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Examining the Wind Shear Theory of Sporadic E With ICON/ MIGHTI Winds and COSMIC-2 Radio 2 Occultation Data 12/30/2021 search
Analyses of Transient Energy Deposition in Biological Bodies Exposed to Electromagnetic Pulses Using Parameter Extraction Method 12/29/2021 search
Performances of Conventional SOAs Versus QD-SOA in 1530-nm Upstream Transmission of 40 Gb/s Access Network 12/28/2021 search
Impact of thermal annealing on deep levels in nitrogen-implanted β-Ga2O3 Schottky barrier diodes 12/28/2021 search
Quasiparticle tunneling and 1/ f charge noise in ultrastrongly coupled superconducting qubit and resonator 12/27/2021 search
Online machine learning algorithms to optimize performances of complex wireless communication systems 12/27/2021 search
Assessing changes in mood state in university students following short-term study abroad 12/24/2021 search
Microstructural Properties of Human Brain Revealed by Fractional Anisotropy can Predict the After-effect of Intermittent Theta Burst Stimulation 12/22/2021 search
Detecting web-based attacks with SHAP and tree ensemble machine learning methods 12/22/2021 search
Validation and reliability of the Japanese version of the Modified Parkinson Activity Scale (M-PAS) 12/22/2021 search
Coupling a Generative Model With a Discriminative Learning Framework for Speaker Verification 12/21/2021 search
A Selection Support System for Enterprise Resource Planning Package Components using Ensembles of Multiple Models with Round-trip Translation 12/15/2021 search
Real-Time 10,000 km Straight-Line Transmission Using a Software-Defined GPU-Based Receiver 12/15/2021 search
Mesospheric Short-Period Gravity Waves in the Antarctic Peninsula Observed in All-Sky Airglow Images and Their Possible Source Locations 12/14/2021 search
Photon detection at 1 ns time intervals using 16-element SNSPD array with SFQ multiplexer 12/13/2021 search
Millimeter-Wave and Terahertz Fixed Wireless Link Budget Evaluation for Extreme Weather Conditions 12/10/2021 search
QoE-Aware Bitrate Selection in Cooperation with In-Network Caching for Information-Centric Networking 12/8/2021 search
Insights for Urban Road Safety: A newFusion-3DCNN-PFP Model to Anticipate FutureCongestion from Urban Sensing Data 12/1/2021 search
High Spatial Resolution Neutron Transmission Imaging Using a Superconducting Two-Dimensional Detector 12/1/2021 search
Effect of random fluctuations on minimizing the complexity of universal asynchronous cellular automata 12/1/2021 search
Improvement in bit error rate of in-band full-duplex transceiver using clipping and clip-noise compensation techniques 12/1/2021 search
Fast image reconstruction technique for parallel phase-shifting digital holography 11/30/2021 search
Improving Low-resource Tibetan End-to-end ASR by Multilingual and Multilevel Unit Modeling 11/29/2021 search
Study of an Equatorward Detachment of Auroral Arc From the Oval Using Ground-Space Observations and the BATS-R- US–CIMI Model 11/26/2021 search
Real-valued diffraction calculation for computational holography 11/23/2021 search
Bimanual digit training improves right hand dexterity in older adults by reactivating declined ipsilateral motor-cortical inhibition 11/22/2021 search
1550 nm-Band InAs/InGaAlAs Quantum Dot Distributed Feedback Lasers Grown on InP(311)B Substrate with Side-Wall Gratings Simultaneously Fabricated with a Ridge Waveguide 11/21/2021 search
Precisely and Persistently Identifying and Citing Arbitrary Subsets of Dynamic Data 11/18/2021 search
Link Setup Time Reduction by FILS on IEEE 802.11-based Inter-vehicular Communications 11/17/2021 search
Validation of Aeolus Level 2B wind products using wind profilers, ground-based Doppler wind lidars, and radiosondes in Japan 11/17/2021 search
Aerial clutter suppression in a wind profiler radar with antenna subarrays 11/13/2021 search
Multipoint Measurement of Fine-Structured EMIC Waves by Arase, Van Allen Probe A, and Ground Stations 11/10/2021 search
Quantitative phase imaging with single-path phase-shifting digital holography using a light-emitting diode 11/10/2021 search
Electromagnetic diffusion of a wall with modified checkerboard pattern 11/8/2021 search
Intercomparison of Calculated Incident Power Density and Temperature Rise for Exposure from Different Antennas at 10–90 GHz 11/8/2021 search
Time-dependent responses of the neutral mass density to fixed magnetospheric energy inputs into the cusp region in the thermosphere during a period of large IMF BY 11/4/2021 search
Polynomial selection for computing Grobner bases 11/4/2021 search
