List of published conference papers (2016)

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Title Publication
Fractality of Massive Graphs: Scalable Analysis with Sketch-Based Box-Covering Algorithm 12/14/2016 search
Deterministic Construction of Regular Geometric Graphs with Short Average Distance and Limited Edge Length 12/14/2016 search
Generating Software Identifier Dictionaries from Vulnerability Database 12/14/2016 search
A mixed displaying method for real objects and CG texts in an electronic holography 12/8/2016 search
Distributed Incremental wLPSVM Learning 12/8/2016 search
A Diagonal Cabling Approach to Datacenter and HPC Systems 12/8/2016 search
Feature Subset Selection by SVM Ensemble 12/7/2016 search
Analyzing and Fixing the QACCE security of QUIC 12/5/2016 search
NETorium: High-Fidelity Scalable Wireless Network Emulator 12/1/2016 search
Community-based wireless IoT infrastructure using ubiquitous vending machines 11/24/2016 search
Piezoelectric Resonator-Based Fractional-N PLL Technology 11/16/2016 search
Group Signature with Deniability: How to Disavow a Signature 11/15/2016 search
Design of Scalable Directory Service for Future IoT Applications 11/15/2016 search
Relay OFDMA Resource Allocation Methods for Wireless Monitoring Sensor Networks (WMSNs) 11/15/2016 search
An Efficient Construction of Non-Interactive Secure Multiparty Computation 11/14/2016 search
An Enhancement of Multipath TCP Performance in Lossy Wireless Networks 11/10/2016 search
Unsupervised Word Alignment by Agreement Under ITG Constraint 11/3/2016 search
Intra-Sentential Subject Zero Anaphora Resolution using Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network 11/3/2016 search
Different Cases of Chromatic Dispersion Management via Dispersion Compensating Fiber for 20 Gb/s DQPSK Transmission over 25 km of Standard Single Mode Fiber 11/2/2016 search
Interchannel Crosstalk Penalty of Bi-directional Transmission in Passive Optical Network 11/2/2016 search
Average Secrecy Capacity of Free-Space Optical Communication Systems with On-Off Keying Modulation and Threshold Detection 11/2/2016 search
Simultaneous Transmission of 4G LTE-A and Wideband MMW OFDM Signals over Fiber Links 11/2/2016 search
Offloading in HetNets over shadowed Nakagami-m fading channel 11/2/2016 search
Toward Securing Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: A Case of PRESENT-based Implementation 11/1/2016 search
How Does the Willingness to Provide Private Information Change? 11/1/2016 search
Terahertz Source with Broad Frequency Tunability Up To 3.8 THz Using MZ-FCG for Frequency Reference in Phase-Locking of THz Source Devices 11/1/2016 search
Experimental Demonstration of Fiber-Nonlinearity-Torelant Conjugated-Paired Radio-on-Fiber System Employing Asymmetric Photonic Heterodyne Down-Converter 11/1/2016 search
Multi-domain Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation Based on Feature Augmentation 10/29/2016 search
Research and development of InP, GaN and InSb-based HEMTs and MMICs for terahertz-wave wireless communications 10/26/2016 search
Phase noise characteristics of optical frequency comb-based 1-THz transmitter 10/26/2016 search
Introduction of the Asian Language Treebank 10/26/2016 search
Photonic quantum digital signatures operating over kilometer ranges in installed optical fiber 10/24/2016 search
Modal Properties of Perturbed Few-Mode Optical Fibers 10/20/2016 search
Automatic acoustic segmentation in N-best list rescoring for lecture speech recognition 10/20/2016 search
Comparison of Regularization Constraints in Deep Neural Network based Speaker Adaptation 10/20/2016 search
A Pseudo-task Design in Multi-task Learning Deep Neural Network for Speaker Recognition 10/19/2016 search
Measurement of Propagation Characteristics for Ka-Band Aeronautical Satellite Communications Using WINDS 10/18/2016 search
Stance Classification by Recognizing Related Events about Targets 10/16/2016 search
