List of published conference papers (2015)

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Title Publication
Near Optimal Resource Allocation Algorithm for Users with Proportional Data Rate Fairness in MU-OFDM Systems 12/22/2015 search
Long-haul Communication Trial in London TV White-space with IEEE 802.11af-based High Power Prototype 12/16/2015 search
On-going Field Experiment of NerveNet in Shirahama Town for Resilient Town Network 12/14/2015 search
Training Data Pseudo-Shuffling and Direct Decoding Framework for Recurrent Neural Network Based Acoustic Modeling 12/14/2015 search
Disaster Countermeasure Experiments using WINDS 12/14/2015 search
Development and field experiment of distributed peer aware communication networks 12/14/2015 search
Hybrid multi-hop network by small-unmanned aircraft and satellite telecommunication systems 12/14/2015 search
Connecting the World through Trustable Internet of Things 12/11/2015 search
Reconfiguration in Defect-Tolerant Asynchronous Cellular Automata 12/10/2015 search
Fine-Grained Risk Level Quantification Schemes Based on APK Metadata 12/9/2015 search
MonkeyDroid: Detecting Unreasonable Privacy Leakages of Android Applications 12/9/2015 search
On Joint Optimal Placement of Access Points and Partially Overlapping Channel Assignment for Wireless Networks 12/8/2015 search
Scalable and Locality-Aware Distributed Topic-based Pub/Sub Messaging for IoT 12/7/2015 search
OpenFlow-based Automatic Wavelength Selection for an Optical Packet and Circuit Integrated Network 12/7/2015 search
Reverse Pre-reordering for SMT from Head-final to Head-initial Languages: A Case Study on Japanese-to-Khmer 12/4/2015 search
Khmer Word Segmentation Using Conditional Random Fields 12/4/2015 search
Effective Load Balancing Mechanism for Heterogeneous Range Queriable Cloud Storage 12/3/2015 search
Graph Properties of Brain Functional Networks during Errorful and ErrorlessLearning of Color-Name Associations 12/2/2015 search
Real-Time Imaging and Wavevector Analyses of Radio Waves Incident to Electromagnetic Absorbers 12/2/2015 search
On Computations by a Brownian Cellular Automaton on a Triangular Space 12/2/2015 search
Numerical Simulation of Calibrating Magnetic Field Intensity of Small Circular Loop Antenna in Liquid 11/30/2015 search
On the (In)Efficiency of Non-Interactive Secure Multiparty Computation 11/26/2015 search
On the (In)Efficiency of Non-Interactive Secure Multiparty Computation 11/26/2015 search
OSNR penalties for non-zero skew in space-division multiplexed transmission link with self-homodyne detection 11/22/2015 search
Bias-free high-baud-rate UTC-PD for high-density implementations in parallel photonics 11/22/2015 search
High-speed mobile backhaul links using fiber-wireless technologies 11/19/2015 search
Adaptive DDoS-Event Detection from Big Darknet Traffic Data 11/18/2015 search
Constant Near-Field Gain for Folded Loop Antennas in Normal Saline At 6.78MHz 11/12/2015 search
Dual Frequency Use Technique for 40-GHz Satellite Communication During Rainfall Attenuation 11/12/2015 search
Fiber-remoted 96-GHz radar system 11/12/2015 search
Fine-Grained Risk Level Quantfication Schemes based on APK Metadata 11/10/2015 search
SAR Analysis Around an Implanted Cardiac Pacemaker Induced by EM Wave of VHF Band 11/9/2015 search
High-speed Optical and Millimeter-wave Wireless Link for Disaster Recovery 11/8/2015 search
Using Bayesian Decision Making to Detect Slow Scans 11/5/2015 search
A P2P Sensor Data Stream Delivery System to Accommodate Heterogeneous Cycles Using Skip Graphs 11/5/2015 search
A Sensor Data Stream Delivery System with Different Delivery Cycles for IoT Environments 11/5/2015 search
AmpPot: Monitoring and Defending Against Amplification DDoS Attacks 11/4/2015 search
Speech Pattern Classification Using Large Geometric Margin Minimum Classification Error Training 11/2/2015 search
