List of published conference papers (2018)

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Title Publication
Improving FFTNet vocoder with noise shaping and subband approaches 12/21/2018 search
Improving Very Deep Time-delay Neural Network with Vertical-attention for Effectively Training CTC-based ASR Systems 12/19/2018 search
A Decentralized SNS System Based on XMPP with Connection Control in Large-Scale Disasters 12/18/2018 search
Employ Decision Values for Soft-Classifier Evaluation with Crispy References 12/14/2018 search
Privacy-Preserving Naive Bayes Classification Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption 12/14/2018 search
Effectiveness of Moldable and Malleable Scheduling in Deep Learning Tasks 12/13/2018 search
Hidden Markov model based speech synthesis system for Khmer language 12/13/2018 search
Efficient Discovery of Weighted Frequent Itemsets in Very Large Transactional Databases: A Re-visit 12/12/2018 search
Users’ Demand-based Segment Scheduling for Progressive Multi-view Video Transmission 12/11/2018 search
A Fractionally Spatial Super-channel Switching System Design with Spatial Channel Slicing 12/11/2018 search
Deep-ultraviolet transparency of hexagonal boron nitride deposited on Al0.7Ga0.3N template by RF sputtering 12/11/2018 search
Complex Event Analysis of Urban Environmental Data based on Deep CNN of Spatiotemporal Raster Images 12/11/2018 search
Salience-based Distributed Controllers Placement in Software Defined Networks 12/10/2018 search
Implementation and Analysis of Fully Homomorphic Encryption in Wearable Devices 12/8/2018 search
ANTSdroid:Using RasMMA algorithm to generate Malware Behavior Characteristics of Android Malware Family 12/6/2018 search
Resilient Mesh Network System Utilized in Areas Affected by the Kumamoto Earthquakes 12/5/2018 search
Combination of Statistical and Neural Machine Translation for Myanmar-English 12/3/2018 search
NICT's Participation in WAT 2018: Approaches Using Multilingualism and Recurrently Stacked Layers 12/3/2018 search
English-Myanmar NMT and SMT with Pre-ordering: NICT's Machine Translation Systems at WAT-2018 12/3/2018 search
Improved (Almost) Tightly-Secure Simulation-Sound QA-NIZK with Applications 12/3/2018 search
Consideration on Automation of 5G Network Slicing with Machine Learning 11/27/2018 search
Study on Low-Energy Superframe Performances with Low-Latency Data Forwarding in the Enhanced Smart Utility Networks 11/27/2018 search
A Low Pass Filtered-Raised-Cosine Window for UTW-DFTs-OFDM 11/27/2018 search
An Effective Near-Field Measurement Using Multicarrier Modulation Signal 11/27/2018 search
A Frequency-domain ICI Cancellation Using Weight Matrix Based on Window Shape for Simplified UTW-OFDM 11/27/2018 search
A TV White Space Wireless Broadband Prototype for Wireless Regional Area Network 11/27/2018 search
Evaluation of a novel UL-NOMA system in fading environments 11/27/2018 search
Double Sarsa Based Machine Learning to Improve Quality of Video Streaming over HTTP Through Wireless Networks 11/26/2018 search
An Improvement of Channel Estimation for Up-link NOMA Systems 11/26/2018 search
Macro-Cell Capacity Enhancement with Dynamic Full-Duplex Cellular System 11/26/2018 search
Performance Evaluation of Universal Time-domain Windowed GFDM-based LTE Uplink 11/26/2018 search
A Robust Channel Estimation for IEEE 802.22 Enabling Wide Area Vehicular Communication 11/26/2018 search
A Prototype of Multi-RAN eNB with Dynamic Baseband Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Private LTE Networks 11/26/2018 search
Particle Swarm Optimization Describes Ant Nest Move at Low Participation Rate 11/19/2018 search
Design and Development of Real-Time Video Transmission System Using Visual IoT Device 11/18/2018 search
Performance Evaluation of an IEEE 802.11af Prototype in a Suburban Environment 11/8/2018 search
