List of published conference papers (2017)

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Title Publication
Human mobility prediction based on a hierarchical interest model 12/20/2017 search
Subband WaveNet with overlapped single-sideband filterbanks 12/19/2017 search
Reduced Complexity Decoder for FDD MIMO Beamforming Systems with Large Antenna Arrays 12/19/2017 search
Concept, design, and prototype of shared base station supporting millimeter waves for 5G cellular networks 12/19/2017 search
A UTW-OFDM without symbol overlapping process for small cell networks 12/18/2017 search
Performance evaluation of TD-LTE in VHF-band for large coverage public broadband communications system 12/18/2017 search
90-GHz Band Propagation Characteristics in Viaduct Environment for Railway radiocommunication System Between Train and Trackside 12/18/2017 search
Power Consumption Analysis for User Cooperation Aided Traffic Forwarding over Frequency Selective Fading Channels 12/18/2017 search
A comprehensive study of universal time-domain windowed OFDM-based LTE downlink system 12/18/2017 search
A transceiver design of VHF band standardized broadband mobile communications systems 12/18/2017 search
Power Consumption Analysis for User Cooperation Aided Traffic Forwarding over Frequency Selective Fading Channels 12/18/2017 search
A User Cooperation Aided Device-Centric Clustering Approach for Large-Scale Distributed Antenna Systems 12/18/2017 search
A User Cooperation Aided Device-Centric Clustering Approach for Large-Scale Distributed Antenna Systems 12/18/2017 search
Time-domain channel equalization for subcarrier spacing compressed FDM with SC-MMSE turbo equalization receiver 12/18/2017 search
Implementation of a multi-hop network at the university campus using an IEEE 802.11af-compliant Network 12/18/2017 search
LTE uplink system based on universal timedomain windowed DFTs-OFDM 12/18/2017 search
Carrier Sense Towards Spectrum Sharing via Control Channel in LTE Systems 12/17/2017 search
50-km Transmission Experiment of Phase-shift Method-based Carrier-emitted Optical SSB Signal Without Dispersion Compensation 12/16/2017 search
Experimental Evaluation of Energy Efficiency for Virtual Small-Cell Networks using Smartphone Test-Bed 12/11/2017 search
Discovering Co-occurrence Patterns of Heterogeneous Events from Unevenly-distributed Spatiotemporal Data 12/11/2017 search
An Experimental Study of Kannan's Embedding Technique for the Search LWE Problem 12/8/2017 search
GINTATE: Scalable and Extensible Deep Packet Inspection System for Encrypted Network Traffic 12/7/2017 search
Implementation of Location-based Routing and ID-based Forwarding Architecture for Internet of Things 12/7/2017 search
A Sensor Data Stream Recovery Scheme for Event-Driven IoT Applications 12/5/2017 search
Photonics-Based Millimeter-Wave Radar System for Handheld Applications 12/5/2017 search
12/5/2017 search
A Study on Packet Repetition Format for Advertising-Based IoT Data Transmission System 12/4/2017 search
Key-value Attention Mechanism for Neural Machine Translation 12/1/2017 search
Verifiably Multiplicative Secret Sharing 11/30/2017 search
Evolving Cauchy Possibilistic Clustering and Its Application to Large-Scale Cyberattack Monitoring 11/30/2017 search
A New Secure Matrix Multiplication from Ring-LWE 11/29/2017 search
Context-Aware Smoothing for Neural Machine Translation 11/28/2017 search
Privacy Preserving Extreme Learning Machine Using Additively Homomorphic Encryption 11/28/2017 search
Semantic Features Based on Word Alignments for Estimating Quality of Text Simplification 11/28/2017 search
Japanese to English/Chinese/Korean Datasets for Translation Quality Estimation and Automatic Post-Editing 11/27/2017 search
Privacy Preserving Extreme Learning Machine Using Additively Homomorphic Encryption 11/27/2017 search