Patent Claim Translation based on Sublanguage-specific Sentence Structure 11/1/2015 search
Recognizing Complex Negation on Twitter 11/1/2015 search
Learning Bilingual Phrase Representations with Recurrent Neural Networks 10/31/2015 search
A Large-scale Study of Statistical Machine Translation Methods for Khmer Language 10/31/2015 search
Optical Frequency-Interleaving Full-Duplex Multi-Channel Transmission of W-Band Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave Downlink Signal and 10-Gb/s On-Off-Keying Uplink Signal 10/29/2015 search
Fiber-remoted 20-Gbaud QPSK transmission at 300 GHz 10/29/2015 search
Constrained Region Selection Method Based on Configuration Space for Visualization in Scientific Dataset Search 10/29/2015 search
Analysis on L2 learners' perception errors between geminate and singleton of Japanese consonants using loudness related parameters 10/28/2015 search
[Invited] Current Status of Research and Development on Space Laser Communications Technologies and Future Plans in NICT 10/28/2015 search
Low-density Generator Matrix Code for Correcting Errors with a Small Optical Transponder 10/28/2015 search
First results of Wavefront sensing on SOTA 10/28/2015 search
Telecom & Scintillation first data analysis for DOMINO - Laser Communication between SOTA, onboard SOCRATES satellite, and MEO OGS 10/28/2015 search
Adaptive optics results with SOTA 10/28/2015 search
Ground-based Gamma-ray Telescopes as Ground Stations in Deep-Space Lasercom 10/27/2015 search
High Conversion Gain, Low Power Consumption W-Band Photoreceiver Integrated with UTC-PD and InP-PHEMT Amplifier 10/27/2015 search
An Empirical Study of SDN-accelerated HPC Infrastructure for Scientific Research 10/26/2015 search
USD: a User-centric Software Defined Platform for 5G Mobile Devices 10/26/2015 search
Recent Activities on Space Laser Communications in Japan and First In-Orbit Verification for Micro-Satellites 10/22/2015 search
Analytical methods of generating multiple sound zones for open and baffled circular loudspeaker arrays 10/20/2015 search
Deployment and Evaluation of an Indoor Position Tracking System Based on IR-UWB in Warehouse 10/15/2015 search
Evaluation of IR-UWB Positioning System in Shopping Mall 10/15/2015 search
Receiver Diversity Evaluation for a VHF Band Broadband Mobile Communication System 10/14/2015 search
High-Accuracy Stride Estimation Using Ultrasound Sensors with a Correlation Coefficient 10/14/2015 search
Experimental Estimation of SAR Enhancement Due to Two Parallel Implanted Metal Plates Using a Head Phantom and Thermograph 10/14/2015 search
PRINCESS: A Secure Cloud File Storage System for Managing Data with Hierarchical Levels of Sensitivity 10/13/2015 search
Conceptual design of high-speed satellite communication equipment for ASV 10/13/2015 search
PRAGMA-ENT: Exposing SDN Concepts to Domain Scientists in the Pacific Rim 10/7/2015 search
Can We Securely Use CBC Mode in TLS1.0? 10/6/2015 search
Rapid evaluation of time scale using an optical clock 10/6/2015 search
Rospeex: A Cloud Robotics Platform for Human-Robot Spoken Dialogues 10/1/2015 search
2.15 Pb/s Transmission Using a 22 Core Homogeneous Single-Mode Multi-Core Fiber and Wideband Optical Comb 10/1/2015 search
Oppositely-Biased Dual-polarization IQ Modulators for Nonlinearity-Tolerant Polarization-Multiplexed Phase-Conjugated Twin-Signals Generation 10/1/2015 search
Experimental Investigation of a 16-Dimensional Modulation Format for Long-Haul Multi-Core Fiber Transmission 9/30/2015 search
Experimental Demonstration of a Polarization-Insensitive Self-Homodyne Detection Receiver for Optical Access 9/30/2015 search
Linear Block-Coding across >5 Tb/s PDM-64QAM Spatial-Super-Channels in a 19-core Fiber 9/30/2015 search