Bandwidth utilization enhancement using high-performance and flexible protocol for INTELSAT satellite network 10/14/2016 search
Real-time 3D Visualization of Phased Array Weather Radar Data via Concurrent Processing in Science Cloud 10/14/2016 search
Multiple Streams of UDT and HpFP Protocols for High-bandwidth Remote Storage System in Long Fat Network 10/14/2016 search
An Application of Novel Communications Protocol to High Throughput Satellites 10/14/2016 search
Multi-Layered Stacked Patch-Antennas on Electro-Optic Material for Optical Modulation 10/6/2016 search
Tracking of Warehouse Forklifts Using an Indoor Positioning System Based on IR-UWB 10/5/2016 search
Double-Frequency-Spaced Optical Comb Generation Technique Based on Quad-Parallel Phase Modulators 10/5/2016 search
Agile and compact near-field analyses of onboard Bluetooth module by live electrooptic imaging 10/4/2016 search
Wireless millimeter-wave-lightwave signal converter using stacked patch-antennas embedded with a micrometer-gap and electro-optic crystal 10/4/2016 search
High-conversion-gain 100-GHz photoreceiver integrated with UTC-PD and PHEMT amplifier for 92-GHz carrier, 10.7-Gbps photonic wireless communication 10/4/2016 search
Rapid evaluation of time scale using an optical clock 10/3/2016 search
LEO-to-Ground Optical Communications using SOTA (Small Optical TrAnsponder) -Payload Verification Results and Experiments on Space Quantum Communications- 9/30/2016 search
Calibration of a Circularly Polarized Horn Antenna in the Frequency Range from 220 to 330 GHz 9/29/2016 search
FARIS: Fast and Memory-efficient URL Filter by Domain Specific Machine 9/28/2016 search
Propagation Effect of Broadband Frequency-Chirped THz Wave Pulse in Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate 9/28/2016 search
Gas cell measurement of methanol using a phase-locked THz-QCL and an HEBM at 3.7-THz band 9/27/2016 search
Supervised Learning Based Automatic Adaptation of Virtualized Resource Selection Policy 9/27/2016 search
Detection Sensitivity of Electrooptic Sampling for Continuous-Wave Terahertz Sources throughout Broad Frequency Range 9/27/2016 search
Density matrix model applied to GaN-based two-well THz-QCLs 9/26/2016 search
Multi-Frequency THz Reference Source by Spectral Synthesis of Optical Combs for Simultaneous Phase-Locking of THz Sources 9/26/2016 search
Hidden engraved character recognition by using THz imaging 9/26/2016 search
Cascadability Performance of a High-speed Electro-absorption Optical Switch for DP-16QAM and DP-QPSK Optical Signals 9/22/2016 search
Optical Amplitude Modulator Linearized by Integration of Optical Interferometric Waveguides 9/22/2016 search
Multi-Core Based 94-GHz Radio and Power over Fiber Transmission Using 100-GHz Analog Photoreceiver 9/22/2016 search
Seed Lightwave Distribution over 1600 km for 64QAM-based Coherent WDM Optical Networks with Low DSP-complexity 9/21/2016 search
Experimental Assessment of Seamless Interconnection of OPS and EPS Networks with IP Addressing and Routing Control 9/21/2016 search
Who Gets the Boot? Analyzing Victimization by DDoS-as-a-Service 9/21/2016 search
190-Gb/s CPRI-Equivalent Rate Fiber-Wireless Mobile Fronthaul for Simultaneous Transmission of LTE-A and F-OFDM Signals 9/21/2016 search
Cascadability Investigation of High Granular Optical Channel Defragmentation Node for Flexible Optical Networks 9/21/2016 search
SANDPRINT: Fingerprinting Malware Sandboxes to Provide Intelligence for Sandbox Evasion 9/20/2016 search
Pb/s, Homogeneous, Single-mode, Multi-Core Fiber Systems 9/20/2016 search
Full-Channel Parallel Measurement of 4x20-Gb/s All-Optical OFDM Signals by Using Loop-Assisted Coherent Matched Detector 9/20/2016 search
Development Status of Small-sized Ka-band Mobile Terminal for Maritime Broadband Communications 9/19/2016 search