Hot-wire CVD based SiN films for linear and nonlinear photonics device applications 11/6/2018 search
Exploring Recombination for Efficient Decoding of Neural Machine Translation 11/4/2018 search
Design of Silicon Photonic Integrated Optical Phased Array for Large Deflect Beam Steering Angle 11/2/2018 search
Si Photonic Resonator Filter with Tunable Microring and MMI Structures 11/2/2018 search
CytonMT: an Efficient Neural Machine Translation Open-source Toolkit Implemented in C++ 11/2/2018 search
NICT's Corpus Filtering Systems for the WMT18 Parallel Corpus Filtering Task 11/1/2018 search
NICT’s Neural and Statistical Machine Translation Systems for the WMT18 News Translation Task 10/31/2018 search
Card-Based Majority Voting Protocols with Three Inputs Using Three Cards 10/29/2018 search
A Prototype System for V2X Communication Platform for Safety Driving by IoT Technology 10/28/2018 search
Impact of Temperature on Propagation Time and Inter-Core Skew in a 19-Core Fiber 10/27/2018 search
A Load Distribution Method for Sensor Data Stream Collection Considering Phase Differences 10/27/2018 search
A Design of Hierarchical ECA Rules for Distributed Multi-Viewpoint Internet Live Broadcasting Systems 10/27/2018 search
Analyzing the Effects of User's Hands on the SAR of Multiple-Antenna Transmitters 10/25/2018 search
Broadband Optical Phase Modulator Based on Electro-Optic Polymer 10/25/2018 search
NICT's Machine Translation Systems for CWMT-2018 Translation Task 10/25/2018 search
Resource Negotiation Game for Cloud Networks with Limited Resources 10/24/2018 search
Geneation of Coherent Terahertz Carriers in the 3 THz Range Using Optical-Comb-Based THz Source for Terahertz Communications 10/24/2018 search
Large Active Area, High-Speed Photoreceiver for Optical Wireless Communications 10/24/2018 search
Optimal Service Function Chain Placement Modeling for Minimizing Setup and Operation Cost 10/23/2018 search
Ka-band Phased Array Fed Reflector Antenna Composed of A Small Number of Feed Elements 10/18/2018 search
POSTER: Audio Hotspot Attack: An Attack on Voice Assistance Systems Using Directional Sound Beams 10/17/2018 search
On preliminary design of bandwidth-on-demand high throughput satellite communications system technology 10/17/2018 search
Studies on fiber coupling characteristics of holographic optical element for free-space optical communications 10/16/2018 search
Performance Study of Frequency Assignment with Flexibility in High Throughput Satellites 10/16/2018 search
AOBAKO: A Testbed for Context-Aware Applications with Physicalizing Virtual Beacons 10/9/2018 search
On the Use of High-Order MIMO for Crosstalk Mitigation in Multi-Core Fiber Based SDM Systems 10/9/2018 search
A Cross-Platform Study on IoT Malware 10/5/2018 search
Tower Tilt Monitoring with Wireless Two-Way Interferometry (Wi-Wi) 10/4/2018 search
Mobile Terminals Cooperative Communication Framework for Energy Saving: Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Using Smartphone Test-Bed 10/4/2018 search
45-Gbaud, 32-pixel 2D-PDA for Multi-core Fiber-based Optical Wireless Communication 10/1/2018 search
Anomalous Variations of Ionospheric F2-Layer Critical Frequency Prior to the Earthquake of September 30, 2009 Affecting Thailand 9/28/2018 search
A Raster-Image-Based Approach for Understanding Associations of Urban Sensing Data 9/28/2018 search
1.2 Pb/s transmission over a 160 um cladding, 4-core, 3-mode fiber, using 368 C+L band PDM-256-QAM channels 9/27/2018 search
Cell-less Network for Handover-Free Communications to High-Speed Trains Using a Switched WDM Fiber–Wireless Backhaul 9/27/2018 search
Optical Modulator with the Digitized Transfer Function for Multilevel Amplitude Shift Keying 9/27/2018 search
1.6-Gbps LED-based Ultraviolet Communication at 280 nm in Direct Sunlight 9/27/2018 search
Flexible Manipulation of OPS Network Topologies with Optical Packet Flow Cut-Through in OPCI Networks 9/27/2018 search
