List of published conference papers (2019)

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Title Publication
Assessing a risk-avoidance navigation system based on localized torrential rain data 12/20/2019 search
City Geospatial Dashboard: IoT and Big Data Analytics for Geospatial Solutions Provider in Disaster Management 12/19/2019 search
Hybrid High-Throughput Satellite (HTS) Communication Systems using RF and Light-Wave Communications 12/19/2019 search
Logical Network Mapping With Content Connectivity Against Multiple Link Failures in Optical Metro Networks 12/19/2019 search
Tacotron-based acoustic model using phoneme alignment for practical neural text-to-speech systems 12/15/2019 search
A Fast Algorithm for Constructing Phylogenetic Trees with Application to IoT Malware Clustering 12/14/2019 search
Biologically-Motivated Deep Learning Method using Hierarchical Competitive Learning 12/13/2019 search
Combating Threat-Alert Fatigue with Online Anomaly Detection using Isolation Forest 12/12/2019 search
Discovering Partial Periodic Spatial Patterns in Spatiotemporal Databases 12/12/2019 search
Development of Folded Rhombic Antenna without Balun for Microwave Frequency Range 12/12/2019 search
Threat Analysis of Poisoning Attack against Ethereum Blockchain 12/11/2019 search
Slice-Aware Service Restoration with Recovery Trucks for Optical Metro-Access Networks 12/11/2019 search
Byakko: Automatic Whitelist Generation based on Occurrence Distribution of Features of Network Traffic 12/11/2019 search
DIBN: A Decentralized Information-Centric Blockchain Network 12/11/2019 search
Complex Event Analysis for Traffic Risk Prediction based on 3D-CNN with Multi-sources Urban Sensing Data 12/10/2019 search
Malicious URL Linkage Analysis and Common Pattern Discovery 12/10/2019 search
Multi-time-horizon Traffic Risk Prediction using Spatio-Temporal Urban Sensing Data Fusion 12/10/2019 search
Association Model between Visual Feature and AQI Rank Using Lifelog Data 12/10/2019 search
Decoder Transfer Learning for Predicting Personal Exposure to Air Pollution 12/9/2019 search
Shorter QA-NIZK and SPS with Tighter Security 12/9/2019 search
Integrated Fiber–Wireless System in W Band for Ultra-Dense Small-Cell and Moving-Cell Network 12/9/2019 search
Shorter QA-NIZK and SPS with Tighter Security 12/9/2019 search
Elderly Health Monitoring System with Fall Detection Using Multi-Feature Based Person Tracking 12/4/2019 search
Low-complexity Orthogonal N-continuous Precoding for Sidelobe Suppression of OFDM Signals 11/27/2019 search
R&D in NICT on Radio Communication Technologies for Safety Operation of Drones 11/27/2019 search
Seamless converged network architecture based on fiber-wireless systems for high-speed railway communication networks 11/27/2019 search
UTW-OFDM-based 5G New Radio with Low Out-of-band Emission 11/27/2019 search
Experimental Throughput Evaluation of IEEE 802.11af Channel Aggregation with Prototype Radio Device 11/26/2019 search
Real-time Wireless Channel Monitoring Cooperated with Roadside Sensors for Autonomous Mobility Assistance System (AMAS) 11/26/2019 search
Provision and Visualization of Solar Radiation Data for Energy Management System 11/22/2019 search
Improvement of Acquisition Time Using High Speed MEMS Bolometer in Active Imaging 11/21/2019 search
Children Activity Descriptions from Visual and Textual Associations 11/18/2019 search
360-Degree-Viewable Tabletop Light-Field 3D Display Having Only 24 Projectors 11/17/2019 search
A Fast Privacy-Preserving Multi-Layer Perceptron Using Ring-LWE-based Homomorphic Encryption 11/8/2019 search
Evaluation of a Distributed Sensor Data Stream Collection Method Considering Phase Differences 11/8/2019 search
Discovering Periodic Patterns in Irregular Time Series 11/8/2019 search
A Rule Design for Trust-Oriented Internet Live Video Distribution Systems 11/8/2019 search