High-Spectral Efficiency Millimeter Wave-over-Fiber System for Future Mobile Fronthaul 9/29/2015 search
PAPR Management of All-Optical OFDM Signal using Fractional Fourier Transform for Fibre Nonlinearity Mitigation 9/29/2015 search
Bias free operational 107-Gbaud ultra-fast photodetector 9/29/2015 search
Long-Reach 10G-EPON over Optical Packet/Circuit Integrated Backbone Networks: Test-Bed Demonstration 9/28/2015 search
Demonstration of Dynamic Congestion Control in Optical Packet Switching Network employing Rate-Adaptive Transmitter and Receiver 9/24/2015 search
Experimental Assessment of the Time-Varying Impact of Multi-Core Fiber Crosstalk on a SSB-OFDM Signal 9/24/2015 search
Impact of Tight Optical Filtering on Orthogonal Time-Frequency Domain Multiplexed Signals in Wavelength-Selective Switching Systems 9/24/2015 search
Amoeba-inspired spatiotemporal dynamics for physically implemented satisfiability problem solvers 9/23/2015 search
Mixing of Dedicated Waveband and Shared Waveband Assignment in Heavily Loaded OPCI Networks after Disaster 9/23/2015 search
FBG- and AWG-based AO-OFDM demultiplexing 9/23/2015 search
Cyclic Prefix Insertion for All-optical Fractional OFDM 9/23/2015 search
Concurrently Establishing and Removing Multi-Wavelength Channels Reconfiguration System 9/23/2015 search
Impact of spatial channel skew on the performance of spatial-division multiplexed self-homodyne transmission systems 9/23/2015 search
Impact of Inter-Core Crosstalk on the Transmission Distance of QAM Formats in Multi-Core Fibers 9/23/2015 search
A Binarized Neural Network Joint Model for Machine Translation 9/21/2015 search
Intra-sentential Zero Anaphora Resolution using Subject Sharing Recognition 9/21/2015 search
Improving fast_align by Reordering 9/20/2015 search
Hierarchical Back-off Modeling of Hiero Grammar based on Non-parametric Bayesian Model 9/20/2015 search
End-to-end Design of a PUF based Privacy Preserving Authentication Protocol 9/16/2015 search
Fundamental Study on Multi-baseline SAR Tomography Using Airborne X-band SAR 9/16/2015 search
Vertical Motion and Growth of Precipitation Measured by Dual Phased Array Weather Radar Every 30 Seconds 9/14/2015 search
A Light-weight Group Signature Scheme with Time-token Dependent Linking 9/10/2015 search
A Study on an onboard switch for mobile satellite communications 9/9/2015 search
300-GHz FM-CW radar system by optical frequency comb generation 9/9/2015 search
On R&D Plan of Application of Vision Metrology to Large Reflector of Mobile Communication Satellite 9/9/2015 search
HMM Based Myanmar Text to Speech System 9/9/2015 search
Performance Evaluation of the Network Sustainability in Wireless Multi-hop Infrastructures with Biased User Mobility 9/9/2015 search
Optical Survey of Geosynchronous Satellites 9/9/2015 search
X Shape Dipole Notch Antenna for Terminal of Satellite / Terrestrial Integrated Mobile Communication System 9/9/2015 search
On R&D of footprint measurement system for satellite with onboard large antenn 9/9/2015 search
Remote Access for Mobile Earth Station on the Ocean 9/8/2015 search
Development of Ka-band mobile communications platform for Ocean Broadband Communications 9/8/2015 search
Development of Ka-band Aeronautical Earth Station for WINDS 9/8/2015 search
On-board Unmanned Aircraft Tracking Antenna Development for Satellite Communication 9/8/2015 search
A Scalable and Robust OpenFlow Channel for Software Defined Wireless Access Networks 9/8/2015 search
Ka-band Broadband Mobile Earth Station for WINDS Satellite 9/8/2015 search
Millimeter-Wave Wireless Beam-Steering Using Patch-Antennas with Meandering-Gaps on Electro-Optical Modulator 9/7/2015 search
Discovery Protocol For Peer Aware Communication Networks 9/7/2015 search
Low-Latency Fiber-Wireless Bridge for Flexible Fronthauling in Future Mobile Networks 9/7/2015 search
