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Presentations in OFC2017.

March 19-23, @Los Angeles.

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M2J.4 (Invited) " High Capacity MCF Transmission with Wideband-Comb"
Benjamin J. Puttnam1, Ruben S. Luis1, Georg Rademacher1, Jun Sakaguchi1,
Werner Klaus1 , Erik Agrell2 , John Marciante3 , Yoshinari. Awaji1 , Naoya Wada1
1 National Inst Info & Comm Tech (NICT), Japan
2 Signals and Systems, Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden
3 RAM Photonics, LLC, USA.
Th4H.6 " Investigation of Inter-Core Crosstalk and Raman Nonlinearity in Wideband MCF Transmission"
Ruben S. Luis, Benjamin J. Puttnam, Georg Rademacher, Werner Klaus, Yoshinari Awaji, and Naoya Wada
Th1H.3 " Time-Dependent Crosstalk from Multiple Cores in a Homogeneous Multi-Core Fiber"
Georg Rademacher, Benjamin J. Puttnam, Ruben S. Luis, Yoshinari Awaji,
and Naoya Wada