Discovering Spatial Weighted Frequent Itemsets in Spatiotemporal Databases 11/8/2019 search
Event Causality Recognition Exploiting Multiple Annotators' Judgments and Background Knowledge 11/7/2019 search
An Implementation of Layer 2 Overlay Mesh Network and Edge Computing Platform for IoT 11/6/2019 search
Recovery of Fiber Networks C/M-Plane via an IoT-Based Narrow-Band Links System Based on LoRa Mesh Platform 11/6/2019 search
MY-AKKHARA: A Romanization-based Burmese (Myanmar) Input Method 11/5/2019 search
On the performance of hybrid multi-core and few-mode fiber links 11/5/2019 search
Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Translation for Myanmar-English and Khmer-English 11/5/2019 search
Exploiting Multilingualism through Multistage Fine-Tuning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation 11/5/2019 search
Recycling a Pre-trained BERT Encoder for Neural Machine Translation 11/4/2019 search
Millimeter-wave Radio-over-Fiber System for High-Speed Railway Communications 11/4/2019 search
Temperature Induced Group-Delay Variations in a Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber 11/4/2019 search
Experimental Investigation of Stimulated Raman Scattering Induced Crosstalk-Tilt in a Homogeneous Multi-Core Fiber 11/3/2019 search
Edge Computing for Road Safety Applications 11/1/2019 search
Visual Guide to Improving Depth Perception in See-Through Visualization of Laser-Scanned 3D Point Clouds 10/31/2019 search
Effect of Multiple Iso-surfaces in Depth Perception in Transparent Stereoscopic Visualizations 10/31/2019 search
Secret Key Agreement for Satellite Laser Communications 10/31/2019 search
Calibration Method for Array Antenna Considering Mutual Coupling in Mobile Satellite Communications 10/31/2019 search
Investigation of plasmon hybridization between slot-ring resonator absorber and lattice pattern substrate 10/30/2019 search
The Results of WINDS experiments of NICT 10/30/2019 search
Report of 3.2 Gbps Transmission Experiment Result using WINDS Satellite 10/30/2019 search
Development of a Numerical Smartphone Model for Evaluating Specific Absorption Rate in the Human Body 10/30/2019 search
Measurement of Reflection and Transmission Characteristics of Glasses at 300 GHz 10/29/2019 search
Overview of MediaEval 2019: Insights for Wellbeing TaskMultimodal Personal Health Lifelog Data Analysis 10/28/2019 search
IMU-enabled nondestructive imaging system based on millimeter-wave radar 10/24/2019 search
Measurement of Complex Permittivity of Tissue-Equivalent Liquid Poured in a Waveguide Well 10/23/2019 search
Preliminary Design Results of Engineering Test Satellite 9 Communications Mission: for Verification of Next Generation HTS Communications Technology 10/22/2019 search
Mobility and Terrain-aware Data Delivery in Urban Vehicular Networks 10/22/2019 search
A Demonstrative Study on the Potential of Store-Carry-Forward-Based Contents Delivery by a Beverage Supplier's Logistics Network 10/21/2019 search
An information provision method for visualized traffic risks 10/19/2019 search
Recent Trends in Space Laser Communications for Small Satellites and Constellations 10/16/2019 search
A Performance Evaluation of Object Detections by Progressive Quality Improvement Approach 10/16/2019 search
Experimental Verification of Anisotropic Optical Turbulence on Building Rooftops 10/15/2019 search
Intersatellite-link demonstration mission between CubeSOTA (LEO CubeSat) and ETS9-HICALI (GEO satellite) 10/14/2019 search
9 March 2016 Solar Eclipse Effects F2 Layer Peak Electron Density at Conjugate Points over Southeast Asia Region 10/11/2019 search
Variations of foE and foEs During Low and High Solar Activity Over Equatorial Latitude Station, Thailand 10/11/2019 search
80 Gb/s 2×2 MIMO Fiber–Wireless Integrated System in W Band Using IFoF Transmission 10/10/2019 search