High-power operations of single-mode surface grating long oxide aperture VCSELs 11/3/2021 search
Multi-frequency radio observations of the radio-loud magnetar XTE J1810−197 11/2/2021 search
Determining Memory Polynomial Model Parameters from Those of Complex p-th Order Inverse for Designing Predistorter 11/1/2021 search
Near-field characteristics of a TEM horn used for radiated immunity tests 11/1/2021 search
β-Gallium Oxide Devices: Progress and Outlook 11/1/2021 search
An Efficient Algorithm for Fast Service Edge Selection in Cloud-Based Telco Networks 10/29/2021 search
Functional Connectivity and Networks Underlying Complex Tool-Use Movement in Assembly Workers: An fMRI Study 10/28/2021 search
Growth of InPBi on InP(311)B substrate by molecular beam epitaxy 10/26/2021 search
Ultra-fast Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometry via temporal filtering 10/26/2021 search
Characterization of control in a superconducting qutrit using randomized benchmarking 10/22/2021 search
ULF wave transmission across collisionless shocks: 2.5D local hybrid simulations 10/21/2021 search
Relative Contribution of ULF Waves and Whistler-Mode Chorus to the Radiation Belt Variation During the May 2017 Storm 10/18/2021 search
Network Control and Management Automation: Architecture Standardization Perspective 10/18/2021 search
Periodicities and colors of pulsating auroras: DSLR camera observations from the International Space Station 10/15/2021 search
Constituency Parsing by Cross-Lingual Delexicalization 10/15/2021 search
Ionospheric Storm Scale Index Based on High Time Resolution UPC-IonSAT Global Ionospheric Maps (IsUG) 10/14/2021 search
Magnetic Structure and Propagation of Two Interacting CMEs From the Sun to Saturn 10/14/2021 search
Experimental Channel Statistics of Drone-to-Ground Retro-Reflected FSO Links with Fine-Tracking Systems 10/13/2021 search
Design of a Skin Equivalent Phantom for Estimating Surface Temperature Elevation due to Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from 10 to 100 GHz 10/13/2021 search
Effect of Incidence Angle on the Spatial-Average of Incident Power Density Definition to Correlate Skin Temperature Rise for Millimeter Wave Exposures 10/13/2021 search
Assessment of Human Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields: Review and Future Directions 10/13/2021 search
The combination of acute exercise and eye closure has a synergistic effect on alpha activity 10/12/2021 search
Nonclassicality of open circuit QED systems in the deep-strong coupling regime 10/8/2021 search
Channel Measurement and Modeling Prototype for IEEE 802.22-Based Regional Area Networks 10/4/2021 search
Performance evaluation of pulse-based multiplexing protocol implemented on massive IoT devices 10/1/2021 search
High-Density Resource-Restricted Pulse-Based IoT Networks 10/1/2021 search
Equatorial Electrojet and electron density over Southeast Asian Region during moderate solar activity condition 9/30/2021 search
Use of Cyclic-Delay Diversity (CDD) with Modified Channel Estimation for FER Improvement in OFDM Downlink 9/30/2021 search
Capacity differences in working memory based on resting state brain networks 9/30/2021 search
Adversarial Attack and Defense on Deep Neural Network-based Voice Processing Systems: An Overview 9/30/2021 search
Extracellular Vesicles Taken up by Astrocytes 9/29/2021 search
Multiwavelength-multiplexed incoherent digital holography based on computational coherent superposition 9/29/2021 search
Quantum Chemical and Spectroscopic Study on Hydrogen Bonds in Hairpin DNA 9/28/2021 search
Effective hierarchical clustering based on structural similarities in nearest neighbor graphs 9/27/2021 search
In-process measurement of a keyhole using a low-coherence interferometer with a high repetition rate 9/27/2021 search
Mammatus-Like Echo Structures along the Base of Upper-Tropospheric Outflow-Layer Clouds of Typhoons Observed by Cloud Radar 9/27/2021 search
IoT-Based Autonomous Pay-As-You-Go Payment System with the Contract Wallet 9/24/2021 search
Combining IST-based CFO Compensation and Neural Network-based Demodulation for Eigenvalue-modulated Signal 9/22/2021 search
Precision limit for simultaneous phase and transmittance estimation with phase-shifting interferometry 9/22/2021 search
Enhanced coherence of all-nitride superconducting qubits epitaxially grown on silicon substrate 9/20/2021 search
Millimeter wave imaging of underfilm corrosion using a monopole antenna equipped with a semispherical silicon lens 9/20/2021 search
