List of published conference papers (2020)

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Title Publication
Monitoring Social Media for Vulnerability-Threat Prediction and Topic Analysis 12/31/2020 search
Angular Response Control in Sub-THz Phased Array Antenna Using Dual Graphene Layers 12/16/2020 search
Overview of MediaEval 2020 Insights for Wellbeing:Multimodal Personal Health Lifelog Data Analysis 12/14/2020 search
Fusion-3DCNN-max3P: A dynamic system for discovering patterns of predicted congestion 12/13/2020 search
MASTGN: Multi-Attention Spatio-Temporal Graph Networks for Air Pollution Prediction 12/12/2020 search
Discovering Closed Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Very Large Temporal Databases 12/11/2020 search
Multi-source Machine Learning for AQI Estimation 12/11/2020 search
Distributed Mining of Spatial High Utility Itemsets in Very Large Spatiotemporal Databases using Spark In-Memory Computing Architecture 12/11/2020 search
Single-Pixel IQ Monitor via Computational Coherent Receptionwith Widely Linear Phase Retrieval 12/10/2020 search
132 Gb/s 3×3 Full MIMO Fiber–Wireless Seamless System in W Band Using WDM/PDM RoF Transmission 12/10/2020 search
First Demonstration of Autonomous TSN-based Beyond-Best-Effort Networking for5G NR Fronthauls and 1,000+ Massive IoT Traffic 12/10/2020 search
Crowd Forecasting at Venues with Microblog Posts Referring to Future Events 12/10/2020 search
1.01 Peta-bit/s C+L-band transmission over a 15-mode fiber 12/10/2020 search
Intermediate Self-supervised Learning for Machine Translation Quality Estimation 12/10/2020 search
Improving Low-Resource NMT through Relevance Based Linguistic Features Incorporation 12/10/2020 search
Phase-Retrieving Coherent Reception and its Sample Complexity 12/10/2020 search
Visual Action Recognition Using Deep Learning in Video Surveillance Systems 12/10/2020 search
Collision Aware Flow-Based Adaptive Resource Allocation for SDN-enabled SDM Optical Packet Switching Networks 12/10/2020 search
Real-time, Software-Defined, GPU-Based Receiver Field Trial 12/9/2020 search
30 GHz Radio over FSO System using High Speed 2D-PDAand Its Optical Path Switching Performance 12/9/2020 search
Artificial Neural Network-Based-Receiver forEigenvalue-Modulated Signal in Presence of Optical CFO 12/9/2020 search
Up-to 292-Mbps Deep-UV Communication over a Diffuse-Line-of-Sight Link Based on Silicon Photo Multiplier Array 12/9/2020 search
Petabit Class Transmission and Switching 12/8/2020 search
Harnessing Cross-lingual Features to Improve Cognate Detection for Low-resource Languages 12/8/2020 search
Automation of Computational Resource Control of Cyber-Physical Systems with Machine Learning 12/7/2020 search
Non-Interactive Composition of Sigma-Protocols via Share-then-Hash 12/7/2020 search
Transfer Learning across Different Lightpaths for Failure-Cause Identification in Optical Networks 12/7/2020 search
Multi-Span Transmission over 65 km 38-Core 3-Mode Fiber 12/7/2020 search
Challenges in Coding, DSP and Parallel Operation of Quantum Key Distribution and Coherent Data Transmission 12/7/2020 search
Transformer-based Double-token Bidirectional Autoregressive Decoding in Neural Machine Translation 12/4/2020 search
NICT's Submission To WAT 2020: How Effective Are Simple Many-To-Many Neural Machine Translation Models? 12/4/2020 search
Design and fabrication of new broadband folded-type antenna and measurement of characteristics 12/2/2020 search
Real-Time Video Streaming using CeforeSim: Simulator to the Real World 12/1/2020 search
Pass Bandwidth Extension of 120-GHz-band SRR Filter by Coupling Lattice Pattern Substrate 11/26/2020 search
96-GHz Phased Array System Using Wavelength Selectable Switch-Based Dispersion Control 11/24/2020 search
101 Gb/s 2×2 End-to-End MIMO Fiber-Wireless System in W Band Using WDM Radio-over-Fiber 11/24/2020 search
Investigation of Effectively Synthesizing Code-switched Speech Using Highly Imbalanced Mix-lingual Data 11/23/2020 search
NICT Kyoto Submission for the WMT’20 Quality Estimation Task: Intermediate Training for Domain and Task Adaptation 11/20/2020 search
Combining Sequence Distillation and Transfer Learning for Efficient Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation Models 11/19/2020 search
Combination of Neural Machine Translation Systems at WMT20 11/19/2020 search
New Approaches to Federated XGBoost Learning for Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis 11/18/2020 search
Implementation of Pulse-based Multiplexing Protocol for Massive IoT 11/18/2020 search
Channel Modeling Algorithm for TVWS-based IEEE 802.22 WRAN System in Rural Areas 11/18/2020 search
CDMC’19- the 10th International CybersecurityData Mining Competition 11/18/2020 search
Performance Evaluation of FILS in a Vehicular Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network 11/18/2020 search