A pBCI to Predict Attentional Error Before it Happens in Real Flight Conditions 10/9/2019 search
Dual Band Millimeter-Wave Integrated Photoreceiver 10/8/2019 search
LASK: A Distributed Service Discovery Platform on Edge Computing Environments 10/7/2019 search
CeforeSim: Cefore Compliant NS-3-Based Network Simulator 10/7/2019 search
On critical design of bandwidth-on-demand high throughput satellite communications system technology 10/2/2019 search
SAR Evaluations of Phantom Surface Close to Wireless LAN Router with Beam Steering Technique 10/1/2019 search
Demonstration of a 1 Pb/s spatial channel network node 9/26/2019 search
Identity-Based Encryption with Security against the KGC: A Formal Model and Its Instantiation from Lattices 9/25/2019 search
Split-Enabled 490 Gb/s Optical Interconnect with Direct Detection NOMA-CAC and 7-Core Multi-Core Fibre 9/25/2019 search
Implementation and Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11af Channel Aggregation 9/25/2019 search
8007 km C + L band transmission over MCF with 19-core cladding-pumped EDFA 9/24/2019 search
Dynamic crosstalk and skew on a 1.3 Tb/s full-duplex O-band short reach transmission using an 8-core fiber 9/24/2019 search
Report on a Hackathon for Car Navigation Using Traffic Risk Data 9/23/2019 search
Enhancement of User Perceived Throughput in Sub-6 GHz Integrated Access and Backhaul with Dynamic Full-Duplex 9/23/2019 search
Duration modeling with global phoneme-duration vectors 9/19/2019 search
Class-wise Centroid Distance Metric Learning for Acoustic Event Detection 9/19/2019 search
Improving Transformer-based Speech Recognition Systems with Compressed Structure and Speech Attributes Augmentation 9/19/2019 search
Epitaxial growth of InGaSb layers on GaSb substrates for fabrication of InGaSb-based THz-QCLs 9/17/2019 search
Investigating Radical-based End-to-End Speech Recognition Systems for Chinese Dialects and Japanese 9/17/2019 search
End-to-End Articulatory Attribute Modeling for Low-resource Multilingual Speech Recognition 9/17/2019 search
Real-time neural text-to-speech with sequence-to-sequence acoustic model and WaveGlow or single Gaussian WaveRNN vocoders 9/17/2019 search
One-pass single-channel noisy speech recognition using a combination of noisy and enhanced features 9/16/2019 search
Modulation of extrinsic and intrinsic processing by naturalistic audiovisual stimulation 9/15/2019 search
A Study on a Correlation between a Predictive Model of Motion Pictures Imitating the Predictive Coding of the Cerebral Cortex and Brain Activity 9/15/2019 search
Analysis of Correspondence Relationship between Brain Activity and Semantic Representation 9/14/2019 search
An Interactive Watershed-based Approach for Lifelog Moment Retrieval 9/12/2019 search
From Chaos to Order: The Role of Content and Context of Daily Activities in Rearranging Lifelogs Data 9/12/2019 search
Demo: ARIA: Interactive Damage Prediction System for Urban Flood using Simulation and Emulation Federation Platform 9/12/2019 search
Free-space optical secret key agreement with post-selection based on channel state information 9/12/2019 search
Disaster-Resilient Communication Framework for Heterogeneous Vehicular Networks 9/11/2019 search
Estimation of infrasound source positions using multipoint observation 9/11/2019 search
BIDAL@imageCLEFlifelog2019: The Role of Content and Context of Daily Activities in Insights from Lifelogs 9/11/2019 search
Potable Infrasound Monitoring Device with Multiple MEMS Pressure Sensors 9/10/2019 search
User Throughput Enhancement with Dynamic Full-Duplex Cellular System in Dense Urban Multi-cell Environment 9/9/2019 search
Numerical Study on Oscillation and Domain Formation in Series-Connected Resonant Tunneling Diodes 9/5/2019 search
Evaluation of Electromagnetic Noise Radiated from Tube-type LED Lamps and Its Effect on Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems 9/5/2019 search
