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Spatial Variations in the Altitude of the CH4 Homopause at Jupiter's Mid-to-high Latitudes, as Constrained from IRTF-TEXES Spectra 12/30/2020 search
Minimal Tissue Reaction after Chronic Subdural Electrode Implantation for Fully Implantable Brain–Machine Interfaces 12/29/2020 search
Carrier capture kinetics, deep levels, and isolation properties of β-Ga2O3 Schottky-barrier diodes damaged by nitrogen implantation 12/29/2020 search
Variation of Jupiter's Aurora Observed by Hisaki/EXCEED: 4. Quasi-Periodic Variation 12/25/2020 search
Geomagnetic Activity Effects on CO2-Driven Trend in the Thermosphere and Ionosphere: Ideal Model Experiments With GAIA 12/25/2020 search
Delay-time analysis inradio-frequency β-Ga2O3 field effect transistors 12/21/2020 search
Spectral characterization of photon-pair sources via classical sum-frequency generation 12/21/2020 search
Functional Multiple-Spine Calcium Imaging from Brain Slices 12/18/2020 search
Characterization of trap states in buried nitrogen-implanted β-Ga2O3 12/18/2020 search
1:1 internal mode coupling strength in GaAs doubly-clamped MEMS beam resonators with linear and nonlinear oscillations 12/17/2020 search
Rotational Cryptanalysis of Salsa Core Function 12/17/2020 search
Imaging performance of microscopy adaptive-optics system using scene-based wavefront sensing 12/16/2020 search
Secrecy Analysis of FSO Systems Considering Misalignments and Eavesdropper’s Location 12/16/2020 search
Machine learning-based individual identification of laboratory mice 12/15/2020 search
Paragraph-based Estimation of Cyber Kill Chain Phase from Threat Intelligence Reports 12/15/2020 search
Exploration of the earth environment using “Himawari-8” data of meteorological satellite and deep learning 12/15/2020 search
Calibration of the Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar Onboard the Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory 12/14/2020 search
Numerical and analytical approaches to dynamic beam waist optimization for LEO-to-GEO laser communication 12/10/2020 search
On High-Density Resource-Restricted Pulse-Based IoT Networks 12/9/2020 search
Cognitive functions relating to aberrant interactions between task-positive and task-negative networks: resting fMRI study of patients with schizophrenia 12/5/2020 search
Incoherent color digital holography with computational coherent superposition for fluorescence imaging 12/3/2020 search
Threat Alert Prioritization Using Isolation Forest and Stacked Auto Encoder with Day-forward-chaining Analysis 12/2/2020 search
Polarization Division Multiplexing-based Hybrid Microwave Photonic Links for Simultaneous mmW and Sub-6 GHz Wireless Transmissions 12/1/2020 search
A novel carrier-cooperation scheme with an incentive to offer emergency lightpath support during disaster recovery 12/1/2020 search
Limitation of parallel assumption in repeat-pass InSAR using nonparallel orbits 12/1/2020 search
Galaxy: A Family of Stream-Cipher-Based Space-Hard Ciphers 11/30/2020 search
Homogeneity of neutron transmission imaging over a large sensitive area with a four-channel superconducting detector 11/25/2020 search
Vector imaging of an in-plane electric current using a planar magneto-optical sensor 11/25/2020 search
IEEE 802.15.3d: First Standardization Efforts for Sub-Terahertz Band Communications towards 6G 11/24/2020 search
Numerical forecast of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere using GAIA 11/24/2020 search
Formation and Release of the Harang Reversal Relating With the Substorm Onset Process 11/22/2020 search
Ramelteon modulates gamma oscillations in the rat primary motor cortex during non-REM sleep 11/20/2020 search
Facial radiance influences facial attractiveness and affective impressions of faces 11/20/2020 search
Intelligent and Agile Control of Edge Resources for Latency-Sensitive IoT Services 11/17/2020 search
Acute effects of ethanol on hippocampal spatial representation and offline reactivation 11/15/2020 search
