List of published conference papers (2020)

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Title Publication
On Black-Box Extensions of Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments, and Signatures Directly from Simulation Soundness 6/2/2020 search
Link-level Performance Evaluation of an ULNOMA system with TDD constructed by hardware 5/25/2020 search
Coursera Corpus Mining and Multistage Fine-Tuning for Improving Lectures Translation 5/11/2020 search
ML and EM Estimation of Sampling Intervals of Sensor Devices 5/8/2020 search
Transformer-Based Text-to-Speech with Weighted Forced Attention 5/5/2020 search
Neural Machine Translation with Universal Visual Representation 4/26/2020 search
Data-dependent Gaussian Prior Objective for Language Generation 4/26/2020 search
Toward Disaster-Resilient Optical Networks with Open and Disaggregated Subsystems [Invited] 3/27/2020 search
Experimental Demonstration of Optical Multicast Packet Transmissions in Optical Packet/Circuit Integrated Networks 3/12/2020 search
10.66 Peta-Bit/s Transmission over a 38-Core-Three-Mode Fiber 3/12/2020 search
172 Tb/s C+L Band Transmission over 2040 km Strongly Coupled 3-Core Fiber 3/12/2020 search
0.596 Pb/s S, C, L-Band Transmission in a 125μm Diameter 4-core Fiber Using a Single Wideband Comb Source 3/12/2020 search
Channel Dynamics in Few-Mode Fiber Transmission Under Mechanical Vibrations 3/12/2020 search
First Demonstration of Automated Updates of Disaggregate Blades in Multi-Domain/Layer Optical Path Network 3/12/2020 search
Characterization and Optical Compensation of LP01 and LP11 Intra-modal Nonlinearity in Few-Mode Fibers 3/12/2020 search
High-Speed Radio-on-Free-Space Optical Mobile Fronthaul System for Ultra-Dense Radio Access Network 3/11/2020 search
Demodulation of Eigenvalue Modulated Signal Based on Eigenvalue-Domain Neural Network 3/11/2020 search
On the Sample Complexity of Phase-Retrieval Receiver Based on 2-D Arrayed Photodetectors 3/11/2020 search
Evaluation of Dynamic Skew on Spooled and Deployed Multicore Fibers Using O-Band Signals 3/10/2020 search
Fixed-rate-breaking All-optical OFDM System using Time-domain Hybrid PAM with Sparse Subcarrier Multiplexing and Power-loading for Optical Short-reach Transmission 3/10/2020 search
Reliable Slicing with Isolation in Optical Metro-Aggregation Networks 3/9/2020 search
Automatic Resource Mapping Using Functional Block Based Disaggregation Model for ROADM Networks 3/9/2020 search
High speed 2D-PDA FSO receiver for high optical alignment robustness with space diversity 3/9/2020 search
<500ns Latency Overhead Analog-to-digital-compression Radio-over-fiber (ADX-RoF) Transport of 16-channel MIMO, 1024QAM Signals with 5G NR Bandwidth 3/9/2020 search
Prediction and Dynamic Adjustment of Resources for Latency-Sensitive Virtual Network Functions 2/27/2020 search
SG-Net: Syntax-Guided Machine Reading Comprehension 2/7/2020 search
Explicit Sentence Compression for Neural Machine Translation 2/7/2020 search
Converged RoF-based mobile fronthaul and passive optical network with NOMA-CAP modulation format 2/5/2020 search
Spatial mode exchange technique using volume holograms with a random optical diffuser to reduce modal cross-talks 1/31/2020 search
Mode-selective switch for ROADM using volume holograms and spatial light modulator 1/31/2020 search
Efficient Pull-based Mobile Video Streaming leveraging In-Network Functions 1/12/2020 search
Detouring Skip Graph: A Structured Overlay Utilizing Detour Routes 1/11/2020 search