300-GHz CMOS Receiver Module with WR-3.4 Waveguide Interface 9/26/2018 search
THz communications enabled by photonics 9/26/2018 search
A Raster-Image-Based Approach for Understanding Associations of Urban Sensing Data 9/26/2018 search
Inter-Core Crosstalk Penalties in Wideband WDM, MCF Transmission Over Transoceanic Distances 9/26/2018 search
400-Gbps Space Division Multiplexing Optical Wireless Communication using Two-Dimensional Photodetector Array 9/26/2018 search
Nonlinearity Mitigation in the Presence of Intercore-Crosstalk 9/25/2018 search
Experimental Investigation of Intermodal Nonlinear Signal Degradation in a Few-Mode Fiber Transmission System 9/25/2018 search
Experimental Investigation of Parametric Mode and Wavelength Conversion in a 4.7 km Few-Mode Fiber 9/25/2018 search
Development of conductively cooled Tm,Ho:YLF MOPA for lidar applications 9/25/2018 search
Measurement of Modal Dispersion and Group Delay in a Large Core Count Few-Mode Multi-Core Fiber 9/25/2018 search
228-spatial-channel Bi-directional Data Communication System Enabled by 39-core 3-mode Fiber 9/24/2018 search
A Coherent Kramers-Kronig Receiver for 3-Mode Few-Mode Fiber Transmission 9/24/2018 search
Spatial-Mode Demultiplexer using 1550-nm-band Angularly Multiplexed Volume Holograms 9/24/2018 search
Role of Provider Strategies and Granularity in a Circuit-Packet Optical Choice-based Network 9/21/2018 search
Optical Switching System for Next Generation Data Center Networks with Time-division Spatial Super-channels and Core-joint Optical Switches 9/21/2018 search
Packet Offloading Exploiting Life-Sustained Optical Path Resources in OPS/OCS Integrated Network 9/21/2018 search
Radio over multimode fiber system for short-reach radio relay links 9/21/2018 search
Free-Space Few-Mode Kramers-Kronig Receiver 9/21/2018 search
A Strict and Less Computational Crosstalk-Aware Spectrum and Core Allocation Method with Crosstalk-Prohibited Frequency Slots in SDM-EONs 9/21/2018 search
Record Spectral Efficient Transmission of 11.24 Bit/s/Hz/mode over 30 km Few-Mode Fiber 9/20/2018 search
Inter-symbol interference suppression for a hybrid use of OFDM and N-OTDM based on Fr-OFDM 9/20/2018 search
Digitally designed HOE lens arrays for large size see-through head up displays 9/20/2018 search
A Revocable Group Signature Scheme with Scalability from Simple Assumptions and Its Implementation 9/12/2018 search
Health monitoring with acceleration measurement for maintenance and management in World Heritage Angkor Wat 9/12/2018 search
A Distributed Multi-Viewpoint Internet Live Broadcasting System with Video Effects 9/10/2018 search
Improved (Almost) Tightly-Secure Simulation-Sound QA-NIZK with Applications 9/10/2018 search
Adaptive Array Antenna Controls with Machine Learning Based Image Recognition for Vehicle to Vehicle Networks 9/6/2018 search
Novel Data Segmentation Techniques for Efficient Discovery of Correlated Patterns Using Parallel Algorithms 9/6/2018 search
Improving CTC-based Acoustic Model with Very Deep Residual Time-delay Neural Networks 9/6/2018 search
Feature Representation of Short Utterances based on Knowledge Distillation for Spoken Language Identification 9/5/2018 search
Lower Bounds on Structure-Preserving Signatures for Bilateral Messages 9/5/2018 search
Multilingual Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion with Global Character Vectors 9/5/2018 search
Fully Anonymous Group Signature with Verifier-Local Revocation 9/5/2018 search
SAR Probe Calibration Using the Transmit Antenna Factor of the Small Dipole Antenna in Saline Solution 9/4/2018 search
Stay On-Topic: Generating Context-specific Fake Restaurant Reviews 9/3/2018 search
Millimeter-wave communication system implemented on radio over fiber networks in 5G/IoT era 9/3/2018 search
Linear cell radar system using radio-over-fiber links 9/3/2018 search