Impulse Response Measurement of Spooled and Twisted Few-Mode Multi-Core Fiber for Short-Range Optical Links 11/15/2020 search
Synthesizing Parallel Data of User-Generated Texts with Zero-Shot Neural Machine Translation 11/14/2020 search
The effect of instruction on motor skill learning 11/13/2020 search
Statistical analysis of short-wave fadeout for extreme space weather event estimation 11/13/2020 search
Reduction in leakage current through interface between Ga2O3 epitaxial layer and substrate by ion implantation doping of compensating impurities 11/11/2020 search
Experimental evaluation of the impact of the light source on the measurement of short-term average crosstalk in homogeneous single-mode multi-core fibers 11/9/2020 search
V1 Projection Zone Signals in Human Macular Degeneration Depend on Task Despite Absence of Visual Stimulus 11/5/2020 search
Toward Automated Smart Ships:Designing Effective Cyber Risk Management 11/5/2020 search
Fabrication of deep-sub-micrometer NbN/AlN/NbN epitaxial junctions on a Si-substrate 11/5/2020 search
Calibrating Power Meters in the 140–220 GHz Frequency Range Using an Absolute-Power Reference Calorimeter 11/5/2020 search
Experimental Results of Seasonal Variation of Shadowing by Ka-band Mobile Satellite Communication 11/4/2020 search
Field-Trial Experiments of an IoT-Based Fiber Networks Control and Management-Plane Early Disaster Recovery via Narrow-Band and Lossy Links System (FRENLL) 11/1/2020 search
Survivable virtual network mapping with content connectivity against multiple link failures in optical metro networks 11/1/2020 search
First simulations of day-to-day variability of mid-latitude sporadic E layer structures 10/31/2020 search
Frequency ratio of an 115In+ ion clock and a 87Sr optical lattice clock 10/26/2020 search
Transmission properties of fishbone-type superconducting transmission lines 10/22/2020 search
teiresias, a Fruitless target gene encoding an immunoglobulin-superfamily transmembrane protein, is required for neuronal feminization in Drosophila 10/22/2020 search
WARP : Revisiting GFN for Lightweight 128-bit Block Cipher 10/22/2020 search
Distributed SignSGD With Improved Accuracy and Network-Fault Tolerance 10/21/2020 search
Absolute frequency of 87Sr at 1.8×10–16 uncertainty by reference to remote Primary Frequency Standards 10/16/2020 search
Holographic Micromirror Array with Diffuse Areas for Accurate Calibration of 3D Light-Field Display 10/15/2020 search
Memory Network for Linguistic Structure Parsing 10/13/2020 search
Virtual multiplication of light sources for a 360-degree-viewable tabletop 3D display 10/13/2020 search
Prospect for Vibrational Transition Frequency Measurement of Rare-gas Hydride Ions 10/12/2020 search
Detouring Skip Graph: efficient routing via detour routes on skip graph topology 10/8/2020 search
Vehicle-assisted Data Delivery in Smart City: A Deep Learning Approach 10/6/2020 search
Validation of SMILES HCl profiles over a wide range from the stratosphere to the lower thermosphere 10/6/2020 search
Efficient Detection and Classification of Internet-of-Things Malware Based on Byte Sequences from Executable Files 10/6/2020 search
Intercontinental comparison of optical atomic clocks through very long baseline interferometry 10/5/2020 search
Single-shot incoherent color digital holographic microscopy system with static polarization-sensitive optical elements 10/5/2020 search
A new experimental phenomenological method to explore the subjective features of psychological phenomena: its application to binocular rivalry 10/3/2020 search
Application of APCMA protocol to power packet networks for multiplexing power packet transmissions 10/1/2020 search
An approach to introducing interference aggregation effect into the emission-limit-setting model for radio protection 10/1/2020 search
Knowledge Distillation-Based Representation Learning for Short-Utterance Spoken Language Identification 10/1/2020 search
Duration Selectivity in Right Parietal Cortex Reflects the Subjective Experience of Time 9/30/2020 search
Urethane anesthesia suppresses hippocampal subthreshold activity and neuronal synchronization 9/29/2020 search