Stereo Radargrammetry Using Airborne SAR Images with Parameter Optimization 9/3/2015 search
Logical Correlation-based Sleep Scheduling for Energy-efficient WSNs in Smart Homes 9/2/2015 search
Enhancement of Wall-plug Efficiency in AlGaN-based Deep-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes by optimizing the p-electrode geometry 9/2/2015 search
Proposal and Performance Evaluation of TVWS-Wi-SUN system 9/2/2015 search
100 Gbps Multi-format Optical Packet and Circuit Switching Node with Transparent Optical Switch and Burst-mode Amplifier 9/1/2015 search
Estimation of the reaction times in tasks of varying difficulty from the phase coherence of the auditory steady-state response using the LASSO 8/28/2015 search
Optimization of p-Electrode Pattern for AlGaN-based Deep-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes 8/28/2015 search
Design and Deployment of Infrastructure-Independent D2D Networks Without Centralized Coordination 8/27/2015 search
Subjective Evaluation of Compression Performance of SECOND-MVD Method 8/27/2015 search
Viewpoints number reduction in Integral photography for a real scene large size electronic holography using multiple SLMs 8/27/2015 search
Study of Coding Efficiency of Multi-view Images for Glasses-free Tabletop 3D Images 8/27/2015 search
Fast Depth Estimation for Super Multi-view Images 8/27/2015 search
Improvement of luminance uniformity on REI-based automultiscopic projection display 8/27/2015 search
Word Boundary Identification for Myanmar Text using Conditional Random Fields 8/27/2015 search
Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wideband Peak Power and Power Spectral Density Analysis 8/27/2015 search
Integral Photographic Camera with Different Angles of View in Horizontal and Vertical Directions for Improvement of Holographic Images 8/26/2015 search
Optimization of GaAsSb/InAlAs/InGaAs tunnel diodes for millimeter-wave detection 8/24/2015 search
Keyword Revocable Searchable Encryption with Trapdoor Exposure Resistance and Re-generateability 8/20/2015 search
Electric Current Exposure Evaluation of Hand in Current Perception Threshold Measurement 8/19/2015 search
Local Recovery of Wireless Multihop Infrastructure with the Autonomous Mobile Base Station   8/13/2015 search
Large-Scale Monitoring for Cyber Attacks by Using Cluster Information on Darknet Traffic Features 8/10/2015 search
Delaunay Overlay Network Construction Method For Super-Wide Area Disaster Situations 8/7/2015 search
Neural Network Transduction Models in Transliteration Generation 7/31/2015 search
Learning Word Reorderings for Hierarchical Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation 7/28/2015 search
Transition-based Neural Constituent Parsing 7/27/2015 search
A Wideband Printed Bent Monopole Antenna with a Small Ground Plate and Basic Study 7/20/2015 search
Bandwidth Enhancement of a Bent Planar Monopole Antenna by Ground Plate Extension 7/20/2015 search
Japan CRYPTREC Activity on Lightweight Cryptography 7/20/2015 search
A Study on Association Rule Mining of Darknet Big Data 7/14/2015 search
An Autonomous Online Malicious Spam Email Detection System Using Extended RBF Network 7/14/2015 search
A Federated Network Online Network Traffics Analysis Engine for Cybersecurity 7/14/2015 search
Optical Channel Defragmentation Technology for Flexible Optical Networks 7/9/2015 search
Geovisualization and Correlation Analysis between Geotagged Twitter and JMA Rainfall Data: Case of Heavy Rain Disaster in Hiroshima 7/8/2015 search
Optical FM-CW signal generation for a terahertz radar system by high-order optical modulation 7/8/2015 search
Compact 60 GHz Hybrid Integrated Photoreceiver Module with 1.5-um InAs Quantum Dot SOA 7/8/2015 search
Conceptual Study on Global Broadband Satellite Communication Systems for the Next Generation Engineering Test Satellite 7/8/2015 search
