List of published conference papers (2018)

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Title Publication
Improved (Almost) Tightly-Secure Structure Preserving Signatures 3/28/2018 search
Overcoming the difficulty of large-scale CGH generation on multi-GPU cluster 3/26/2018 search
BluMoon: Bluetooth Low Energy Emulation System with Software-Implemented Controller 3/23/2018 search
On-the-fly Simulator of Tabletop Light-field 3-D Displays Powered by a Game Engine 3/20/2018 search
A Smorgasbord of Features to Combine Phrase-Based and Neural Machine Translation 3/20/2018 search
159 Tbit/s C+L Band Transmission over 1045 km 3-Mode Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber 3/15/2018 search
83.33 Tb/s Coherent PDM-8PSK SDM-TDM Spatial Super-channel and High-speed Core-joint Switching System 3/15/2018 search
First Experimental Demonstration of Disaggregated Emergency Optical System for Quick Disaster Recovery 3/15/2018 search
Full-Duplex and Scalable MIMO Fiber–Wireless Seamless System in W-Band for Future Mobile Networks 3/14/2018 search
W-band Radio-over-fiber Link Based on Self-oscillating Optical Frequency Comb Generator 3/14/2018 search
93.34 Tbit/s/mode (280 Tbit/s) Transmission in a 3-Mode Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber 3/14/2018 search
Inter-Core Skew Measurements in Temperature Controlled Multi-Core Fiber 3/13/2018 search
Demonstrating Network-scale Gain Transient Impact of Multiple Series EDFAs in Link Failure Cases 3/13/2018 search
Softwarized, Elastic and Agile Optical Networks for Dynamic Environmental Change and Failure Recovery 3/12/2018 search
Node Internal Modeling for Network Recovery with Emergency Optical Systems 3/12/2018 search
High-speed two-dimensional photodetector array for 4-WDM 25-Gbaud FSO communication 3/12/2018 search
Radio-over-Fiber-based Seamless Fiber–Wireless Convergence for Small Cell and Linear Cell Networks 3/12/2018 search
Impact of Fractionally Spatial Super-channel Time-slotted Switch Architecture Design 3/12/2018 search
Performance evaluation of MEMS atmospheric pressure sensor as infrasound observation device 3/6/2018 search
SAR Evaluations of Phantom Surface Close to Antenna for Wireless LAN Router 3/6/2018 search
Anticipating Minimum Resources Needed to Avoid Service Disruption of Emergency Support Systems 2/19/2018 search
Semi-distantly Supervised Neural Model for Generating Compact Answers to Open-domain Why Questions 2/4/2018 search
Compensation of third-order intermodulation distortion of electro-optic modulator by using frequency chirp modulation 1/31/2018 search
Study of high power generation in UTC-PD at 110-210 GHz 1/31/2018 search
Radio over fiber network technology for millimeter-wave distributed radar systems 1/30/2018 search
High-capacity transmission with homogeneous multi-core fibers and wideband optical comb sources 1/29/2018 search
Spectral efficiency in crosstalk-impaired multi-core fiber links 1/29/2018 search
Characteristics-improvement of QD semiconductor optical amplifier using rapid-thermal annealing process 1/29/2018 search
Parallel periodically-poled LiNbO3 waveguides module for polarization diversity wavelength conversion and amplification 1/29/2018 search
Time stretch dispersive Fourier Transform based single-shot pulse-by-pulse spectrum measurement using a pulse-repetition-frequency-variable gain-switched laser 1/29/2018 search
300-GHz CMOS transmitter module with built-in waveguide transition on a multilayered glass epoxy PCB 1/17/2018 search
Improved (Almost) Tightly-Secure Structure-Preserving Signatures 1/9/2018 search