A Survey of Multilingual Neural Machine Translation 9/28/2020 search
On the Seeding of Periodic Equatorial Plasma Bubbles by Gravity Waves Associated With Tropical Cyclone: A Case Study 9/26/2020 search
Design of a hybrid plasmonic waveguide device using a trench structure 9/25/2020 search
Vertical β-Ga2O3 Power Transistors: A Review 9/22/2020 search
Compact multispectral pushframe camera for nanosatellites 9/18/2020 search
Gcn2 eIF2α kinase mediates combinatorial translational regulation through nucleotide motifs and uORFs in target mRNAs 9/18/2020 search
Ultra-low-latency, High-fidelity Analog-to-digital-compression Radio-over-fiber (ADX-RoF) for MIMO Fronthaul in 5G and Beyond 9/16/2020 search
Encoder-Decoder Attention ≠ Word Alignment: Axiomatic Method of Learning Word Alignments for Neural Machine Translation 9/15/2020 search
Auxiliary Lexicon Word Prediction for Cross-Domain Word Segmentation 9/15/2020 search
Character-to-Word Attention for Word Segmentation 9/15/2020 search
A Novel Sentence-Level Agreement Architecture for Neural Machine Translation 9/15/2020 search
Temporal variation of the 3-micron hydrocarbon emissions at the 8-micron north polar hot spot of Jupiter: Comparison with solar wind activity 9/15/2020 search
Waveguide-Type Multiplexer for Multiline Observation of Atmospheric Molecules using Millimeter-Wave Spectroradiometer 9/11/2020 search
Enhancement of Facilitation Training for Aphasia by Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation 9/11/2020 search
Group key agreement over free-space optical links 9/9/2020 search
Franck-Condon factors via compressive sensing 9/8/2020 search
Classical simulation of boson sampling with sparse output 9/7/2020 search
A Parametric Study on the Self-Calibration Method of Systematic Errors for Onboard Digital Beam Forming Array Fed Reflector Antenna Using Gating Process 9/4/2020 search
Notes on EFIE-PMCHWT Formulation for Feeding Gaps on Printed Conductors 9/3/2020 search
Machine-Learning-Based Hazardous Spot Detection Framework by Mobile Sensing and Opportunistic Networks 9/3/2020 search
Multifrequency Heterodyne Detection of Molecules Using a Hot Electron Bolometer Mixer pumped by Two Phase-Locked THz-Quantum Cascade Lasers 9/2/2020 search
Joint Progressive Network and Datacenter Recovery After Large-Scale Disasters 9/1/2020 search
Quanta Photogrammetry of Experimental Geodetic Satellite for remote detection of micrometeoroid and orbital debris impacts 9/1/2020 search
A fast stream transaction system for real-time IoT applications 9/1/2020 search
Space-division multiplexed transmission in the S-band over 55 km few-mode fibers 8/31/2020 search
Nonreciprocal Terahertz Second-Harmonic Generation in Superconducting NbN under Supercurrent Injection 8/28/2020 search
Anatomy of nerve fiber bundles at micrometer-resolution in the vervet monkey visual system 8/26/2020 search
Novel index to comprehensively evaluate air cleanliness: the Clean aIr Index (CII) 8/26/2020 search
Structural variations of two-dimensional networks of 2,4,6-tris(4-bromophenyl)-1,3,5-triazine on Au(111) surface from solutions 8/21/2020 search
Observation of normal mode splitting in THz Fabry-Pérot microcavity made of wire grid structures containing cut wire metamaterials 8/21/2020 search
Differential ability of network and natural language information on social media to predict interpersonal and mental health traits 8/20/2020 search
Reliable Probability Forecast Of Solar Flares: Deep Flare Net-Reliable (DeFN-R) 8/20/2020 search
Automatic Verification of Differential Characteristics: Application to Reduced Gimli 8/19/2020 search
Overview: Estimating and reporting uncertainties in remotely sensed atmospheric composition and temperature 8/17/2020 search
Non-transferability in Proxy Re-Encryption Revisited 8/15/2020 search
Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation for Similar and Distant Language Pairs: An Empirical Study 8/13/2020 search
π phase shifter based on NbN‑based ferromagnetic Josephson junction on a silicon substrate 8/13/2020 search