Experimental Demonstration of a Flexible Filterless and Bidirectional SDM Optical Metro/Inter-DC Network 9/19/2016 search
Pair-wise Distance Metric Learning of Neural Network Model for Spoken Language Identification 9/13/2016 search
SNR-Aware Convolutional Neural Network Modeling for Speech Enhancement 9/13/2016 search
Model integration for HMM- and DNN-based speech synthesis using Product-of-Experts framework 9/11/2016 search
Using Zero-Frequency Resonator to Extract Multilingual Intonation Structure 9/10/2016 search
Maximum A Posteriori based Decoding for CTC Acoustic Models 9/10/2016 search
Investigation of Semi-supervised Acoustic Model Training based on the Committee of Heterogeneous Neural Networks 9/10/2016 search
Analyzing Randomized Response Mechanisms under Differential Privacy 9/9/2016 search
A Novel FDTD Approach for Numerical Dosimetry at a Single Frequency 9/8/2016 search
Characteristic Evaluation of Conducted Disturbance Measuring Apparatus Using Two Parallel TEM cells 9/7/2016 search
Power Delay Profile Measurement for VHF-band Broadband Mobile Communication System 9/7/2016 search
InSb-based HEMT with Over 300 GHz-fT using Al0.25In0.75Sb/Al0.15In0.85Sb stepped buffer layer for strain reductionreduction 9/6/2016 search
Influence of intervalley scattering on performance of GaSb-based THz-QCLs 9/6/2016 search
Size of motion display affects precision of motion perception 8/31/2016 search
Enhanced output power of AlGaN-based DUV-LED with a uniform current design 8/30/2016 search
On the Leakage Resilient Cryptography in Game-theoretic Settings 8/25/2016 search
Evaluation of exposure from mobile phone base stations and comparison with the exposure from a third generation mobile phone 8/24/2016 search
Derivation of Some Expansions of Near-Field Gain of Antennas in Lossy Medium 8/22/2016 search
20-Gbit/s ASK wireless system in 300-GHz-band and front-ends with InP MMICs 8/22/2016 search
Millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber system for high-speed railway communication 8/10/2016 search
A Continuous Space Rule Selection Model for Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation 8/8/2016 search
Bilingual Segmented Topic Model 8/8/2016 search
Generating Natural Language Descriptions for Semantic Representations of Human Brain Activity 8/7/2016 search
Integration of Multi-modal Features for Android Malware Detection Using Linear SVM 8/5/2016 search
Comparing Malware Samples for Unpacking: A Feasibility Study 8/5/2016 search
Improved Performance of AlGaN-Based Deep-Ultraviolet Light-Emitting Diodes with Uniform Current Distribution 7/29/2016 search
Theoretical characterization of multi incidence angle and fully Polarimetric SAR data from rice paddies 7/28/2016 search
Towards High-Performance Global Air Transportation Networks Using Socioeconomic-Environmental Data 7/27/2016 search
Optical Feedforward Linearization System for Directly Modulated Laser Transmitter 7/27/2016 search
High Conversion Gain 30 - 110 GHz Photoreceivers for High Data-Rate Advanced Photonic Wireless Communications 7/27/2016 search
A Neural Network Model for Detecting DDoS Attacks Using Darknet Traffic Features 7/27/2016 search
Super Multi-view Display and Transmission toward Ultra-realistic communication Systems 7/25/2016 search
vMCN: Virtual Mobile Cloud Network for Realizing Scalable, Real-time Cyber Physical Systems 7/25/2016 search
Towards Early Detection of Novel Attack Patterns through the Lens of A Large-Scale Darknet 7/21/2016 search
Applications of SDM technology: From point-to-point links to networks 7/20/2016 search
Encouraging People to Interact with Interactive Systems in Public Spaces by Managing Lines of Participants 7/17/2016 search
Unconstrained distillation capacities of a pure-loss bosonic broadcast channel 7/15/2016 search
Assessing Translation Ability through Vocabulary Ability Assessment 7/13/2016 search
A Bilingual Graph-based Semantic Model for Statistical Machine Translation. 7/13/2016 search