Reliable Service Function Chain Provisioning in Software-Defined Networking 11/26/2017 search
Efficient Radio Access for Massive Machine-Type Communication -An Interleaved Repetition Transmission Technique for Frequency Domain Equalization- 11/24/2017 search
Internal structure observation of wall paintings by electromagnetic waves 11/23/2017 search
A photonic assisted analog-to-digital conveter (p-ADC) based on a 10 GHz frequency comb source 11/22/2017 search
Modulator bias optimization of a high extinction-ratio optical Mach-Zehnder intensity modulator for linear-cell radar systems 11/22/2017 search
High Gain Antenna Characteristics for 300 GHz Band Fixed Wireless Communication Systems 11/22/2017 search
Ditto subsystem : A case study for building experiment environment in StarBED using TopDL 11/19/2017 search
Bistatic Radar System in Terahertz Bands Based on Radio Over Fiber Network 11/16/2017 search
Research and Development on a Hybrid High Throughput Satellite with an Optical Feeder Link —Study of a Link budget analysis— 11/15/2017 search
Detection of Botnet Activities through the Lens of A Large-Scale Darknet 11/14/2017 search
Quantum-Dot-Based Advanced Photonic Devices and Its Applications 11/13/2017 search
Impact of Crosstalk-Power and -Polarization Variations on Short-Haul Multi-Core Fiber Transmission Systems 11/13/2017 search
PDM-128-QAM Transmission Using Shared Carrier Reception in a 7-Core Multi-Core Fiber 11/13/2017 search
Parallel transmission loops for MCF system investigations 11/13/2017 search
Measurement of Characteristic Parameters of 10 Gb/s Bidirectional Optical Amplifier for XG-PON 11/10/2017 search
Models for Stream Data Distribution with Progressive Quality Improvement 11/9/2017 search
A Rare Piece Diffusion Method Using Rateless Coding on BitTorrent-Like Distribution System 11/9/2017 search
A Skip Graph-Based Collection System for Sensor Data Streams Considering Phase Differences 11/9/2017 search
Finding Spatiotemporal Co-occurrence Patterns of Heterogeneous Events for Prediction 11/7/2017 search
Fundamental Study on Angular Resolution Improvement of SAR Tomography by Using Khatri-Rao Product Virtual Array Processing 11/1/2017 search
A Framework of Privacy Preserving Anomaly Detection: Providing Traceability without Big Brother 10/30/2017 search
A user mode implementation of filtering rule management plane using key-value store 10/28/2017 search
Performance of 5G Waveform and Multiple Radio Access Technique over a Fiber–Wireless Fronthaul 10/26/2017 search
A proposition of holographic reception in free-space optical communications 10/18/2017 search
On conceptual design of bandwidth-on-demand high throughput satellite communications system technology 10/18/2017 search
Angular spectrum decomposition-based 2.5D higher-order spherical harmonic sound field synthesis with a linear loudspeaker array 10/17/2017 search
Three-dimensional acoustic analysis of the nasal and paranasal cavities 10/16/2017 search
Improvement of Receiver Sensitivity for Enhancing IR-UWB Performance for Indoor Positioning 10/12/2017 search
Semantic Representation in the Cerebral Cortex with Sparse Coding 10/6/2017 search
Measurement of Electric Fields from Devices in Intermediate Frequencies using an Optical Sensor 10/6/2017 search
Reflection Property Measurement of Skin in Terahertz Range Using Spectrometer with Photoconductive Antennas 10/5/2017 search
Accurate frequency measurement of terahertz radiations by electrooptic sampling using a modulator-based optical comb generator for frequency stabilization of cw-terahertz sources 10/5/2017 search
Impact of GVD on Polarization-Insensitive Self-Homodyne Detection Receiver 10/4/2017 search
Two-dimensional Spatial Coherent Matched Detection Scheme for Modal Separation and Homodyne Detection of Mode-Division Multiplexed Signals 10/3/2017 search
110 GHz zero-bias based UTC-PD for radio-over-fiber transmission through multicore fiber 10/2/2017 search