Cerebral artery segmentation based on magnetization-prepared two rapid acquisition gradient echo multi-contrast images in 7 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging 8/13/2020 search
Effect of illumination on perceived temperature 8/10/2020 search
Development of international mirroring system for real-time web of meteorological satellite data 8/8/2020 search
Experimental emulation of nonlinear distortion suppression by FrOFDM subcarriers 8/6/2020 search
Improvement of SAR Accuracy by Combining Two SAR Quantification Methods for Small Animals in Reverberation Chamber Above 10 GHz 8/6/2020 search
Classifying the Valence of Autobiographical Memories from fMRI Data 8/4/2020 search
Electromagnetic Compatibility of 400 MHz Radio Communications in Hospitals: Safety Management of Wireless Medical Telemetry 8/1/2020 search
Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of Universal Time-domain Windowed OFDM-based LTE Downlink System 8/1/2020 search
Hole-tunneling Si0.82Ge0.18/Si asymmetric-double-quantum-well resonant tunneling diode with high resonance current and suppressed thermionic emission 7/27/2020 search
Comparison between IRI-2012, IRI-2016 models and F2 peak parameters in two stations of the EIA in Vietnam during different solar activity periods 7/23/2020 search
Self-organized micro-light-emitting diode structure for high-speed solar-blind optical wireless communications 7/22/2020 search
Single-shot wavelength-multiplexed digital holography for 3D fluorescent microscopy and other imaging modalities 7/22/2020 search
Development of a 355-nm high-spectral-resolution lidar using a scanning Michelson interferometer for aerosol profile measurement 7/21/2020 search
Alleviating the Burden of Labeling: Sentence Generation by Attention Branch Encoder–Decoder Network 7/21/2020 search
FMCW linear cell radar interference mitigation through control of signal delay in radio-over-fiber links 7/17/2020 search
Hierarchical motor adaptations negotiate failures during force field learning 7/17/2020 search
Extended partial key exposure attacks on RSA: Improvement up to full size decryption exponents 7/16/2020 search
Ultra-high-rate nonclassical light source with 50 GHz-repetition-rate mode-locked pump pulses and multiplexed single-photon detectors 7/14/2020 search
Synthetic biology approaches to dissecting linear motor protein function: towards the design and synthesis of artificial autonomous protein walkers 7/10/2020 search
Day‑to‑day variation of pre‑reversal enhancement in the equatorial ionosphere based on GAIA model simulations 7/6/2020 search
Optimized design of QD-LD toward QD-SOA to achieve 35-dB maximum chip gain with 400-mA injected current 7/3/2020 search
Experimental Evaluation of STBC and CDD for Reliable Downlink Communication 7/1/2020 search
A live imaging-friendly slice culture method using collagen membranes 7/1/2020 search
A monitoring network for anomalous propagation of aeronautical VHF radio waves due to sporadic E in Japan 7/1/2020 search
High-Capacity Super-Channel-Enabled Multi-Core Fiber Optical Switching System for Converged Inter/Intra Data Center and Edge Optical Networks 7/1/2020 search
ECC Atomic Block with NAF against Strong Side-Channel Attacks on Binary Curves 7/1/2020 search
Implementation of a Strongly Robust Identity-Based Encryption Scheme over Type-3 Pairings 7/1/2020 search
Temporal and Spatial Variations of Total Electron Content Enhancements During a Geomagnetic Storm on 27 and 28 September 2017 6/19/2020 search
Radio Sounding Measurements of the Solar Corona Using Giant Pulses of the Crab Pulsar in 2018 6/19/2020 search
Functional network activity during errorless and trial-and-error color-name association learning 6/18/2020 search
High-Accuracy Correction of 3D Chromatic Shifts in the Age of Super-Resolution Biological Imaging Using Chromagnon 6/17/2020 search
Dynamic Physical-Layer Secured Link in a Mobile MIMO VLC System 6/15/2020 search
Effective connectivity during autobiographical memory search 6/15/2020 search