Target-Bidirectional Neural Models for Machine Transliteration 7/12/2016 search
Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) Transmission and Related Technologies 7/11/2016 search
THz Pulsed Time Domain Imaging Applied to Museum Objects and its Comparison with other Frequency Regions 7/7/2016 search
11-Gbps 16-QAM OFDM Radio over Fiber Demonstration using 100 GHz High-Efficiency Photoreceiver based on Photonic Power Supply 7/7/2016 search
Efficient Mobile Fronthaul for Simultaneous Transmission of 4G and Future Mobile Signals 7/6/2016 search
Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation for Electronics and ICT 7/5/2016 search
Advanced two-way satellite frequency transfer by carrier-phase and carrier-frequency measurements 7/5/2016 search
Absolute frequency measurement at 10^-16 level based on the international atomic time 7/4/2016 search
Leader-follower Based Target Detection Model for Mobile Molecular Communication Networks 7/3/2016 search
Variations of Ionospheric Slab Thickness over the Magnetic Equator of Southeast Asia 6/30/2016 search
Estimation of the single GPS-receiver bias using the gradient descent algorithm 6/30/2016 search
Construction of a Realistic Computational Smartphone Model for SAR Evaluations 6/29/2016 search
Monitoring of plasma bubble occurrence by multi-frequency observations 6/28/2016 search
A Wideband Circularly Polarized Printed Dipole Antenna Composed of Right-angled Trapezoids 6/27/2016 search
An 8.865-GHz -244dB-FOM High-Frequency Piezoelectric Resonator-Based Cascaded Fractional-N PLL with Sub-ppb-Order Channel Adjusting Technique 6/17/2016 search
Optimized Root Selection Algorithm for Many-to-ManyCommunications in ICN 6/16/2016 search
Alfons: A Mimetic Network Environment Construction System 6/14/2016 search
Interlocking Phrases in Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation 6/14/2016 search
Agreement on Target-bidirectional Neural Machine Translation 6/13/2016 search
Risk Assessment for a Global Air Transport System Using Socioeconomic-Technological-Environmental Databases 6/12/2016 search
Micro-change detection on the ground surface by a high-precision repeat flight? A feasibility study toward a coherent change detection ? 6/9/2016 search
100 GHz fiber-fed optical-to-radio converter 6/9/2016 search
Investigation on Phase-Sensitive Fiber Nonlinearity Cancellation in Conjugated-Paired Radio-on-Fiber System 6/8/2016 search
Performance of 90GHz Electro-Optic Modulator with Patch-Antennas in High-Power Wireless Irradiation 6/8/2016 search
Experimental Investigation of Phase-Sensitive Amplification in Quantum-Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifier 6/7/2016 search
Frequency Reference Source in the THz Range Using Mach-Zehnder-Modulator-Based Flat Comb Generator 6/6/2016 search
Dual Coherent Sampling with Low-Speed Digital Signal Processing for Monitoring Carrier-Phase-Drifted Constellations 6/6/2016 search
Ar Implantation-Induced Quantum Dot Intermixing Technique for 1550 nm-Band Highly Stacked QD Photonic Integrated Circuit 6/6/2016 search
Polarization dependence of avalanche multiplication factor in 1.5 um quantum dot waveguide photodetector 6/6/2016 search
High Capacity Multi-Core Fiber Systems 6/1/2016 search
Software-Defined Exchange for the Virtualized WiFi Network towards Future Mobile Cloud Services 5/27/2016 search
Nondestructive Reflection Imaging in the W-band Using Photonics-Based Incoherent Signal Source 5/26/2016 search
ASPEC: Asian Scientific Paper Excerpt Corpus 5/26/2016 search
Demonstration of 20-Gbps Wireless Data Transmission at 300 GHz for KIOSK Instant Data Downloading Applications with InP MMICs 5/25/2016 search
On the Channel Capacity of Polarization-Multiplexed Coherent Radio-over-Fiber Transmissions at Millimeter-wave Bands 5/24/2016 search
Introducing the Asian Language Treebank (ALT) 5/23/2016 search