Energy Efficient Radio Resource Allocation Scheme Using Receiver Puncturing Technique for 5G Networks 9/25/2017 search
RSSI-based Attention Target Approach Detection for a Vehicle Reminder System with Beaconing Devices 9/25/2017 search
On the use of high-order MIMO for long-distance homogeneous single-mode multicore fiber transmission 9/21/2017 search
Experimental Demonstration of a 53 Tb/s Coherent SDM-TDM Add/Drop/Through Optical Network with Time-division Spatial Super-channels and High-speed Joint Switching System 9/21/2017 search
Electromagnetic Interference with Wireless Communication in Hospitals Newly Identified Problems with Medical Telemeter Systems 9/21/2017 search
Toward Realizing Choice-based Co-Optimizable Networking Paradigm 9/20/2017 search
Analysis of Few-Mode Multi-Core Fiber Splice Behavior Using an Optical Vector Network Analyzer 9/20/2017 search
Inter-core crosstalk spectrum and penalty measurements in 7-core fiber 9/20/2017 search
Performance Fluctuations in Direct Detection Multi-Core Fiber Transmission Systems 9/20/2017 search
Optical subcarrier processing for Nyquist SCM via coherent spectrum overlapping in FWM with coherent pump 9/19/2017 search
Linearized LiNbO3 Modulator with Dual Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Branched Asymmetric CPW Electrode 9/19/2017 search
Hybrid circuit and packet switching SDM network testbed using joint spatial switching and multi-core fibers 9/19/2017 search
Single-carrier 552 Gbit/s, 46 Gbaud 64 QAM Coherent Transmission over 100 km with Co-propagating 10 Gbit/s-OOK Signals Through a Deployed ROADM Network 9/19/2017 search
Automatic calibration of Projector and DDHOE based IP displays 9/19/2017 search
Spectrally-Efficient Seed-Lightwave-Distribution System using Space-Division-Multiplexed Distribution Channel for Multi-core 3-Mode-Multiplexed DP-64QAM Transmission 9/18/2017 search
Spatial Coherent Matched Detection Using High-Speed Two-Dimensional Photo-Diode Array for Full-Channel Demultiplexing and Demodulation of Mode-Division-Multiplexed Signals 9/18/2017 search
3500-km Mode-Multiplexed Transmission Through a Three-Mode Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber Link 9/18/2017 search
Dense SDM 32-pixel 2-D photodetector array 9/18/2017 search
Towards Tightly-coupled Datacenter with Free-space Optical Links 9/17/2017 search
Generic Constructions for Fully Secure Revocable Attribute-Based Encryption 9/15/2017 search
9/12/2017 search
Calculation of performance of InGaSb-based terahertz quantum cascade lasers 9/11/2017 search
Neural Machine Translation with Source Dependency Representation 9/11/2017 search
Instance Weighting for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation 9/10/2017 search
EMC of Wireless Medical Telemeters and Noise Radiated from Light Emitting Diode Lamps 9/7/2017 search
Impedance Characteristic of New Type Measurement System for Measuring Conducted Disturbance 9/6/2017 search
A Case for Uni-Directional Network Topologies in Large-Scale Clusters 9/5/2017 search
Characteristic Improvement on Conducted Disturbance Measuring Apparatus Using TEM cells 9/5/2017 search
Microring resonator based frequency comb sources for compact continuous-wave THz generators 8/31/2017 search
A 416-mW 32-Gbit/s 300-GHz CMOS Receiver 8/31/2017 search
Aerial Projection of Three-Dimensional Images Based on Integral Photography and Fog Display 8/30/2017 search
Frequency-Selective Multi-Frequency THz Reference Source Using Mach-Zehnder-Modulator-Based Flat Comb Generator for Simultaneous Phase-Locking of THz-QCLs 8/30/2017 search
Calibration and quality improvement of projection type Integral 3D display 8/30/2017 search
Sparse 3D Imaging Using Terahertz Leaky-Wave Radar 8/29/2017 search
Mode separation control of few-mode quantum dot lasers by using a multistep etalon filter 8/29/2017 search
