2019/7/22 search
Vertical Ga2O3 Schottky Barrier Diodes With Guard Ring Formed by Nitrogen-Ion Implantation 2019/7/10 search
Probe Calibration in Lossy Liquid Using Small Dipole Antennas for MHz-Band Specific Absorption Rate Measurements 2019/7/9 search
Community Detection Using Restrained Random-walk Similarity 2019/7/1 search
Normally-Off Ga2O3 MOSFETs With Unintentionally Nitrogen-Doped Channel Layer Grown by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy 2019/6/26 search
Regulation of ectopic heterochromatin-mediated epigenetic diversification by the JmjC family protein Epe1 2019/6/17 search
The very-long-chain fatty acid elongase Elo2 rescues lethal defects associated with loss of the nuclear barrier function in fission yeast cells 2019/6/14 search
Methods and Applications of Mobile Molecular Communication 2019/6/14 search
An Availability Enhanced Service Function Chain Placement Scheme in Network Function Virtualization 2019/6/14 search
Nuclear formation induced by DNA-conjugated beads in living fertilised mouse egg 2019/6/11 search
Fast numerical analysis of the time response in coherent population trapping resonance based on Galerkin spectral method 2019/6/10 search
Asymmetrical localization of Nup107-160 subcomplex components within the nuclear pore complex in fission yeast 2019/6/6 search
端末間協調省電力通信フレームワーク -実機実験を用いた有効性の評価- 2019/6/1 search
Hypertemporal photometric measurement of spaceborne mirrors specular reflectivity for Laser Time Transfer link model 2019/5/28 search
Transport of microtubules according to the number and spacing of kinesin motors on gold nano-pillars 2019/5/15 search
Histone H2A insufficiency causes chromosomal segregation defects due to anaphase chromosome bridge formation at rDNA repeats in fission yeast 2019/5/9 search
K -Order Estimation Technique for Determining the Maximum Electric Fields of Multiple-Antenna Transmitters in Compliance Tests 2019/5/3 search
Multi-Target Classification Based Automatic Virtual Resource Allocation Scheme 2019/5/1 search
A Mathematical Model and Dynamic Programming based Scheme for Service Function Chain Placement in NFV 2019/5/1 search
Diffusivity and quantitative T1 profile of human visual white matter tracts after retinal ganglion cell damage 2019/4/24 search
Privacy-Preserving Deep Learning via Weight Transmission 2019/4/15 search
228-Spatial-Channel Bi-Directional Data Communication System Enabled by 39-Core 3-Mode Fiber 2019/4/15 search
超広帯域電磁界解析のための周波数依存性FDTD法 2019/4/15 search
GPU を用いた超並列計算による高速逆ラプラス変換及びProny 法を適用した周波数分散性FDTDスキームの高速化に関する検討 2019/4/15 search
ビーム伝搬法とFDTD 法の二次元複合シミュレーションを用いた計算コスト削減の検討 2019/4/15 search
1.2 Pb/s Throughput Transmission Using a 160 μm Cladding, 4-Core, 3-Mode Fiber 2019/4/15 search
Identification of vibrational modes in thymine bases by broadband far-infrared absorption spectroscopy 2019/4/10 search
A brightening of Jupiter's auroral 7.8μm CH4 emission during a solar-wind compression 2019/4/8 search
Comparison of Magnetospheric Magnetic Field Variations at Quasi-Zenith Orbit Based on Michibiki Observation and REPPU Global MHD Simulation 2019/4/7 search
簡易曝露実験装置(ExHAM)を用いた軽量高精度CFRP鏡の長期宇宙曝露実験 2019/4/5 search
Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of Time-Series Data with Public Verifiability from Simple Assumptions and Its Implementations 2019/4/1 search
Terahertz wave detection by the Stark effect in nonlinear optical polymers 2019/4/1 search
Ocular Response to Millimeter Wave Exposure Under Different Levels of Humidity 2019/3/30 search
Areal differences in depth cue integration between monkey and human 2019/3/29 search
A Generic Construction of Integrated Secure-Channel Free PEKS and PKE and its Application to EMRs in Cloud Storage 2019/3/28 search
Modeling light shifts in optical lattice clocks 2019/3/28 search
Analysis of Soft Robotics Based on the Concept of Category of Mobility 2019/3/25 search
Roles of Nup133, Nup153 and membrane fenestrations in assembly of the nuclear pore complex at the end of mitosis 2019/3/22 search
Structures of the Sea-Breeze Front in Dual-Doppler Lidar Observation and Coupled Mesoscale-to-LES Modeling 2019/3/16 search
時間軸検索に最適化したスケールアウト可能な高速ログ検索エンジンの実現と評価 2019/3/15 search
Frequency-Dependent Current Perception Threshold in Healthy Japanese Adults 2019/3/15 search
Crosstalk Impact on Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution in Multicore Fiber Transmission 2019/3/15 search
Relationship between power density and surface temperature elevation for human skin exposure to electromagnetic waves with oblique incidence angle from 6 GHz to 1 THz 2019/3/14 search
Kinesin-6 Klp9 plays motor-dependent and -independent roles in collaboration with Kinesin-5 Cut7 and the microtubule crosslinker Ase1 in fission yeast 2019/3/14 search
Visualization of secretory cargo transport within the Golgi apparatus 2019/3/11 search
Characteristic time scales of UV and IR auroral emissions at Jupiter and Saturn and their possible observable effects 2019/3/8 search