Venus's induced magnetosphere during active solar wind conditions at BepiColombo's Venus 1 flyby 9/17/2021 search
Photostability of organic electro-optic polymer under practical high intensity continuous-wave 1550nm laser irradiation 9/17/2021 search
Simultaneous Pulsating Aurora and Microburst Observations With Ground-Based Fast Auroral Imagers and CubeSat FIREBIRD-II 9/16/2021 search
Yoroi: Updatable Whitebox Cryptography 9/15/2021 search
Horizontal Movement of Polar Mesospheric Clouds Observed From the Himawari-8 Geostationary Meteorological Satellite 9/15/2021 search
BepiColombo's Cruise Phase: Unique Opportunity for Synergistic Observations 9/14/2021 search
Single-pixel optical modulation analyzer: a low-complexity frequency-dependent IQ imbalance monitor based on direct detection with phase retrieval 9/14/2021 search
Towards Tokenization and Part-of-Speech Tagging for Khmer: Data and Discussion 9/13/2021 search
Roles of thermospheric neutral wind and equatorial electrojet in pre-reversal enhancement, deduced from observations in Southeast Asia 9/10/2021 search
Development of the Substorm as a Manifestation of Convection Transient 9/10/2021 search
Decentralized Descent Optimization With Stochastic Gradient Signs for Device-to-Device Networks 9/9/2021 search
Entangled photon pair detection by superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors with a single-flux-quantum coincidence circuit 9/7/2021 search
Seamless Fiber–Wireless System in W-Band Using Optical Phase Modulation and Self-Homodyne Receiver 9/3/2021 search
Space-Division Multiplexing for Optical Fiber Communications 9/2/2021 search
Context-Aware Positional Representation for Self-Attention NetworksContext-Aware Positional Representation for Self-Attention Networks 9/1/2021 search
Isolated Proton Aurora Driven by EMIC Pc1 Wave: PWING, Swarm, and NOAA POES Multi-Instrument Observations 9/1/2021 search
The effects of microglia- and astrocyte-derived factors on neurogenesis in health and disease 9/1/2021 search
Wiretap Channels With Causal and Non-Causal State Information: Revisited 9/1/2021 search
A Virtual Pre-connection Scheme Enabling Fast Connection to Local Spot Cell in Private Cellular Network 9/1/2021 search
Planarized Nb 4-Layer Fabrication Process for Superconducting Integrated Circuits and Its Fabricated Device Evaluation 9/1/2021 search
Compensation of inter-core skew in multi-core fibers with group velocity dispersion 9/1/2021 search
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Calculations in the Abdomen of the Human Body Caused by Smartphone at Various Tilt Angles 9/1/2021 search
A Compact Digital Signature Scheme Based on the Module-LWR Problem 9/1/2021 search
Accuracy improvement of relational expressions regarding effective length vector of a dipole and expansion to V-shaped dipole 8/31/2021 search
W-band optical modulators using electro-optic polymer waveguides and patch antenna arrays 8/30/2021 search
High power surface grating slow-light VCSEL 8/27/2021 search
Offline map matching using time-expanded graph for low-frequency data 8/27/2021 search
Histamine: a key neuromodulator of memory consolidation and retrieval 8/26/2021 search
Multiple states in ongoing neural activity in the rat visual cortex 8/26/2021 search
Plasma depletions lasting into daytime during the recovery phase of a geomagnetic storm in May 2017: Analysis and simulation of GPS total electron content observations 8/23/2021 search
A Preliminary Study of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling at Jupiter: Juno Multi-Instrument Measurements and Modeling Tools 8/23/2021 search
Prestimulus Low-Alpha Frontal Networks Are Associated with Pareidolias in Parkinson's Disease 8/23/2021 search
Existence of Interhemispheric Inhibition between Foot Sections of Human Primary Motor Cortices: Evidence from Negative Blood Oxygenation-Level Dependent Signal 8/20/2021 search
Performance Analysis of Incident Power Density Evaluation by Inverse Source Method for Compliance Assessment at Quasi-Millimeter and Millimeter Wave Bands 8/20/2021 search
Differences in Mechanical Parameters of Keyboard Switches Modulate Motor Preparation: A Wearable EEG Study 8/18/2021 search
Quantitative Comparison of Power Densities Related to Electromagnetic Near-Field Exposures With Safety Guidelines From 6 to 100 GHz 8/17/2021 search
Radio over FSO Communication Using High Optical Alignment Robustness 2D-PDA and its Optical Path Switching Performance 8/15/2021 search
Dosimetry of Various Human Bodies Exposed to Microwave Broadband Electromagnetic Pulses 8/13/2021 search
Palm-sized single-shot phase-shifting incoherent digital holography system 8/9/2021 search