Comparison Between Impulsive Noise Models Considering a Time Structure of LED Noise 9/5/2019 search
National-scale application of an activity-based residential building energy model using postcode-level census data 9/4/2019 search
Terahertz diagnostics at accelerators using radio frequency-driven frequency combs based on telecommunication technology 9/3/2019 search
Evaluation of Detection Response of an Electric Field Probe to AM Signals Using Equivalent Circuit Model 9/3/2019 search
A UL-NOMA system providing low E2E latency 8/30/2019 search
Experimental Validations on Low-Error Estimation Models in Determining the Maximum Specific Absorption Rate of Multi-Antenna Mobile Handsets 8/30/2019 search
Transmit Power Control using Fading Prediction for TDD-UL-NOMA Systems 8/30/2019 search
Olfactory Stimulation Modulates Visual Perception and Brain Activities in the Visual Cortex 8/29/2019 search
Amount of a Donation Is Influenced by Imaginary Temporal Distance 8/29/2019 search
Preimage Attacks on Reduced Troika with Divide-and-Conquer Methods 8/29/2019 search
More Results on Shortest Linear Programs 8/28/2019 search
Extracting Symptom Names and Disease-Symptom Relationships from Web Texts Using a Multi-Column Convolutional Neural Network 8/28/2019 search
Discovering Partial Periodic High Utility Itemsets in Temporal Databases 8/28/2019 search
Tweakable TWINE: Building a Tweakable Block Cipher on Generalized Feistel Structure 8/28/2019 search
Neural Correlates of James-Lange Hypothesis on Smile 8/26/2019 search
Exploiting Out-of-Domain Parallel Data through Multilingual Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation 8/22/2019 search
Online Sentence Segmentation for Simultaneous Interpretation using Multi-Shifted Recurrent Neural Network 8/21/2019 search
Hybrid Data-Model Parallel Training for Sequence-to-Sequence Recurrent Neural Network Machine Translation 8/20/2019 search
Efficient Collision Attack Frameworks for RIPEMD-160 8/20/2019 search
Development of High-performance and Flexible Protocol Handler for International Web Accesses 8/10/2019 search
Distributed Hayabusa: Scalable Syslog Search Engine Optimized for Time-Dimensional Search 8/7/2019 search
LoRa Communication Maps of Medium-Sized Rural City in Japan via Community Bus Services 8/6/2019 search
Performance Improvement of High-Speed File Transfer over JHPCN 8/6/2019 search
Real-Time Detection of Malware Activities by Analyzing Darknet Traffic Using Graphical Lasso 8/6/2019 search
A Topic-based Unsupervised-learning Approach for Online Underground Market Exploration 8/6/2019 search
Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic Using Dynamic Graph Mining with a Sparse Autoencoder 8/6/2019 search
A Programming Environment for Visual IoT on Raspberry Pi 8/5/2019 search
JooStar: Heterogeneous Simulator Federation for Application-in-the-Loop Simulation 8/2/2019 search
NICT's Machine Translation Systems for the WMT19 Similar Language Translation Task 8/2/2019 search
Processing Time and Reproducibility Toward A Real-Time Simulation System for Flood Evacuation 8/2/2019 search
Proposing of Software Testing Platform with Federating Simulation and Software Emulation For Route Recommendation System in the Case of Flooding 8/2/2019 search
NICT's Unsupervised Neural and Statistical Machine Translation Systems for the WMT19 News Translation Task 8/1/2019 search
Modeling Fast and Robust Ant Nest Relocation using Particle Swarm Optimization 8/1/2019 search
NICT's Supervised Neural Machine Translation Systems for the WMT19 Translation Robustness Task 8/1/2019 search
NICT’s Supervised Neural Machine Translation Systems for the WMT19 News Translation Task 8/1/2019 search
Open-Domain Why-Question Answering with Adversarial Learning to Encode Answer Texts 7/31/2019 search
Unsupervised Joint Training of Bilingual Word Embeddings 7/30/2019 search