Digital Back Propagation in Long-Haul, MIMO-Supported, Multicore Fiber Transmission 6/15/2020 search
Maintenance of meiotic crossover against reduced double-strand break formation in fission yeast lacking histone H2A.Z 6/15/2020 search
Circuit Modeling of Wireless Power Transfer System in the Vicinity of Perfectly Conducting Scatterer 6/15/2020 search
Polyherbal Formulation Enhancing Cerebral Slow Waves in Sleeping Rats 6/12/2020 search
Dissociable Behavioral and Neural Correlates for Target-Changing and Conforming Behaviors in Interpersonal Aggression 6/11/2020 search
Clinical Course of High-Frequency Millimeter-Wave (162 GHz) Induced Ocular Injuries and Investigation of Damage Thresholds 6/11/2020 search
Dilatory and Downward Development of 3‐m Scale Irregularities in the Funnel‐Like Region of a Rapidly Rising Equatorial Plasma Bubble 6/9/2020 search
Prospects in rare-gas hydride ions for terahertz frequency standards 6/2/2020 search
A Feasibility Study on Wide Swath Observation by Spaceborne Precipitation Radar 6/1/2020 search
W-band Optoelectronic Oscillator 6/1/2020 search
Experimental Demonstration of a Petabit per Second SDM Network Node 6/1/2020 search
Iterative Training of Unsupervised Neural and Statistical Machine Translation Systems 6/1/2020 search
A Multimodal Target-Source Classifier with Attention Branches to Understand Ambiguous Instructions for Fetching Daily Objects 5/31/2020 search
Application of independent component analysis to the iKAGRA data 5/28/2020 search
Atypical spatial frequency dependence of visual metacognition among schizophrenia patients 5/26/2020 search
Intracellular ATP levels influence cell fates in Dictyostelium discoideum differentiation 5/25/2020 search
Design of planar inverted-F antenna pair with reflectors for near-field power transfer 5/23/2020 search
A New Road State Information Platform based on Crowed Sensing on Challenged Network Environments 5/20/2020 search
Robust entanglement distribution via telecom fibre assisted by an asynchronous counter-propagating laser light 5/20/2020 search
Predicting Neural Response Latency of the Human Early Visual Cortex from MRI-Based Tissue Measurements of the Optic Radiation 5/18/2020 search
Circulation and Tides in a Cooler Upper Atmosphere: Dynamical Effects of CO2 Doubling 5/16/2020 search
Optical Power Budget Enhancement in 50–90 Gb/s IM-DD PONs With NOMA-CAP and SOA-Based Amplification 5/15/2020 search
Experimental Demonstration of a Quantum Receiver Beating the Standard Quantum Limit at Telecom Wavelength 5/7/2020 search
Dual-comb-based asynchronous pump-probe measurement with an ultrawide temporal dynamic range for characterization of photo-excited InAs quantum dots 5/4/2020 search
Performance Evaluation of Frequency Flexibility in High-Throughput Satellites: Application to Time-Varying Communication Traffic 5/4/2020 search
Initial Observations for Precipitation Cores With X-Band Dual Polarized Phased Array Weather Radar 5/1/2020 search
Development and Evaluation of Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors for 900–1100 nm Photon Detection 5/1/2020 search
Emergency OPM Recreation and Telemetry for Disaster Recovery in Optical Networks 5/1/2020 search
Flexible Resource Allocation with Inter-beam Interference in Satellite Communication Systems with a Digital Channelizer 5/1/2020 search
Split-enabled 350–630 Gb/s optical interconnect with direct detection NOMA-CAP and 7-core multi-core fiber 5/1/2020 search
A New Parameter of the Photospheric Magnetic Field to Distinguish Eruptive-flare Producing Solar Active Regions 4/30/2020 search
Validation of acetonitrile (CH3CN) measurements in the stratosphere and lower mesosphere from the SMILES instrument on the International Space Station 4/29/2020 search
Rapid Scan THz Imaging using MEMS Bolometers 4/22/2020 search
Attention updates the perceived position of moving objects 4/21/2020 search
Multiwavelength three-dimensional microscopy with spatially incoherent light based on computational coherent superposition 4/17/2020 search