Global upper-atmospheric heating at Jupiter by the polar aurorae 8/5/2021 search
Alteration in information flow through a pair of feeding command neurons underlies a form of Pavlovian conditioning in the Drosophila brain 8/4/2021 search
Quantum optical synthesis in 2D time–frequency space 8/2/2021 search
Olfactory Stimulation Modulates Visual Perception Without Training 8/2/2021 search
Radiofrequency Exposure levels from mobile phone base stations in outdoor environments and an underground shopping mall in Japan 7/30/2021 search
Access Point Placement for Hybrid UAV-Terrestrial Small-Cell Networks 7/29/2021 search
EUV signals associated with O+ ions observed from ISS-IMAP/EUVI in the nightside ionosphere 7/28/2021 search
Evolution of a Neuromuscular Sexual Dimorphism in the Drosophila montium Species Group 7/28/2021 search
Effect of Nonlinear Detection Response Characteristics of Electric Field Probe on LTE Signal Measurement and Statistical Evaluation of Its Detection Response 7/26/2021 search
Time Sensitive Networking for 5G NR Fronthauls and Massive Iot Traffic 7/21/2021 search
Behavioral effect of mismatch negativity neurofeedback on foreign language learning 7/20/2021 search
Terahertz frequency counter based on a semiconductor-superlattice harmonic mixer with four-octave measurable bandwidth and 16-digit precision 7/19/2021 search
Short-Range Wireless Transmission in the 300 GHz Band Using Low-Profile Wavelength-Scaled Dielectric Cuboid Antennas 7/16/2021 search
Prediction of Second Language Proficiency Based on Electroencephalographic Signals Measured While Listening to Natural Speech 7/16/2021 search
Phylogeny and ontogeny of mental time 7/15/2021 search
User compliance and remediation success after IoT malware notifications 7/15/2021 search
Reduction of Information Collection Cost for Inferring Brain Model Relations From Profile Information Using Machine Learning 7/15/2021 search
On the solar activity dependence of midnight equatorial plasma bubbles during June solstice periods 7/14/2021 search
Penetration of MeV electrons into the mesosphere accompanying pulsating aurorae 7/13/2021 search
Full-band LPCNet: A real-time neural vocoder for 48 kHz audio with a CPU 7/12/2021 search
Peta-bit-per-second optical communications system using a standard cladding diameter 15-mode fiber 7/9/2021 search
Compact 480-GHz Radiometer Calibration Unit With Specular Reflection Absorber for Atmospheric Remote Sensor On-Board Microsatellite 7/7/2021 search
Wideband strip antenna surrounding a ground plate 7/4/2021 search
Microtubule inhibitors identified through nonbiased screening enhance DNA transfection efficiency by delaying p62-dependent ubiquitin recruitment 7/1/2021 search
Security Analysis of End-to-End Encryption for Zoom Meetings 7/1/2021 search
Development of a Molecular Assessment High-resolution Observation Spectrometer (MAHOS) for Microsatellite 6/30/2021 search
Structure and Evolution of Precipitation Cores in an Isolated Convective Storm Observed by Phased Array Weather Radar 6/30/2021 search
Internal Electric Field Reconstruction and SAR Estimation of In-Body Antenna Using Inverse Equivalent Current Method 6/30/2021 search
Deep neural network-based classification of cardiotocograms outperformed conventional algorithms 6/28/2021 search
Distinctive responses in anterior temporal lobe and ventrolateral prefrontal cortex during categorization of semantic information 6/25/2021 search
Terahertz emission spectroscopy of GaN-based heterostructures 6/25/2021 search
Independently programmable frequency-multiplexed phase-sensitive optical parametric amplification in the optical telecommunication band 6/24/2021 search
Behavioral correlates of cortical semantic representations modeled by word vectors 6/23/2021 search
Selective observation of transverse optical phonons of Au modes to evaluate free charge carrier parameters in β-Ga2O3 substrate and homoepitaxial film 6/21/2021 search
Rocket Observation of Sub-Relativistic Electrons in the Quiet Dayside Auroral Ionosphere 6/19/2021 search
Efficient Discovery of Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Columnar Temporal Databases 6/19/2021 search
Concurrent recordings of hippocampal neuronal spikes and prefrontal synaptic inputs from an awake rat 6/18/2021 search
Modulations of Depth Responses in the Human Brain by Object Context: Does Biological Relevance Matter? 6/17/2021 search
Weak Keys in Reduced AEGIS and Tiaoxin 6/11/2021 search
Rocca: An Efficient AES-based Encryption Scheme for Beyond 5G 6/11/2021 search