Distinction of Dermal Conditions Related to Collagen State Using THz Spectroscopy 8/29/2017 search
Detection of Continuous Wave THz Radiations at 100 and 600 GHz Using Ultra-Compact Electro-Optic Probe 8/29/2017 search
Influence on reconstructed 3D image of point cloud model by overlapping printing in wavefront printer 8/29/2017 search
Simulation of off-axis type holograms generated by wavefront printer for realizing a multiplex-type hologram 8/29/2017 search
Multi-GPU acceleration of color-hologram generation based on a ray-sampling plane 8/29/2017 search
Replication of Hologram Fabricated by Wavefront Printing Technique 8/29/2017 search
Specific Absorption Rate and Temperature Rise in the Abdomens of Pregnant Woman Models Exposed to a Smartphone Radiation 8/26/2017 search
A System Design for Detecting Moving Objects in Capturing Video Images Using Laser Range Scanners 8/25/2017 search
Factored deep convolutional neural networks for noise robust speech recognition 8/24/2017 search
Conditional Generative Adversarial Nets Classifier for Spoken Language Identification 8/23/2017 search
A Generic Construction of Secure-Channel Free Searchable Encryption with Multiple Keywords 8/22/2017 search
A Generic yet Efficient Method for Secure Inner Product 8/22/2017 search
Privacy-Preserving Stochastic Gradient Descent with Multiple Distributed Trainers 8/22/2017 search
Iterative Optimal Preemphasis for improved glottal-flow estimation by Iterative Adaptive Inverse Filtering 8/22/2017 search
Global Syllable Vectors for Building TTS Front-End with Deep Learning 8/21/2017 search
Compact Structure-preserving Signatures with Almost Tight Security 8/21/2017 search
Practical Darknet Traffic Analysis: Methods and Case Studies 8/7/2017 search
Goods Recommendation Based on Retail Knowledge in a Neo4j Graph Database Combined with an Inference Mechanism Implemented in Jess 8/6/2017 search
Dynamic Restoration of Seed Lightwave Distribution System for Low-DSP-complexity Coherent Optical Networks 8/3/2017 search
Radio Over Fiber Signal Generation and Distribution and Its Application to Train Communication Network 8/3/2017 search
Extreme Thermal Stability of 1550 nm Band Highly Stacked QD-LDs with p-Doped Structure 8/2/2017 search
Advanced Photonics Technology for 1-THz Wireless Communication 8/2/2017 search
Passive Hybrid Harmonic Mode-Locked Fiber Sigma Laser using Integrated Faraday rotator and SESAM with Amplitude Modulation stabilization 8/2/2017 search
Proximity-aware IaaS for Edge Computing Environment 8/1/2017 search
Sentence Embedding for Neural Machine Translation Domain Adaptation 8/1/2017 search
Waveguide Avalanche Photodetector using Quantum-Dot Superlattice for Optical Fiber Communications 8/1/2017 search
Efficient Extraction of Pseudo-Parallel Sentences from Raw Monolingual Data Using Word Embeddings 7/31/2017 search
Study on measurement performance of future space-based Doppler wind lidar in Japan 7/27/2017 search
Characterization of a Fiber-Coupled 36-Core 3-Mode Photonic Lantern Spatial Multiplexer 7/26/2017 search
Numerical Investigation of Equalization Enhanced Phase Noise Penalties for MQAM Modulations in Few-Mode Fiber Transmission with Time Domain Equalization 7/25/2017 search
Softwarized dynamic optical switching network suppressing transient optical power in link failures 7/25/2017 search
On the spectral efficiency limits of crosstalk-limited homogeneous single-mode multi-core fiber systems 7/24/2017 search
Signal correlation between wet and original dry electrodes in electroencephalogram according to the contact impedance of dry electrodes 7/12/2017 search
Millimeter- and Terahertz-wave Radio-over-Fiber for 5G and Beyond 7/11/2017 search
Internal Pattern-Switchable 1.0 Wavelength Loop Antenna Array for Satellite Smartphone Applications 7/10/2017 search
A Lightweight Multi-receiver Encryption Scheme with Mutual Authentication 7/8/2017 search