Lattice-Based Transformer Encoder for Neural Machine Translation 7/30/2019 search
Sentence-Level Agreement for Neural Machine Translation 7/30/2019 search
Unsupervised Bilingual Word Embedding Agreement for Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation 7/29/2019 search
Neural Machine Translation with Reordering Embeddings 7/28/2019 search
Fiber-optic and Radio-wave Convergence for Ultra-Dense Small-cell and Moving-cell Networks 7/25/2019 search
Discovering Spatial High Utility Itemsets in Spatiotemporal Databases 7/25/2019 search
Trust-Oriented Live Video Distribution Architecture 7/19/2019 search
Hybrid Cellular-DTN for Vehicle Volume Data Collection in Rural Areas 7/16/2019 search
A Dynamic Intervals Determination Method based on Transaction Rates for Real-time IoT Applications 7/15/2019 search
Effects of atmospheric turbulence and misalignment-induced fading on the secrecy performance of IM/DD free-space CV-QKD systems using a Gaussian beam 7/12/2019 search
First Demonstration of End-to-End Network Slicing with Transport Network Coordination and Edge Cloud Applications in 5G Era 7/10/2019 search
Proper Usage of the Group Signature Scheme in ISO/IEC 20008-2 7/10/2019 search
Determining the Maximum Local Specific Absorption Rate of a Multiple-Antenna Transmitter Using K-Order Electric Field Models 7/9/2019 search
Characterization of 2D high-speed photodetector array device for SDM fiber communication applications 7/9/2019 search
Radio Over Fiber System for Uninterrupted High-Speed Railway Communications 7/9/2019 search
Simultaneous Compensation of Fiber Nonlinearity and Dispersive Fading Effects by Conjugated-Paired Radio-on-Fiber Transmission with Phase-Shifted Dual-Sideband Downconversion 7/9/2019 search
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Eigenvalue Deviation in Optical Multi-Eigenvalue Modulated Signal Transmission 7/9/2019 search
FPGA Demonstration of Adaptive Lowlatency High-fidelity Analog-to-digital Compression for Beyond-5G Wireless-wired Conversion 7/9/2019 search
Optical Power Budget Enhancement in 50 Gb/s IM-DD PONs with NOMA-CAP Modulation and SOA-Based Amplification 7/9/2019 search
Dual-Parallel Mach-Zehnder Modulator Integrated with 180-degree Hybrid for Compensation of Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion 7/7/2019 search
Ionospheric Total Electron Content Derived from GNSS Signals by Double Thin-Shell Model near the Magnetic Equator and Implication in the Meridional Wind 7/5/2019 search
Improving Neural Machine Translation with Neural Syntactic Distance 7/3/2019 search
Image Recognition Based Adaptive Array Antenna Controls for Winter Road Surveillance System in Local Mountain Area 7/3/2019 search
Ionospheric Total Electron Content Derived from GNSS Signals by Double Thin-Shell Model near the Magnetic Equator and Implication in the Meridional Wind 7/1/2019 search
Classification methods for patients with severe chronic disorders of consciousness using fMRI 6/29/2019 search
Service Function Migration Scheduling based on Encoder-Decoder Recurrent Neural Network 6/25/2019 search
The comparison of Klobuchar model with GPS TEC model at the low geomagnetic latitude station, Thailand 6/24/2019 search
Validation of the spread-F probability of IRI-2016 model during high solar activity over the equatorial Chumphon station in Thailand 6/24/2019 search
Nondestructive observation of multilayered modern paintings by electromagnetic waves 6/24/2019 search
Assessment of GPS-TEC with the IRI-2016 model, the IRI-Plas model and GIM-TEC during low solar activity at KMITL, Thailand 6/23/2019 search
Investigation of 100 GHz Output Power Performance in Uni-travelling Carrier Photodetector under Zero-bias Condition 6/18/2019 search
Detection of Optically-Generated THz Radiations by EO Sampling Using Modulator-Based Optical Comb Source 6/18/2019 search