Modal S-Parameter Estimation of EUT Connection of Conducted Disturbance Measurement System 8/30/2018 search
Statistical Characteristics of Radiation Noise from LED Lamps and Its Effect on Wireless Medical Telemeters 8/30/2018 search
Projection type large-size integral imaging display without collimation optics using DDHOE 8/30/2018 search
Three-Dimensional Light-Field Screen Using Diffuser Marker in Each Elemental Concave Mirror for Fast Calibration Procedure 8/30/2018 search
Study of Electromagnetic Noise Radiated from LED Shadowless Lighting and Its Effect on Surgical Navigation System 8/29/2018 search
Comprehensible Categorization and Visualization of Orchestrated Malicious Domain Names using Linkage Analysis 8/29/2018 search
Multicarrier-collaboration-based Emergency Packet Transport Network Construction in Disaster Recovery 8/27/2018 search
A Survey of Domain Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation 8/26/2018 search
Performance Evaluation on UL-NOMA for mMTC Using Hardware Implementation 8/24/2018 search
Experimental Evaluation of a Low Latency UL-NOMA System Employing Repetition Transmission 8/23/2018 search
Field trial of 95-GHz frequency-modulated continuous-wave radar system driven by radio over fiber techniques 8/23/2018 search
Frequency Resource Allocation for Satellite Communications System Based on Model Predictive Control and Its Application to Frequency Bandwidth Allocation for Aircraft 8/22/2018 search
Lower Bounds on Lattice Enumeration with Extreme Pruning 8/20/2018 search
Terahertz-wave Communication System Using a Traveling-wave Tube Amplifier 8/10/2018 search
A Lightweight Host-Based Intrusion Detection based on Process Generation Patterns 8/9/2018 search
Evaluating Disassembly-code based Similarity between IoT Malware Samples 8/9/2018 search
SAR evaluations of array antenna for wireless LAN router 8/6/2018 search
Numerical analysis on double frequency-spacing optical comb for optimization of RF signals driving I-Q MZM 8/3/2018 search
Frequency Spacing and Offset Tunable Multiple-Frequency-Spaced Optical Comb Generation Using Multiple-Parallel Phase Modulator 8/3/2018 search
Convolution Recurrent Neural Networks for Short-Term Prediction of Atmospheric Sensing Data 8/2/2018 search
O-L band bias-free high-speed UTC-PD for advanced optical fiber communications 8/1/2018 search
Enhancement of Encoder and Attention Using Target Monolingual Corpora in Neural Machine Translation 7/20/2018 search
Forest-Based Neural Machine Translation 7/17/2018 search
Simplified Abugidas 7/17/2018 search
Dynamic Sentence Sampling for Efficient Training of Neural Machine Translation 7/15/2018 search
Analyzing Practical Issues in SAR Measurements of Multiple-Antenna Transmitting Devices 7/11/2018 search
Lower Bounds on Structure-Preserving Signatures for Bilateral Messages 7/6/2018 search
Recent Advances Using Homogeneous Single-Mode Multicore Fibers for Spatial Division Multiplexing 7/4/2018 search
Wavelength and Space Division Packet Super-channel Switching System for Future Data Center Optical Networks with a Switching Capacity of 53.3 Tb/s/port 7/4/2018 search
Fiber-wireless seamless transport based on radio over fiber technologies for 5G and beyond 7/4/2018 search
High-Frame-Rate Single-Shot Spectrum Measurement for Ultrafast Optical Pulses Based on Optical Signal Processing 7/4/2018 search
Advanced Photoreceiver Technology for Space Division Multiplexing Communication 7/2/2018 search
90-GHz linear-cell systems for public transportation systems 7/2/2018 search
Evasive Malware via Identifier Implanting 6/28/2018 search
A Community-Based Cooperative Anomaly Detection System by the Synergy of Mobile Sensing and Delay Tolerant Networks 6/27/2018 search
Photo-based Multi-perspective Image Rendering for Tabletop Light-field 3-D Displays 6/26/2018 search
Usable and Secure Cloud-based Biometric Authentication Solution for IoT Devices 6/26/2018 search
Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Method in SDM based Optical Packet and Circuit Integrated Networks 6/19/2018 search
Directory Service for Connected Vehicles 6/6/2018 search
Ocean wave measurement by the improved Pi-SAR X2 along-track interferometry 6/6/2018 search
Guiding Neural Machine Translation with Retrieved Translation Pieces 6/3/2018 search
High-density InAs quantum dots for high-efficiency photodetection in telecom and THz band 6/1/2018 search
Minimum latency and optimal traffic partition in 5G small cell networks 6/1/2018 search
Demonstration of 10Gbps Fundamental Optical Logic Gate Operation Using MQW-SOA 6/1/2018 search
High-frame-rate Spectrum Measurement for Ultrafast Optical Pulses based on Optical Signal Processing 5/31/2018 search
Influence of Highly Stacked Layer Numbers in Quantum-Dot Lasers 5/30/2018 search
Low cost development of HF receiver prototype for HF-START field campaign 5/28/2018 search
Cooperative Wi-Fi and Visible Light Communication for Indoor Video Delivery 5/22/2018 search
Computationally Efficient Orthogonal Precoding for Sidelobe Suppression of OFDM Signals 5/21/2018 search
Consecutive Caching and Adaptive Retrieval for In-Network Big Data Sharing 5/21/2018 search
28Gbps PAM4 60GHz Radio over Fiber System by Injection Locking Two-Tone Light to Directly-Modulated Laser 5/17/2018 search
Direct coupling between 2D-PDA and triangular/square shape aligned MCF for universal SDM photoreceiver 5/17/2018 search
Circular Sector Antenna Pair with Harmoic Rejection Property for Near-Field Wireless Power Transmission 5/17/2018 search
Hardware-supported Softwarized and Elastic Optical Networks 5/16/2018 search
Real-time multi-wavelength digital holography using line-by-line spectral shaping of optical frequency comb 5/16/2018 search
Experimental Demonstration of Fiber-Nonlinearity Cancellation by Photonic Homodyne Down-Conversion in Conjugated-Paired Radio-on-Fiber System 5/15/2018 search
Impact of differential group-velocity dispersion on intermodal four-wave mixing in few-mode fibers 5/15/2018 search
Demonstration of 1-um-band Si-Photonics-Based Quantum Dot Heterogeneous Tunable Laser 5/15/2018 search
Crosstalk Impact on a 535 Tb/s 172 km Transmission Using a Homogeneous 19-Core Multicore Fiber 5/14/2018 search
Modulation and Detection for Multicore Superchannels with Correlated Phase Noise 5/14/2018 search
System benefits of coupled-core multicore fibers with different coupling lengths 5/14/2018 search
THz imaging system using MEMS bolometer and THz-QCL 5/8/2018 search
Optical frequency comb applied optoelectronic oscillator for millimeter-wavesignal generation and its application 4/25/2018 search
IoT Directory Service for Realtime and Secure Vehicular Communication 4/24/2018 search
Autonomic Resource Arbitration and Service-continuable Network Function Migration along Service Function Chains 4/24/2018 search
Filtering Observations to Improve Resource Control in Virtual Computer and Network Systems 4/23/2018 search
Source and Direction of Arrival Estimation Based on Maximum Likelihood Combined with GMM and Eigenanalysis 4/20/2018 search
An Investigation of a Knowledge Distillation Method for CTC Acoustic Models 4/20/2018 search
CTC Loss Function with A Unit-level Ambiguity Penalty 4/20/2018 search
An investigation of subband WaveNet vocoder covering entire audible frequency range with limited acoustic features 4/19/2018 search
Comparative evaluations of various factored deep convolutional RNN architectures for noise robust speech recognition 4/18/2018 search
QKD from a microsatellite: The SOTA experience 4/18/2018 search
A Darknet Traffic Analysis for IoT Malwares Using Association Rule Learning 4/18/2018 search
Shared Resource Access High Capacity Wireless Networks: A Stochastic Geometry Framework 4/18/2018 search
Secure In-Network Big Data Provision with Suspension Chain Model 4/16/2018 search