Wavelength Path Signalling for WSS/WBSS Combined Optical Switches in Hierarchical Optical Networks 7/7/2015 search
A design of an ICN architecture within the framework of SDN 7/7/2015 search
A Node Replication Method to Guarantee Reachability for P2P Sensor Data Stream Delivery System on Heterogeneous Churn Situations 7/5/2015 search
A KEM/DEM-based Construction for Secure and Anonymous Communication 7/4/2015 search
Fast and Cost-Effective Load Balancing Method for Range Queriable Cloud Storage 7/4/2015 search
A Virtual Node-based Flash Crowds Alleviation Method for Sensor Overlay Networks 7/3/2015 search
Secure Glue A Cache and Zone Transfer Considering Automatic Renumbering 7/3/2015 search
Burst Optical Signal Transmission on Optical Packet and Circuit Integrated Network 7/3/2015 search
Developing Layer 3 Switch with 100 Gbps Optical Packet Interface 7/2/2015 search
Dynamic Optical Packet Switching Network with Advanced SDN/Openflow Control 7/2/2015 search
Study on Impacts of Dislocation and Roughness scatterings on Electron Mobility in InSb QW comparing Monte Carlo Simulation and Measurements 7/2/2015 search
Self-homodyne AWG-based Coherent Optical Packet Switching Architecture for Data Centers 7/2/2015 search
Ar Implantation Induced QD Intermixing for 1550nm-Band Highly-Stacked QD Photonic Integrated Devices 7/2/2015 search
22.4 Gbps Photonic Wireless Transmission in Single-Carrier 16-QAM Using High-Sensitivity 34 GHz Analog Photoreceiver 6/30/2015 search
Dynamic Threshold Public-key Encryption with Decryption Consistency from Static Assumptions 6/29/2015 search
Optical Frequency-Interleaving Full-Duplex Technique for Fiber-Optic Transmission of 96-GHz-Band Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave Downlink Signal and 10-Gb/s On-Off-Keying Uplink Signal 6/29/2015 search
Recovered-Constellation Combining for Polarization-Insensitive Offset-Frequency-Spaced Two-Tone Optical Coherent Detection Scheme in Radio-over-Fiber Systems 6/29/2015 search
Authorization-based Approach for Customized Automated Resource Provisioning Services 6/25/2015 search
Towards an Interactive Experiment Framework: DynamiQ 6/24/2015 search
DynamiQ: A Tool for Dynamic Emulation of Networks 6/24/2015 search
Cross-Organizational Incident Information Sharing using a Darknet Monitoring System 6/19/2015 search
High-Speed and Low-Latency Front-haul System for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Using Seamless Fiber-Millimeter-Wave 6/11/2015 search
10-Gb/s Wireless Signal Transmission over a Seamless IM/DD Fiber-MMW System at 92.5 GHz 6/11/2015 search
A Conceptual Framework for Modelling Human Involvement in Cyber-Physical Social Systems: Leveraging STT Information in Heterogeneous Data 6/11/2015 search
Mobile and Multihomed Host Architecture for Supporting New Network-layer Forwarding Mechanism 6/9/2015 search
Semantic Annotation of Japanese Functional Expressions and its Impact on Factuality Analysis 6/5/2015 search
Visualization of porcine gastric ulcer in vivo using intracavitary RF probe and its navigation system 6/4/2015 search
The tele-operation experiment of the hybrid remotely operated vehicle using satellite link 6/4/2015 search
Accumulable Optimistic Fair Exchange from Verifiably Encrypted Homomorphic Signatures 6/3/2015 search
Assessment of prospective motion correction using optical tracking system for reduction of stimulus-correlated false positive activations in high spatial resolution fMRI 6/3/2015 search
Robust properties of Pade approximants obtained by network learning 6/3/2015 search
Ghost correction for EPI at gradient insert system 6/2/2015 search
Incrementally Tracking Reference in Human/Human Dialogue Using Linguistic and Extra-Linguistic Information 6/1/2015 search
Expanding Paraphrase Lexicons by Exploiting Lexical Variants 6/1/2015 search