Advantage of Handwriting Over Typing on Learning Words: Evidence From an N400 Event-Related Potential Index 6/10/2021 search
Delay-bounded Wireless Network Based on Precise Time Synchronization Using Wireless Two-way Interferometry 6/9/2021 search
Suzaku observations of Jovian diffuse hard X-ray emission 6/9/2021 search
Temporal Evolution of Three-Dimensional Structures of Metal Ion Layer Around Japan Simulated by a Midlatitude Ionospheric Model 6/8/2021 search
Fast dynamics of low-frequency fluctuations in a quantum-dot laser with optical feedback 6/7/2021 search
Adaptively Secure Lattice-based Revocable IBE in the QROM: Compact Parameters, Tight Security, and Anonymity 6/5/2021 search
Anomalous increase in the occurrence of post-midnight FAI radar echoes in September 2019 and its relation with the austral sudden stratospheric warming 6/4/2021 search
Temporal Fluctuation of Mood in Gaming Task Modulates Feedback Negativity: EEG Study With Virtual Reality 6/3/2021 search
Tag-based ABE in prime-order groups via pair encoding 6/3/2021 search
Acute Ramelteon Treatment Maintains the Cardiac Rhythms of Rats during Non-REM Sleep 6/1/2021 search
Polarization Dependences in Terahertz Wave Detection by Stark Effect of Nonlinear Optical Polymers 6/1/2021 search
Characterization of Nonlinear Optical Chromophores Having Tricyanopyrroline Acceptor Unit and Amino Benzene Donor Unit with or without a Benzyloxy Group 6/1/2021 search
Assessment of olfactory information in the human brain using 7-Tesla functional magnetic resonance imaging 6/1/2021 search
Prospect for Precision Measurement of the Yb2+ 1S0 - 3Po0 Transition Frequency 6/1/2021 search
Study on Combining Two Faster R-CNN Models for Landslide Detection with A Classification Decision Tree to Improve the Detection Performance 6/1/2021 search
Phagocytic Glial Cells in Brain Homeostasis 5/29/2021 search
Narrative Review: Quantitative EEG in Disorders of Consciousness 5/25/2021 search
Molecular Characterization of Superficial Layers of the Presubiculum During Development 5/24/2021 search
Bimanual digit training improves right hand dexterity in older adults by reactivating declined ipsilateral motor-cortical inhibition. 5/23/2021 search
Space Weather Benchmarks on Japanese Society 5/21/2021 search
Optical field trajectory shaping of phase-shift method-based optical BPSK-VSB signal; an experimental study 5/20/2021 search
Double-thin-shell approach to deriving total electron content from GNSS signals and implications for ionospheric dynamics near the magnetic equator 5/20/2021 search
Application of multiple iso-surface rendering to improvement of perceived depth in transparent stereoscopic visualization. 5/20/2021 search
Model simulations of chemical effects of sprites in relation with observed HO2 enhancements over sprite-producing thunderstorms 5/19/2021 search
Leveraging Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Deceptive Decoy Documents Associated With Targeted Email Attacks 5/19/2021 search
Convergence of Modality Invariance and Attention Selectivity in the Cortical Semantic Circuit 5/17/2021 search
A novel error correction protocol for continuous variable quantum key distribution 5/17/2021 search
Reflection-type vapor cell for micro atomic clocks using local anodic bonding of 45°mirrors 5/15/2021 search
Millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber system using optical phase modulation and photonic down-conversion for uplink fronthaul transmission 5/15/2021 search
Adaptively secure revocable hierarchical IBE from k -linear assumption 5/15/2021 search
Bit-wise Cryptanalysis on AND-RX Permutation Friet-PC 5/13/2021 search
Enhanced Academic Motivation in University Students Following a 2-week Online Gratitude Journal Intervention 5/13/2021 search
3 × 3 MIMO Fiber–Wireless System in W-Band with WDM/PDM RoF Transmission Capability 5/12/2021 search
Multicascade-linked synthetic-wavelength digital holography using a line-by-line spectral-shaped optical frequency comb 5/10/2021 search
Dual-wavelength locking technique for coherent 2-µm differential absorption lidar applications 5/10/2021 search
The Occurrence Feature of Plasma Bubbles in the Equatorial to Midlatitude Ionosphere During Geomagnetic Storms Using Long-Term GNSS-TEC Data 5/6/2021 search
The Occurrence Feature of Plasma Bubbles in the Equatorial to Midlatitude Ionosphere During Geomagnetic Storms Using Long-Term GNSS-TEC Data 5/6/2021 search
Theoretical Analysis of In-Band Full-Duplex Radios with Parallel Hammerstein Self-Interference Cancellers 5/6/2021 search
Partition-Then-Overlap Method for Labeling Cyber Threat Intelligence Reports by Topics over Time 5/6/2021 search