Automatic Construction of Name-Bound Virtual Networks for IoT 7/6/2017 search
Ultra-High-Capacity Optical Packet Switching Networks with Coherent Polarization Division Multiplexing Modulation Formats and Related Technologies 7/6/2017 search
Optical Integrated Network Technologies for Coping with Traffic Fluctuation and Service Diversification 7/5/2017 search
Adaptive Loading with Extended Memory to Relax the Impact of the Phase Noise-impaired ICXT in DD-OFDM MCF-based Systems 7/4/2017 search
Privacy-Preserving Aggregation of Time-Series Data with Public Verifiability from Simple Assumptions 7/4/2017 search
Discovering Partial Periodic Itemsets in Temporal Databases 6/28/2017 search
Compact IEEE 802.22-based radio equipment enabling easy installation for regional area network system using TV white-spaces 6/27/2017 search
Study on radiative efficiency and current injection efficiency under current injection in AlGaN DUV-LEDs 6/26/2017 search
Effects of Depth Cues on the Recognition of the Spatial Position of a 3D Object in Transparent Stereoscopic Visualization 6/23/2017 search
Designing Interconnected Networks for Improving Robustness and Efficiency 6/14/2017 search
100-GHz integrated photoreceiver using optical-to-radio converter and enhancement mode PHEMT amplifier driven by photonic power supply 6/8/2017 search
Research Plan of R&D of Bandwidth-on-Demand High Throughput SatelliteCommunications System 6/7/2017 search
Enhanced UF-OFDM for Long-delay Multipath Fading Environment 6/7/2017 search
Compact Structure-preserving Signatures with Almost Tight Security 6/6/2017 search
D2D Networks for Information Diffusion and Bus Location Gaining with Local Community Buses 6/5/2017 search
Autonomic Resource Management for Program Orchestration in Large-scale Data Analysis 6/2/2017 search
30-GHz OFDM Radar and Wireless Communication Experiment using Radio over Fiber Technology 5/25/2017 search
A Verifiable and Flexible Data Sharing Mechanism for Information-Centric IoT 5/23/2017 search
Autoconfiguration of L3 Network for Large-Scale IoT Emulation Testbed 5/22/2017 search
Scalable Guaranteed-Bandwidth Multicast Service in Software Defined ISP networks 5/22/2017 search
An Evaluation of Flexible Frequency Utilization in High Throughput Satellite Communication Systems with Digital Channelizer 5/21/2017 search
10-GHz 32-pixel 2-D photodetector array for advancedoptical fiber communications 5/19/2017 search
High Q silica nanobeam cavity for simultaneous resonance of TE- and TM-like modes 5/17/2017 search
Differential Frequency Tunable Dual-Mode Heterogeneous QD Laser with Si PIC 5/17/2017 search
Effect of Vacancies Induced by Ar+ Implantation to Quantum Dot Intermixing for 1550 nm-Band QD Photonic Integrated Circuits 5/17/2017 search
Hybrid Optical Packet and Circuit Switching in Spatial Division Multiplexing Fiber Networks 5/16/2017 search
High Resolution Single-shot Time Stretch Spectroscopy with Wavelength Demultiplexer at One Billion Frames per Second 5/16/2017 search
Simultaneous Phase-Locking of Quantum Cascade Lasers Using Multi-Frequency THz Source System Composed of MZM-Based Flat Comb Generator 5/15/2017 search
Demonstration of all-optical tunable buffering using coupled ultra-high-Q silica toroid microcavities 5/15/2017 search
Reinforcement Learning Based Dynamic Resource Migration for Virtual Networks 5/8/2017 search
An empirical study of third party APK’s URL using scriptable API and fast identifier-specific filter 5/8/2017 search
Low Latency Low Loss Streaming using In-Network Coding and Caching 5/2/2017 search
Random Sampling Revisited: Lattice Enumeration with Discrete Pruning 5/2/2017 search
Directory Service for Mobile IoT Applications 5/1/2017 search
Reconstruction of Control Plane of Distributed SDN against Large-scale Disruption and Restoration 5/1/2017 search