High-Speed Optical-Beam Scanning by an Optical Phased Array Using Electro-Optic Polymer Waveguides 4/16/2020 search
Distributed SGD with Flexible Gradient Compression 4/16/2020 search
Design of electromagnetic scattering wall using genetic algorithm 4/15/2020 search
Wavelength Division Multiplexing of 194 Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution Channels 4/15/2020 search
Scalable implementation of a superconducting nanowire single-photon detector array with a superconducting digital signal processor 4/13/2020 search
Method for defining APD-based emission limit for electromagnetic pulsed disturbance with low probability of occurrence 4/8/2020 search
Jupiter's X-ray Emission 2007 Part 2: Comparisons with UV and Radio Emissions and In-Situ Solar Wind Measurements 4/7/2020 search
Temporal and Spectral Studies by XMM‐Newton of Jupiter's X-ray Auroras During a Compression Event 4/7/2020 search
Subwavelength high-performance polarizers in the deep ultraviolet region 4/6/2020 search
Spatial organization of occipital white matter tracts in the common marmoset 4/6/2020 search
Machine-learning-based quality control of contractility of cultured human-induced pluripotent stem-cell-derived cardiomyocytes 4/4/2020 search
Neurological and behavioral features of locomotor imagery in the blind 4/2/2020 search
Wideband Intermodal Nonlinear Signal Processing With a Highly Nonlinear Few-Mode Fiber 4/2/2020 search
Lifelog Moment Retrieval With Interactive Watershed-Based Clustering and Hierarchical Similarity Search 4/1/2020 search
Phase compensation method for optical phased array based on phase-shifting digital holography 4/1/2020 search
Clock and Data Recovery-Free Data Communications Enabled by Multi-Core Fiber With Low Thermal Sensitivity of Skew 4/1/2020 search
FPGA-based adaptive space–time compression towards 5G MIMO fronthaul 4/1/2020 search
Enhanced Universal Filtered-DFTs-OFDM for Long-delay Multipath Environment 4/1/2020 search
Direct measurement of the frequency ratio for Hg and Yb optical lattice clocks and closure of the Hg/Yb/Sr loop 3/31/2020 search
Neural Correlates of the RT and timing perception 3/31/2020 search
Two-photon quantum interference and entanglement at 2.1 um 3/27/2020 search
Multiwavelength-multiplexed phase-shifting incoherent color digital holography 3/24/2020 search
Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation with Cross-lingual Language Representation Agreement 3/20/2020 search
Gliding filament system giving both global orientational order and clusters in collective motion 3/19/2020 search
Attainable accuracies of QH+ rotational transition frequencies (Q: 40Ca, 24Mg, 202Hg) 3/18/2020 search
Inter-individual differences in occipital alpha oscillations correlate with white matter tissue properties of the optic radiation 3/10/2020 search
Improved methods for preparing the telomere tethering complex Bqt1-Bqt2 for structural studies 3/6/2020 search
Quantitative models reveal the organization of diverse cognitive functions in the brain 3/2/2020 search
Polarization-insensitive fiber-to-fiber gain of semiconductor optical amplifier using closely stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dots 3/1/2020 search
Group Signatures with Time-Bound Keys Revisited: A New Model, an Efficient Construction, and its Implementation 3/1/2020 search
Visualization and molecular characterization of whole-brain vascular networks with capillary resolution 2/27/2020 search
Crosstalk Impact on the Performance of Wideband Multicore-Fiber Transmission Systems 2/21/2020 search
A Comparison of Flare Forecasting Methods. IV. Evaluating Consecutive-day Forecasting Patterns 2/19/2020 search
Local Information Sharing System with Wireless Device-to-Device Communications 2/19/2020 search
Reconstruction of a Three-dimensional Color-video of a Point-cloud Object using the Projection-type Holographic Display with a Holographic Optical Element 2/17/2020 search
Locally sequential synaptic reactivation during hippocampal ripples 2/12/2020 search
Locally sequential synaptic reactivation during hippocampal ripples 2/12/2020 search
