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Presentations in ECOC2017.

September 17-21, @Gothenburg.

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Th.PDP.B.3 “Experimental Demonstration of a 53 Tb/s Coherent SDM-TDM Add/Drop/Through Optical Network with Time-division Spatial Super-channels and High-speed Joint Switching System”
J. M. D. Mendinueta, S. Shinada, R. S. Luís, Y. Hirota, H. Furukawa, H. Harai and N. Wada

“SDM transmission systems: are some fibres better than others?”
B. J. Puttnam

M.1.E.4 “Spectrally-Efficient Seed-Lightwave-Distribution System using Space-Division-Multiplexed Distribution Channel for Multi-core 3-Mode-Multiplexed DP-64QAM Transmission”
J. Sakaguchi, W. Klaus, B. J. Puttnam, J. M. D. Mendinueta, Y. Awaji, N. Wada
M.2.E.4 “3500-km Mode-Multiplexed Transmission Through a Three-Mode Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber Link”
G. Rademacher1, R. Ryf2, N. K. Fontaine2,
H. Chen2, R-J. Essiambre2, B. J. Puttnam1, R. S. Luis1, Y. Awaji1, N. Wada1, S. Gross3, N. Riesen4, M. Withford3, Y. Sun5, R. Lingle, Jr.5

2 Nokia Bell Labs

3 MQ Photonics Research Centre

4 University of South Australia
Tu.2.F.5 “Hybrid circuit and packet switching SDM network testbed using joint spatial switching and multi-core fibers”
R. S. Luis, H. Furukawa, G. Rademacher, B. J. Puttnam, N. Wada
W.3.B.5 “Analysis of Few-Mode Multi-Core Fiber Splice Behavior Using an Optical Vector Network Analyzer”
S. Rommel1, 2, J. M. D. Mendinueta1, W. Klaus1, J. Sakaguchi1, J. J. V. Olmos3, Y. Awaji1, I. T. Monroy2 , N. Wada1


2 Department of Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
3 Mellanox Technologies
W.3.E.5 “Inter-core crosstalk spectrum and penalty measurements in 7-core fiber”
B. J. Puttnam, G. Rademacher, R. S. Luis, W. Klaus, Y. Awaji, N. Wada
Th.2.F.2 “On the use of high-order MIMO for long-distance homogeneous single-mode multicore fiber transmission”
R. S. Luis, B. J. Puttnam, G. Rademacher, Y. Awaji, N. Wada
P1.SC1.5 “Optical subcarrier processing for nyquist SCM via coherent spectrum overlapping in FWM with coherent pump”
G. W. Lu, R. S. Luis, J. M. D. Mendinueta, T. Sakamoto, N. Yamamoto
P1.SC4.61 “Single-carrier 552 Gbit/s, 46 Gbaud 64 QAM Coherent Transmission over 100 km with Co-propagating 10 Gbit/s-OOK Signals Through a Deployed ROADM Network” 
K. Kasai1, T. Hirooka1, M. Yoshida1, M. Nakazawa1, M. Shiraiwa2, Y. Awaji2, N. Wada2
1 Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
P2.SC6.16 “Performance Fluctuations in Direct Detection Multi-Core Fiber Transmission Systems”
G. Rademacher, R.S. Luis, B. J. Puttnam, Y. Awaji, N. Wada