A Vehicle-Approach Alert System Based on the Neighbor Discovery Protocol for Pedestrian Safety 6/18/2019 search
Contour Lines to Assist Position Recognition of Slices in Transparent Stereoscopic Visualization of Medical Volume Data 6/17/2019 search
Fused Visualization and Feature Highlighting to Assist Depth Recognition in Transparent Stereoscopic Visualization 6/17/2019 search
Design of Satellite Network-Based Remote Control and Monitoring System for Power Plants 6/13/2019 search
Modeling Ant Nest Relocation at Low Active Ratio by Particle Swarm Optimization 6/11/2019 search
Unsupervised Extraction of Partial Translations for Neural Machine Translation 6/5/2019 search
A 6-mW-DC-Power 300-GHz CMOS Receiver for Near-Field Wireless Communications 6/5/2019 search
Incorporating Word Attention into Character-Based Word Segmentation 6/4/2019 search
A-40-dBc Integrated-Phase-Noise 45-GHz Sub-Sampling PLL with 3.9-dBm Output and 2.1% DC-to-RF Efficiency 6/3/2019 search
Development of a Request Processing Method for Relief Goods in the Distributed Material Management Support System of Evacuation Shelters using DTN 5/29/2019 search
Wi-Fi Offloading for Multi-homed Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Streaming 5/22/2019 search
A Novel Carrier-Cooperation Scheme with an Incentive for Offering Emergency Lightpath Support in Disaster Recovery 5/16/2019 search
Interactive Learning of Teacher-student Model for Short Utterance Spoken Language Identification 5/14/2019 search
Bit error rate performance of bias-free operational UTC-PD for high baud rate communications up to 100 Gbaud 5/10/2019 search
Theoretical and experimental analysis on Ar Implantation-Induced Quantum Dot Intermixing for 1550 nm-Band Photonic Integrated Circuit 5/9/2019 search
Full W-band Frequency Measurement of THz Waves by Electro-Optic Sampling Using Modulator-Based Optical Comb Source 5/8/2019 search
Averaging Area for Transmitted Power Density Correlated to Temperature Elevation on Human Skin Surface due to RF Exposure at 60 GHz 5/7/2019 search
Cascade-Linked Multi-Synthetic-Wavelength Digital Holography Using Line-by-Line Spectral Shaping Optical Frequency Comb 5/6/2019 search
An Outdoor Evaluation of 1-Gbps Optical Wireless Communication using AlGaN-based LED in 280-nm Band 5/6/2019 search
Hybrid Optical Wireless–mmWave: Ultra High-Speed Indoor Communications for Beyond 5G 4/30/2019 search
An Analysis of a Large Scale Wireless Image Distribution System Deployment 4/28/2019 search
100GHz Optical-to-Radio Converter Module Adopting Power over Fiber Transmission 4/23/2019 search
A Community-Based IoT Service Platform to Locally Disseminate Socially-Valuable Data 4/18/2019 search
Handheld millimeter-wave radar and lidar systems using an IMU device 4/16/2019 search
Efficiently Finding High Utility-Frequent Itemsets using Cutoff and Suffix Utility 4/15/2019 search
Real-Time Botnet Detection Using Nonnegative Tucker Decomposition 4/11/2019 search
A Scalable and Accurate Feature Representation Method for Identifying Malicious Mobile Applications 4/10/2019 search
A New Measurement Technique to Determine the Maximum SAR of Multiple-Antenna Transmitters Using K-Order Models and Scalar E-Field Probes 4/10/2019 search
Using Real-World Event Notifications to Reduce Operational Cost in Virtual Networks 4/8/2019 search
Crosstalk analysis in high speed two-dimensional photodetector array directly coupled to multi-core fibers 4/3/2019 search
A Scheme to Improve Stream Transaction Rates for Real-time IoT Applications 3/27/2019 search
Convolution Recurrent Neural Networks Based Dynamic Transboundary Air Pollution Prediction 3/16/2019 search
Estimation of Transmitted Power Density from Temperature Experiment for EMF Exposure Assessment at 60 GHz 3/13/2019 search
Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues in Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems Used in Japan 3/12/2019 search