Hippocampal beta oscillations predict mouse object-location associative memory performance 5/1/2021 search
Sparse Regression Model-based Relearning Architecture for Shortening Learning Time in Traffic Prediction 5/1/2021 search
Observation of clouds, aerosols, and precipitation by multiple-field-of-view multiple-scattering polarization lidar at 355 nm 4/29/2021 search
Influence of Zonal Wind Velocity Variation on Equatorial Plasma Bubble Occurrences Over Southeast Asia 4/27/2021 search
Complementing regional ground GNSS‑STEC computerized ionospheric tomography (CIT) with ionosonde data assimilation 4/21/2021 search
The subiculum sensitizes retrosplenial cortex layer 2/3 pyramidal neurons 4/20/2021 search
Model-based reproduction and validation of the total spectrum of solar flare and their impact on the global environment at the X9.3 event of September 6, 2017 4/20/2021 search
Communication-Efficient Distributed SGD with Error-Feedback, Revisited 4/20/2021 search
Hierarchical motor adaptations negotiate failures during force field learning 4/19/2021 search
Predicting and Attending to Damaging Collisionsfor Placing Everyday Objects in Photo-Realistic Simulations 4/16/2021 search
Relationship Between the Locations of the Midlatitude Trough and Plasmapause Using GNSS-TEC and Arase Satellite Observation Data 4/15/2021 search
Field Trial of a Flexible Real-time Software-defined GPU-based Optical Receiver 4/15/2021 search
Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy above 6 GHz: Review of Computational Dosimetry Studies 4/14/2021 search
Minute-encoding neurons in hippocampal-striatal circuits 4/12/2021 search
Quantum detector tomography of a superconducting nanostrip photon-number-resolving detector 4/12/2021 search
Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis (AMDA): An on-line database andanalysis tool for heliospheric and planetary plasma data 4/10/2021 search
Transmission Characteristics Control of 120 GHz-band Bandstop Filter by Coupling Alignment-Free Lattice Pattern 4/8/2021 search
Efficient revocable identity-based encryption with short public parameters 4/8/2021 search
Linear elements are stable structures along the chromosome axis in fission yeast meiosis 4/7/2021 search
Data‐Driven Simulation of Rapid Flux Enhancement of Energetic Electrons With an Upper‐Band Whistler Burst 4/6/2021 search
Brain-wide mapping of presynaptic inputs to basolateral amygdala neurons 4/2/2021 search
Extracting clinical terms from radiology reports with deep learning 4/1/2021 search
Low latency information transfer based on precision time synchronization via wireless interferometry 4/1/2021 search
Creation of double-well potentials in a surface-electrode trap towards a nanofriction model emulator 4/1/2021 search
Propagation Measurements of Multi-hop Command and Telemetry Communications System in 169 MHz Band for Drones 4/1/2021 search
Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation for Similar and Distant Language Pairs: An Empirical Study 3/31/2021 search
Deep learning-based classification of GAD67-positive neurons without the immunosignal 3/31/2021 search
Enhanced X-ray Emission Coinciding with Giant Radio Pulses from the Crab Pulsar 3/31/2021 search
A broadband VLBI system using transportable stations for geodesy and metrology: an alternative approach to the VGOS concept 3/31/2021 search
Detection of Nuclear Spin of 14N2+ Molecular Ion 3/29/2021 search
Evaluation of crystallinity of lattice-matched Ge/GeSiSn heterostructure by Raman spectroscopy 3/26/2021 search
Subthreshold membrane potential dynamics of posterior parietal cortical neurons coupled with hippocampal ripples 3/25/2021 search
Effect of thermal annealing on photoexcited carriers in nitrogen-ion-implanted β-Ga2O3 crystals detected by photocurrent measurement 3/25/2021 search
Prefrontal synaptic activation during hippocampal memory reactivation 3/23/2021 search
Planar cell polarity induces local microtubule bundling for coordinated ciliary beating 3/22/2021 search
Reliable Acquisition of Electroencephalography Data during Simultaneous Electroencephalography and Functional MRI 3/19/2021 search
Exploiting Weak Diffusion of Gimli: Improved Distinguishers and Preimage Attacks 3/19/2021 search
Orthros: A Low-Latency PRF 3/19/2021 search
Atom: A Stream Cipher with Double Key Filter 3/19/2021 search
A 32 Gb/s CMOS Receiver with Analog Carrier Recovery and Synchronous QPSK Demodulation 3/17/2021 search
High-density mapping of primate digit representations with a 1152-channel µECoG array 3/17/2021 search