Effect of Different Seeding Strategies on Tractometry Reproducibility 4/24/2017 search
Using diffusion MRI and tractography to identify macaque vertical occipital fasciculus 4/24/2017 search
Optical-fiber-connected 300-GHz FM-CW radar system 4/12/2017 search
Group Signatures with Time-bound Keys Revisited: A New Model and an Efficient Construction 4/6/2017 search
Mis-operation Resistant Searchable Homomorphic Encryption 4/4/2017 search
Efficient Key-Rotatable and Security-Updatable Homomorphic Encryption 4/2/2017 search
High Bitrate Mm-Wave Links Using RoF Technologies and Its Non-Telecom Application 3/23/2017 search
Investigation of Inter-Core Crosstalk and Raman Nonlinearity in Wideband MCF Transmission 3/23/2017 search
Time-Dependent Crosstalk from Multiple Cores in a Homogeneous Multi-Core Fiber 3/23/2017 search
100 GHz optical-to-radio converter module and its application in radio and power over fiber transmission through multi-core fiber 3/22/2017 search
Simultaneous Transmission of Multi-RATs and Mobile Fronthaul in the MMW Bands over an IFoF System 3/22/2017 search
Ultrafast Demultiplexing of Optical Time-Division Multiplexed Signals by Parallel Opto-Electronic Time-frequency Domain Sampling 3/20/2017 search
High-Capacity MCF Transmission with Wideband Comb 3/20/2017 search
An Implementable Channel and CFO Estimation Scheme for IEEE 802.22-based Radio Equipment 3/19/2017 search
NIVAnalyzer: a Tool for Automatically Detecting and Verifying Next-Intent Vulnerabilities in Android Apps 3/14/2017 search
Multi-Carrier Interconnection-based Emergency Packet Transport Network Planning in Disaster Recovery 3/10/2017 search
Regional Map of The F2-Layer Critical Frequency Over Southeast Asia 3/10/2017 search
Analytical approach to 2.5D sound field control using a circular double-layer array of fixed-directivity loudspeakers 3/8/2017 search
IEEE 802.11af-based Baseband IC Prototype Enabling Compact and Low Power Consumption TV White-spaces Devices 3/7/2017 search
The Numerical Evaluations on SAR Around an Implanted Cardiac Pacemaker by a Mobile Phone of Multiple Operating Frequencies 3/2/2017 search
Shortwave and Longwave Radiative Forcings of Aerosols Depending on the Vertical Stratification of Aerosols and Clouds 2/22/2017 search
New Revocable IBE in Prime-Order Groups: Adaptively Secure, Decryption Key Exposure Resistant, and with Short Public Parameters 2/17/2017 search
Multi-column Convolutional Neural Networks with Causality-Attention for Why-Question Answering 2/8/2017 search
High-Bandwidth Low-Latency Approximate Interconnection Networks 2/7/2017 search
Improving Event Causality Recognition with Multiple Background Knowledge Sources Using Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Networks 2/7/2017 search
A 105Gb/s 300GHz CMOS Transmitter 2/7/2017 search
Translation Prediction with Source Dependency-based Context Representation 2/6/2017 search
Coexistence and Transmission of Multiple Radios over Seamless Fiber-Wireless Systems 2/2/2017 search
Millimeter- and terahertz-wave over fiber technologies for high-speed communications and non-telecom applications 2/1/2017 search
Temperature dependence of gain in a highly stacked quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifier 2/1/2017 search
High responsivity 100 GHz waveguide UTC photodetector 2/1/2017 search
Billion frames per second spectrum measurement for high-repetition-rate optical pulses based on time stretching technique 1/30/2017 search
Channel Access Proposal For Enabling Quick Discovery For D2D Wireless Networks 1/29/2017 search
Design of High-Frequency Piezoelectric Resonator-Based Cascaded Fractional-N PLL with Sub-ppb-Order Channel Adjusting Technique 1/17/2017 search
A Location-Aided Flooding Mechanism in Community-based IoT Networks 1/10/2017 search
Constructing Virtual IoT Network Topologies with a Brain-Inspired Connectivity Model 1/5/2017 search