Human Ebp1 rescues the synthetic lethal growth of fission yeast cells lacking Cdb4 and Nup184 2/12/2020 search
Enhanced extinction ratios of metasurface polarizers by surface-plasmon interference 2/12/2020 search
A 38 dB Gain, Low-Loss, Flat Array Antenna for 320–400 GHz Enabled by Silicon-on-Insulator Micromachining 2/10/2020 search
Fabrication of In(P)As Quantum Dots by Interdiusion of P and As on InP(311)B Substrate 2/5/2020 search
Roles of remote and contact forces in epithelial cell structure formation. 2/5/2020 search
Vascular Abnormalities and the Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in the Epileptic Brain 2/4/2020 search
Heralded amplification of nonlocality via entanglement swapping 2/4/2020 search
Adhesion and Bactericidal Properties of Nanostructured Surfaces Dependent on Bacterial Motility 2/4/2020 search
Simple method for optimizing the DC bias of Kramers-Kronig receivers based on AC-coupled photodetectors 2/3/2020 search
Effects of an Intrinsic Magnetic Field on Ion Loss From Ancient Mars Based on Multispecies MHD Simulations 2/3/2020 search
Multi-instrument observations of the atmospheric and ionospheric response to the 2013 sudden stratospheric warming over Eastern Asia region 2/3/2020 search
Resource and Network Management Framework for a Large-Scale Satellite Communications System 2/1/2020 search
Estimates of Spaceborne Precipitation Radar Pulsewidth and Beamwidth Using Sea Surface Echo Data 1/30/2020 search
Reproduction of Ground Magnetic Variations During the SC and the Substorm From the Global Simulation and Biot‐Savart's Law 1/29/2020 search
Efficient Discovery of Weighted Frequent Neighborhood Itemsets in Very Large Spatiotemporal Databases 1/29/2020 search
Photoluminescence of CVD-grown MoS2 Modified by pH under Aqueous Solutions toward Potential Biological Sensing 1/29/2020 search
Integrated terahertz radar based on leaky-wave coherence tomography 1/27/2020 search
Enhancement-Mode β-Ga2O3 Current Aperture Vertical MOSFETs With N-Ion-Implanted Blocker 1/27/2020 search
Dual real-time in vivo monitoring system of the brain-gut axis 1/26/2020 search
Different motilities of microtubules driven by kinesin-1 and kinesin-14 motors patterned on nanopillars 1/22/2020 search
Collective motility of dynein linear arrays built on DNA nanotubes 1/20/2020 search
Developing a short-term phenomenological training program: A report of methodological lessons 1/20/2020 search
Potential for the measurement of MLT wind, temperature, density and geomagnetic field with Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder-2 (SMILES-2) 1/20/2020 search
Right-hemispheric Dominance in Self-body Recognition is Altered in Left-handed Individuals 1/15/2020 search
Enhanced Optical Communications Through Joint Time-Frequency Multiplexing Strategies 1/15/2020 search
Crosstalk-Induced System Outage in Intensity-Modulated Direct-Detection Multi-Core Fiber Transmission 1/15/2020 search
An arm length stabilization system for KAGRA and future gravitational-wave detectors 1/13/2020 search
Spectral Structures of Type II Solar Radio Bursts and Solar Energetic Particles 1/7/2020 search
Measurement of the wavefunction for a biphoton state with homodyne detection using least squares estimation 1/7/2020 search
Wired and wireless seamless networks by photonics 1/6/2020 search
HO2 generation above sprite-producing thunderstorms derived from low-noise SMILES observation spectra 1/4/2020 search
A Burmese (Myanmar) Treebank: Guideline and Analysis. 1/1/2020 search
A Phase-Retrieving Coherent Receiver Based on Two-Dimensional Photodetector Array 1/1/2020 search
High Data-Rate and Long Distance MCF Transmission with 19-core C + L band Cladding-Pumped EDFA 1/1/2020 search
High-Speed Railway Communication System Using Linear-Cell-Based Radio-Over-Fiber Network and Its Field Trial in 90-GHz Bands 1/1/2020 search
Accelerating Outdoor UWB — Domestic Regulation Transition and Standardization within IEEE 802.15 1/1/2020 search
A Revocable Group Signature Scheme with Scalability from Simple Assumptions 1/1/2020 search