Reconstruction Technique of ESD Field and Impact on Wireless Communications 5/29/2015 search
SAR Calculation in Semi-Homogeneous Human Models of Pregnancy for RF Exposure 5/28/2015 search
Variability of SAR for Human Fetuses From Wireless Radio Terminals Placed Various Positions Around the Abdomen in Pregnancy 5/28/2015 search
Evaluation of EM Absorption Characteristics in Realistic Adult and Child Models in Vicinity of Wireless Power Transfer Systems 5/28/2015 search
Evaluation of Radiation Mechanism of LED Noise and Its Impact on Communication Quality of Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting 5/27/2015 search
Mechanism of Sn surface segregation during GeSn epitaxial growth 5/21/2015 search
The Application of Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation Techniques to Myanmar Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion 5/20/2015 search
Translating dependency structure into a Petri-net-based logical network. 5/19/2015 search
Compact 160-GHz Amplifier with 15-dB Peak Gain and 41-GHz 3-dB Bandwidth 5/18/2015 search
1.5 μm High Density Quantum Dots Waveguide Photodetector with Avalanche Effect 5/15/2015 search
Multiple Classes of Service Provisioning with Bandwidth and Delay Guarantees in Dynamic Circuit Network 5/14/2015 search
Dispersion Compensation Scheme for Ultra-Wideband Coherent Matched Detection 5/13/2015 search
Fiber Nonlinearity Tolerance of Traceback Equalization for Non-Uniformly Distorted QAM Signals 5/13/2015 search
IEEE 802.11af Indoor Experiment in UK Ofcom TVWS Trial Pilot Program 5/12/2015 search
Path Loss and Throughput Estimation Models for an IEEE 802.11af Prototype 5/12/2015 search
Development and Field Experiment of White-spaces LTE Communication System in UK Digital Terrestrial TV Band 5/12/2015 search
Demonstrating 100 Gbps Optical Packet Switching using 16-bit Longest Prefix Matching Forwarding Engine 5/12/2015 search
Management Architecture against Hardware Failures in an Optical Packet and Circuit Integrated Network 5/11/2015 search
Comparing Inter-Core Skew Fluctuations in Multi-Core and Single-Core Fibers 5/11/2015 search
Monolithically Integrated Quantum Dot Optical Modulator with Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for High-speed Optical Data Generation 5/11/2015 search
Efficient generation of twin photons at telecom wavelengths with 10 GHz repetition-rate-tunable comb laser 5/11/2015 search
Multichannel Wavelength Multicasting for QAM Signals Free of Pump-Phase-Noise using Flexible Coherent Multi-Carrier Pump 5/10/2015 search
Compact Location Encodings for Scalable Internet Routing 4/28/2015 search
Near-field sound propagation based on a circular and linear array combination 4/24/2015 search
Development of TV White-space LTE Devices complying with Regulation in UK Digital Terrestrial TV Band 4/23/2015 search
Prototype of Smart Phone supporting TV White-spaces LTE System 4/23/2015 search
Optical-Network-Connected Multi-Channel 96-GHz-Band Distributed Radar System 4/23/2015 search
Revocable Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption: History-Free Update, Security Against Insiders, and Short Ciphertexts 4/21/2015 search
A Fin Type Wideband Bent Monopole Antenna Closed to L-shape Grounded Plate for Vehicular Communications 4/16/2015 search
Disavowable Public Key Encryption with Non-interactive Opening 4/14/2015 search
A Secure Automobile Information Sharing System 4/14/2015 search
Integrating an Identity-Based Control Plane with the HIMALIS Network Architecture 4/14/2015 search
Loop-Assisted Multi-Input-Multi-Output Coherent Matched Detector for Ultra High-Bandwidth Parallel Optical Time-Frequency Domain Sampling 4/13/2015 search
Propagation Model Based on Building Penetration Loss Measurement for TVWS system 4/13/2015 search