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation restores altered functional connectivity of central poststroke pain model monkeys 3/17/2021 search
Are Dawn Storms Jupiter's Auroral Substorms? 3/16/2021 search
Gray-Matter Expansion of Social Brain Networks in Individuals High in Public Self-Consciousness 3/15/2021 search
Age dependency and lateralization in the three branches of the human superior longitudinal fasciculus 3/15/2021 search
300-GHz-Band OFDM Video Transmission with CMOS TX/RX Modules and 40 dBi Cassegrain Antenna Toward 6G 3/12/2021 search
Infrared spectroscopy in the middle frequency range for various imidazolium ionic liquids 3/12/2021 search
History of Space Weather Research and Operation in Japan and New Emphasis in Southeast Asia 3/11/2021 search
Globally Correlated Ground Magnetic Disturbances During Substorms 3/10/2021 search
Effects of the IMF Direction on Atmospheric Escape From a Mars-like Planet Under Weak Intrinsic Magnetic Field Conditions 3/10/2021 search
Cryogenic readout of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors using high-sensitivity adiabatic quantum-flux-parametron circuits 3/9/2021 search
Assessments of Doppler Velocity Errors of EarthCARE Cloud Profiling Radar Using Global Cloud System Resolving Simulations: Effects of Doppler Broadening and Folding 3/8/2021 search
Operational Solar Flare Prediction Model Using Deep Flare Net 3/8/2021 search
Compact 480 GHz Radiometer Calibration Unit with Specular-Reflection Absorber for Atmospheric Remote Sensor On-Board Microsatellite 3/5/2021 search
Nanoscopic live electrooptic imaging 3/4/2021 search
Highly active neurons emerging in vitro 3/3/2021 search
Gaussian state-based quantum illumination with simple photodetection 3/2/2021 search
Spatial mode exchange technique using volume holograms with a random optical diffuser for reduction of crosstalk 3/1/2021 search
Service Migration Scheduling with Bandwidth Limitation against Crowd Mobility in Edge Computing Environments 3/1/2021 search
Control of 120-GHz-band Split Ring Resonator Filter by Coupling Lattice Pattern Substrate 3/1/2021 search
Vibration isolation systems for the beam splitter and signal recycling mirrors of the KAGRA gravitational wave detector 3/1/2021 search
Utilization of high-resolution boundary layer radar and wavelet to detect microscale downdraft-updraft combination 2/24/2021 search
Power-Efficient O-Band 40 Gbit/s PAM4 Transmitter Based on Dual-Drive Cascaded Carrier-Depletion and Carrier-Injection Silicon Mach-Zehnder Modulator With Binary Driving Electronics 2/23/2021 search
Estimate of economic impact of atmospheric radiation storm associated with solar energetic particle events on aircraft operations 2/23/2021 search
Brain-controlled cycling system for rehabilitation following paraplegia with delay-time prediction 2/23/2021 search
The DecNef collection, fMRI data from closed-loop decoded neurofeedback experiments 2/23/2021 search
Limit of Gaussian operations and measurements for Gaussian state discrimination and its application to state comparison 2/23/2021 search
Injection Locking of the Resonant Tunneling Diode Terahertz Oscillator 2/23/2021 search
Human brain activity reflecting facial attractiveness from skin reflection 2/22/2021 search
Current status of space gravitational wave antenna DECIGO and B-DECIGO 2/22/2021 search
Contextual Fear Memory Retrieval Is Vulnerable to Hippocampal Noise 2/21/2021 search
Visualization and molecular characterization of whole-brain vascular networks with capillary resolution 2/20/2021 search
In Vivo Whole-Cell Patch-Clamp Methods: Recent Technical Progress and Future Perspectives 2/19/2021 search
In Vivo Whole-Cell Patch-Clamp Methods: Recent Technical Progress and Future Perspectives 2/19/2021 search
Effect of (AlGa)2O3 back barrier on device characteristics of β-Ga2O3 metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors with Si-implanted channel 2/19/2021 search
Examination of the development and aging of brain deactivation using a unimanual motor task 2/17/2021 search
Toward the megapixel live electrooptic imaging technique 2/17/2021 search
Statistical analysis of ionospheric total electron content (TEC): long‑term estimation of extreme TEC in Japan 2/15/2021 search
Nonlinear Impairment Scaling in Multi-Mode Fibers for Mode-Division Multiplexing 2/15/2021 search
Highly Spectral Efficient C + L-Band Transmission Over a 38-Core-3-Mode Fiber 2/15/2021 search
0.61 Pb/s S, C, and L-Band Transmission in a 125µm Diameter 4-core Fiber Using a Single Wideband Comb Source 2/15/2021 search