Current Aperture Vertical β-Ga2O3 MOSFETs Fabricated by N- and Si-Ion Implantation Doping 2019/3/6 search
Venus Express radio occultation observed by PRIDE 2019/3/6 search
A Study of ACM for Power and Bandwidth Limited Channel in Satellite Communication System 2019/3/4 search
Shortcut Creation for MeNN in the Consideration of Topological Structure and Message Exchanged 2019/3/1 search
Designing Distributed SDN C-Plane Considering Large-scale Disruption and Restoration 2019/3/1 search
State estimation for multiple clocks under anomalies using l1-norm optimization 2019/3/1 search
Live electrooptic imaging with a low-coherence optical LO signal source for suppression of interference noises 2019/3/1 search
Development of a Real-Time Damage Estimation System 2019/3/1 search
電気光学ポリマーを用いた 4umピッチ光フェーズドアレイによる偏向動作 2019/3/1 search
Development of Resilient Information and Communications Technology for Relief Against Natural Disasters 2019/3/1 search
Brain tissue segmentation based on MP2RAGE multi-contrast images in 7 T MRI 2019/2/28 search
Error-related negativity predicts failure in competitive dual-player video games 2019/2/28 search
Effect of Wandering Sensing Systems on Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems 2019/2/25 search
Short-term Variation in the Dawn?Dusk Asymmetry of the Jovian Radiation Belt Obtained from GMRT and Hisaki EXCEED Observations 2019/2/20 search
Development of ground pipeline system for high-level scientific data products of the Hisaki satellite mission and its application to planetary space weather 2019/2/19 search
Implementation and Analysis of Fully Homomorphic Encryption in Resource-Constrained Devices 2019/2/18 search
Investigation of Intermodal Nonlinear Signal Distortions in Few-Mode Fiber Transmission 2019/2/15 search
Pilot-Aided Joint-Channel Carrier-Phase Estimation in Space-Division Multiplexed Multicore Fiber Transmission 2019/2/15 search
Toward a Multimodal Fusion of Layered Cultural Object Images: Complementarity of Optical Coherence Tomography and Terahertz Time-domain Imaging in the Heritage Field 2019/2/10 search
The desaturase1 gene affects reproduction before, during and after copulation in Drosophila melanogaster 2019/2/6 search
Enhanced optics for time-resolved singlet oxygen luminescence detection 2019/2/5 search
Brain SAR of average male Korean child to adult models for mobile phone exposure assessment 2019/2/5 search
Time-division Packet Spatial Super-channel Switching System with 53.3 Tb/s/port for Converged Inter/intra Data Center Optical Networks 2019/2/1 search
高感度光伝導半導体検出器を用いるテラヘルツパッシブイメージングの研究 2019/2/1 search
High Precision Frequency Measurement of Terahertz Waves Using Optical Combs from a Mach-Zehnder-Modulator-based Flat Comb Generator 2019/2/1 search
中赤外超伝導ホットエレクトロンボロメータミキサの評価 2019/2/1 search
Development of multi-parameter phased array weather radar (MP-PAWR) and the early detection of torrential rainfall and tornado risks 2019/2/1 search
Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11ad in Evolving Wi-Fi Networks 2019/2/1 search
Raman thermography of peak channel temperature in β-Ga2O3 MOSFETs 2019/1/31 search
Unidirectional light transmiission by two-layer nanostructures interacting via optical near-fields 2019/1/31 search
Single-crystal-Ga2O3/polycrystalline-SiC bonded substrate with low thermal and electrical resistances at the heterointerface 2019/1/23 search
Identification of the evolutionarily conserved nuclear envelope proteins Lem2 and MicLem2 in Tetrahymena thermophila 2019/1/22 search
Torsional Turning Motion of Chromosomes as an Accelerating Force to Align Homologous Chromosomes during Meiosis 2019/1/18 search
Wavelength division multiplexing of continuous variable quantum key distribution and 18.3 Tbit/s data channels 2019/1/18 search
Fast amplification and rephasing of entangled cat states in a qubit-oscillator system 2019/1/16 search
Converged Inter/Intradata Center Optical Network with Packet Super-channels and 83.33 Tb/s/port 2019/1/15 search
High Capacity Transmission With Few-Mode Fibers 2019/1/15 search
The roles of a flagellar HSP40 ensuring rhythmic beating 2019/1/15 search
Partial proteasomal degradation of Lola triggers the male-to-female switch of a dimorphic courtship circuit 2019/1/11 search
Error Analysis of a Near-Field Reconstruction Technique Based on Plane Wave Spectrum Expansion for Power Density Assessment above 6 GHz 2019/1/11 search
Small valence band offset of h-BN/Al0.7Ga0.3N heterojunction measured by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 2019/1/10 search
Nanoscopy of charge kinetics via terahertz fluctuation 2019/1/4 search
Fast and Scalable Bilinear-Type Conversion Method for Large Scale Crypto Schemes 2019/1/1 search
Precise Control of Beam Formation for Mobile Communication Satellites Based on On-board Measurements of the Shape of the Large Reflector Surface 2019/1/1 search
An Approach to Reinforce Multipath TCP with Path-Aware Information 2019/1/1 search