ID-based Communication for Realizing IoT and M2M in Future Heterogeneous Mobile Networks 4/7/2015 search
Long Distance Transmission in a Multi-Core Fiber with Self-Homodyne Detection 3/26/2015 search
Multifunctional All-optical Signal Processing Scheme for Simultaneous Multichannel WDM Multicast and XOR Logic Gates Based on FWM in QD-SOA 3/26/2015 search
Demonstration of multi-hop optical packet switching and transmission using SOA-based optical packet switches 3/26/2015 search
Laser-Phase-Fluctuation-Insensitive Optical Coherent Transmission of 16-QAM Radio-over-Fiber Signal with Offset-Frequency-Spaced Two-Tone Local Light 3/25/2015 search
Experimental evaluation of the time and frequency crosstalk dependency in a 7-core multi-core fiber 3/25/2015 search
On the MIMO Channel Rank Deficiency in W-band MIMO RoF transmissions 3/25/2015 search
Mode-Division Multiplexed W-Band RoF Transmission for Higher-order Spatial Multiplexing 3/25/2015 search
Monolithically Integrated Quantum-Dot Optical Modulator with Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for 1.3-μm Waveband Error-free 10-km-long Transmission 3/25/2015 search
Bidirectional Transmission of LTE-A Carrier Aggregation Signal over a Seamless Fiber-Wireless System in W-Band 3/25/2015 search
Fractional OFDM based Transmitter and Receiver for Time/Frequency Multiplexing in Gridless, Elastic Networks 3/25/2015 search
Flexible Power-efficient Nyquist-OTDM transmitter, using a WSS and time-lens effect 3/25/2015 search
Zero-Bias Operational Ultra-Broadband UTC-PD above 110 GHz for High Symbol Rate PD-Array in High-Density Photonic Integration 3/23/2015 search
Pump-Phase-Noise-Tolerant Wavelength Multicasting for QAM Signals using Flexible Coherent Multi-Carrier Pump 3/23/2015 search
Demonstration of Multi-hop Optical Add-Drop Network with High Frequency Granular Optical Channel Defragmentation Nodes 3/23/2015 search
A Vehicle Clustering Algorithm for Information Propagation by Inter-Vehicle Communications 3/23/2015 search
Millimetre-Wave Electro-Optic Modulator with Quasi-Phase-Matching Array of Orthogonal-Gap-Embedded Patch-Antennas on Low-k Dielectric Material 3/12/2015 search
Shearing Distortion Correction for EPI at 7T MRI 3/12/2015 search
Modeling the Effect of Galvanic Vestibular Stimulaion on Body Sway for Electrical Circuit 2/27/2015 search
Training application of Illusion based Interface 2/27/2015 search
Coherent detection in self-homodyne systems with single and multi-core transmission 2/12/2015 search
An Approach to Resilient Telecommunication Network Research for Large-scale Disasters 2/11/2015 search
Laser-Phase-Fluctuation-Insensitive Offset-Frequency-Spaced Two-Tone Optical Coherent Detection Scheme with Digital-Signal-Processing Technique for Radio-over-Fiber Systems 2/11/2015 search
High performance PIN photodetector at 67GHz and beyond for radio over fiber applications 2/11/2015 search
Waveform over fiber: DSP-aided coherent fiber-wireless transmission using millimeter and terahertz waves 2/11/2015 search
High-performance PIN photodetector at 67 GHz and beyond for radio over fiber applications 2/11/2015 search
Ultra-Stable Optical Amplifier Technologies for Dynamic Optical Switching Networks 2/11/2015 search
Key technologies for energy and spectral efficient flexible optical networks 2/10/2015 search
Monolithically Integrated Quantum Dot Optical Gain Modulator with Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for 10-Gb/s Photonic Transmission 2/9/2015 search
Syllable Pronunciation Features for Myanmar Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion 2/6/2015 search
Transcribing Chinese into Myanmar (Burmese) Script 2/6/2015 search
Scattering Component Decomposition of Pol-SAR Image by UsingMulti-baseline SAR Data-Preliminary Results on PiSAR2-X Campaign in Niigata- 1/8/2015 search