List of published papers (2020)

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Title Publication
Digital Back Propagation in Long-Haul, MIMO-Supported, Multicore Fiber Transmission 6/15/2020 search
Dilatory and Downward Development of 3‐m Scale Irregularities in the Funnel‐Like Region of a Rapidly Rising Equatorial Plasma Bubble 6/9/2020 search
Prospects in rare-gas hydride ions for terahertz frequency standards 6/2/2020 search
Experimental Demonstration of a Petabit per Second SDM Network Node 6/1/2020 search
Scalable readout interface for superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors using AQFP and RSFQ logic families 5/25/2020 search
Design of planar inverted-F antenna pair with reflectors for near-field power transfer 5/23/2020 search
Robust entanglement distribution via telecom fibre assisted by an asynchronous counter-propagating laser light 5/20/2020 search
Predicting Neural Response Latency of the Human Early Visual Cortex from MRI-Based Tissue Measurements of the Optic Radiation 5/18/2020 search
Optical Power Budget Enhancement in 50?90 Gb/s IM-DD PONs With NOMA-CAP and SOA-Based Amplification 5/15/2020 search
Experimental Demonstration of a Quantum Receiver Beating the Standard Quantum Limit at Telecom Wavelength 5/7/2020 search
Performance Evaluation of Frequency Flexibility in High-Throughput Satellites: Application to Time-Varying Communication Traffic 5/4/2020 search
Split-enabled 350?630 Gb/s optical interconnect with direct detection NOMA-CAP and 7-core multi-core fiber 5/1/2020 search
Flexible Resource Allocation with Inter-beam Interference in Satellite Communication Systems with a Digital Channelizer 5/1/2020 search
Attention updates the perceived position of moving objects 4/21/2020 search
Multiwavelength three-dimensional microscopy with spatially-incoherent light based on computational coherent superposition 4/17/2020 search
Distributed SGD with Flexible Gradient Compression 4/16/2020 search
Wavelength Division Multiplexing of 194 Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution Channels 4/15/2020 search
Scalable implementation of a superconducting nanowire single-photon detector array with a superconducting digital signal processor 4/13/2020 search
Method for defining APD-based emission limit for electromagnetic pulsed disturbance with low probability of occurrence 4/8/2020 search
Jupiter's X-ray Emission 2007 Part 2: Comparisons with UV and Radio Emissions and In-Situ Solar Wind Measurements 4/7/2020 search
Spatial organization of occipital white matter tracts in the common marmoset 4/6/2020 search
Wideband Intermodal Nonlinear Signal Processing With a Highly Nonlinear Few-Mode Fiber 4/2/2020 search
FPGA-based adaptive space?time compression towards 5G MIMO fronthaul 4/1/2020 search
Direct measurement of the frequency ratio for Hg and Yb optical lattice clocks and closure of the Hg/Yb/Sr loop 3/31/2020 search
Two-photon quantum interference and entanglement at 2.1 um 3/27/2020 search
Multiwavelength-multiplexed phase-shifting incoherent color digital holography 3/24/2020 search
Gliding filament system giving both global orientational order and clusters in collective motion 3/19/2020 search
Attainable accuracies of QH+ rotational transition frequencies (Q: 40Ca, 24Mg, 202Hg) 3/18/2020 search
Inter-individual differences in occipital alpha oscillations correlate with white matter tissue properties of the optic radiation 3/10/2020 search
Improved methods for preparing the telomere tethering complex Bqt1-Bqt2 for structural studies 3/6/2020 search
Quantitative models reveal the organization of diverse cognitive functions in the brain 3/2/2020 search
Group Signatures with Time-Bound Keys Revisited: A New Model,an Efficient Construction,and its Implementation 3/1/2020 search
Polarization-insensitive fiber-to-fiber gain of semiconductor optical amplifier using closely stacked InAs/GaAs quantum dots 3/1/2020 search
Crosstalk Impact on the Performance of Wideband Multicore-Fiber Transmission Systems 2/21/2020 search
Local Information Sharing System with Wireless Device-to-Device Communications 2/19/2020 search
Reconstruction of a Three-dimensional Color-video of a Point-cloud Object using the Projection-type Holographic Display with a Holographic Optical Element 2/17/2020 search
Human Ebp1 rescues the synthetic lethal growth of fission yeast cells lacking Cdb4 and Nup184 2/12/2020 search
Enhanced extinction ratios of metasurface polarizers by surface-plasmon interference 2/12/2020 search
Roles of remote and contact forces in epithelial cell structure formation. 2/5/2020 search
Fabrication of In(P)As Quantum Dots by Interdiusion of P and As on InP(311)B Substrate 2/5/2020 search
Adhesion and Bactericidal Properties of Nanostructured Surfaces Dependent on Bacterial Motility 2/4/2020 search
Heralded amplification of nonlocality via entanglement swapping 2/4/2020 search
Simple method for optimizing the DC bias of Kramers-Kronig receivers based on AC-coupled photodetectors 2/3/2020 search
Effects of an Intrinsic Magnetic Field on Ion Loss From Ancient Mars Based on Multispecies MHD Simulations 2/3/2020 search
Resource and Network Management Framework for a Large-Scale Satellite Communications System 2/1/2020 search
Estimates of Spaceborne Precipitation Radar Pulsewidth and Beamwidth Using Sea Surface Echo Data 1/30/2020 search
Photoluminescence of CVD-grown MoS2 Modified by pH under Aqueous Solutions toward Potential Biological Sensing 1/29/2020 search
Efficient Discovery of Weighted Frequent Neighborhood Itemsets in Very Large Spatiotemporal Databases 1/29/2020 search
Enhancement-Mode β-Ga2O3 Current Aperture Vertical MOSFETs With N-Ion-Implanted Blocker 1/27/2020 search
Integrated terahertz radar based on leaky-wave coherence tomography 1/27/2020 search
Crosstalk-Induced System Outage in Intensity-Modulated Direct-Detection Multi-Core Fiber Transmission 1/15/2020 search
Enhanced Optical Communications Through Joint Time-Frequency Multiplexing Strategies 1/15/2020 search
An arm length stabilization system for KAGRA and future gravitational-wave detectors 1/13/2020 search
Measurement of the wavefunction for a biphoton state with homodyne detection using least squares estimation 1/7/2020 search
Wired and wireless seamless networks by photonics 1/6/2020 search
HO2 generation above sprite-producing thunderstorms derived from low-noise SMILES observation spectra 1/4/2020 search
High Data-Rate and Long Distance MCF Transmission with 19-core C + L band Cladding-Pumped EDFA 1/1/2020 search
A Revocable Group Signature Scheme with Scalability from Simple Assumptions 1/1/2020 search
Accelerating Outdoor UWB ? Domestic Regulation Transition and Standardization within IEEE 802.15 1/1/2020 search
High-Speed Railway Communication System Using Linear-Cell-Based Radio-Over-Fiber Network and Its Field Trial in 90-GHz Bands 1/1/2020 search
A Phase-Retrieving Coherent Receiver Based on Two-Dimensional Photodetector Array 1/1/2020 search