Comparisons of SAR Values Measured between Fast and Full Measurement Procedures for Cellular Phones 3/11/2019 search
Full-Duplex Transmission of Nyquist-SCM Signal over a Seamless Bidirectional Fiber–Wireless System in W-Band 3/7/2019 search
0.715 Pb/s Transmission over 2,009.6 km in 19-core cladding pumped EDFA amplified MCF link 3/7/2019 search
1-λ, 16-parallel lanes, 50-Gbaud on-off keying multi-core fiber communication directly coupled to high speed 2D-photodetector array 3/7/2019 search
Field Trial of 1.5-Gbps 97-GHz Train Communication System Based on Linear Cell Radio Over Fiber Network for 240-km/h High-Speed Train 3/7/2019 search
Coherent Detection only by 2-D Photodetector Array: A Discreteness-aware Phase Retrieval Approach 3/7/2019 search
Enhanced Optical Communications Through Joint Time-Frequency Multiplexing Strategies 3/6/2019 search
Impact of Modulation Format on Dynamic Channel Crosstalk Behavior in Multi-Core Fibers 3/6/2019 search
Dynamic Crosstalk Study in a Few-Mode-Multi-Core Fiber 3/6/2019 search
Wide-Band Intermodal Wavelength Conversion in a Dispersion Engineered Highly Nonlinear FMF 3/6/2019 search
Low-speed DSP assisted dispersion compensation-free IM/DD optical OFDM transmission over 100 km-SMF using time- and frequency-domain sparse-subcarrier multiplexing 3/6/2019 search
Chromatic Dispersion Analysis and Compensation in a Large Core-Count Few-Mode Multi-Core Fiber Based on Optical Vector Network Analysis 3/4/2019 search
Quantum state tomography of ultrafast optical pulses at telecom wavelength by broadband balanced homodyne detection 3/4/2019 search
An Evaluation of Multipath TCP in Lossy Environment 3/1/2019 search
Toward Automated Threat Detection and Actuation 2/28/2019 search
Toward Automated Vulnerability Handling 2/28/2019 search
Cleaning Up the Internet of Evil Things: Real-World Evidence on ISP and Consumer Efforts to Remove Mirai 2/25/2019 search
Experimental Evaluation of UL-NOMA System Employing Correlated Receive Diversity 2/21/2019 search
Sparse Regression Model to Predict a Server Load for Dynamic Adjustments of Server Resources 2/20/2019 search
An 80Gb/s 300GHz-Band Single-Chip CMOS Transceiver 2/19/2019 search
Improvement on Localization Accuracy of IR-UWB By Adapting Time Bias Inner Transceiver 2/18/2019 search
Using the Total Cost of Ownership to Decide Resource Adjustment in Virtual Networks 2/18/2019 search
Pulse-by-pulse single-shot optical spectrum analyzer developed on a single platform 2/6/2019 search
Improvement of Crosstalk of High Speed 2D Photodetector Array 2/5/2019 search
Numerical investigation on spatial coherent matched detection for detection of spatially multiplexed signals 2/5/2019 search
Automatic bias control for radio-over-fiber-based train communication network system with single-sideband modulation 2/5/2019 search
Optical wireless power grid technology for extreme environments 2/2/2019 search
Recurrent Stacking of Layers for Compact Neural Machine Translation Models 1/31/2019 search
Half-year comparison of precipitable water vapor retrieved with novel ground-based microwave radiometer and GPS receiver at Tsukuba and numerical weather analysis data 1/31/2019 search
Exploiting Background Knowledge in Compact Answer Generation for Why-questions 1/30/2019 search
Causal Characteristic Impedance Determination Using Calibration Comparison and Propagation Constant 1/22/2019 search
A Low-pass Filtered Time-domain Window for DFTs-OFDM to Reduce Out-of-band Emission with Low Complexity 1/13/2019 search
Performance Analysis of a Terrestrial/UAV Integrated Mobile Communications System using Code Division Multiplexing in Natural Disasters 1/9/2019 search
SEPHLA: Challenges and Opportunities Within Environment - Personal Health Archives 1/9/2019 search
A Disaster Resilient Local Communication System without Depending on the Internet Connectivity 1/4/2019 search