The NICT's New Optical Ground Station for Satellite Laser Communication and SOTA-SOCRATES Experiment 5/16/2016 search
A Smartphone App Provides Preventive Care for the Elderly with Dementia 5/16/2016 search
Improved Progressive BKZ Algorithms and their Precise Cost Estimation by Sharp Simulator 5/12/2016 search
Structured Cybersecurity Information Exchange for Streamlining Incident Response Operations 4/28/2016 search
W-band active imaging by photonics-based synthesizer 4/21/2016 search
Wavefront printing technique with overlapping approach toward high definition holographic image reconstruction 4/19/2016 search
vBS on the Move: Migrating a Virtual Network for Nomadic Mobility in WiFi Networks 4/11/2016 search
An Implementation of Multichannel Multi-Interface MANET for Fire Engines and Experiments with WINDS Satellite Mobile Earth Station 4/6/2016 search
Development of Tm:fiber laser pumped Ho:YLF laser 4/5/2016 search
Local fisher discriminant analysis for spoken language identification 3/25/2016 search
First experimental demonstration of a distributed cloud and heterogeneous network orchestration with a common Transport API for E2E services with QoS 3/24/2016 search
Functional Service Design with SDN Orchestration across Heterogeneous Multi-domain Networks 3/24/2016 search
First Demonstration of Cognitive SDN Orchestration: A Real-time Congestion-aware Services Provisioning over OFDM-based 400G OPS and Flexi-WDM OCS Networks 3/24/2016 search
Opto-Electronic Time-Frequency Domain Sampling for Ultra High-Bandwidth Multi-Carrier Signal Detection (invited) 3/24/2016 search
2.5D higher order Ambisonics for a sound field described by angular spectrum coefficients 3/23/2016 search
All-Optical Nyquist-OTDM to Nyquist-WDM conversion for Highly Flexible Optical Networks 3/23/2016 search
SOCP Approximation Based Resource Allocation in Shared Spectrum Access Communications 3/23/2016 search
High-Capacity and High-Spectral-Efficiency Seamless Fiber-Wireless System for High-Speed Trains 3/22/2016 search
Spatially, Spectrally, Temporally Flexible Optical Network with Spatial and Spectral Super-channel Optical Packet Switching System 3/22/2016 search
31-GHz single-carrier, 44.6-Gbps photonic wireless transmission using a wide-bandwidth high power photodetector and a pre-distortion technique 3/21/2016 search
Development of Home Simulation with Thermal Environment and Electricity Consumption 3/21/2016 search
Toward Automated Vulnerability Monitoring using Open Information and Standardized Tools 3/16/2016 search
Multi-vendor Interconnection-based Emergency Optical Networks Design with Optimal Placement of Portable EDFAs in Disaster Recovery 3/16/2016 search
StreamLoader: An Event-Driven ETL System for the On-line Processing of Heterogeneous Sensor Data 3/15/2016 search
Scalable and Secure Logistic Regression via Homomorphic Encryption 3/9/2016 search
Towards a Unified Security Model for Physically Unclonable Functions 3/3/2016 search
Parsing Myanmar (Burmese) by Using Japanese as a Pivot 2/26/2016 search
String to Tree and Tree to String Statistical Machine Translation for Myanmar Language 2/26/2016 search
SDN architecture for optical packet and circuit integrated networks 2/18/2016 search
Low-Latency Fiber-Millimeter-Wave System for Future Mobile Fronthauling 2/17/2016 search
Offset-Frequency-Spaced Two-Tone Coherent Transmission of Radio-over-Fiber Signal with Recovered-Constellation Combining Technique 2/17/2016 search
Investigation on electro-optic optical comb generation with higher spectral resolution and bandwidth 2/17/2016 search
High-efficiency W-band hybrid integrated photoreceiver module using UTC-PD and pHEMT amplifier 2/15/2016 search
A Semi-Supervised Learning Approach to Why-Question Answering 2/14/2016 search
A Large-scale Study of Statistical Machine Translation Methods for Myanmar Language 2/11/2016 search
NRTS: Content Name-based Real-time Streaming 1/10/2016 search