Efficient Handling of Excessive Locators in Hierarchical Addressing 4/16/2018 search
Dielectric methodologies of coaxial sensors for measurement of biological tissues up to 100 GHz 4/12/2018 search
Penetration Loss Measurement at 300 GHz for Building Entry Loss Estimation 4/11/2018 search
Millimeter- And Terahertz-Wave Radio Systems Enabled by Photonics Technology for 5G/IoT and Beyond 4/10/2018 search
Improved (Almost) Tightly-Secure Structure Preserving Signatures 3/28/2018 search
Overcoming the difficulty of large-scale CGH generation on multi-GPU cluster 3/26/2018 search
3/23/2018 search
BluMoon: Bluetooth Low Energy Emulation System with Software-Implemented Controller 3/23/2018 search
On-the-fly Simulator of Tabletop Light-field 3-D Displays Powered by a Game Engine 3/20/2018 search
A Smorgasbord of Features to Combine Phrase-Based and Neural Machine Translation 3/20/2018 search
159 Tbit/s C+L Band Transmission over 1045 km 3-Mode Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber 3/15/2018 search
83.33 Tb/s Coherent PDM-8PSK SDM-TDM Spatial Super-channel and High-speed Core-joint Switching System 3/15/2018 search
First Experimental Demonstration of Disaggregated Emergency Optical System for Quick Disaster Recovery 3/15/2018 search
93.34 Tbit/s/mode (280 Tbit/s) Transmission in a 3-Mode Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber 3/14/2018 search
W-band Radio-over-fiber Link Based on Self-oscillating Optical Frequency Comb Generator 3/14/2018 search
Full-Duplex and Scalable MIMO Fiber–Wireless Seamless System in W-Band for Future Mobile Networks 3/14/2018 search
Inter-Core Skew Measurements in Temperature Controlled Multi-Core Fiber 3/13/2018 search
Demonstrating Network-scale Gain Transient Impact of Multiple Series EDFAs in Link Failure Cases 3/13/2018 search
Node Internal Modeling for Network Recovery with Emergency Optical Systems 3/12/2018 search
Radio-over-Fiber-based Seamless Fiber–Wireless Convergence for Small Cell and Linear Cell Networks 3/12/2018 search
High-speed two-dimensional photodetector array for 4-WDM 25-Gbaud FSO communication 3/12/2018 search
Impact of Fractionally Spatial Super-channel Time-slotted Switch Architecture Design 3/12/2018 search
Softwarized, Elastic and Agile Optical Networks for Dynamic Environmental Change and Failure Recovery 3/12/2018 search
SAR Evaluations of Phantom Surface Close to Antenna for Wireless LAN Router 3/6/2018 search
Performance evaluation of MEMS atmospheric pressure sensor as infrasound observation device 3/6/2018 search
Anticipating Minimum Resources Needed to Avoid Service Disruption of Emergency Support Systems 2/19/2018 search
Semi-distantly Supervised Neural Model for Generating Compact Answers to Open-domain Why Questions 2/4/2018 search
Compensation of third-order intermodulation distortion of electro-optic modulator by using frequency chirp modulation 1/31/2018 search
Study of high power generation in UTC-PD at 110-210 GHz 1/31/2018 search
Radio over fiber network technology for millimeter-wave distributed radar systems 1/30/2018 search
Parallel periodically-poled LiNbO3 waveguides module for polarization diversity wavelength conversion and amplification 1/29/2018 search
Time stretch dispersive Fourier Transform based single-shot pulse-by-pulse spectrum measurement using a pulse-repetition-frequency-variable gain-switched laser 1/29/2018 search
Spectral efficiency in crosstalk-impaired multi-core fiber links 1/29/2018 search
Characteristics-improvement of QD semiconductor optical amplifier using rapid-thermal annealing process 1/29/2018 search
High-capacity transmission with homogeneous multi-core fibers and wideband optical comb sources 1/29/2018 search
300-GHz CMOS transmitter module with built-in waveguide transition on a multilayered glass epoxy PCB 1/17/2018 search
Improved (Almost) Tightly-Secure Structure-Preserving Signatures 1/9/2018 search