Extremely low-resource neural machine translation for Asian languages 2/10/2021 search
Hippocampal beta oscillations predict mouse object-location associative memory performance 2/8/2021 search
Dielectric property measurements of corneal tissues for computational dosimetry of the eye in terahertz band in vivo and in vitro 2/8/2021 search
Minute-encoding neurons in hippocampal-striatal circuits 2/4/2021 search
High-Quality Few-Layer Graphene on Single-Crystalline SiC thin Film Grown on Affordable Wafer for Device Applications 2/4/2021 search
Comparison of seasonal and longitudinal variation of daytime MSTID activity using GPS observation and GAIA simulations 2/4/2021 search
On the Generation of an Unseasonal EPB Over South East Asia 2/3/2021 search
Modeling Future Cost for Neural Machine Translation 2/2/2021 search
Saturn's Nightside Ring Current During Cassini's Grand Finale 2/2/2021 search
Contextual Fear Memory Retrieval Is Vulnerable to Hippocampal Noise 2/1/2021 search
Surprising Phenotypic Diversity of Cancer-associated mutations of Gly 34 in the Histone H3 tail 2/1/2021 search
Automatic Mapping Between Real Hardware Composition and ROADM Model for Agile Node Updates 2/1/2021 search
High Capacity Transmission in a Coupled-Core Three-Core Multi-Core Fiber 2/1/2021 search
FSO Receiver with High Optical Alignment Robustness Using High-Speed 2D-PDAand Space Diversity Technique 2/1/2021 search
Unusual enhancement of ~ 30 MeV proton flux in an ICME sheath region 1/29/2021 search
Two-step phase-shifting interferometry for self-interference digital holography 1/29/2021 search
Numerical prediction of sporadic E layer occurrence using GAIA 1/27/2021 search
Visualizing sporadic E using aeronautical navigation signals at VHF frequencies 1/22/2021 search
High-stability, high-signal-quality radio-over-fiber system for IEEE802.11ad packet transmission based on optical single-sideband modulation in W-band 1/22/2021 search
Solar activity dependence of medium‑scale traveling ionospheric disturbances using GPS receivers in Japan 1/20/2021 search
Astrocytic cAMP modulates memory via synaptic plasticity 1/19/2021 search
Real-time GPS receiver bias estimation 1/17/2021 search
Astrocytic cAMP modulates memory via synaptic plasticity 1/15/2021 search
High Capacity Converged Passive Optical Network and RoF-based 5G+ Fronthaul Using 4-PAM and NOMA-CAP Signals 1/15/2021 search
BluMoon: Bluetooth Low Energy Emulator for Software Testing 1/15/2021 search
High-fidelity indoor MIMO radio access for 5G and beyond based on legacy multimode fiber and real-time analog-to-digital-compression 1/12/2021 search
Spatiotemporal dynamics of responses to biological motion in the human brain 1/12/2021 search
Demonstration of coherent detection technique for broadband optical comb light source 1/10/2021 search
Super-high-frequency-band injection-locked two-divider oscillator using thin-film bulk acoustic resonator 1/10/2021 search
Machine Learning-Based Individual Identification of Laboratory Mice 1/9/2021 search
High-frequency short-pulse generation with a highly stacked InAs quantum dot mode-locked laser diode 1/8/2021 search
Tb3+-doped fluorescent glass for biology 1/6/2021 search
Validation of coronal mass ejection arrival-time forecasts by magnetohydrodynamic simulations based on interplanetary scintillation observations 1/6/2021 search
Tb3+-doped fluorescent glass for biology 1/6/2021 search
Penetration of the electric fields of the geomagnetic sudden commencement over the globe as observed with the HF Doppler sounders and magnetometers 1/6/2021 search
Revocable Identity-based Encryption with Bounded Decryption Key Exposure Resistance: Lattice-based Construction and More 1/6/2021 search
Aperture-limited conduction and its possible mechanism in ion-implantedcurrent aperture vertical β-Ga2O3 MOSFETs 1/5/2021 search
Ramelteon modulates gamma oscillations in the rat primary motorcortex during non-REM sleep 1/1/2021 search
Solving the MQ Problem Using Gröbner Basis Techniques 1/1/2021 search
Virtual Vault : A Practical Leakage Resilient Scheme Using Space-Hard Ciphers 1/1/2021 search
MILP-Aided Security Evaluation of Differential Attacks on KCipher-2 1/1/2021 search
Investigation of training data size for real-time neural vocoders on CPUs 1/1/2021 search
New Iterated RC4 Key Correlations and Their Application to Plaintext Recovery on WPA-TKIP 1/1/2021 search
On the Security of Keyed-Homomorphic PKE: Preventing Key Recovery Attacks and Ciphertext Validity Attacks 1/1/2021 search
Privacy Preserving Data Analysis: Providing Traceability without Big Brother 1/1/2021 search