Port-piece Embedding for Darknet TrafficFeatures and Clustering of Scan Attacks 11/18/2020 search
A Study on Optimizing Laser Beam Waist for LEO-To-GEO Communication for 100 Kg-Class Satellite 11/18/2020 search
Insights From Urban Sensing Data: From Chaos to Predicted Congestion Patterns 11/17/2020 search
Reference Language based Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation 11/16/2020 search
Terahertz diagnostic systems based on frequency combs without moving parts 11/13/2020 search
Voice-Indistinguishability: Protecting Voiceprint with Differential Privacy under an Untrusted Server. 11/13/2020 search
POSTER: Continuous and Multiregional Monitoring of Malicious Hosts 11/12/2020 search
Stabilization of a lasing frequency of a THz-QCL in free running for long-term phase-locking 11/11/2020 search
Numerical Study on Injection Locking in Resonant Tunneling Diode Oscillators 11/11/2020 search
High-order Semantic Role Labeling 11/6/2020 search
Discovering Frequent Spatial Patterns in Very Large Spatiotemporal Databases 11/5/2020 search
A New Method of Assigning Trust to User Addresses in Bitcoin 11/3/2020 search
Compensation on x-vector for short utterance spoken language identification 11/2/2020 search
BIDAL-HCMUS@LSC2020: An Interactive Multimodal Lifelog Retrieval with Query-to-Sample Attention-based Search Engine 10/30/2020 search
Staged Knowledge Distillation for End-to-End Dysarthric Speech Recognition and Speech Attribute Transcription 10/29/2020 search
Quasi-Periodic Parallel WaveGAN Vocoder: A Non-autoregressive Pitchdependent Dilated Convolution Model for Parametric Speech Generation 10/29/2020 search
An Interactive Multimodal Retrieval System for Memory Assistant and Life Organized Support 10/28/2020 search
An Active Learning Framework for Duplicate Detection in SaaS Platforms 10/28/2020 search
A Framework for Paper Submission Recommendation System 10/28/2020 search
Singing Voice Extraction with Attention based Spectrograms Fusion 10/28/2020 search
Terahertz and Far-infrared Absorption Spectroscopic Study of DNA Bases 10/28/2020 search
Malware Detection Using System Logs 10/26/2020 search
Investigation of NICT submission for short-duration speaker verification challenge 2020 10/26/2020 search
Microwave Doppler Radar Sensing System for Vital Sign Detection: From Evaluated Accuracy Models to the Intelligent System 10/26/2020 search
Cache-22: A Highly Deployable Encrypted Cache System 10/26/2020 search
Duplicate Identification Algorithms in SaaS Platforms 10/26/2020 search
A Mixture of Character and Word End-to-End System for Keyword Spotting 10/24/2020 search
Voice-Indistinguishability: Protecting Voiceprint in Privacy-Preserving Speech Data Release 10/24/2020 search
Multi-lingual Transformer Training for Khmer Automatic Speech Recognition 10/24/2020 search
Effectively Synthesizing Code-switched Speech Using Highly Imbalanced Mix-lingual Data and mask embedding 10/24/2020 search
How do space weather research and operation activities in Asia-Oceania contribute to the world? 10/22/2020 search
Performance Evaluation of High-Performance and Flexible Protocol on Data Mover Challenge 10/21/2020 search
Wireless Link Quality using Multiple Remote Sensors for Wireless Control of AGV in a Factory 10/19/2020 search
High-efficient Sensing Methods of Primary Wireless Transmission System for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing-based 5G System 10/19/2020 search
Adaptive Channel Aggregation in VHF/UHF for Mobile Communication 10/19/2020 search
Prototype of Analog Self-interference Cancellation based on Super-heterodyne Architecture for In-band Full-duplex Cellular System 10/19/2020 search
Development of Evaluation Platform for IEEE 802.22-based Highly Mobile WRAN Communication System with an SDR-based Receiver 10/19/2020 search
Metalanguage for the translation process 10/16/2020 search
Object Detection, Classification and Counting for Analysis of Visual Events 10/15/2020 search
Tracing and Analyzing Web Access Paths Based on User-Side Data Collection: How Do Users Reach Malicious URLs? 10/14/2020 search
Fiber wireless and optical wireless communications using high-speed photonic devices 10/9/2020 search
OLED-Based Visible Light Communication System Using Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier 10/7/2020 search
CW operation and performances of 1550nm-band InAs quantum-dot monolithically-integrated lasers with quantum-dot intermixed regions 10/7/2020 search
Orchestration of Wired and Wireless Systems forFuture Mobile Transport Network 10/7/2020 search
Discovering Maximal Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Very Large Temporal Databases 10/6/2020 search
Design and construction of a measurement site for radar unwanted emissions 10/5/2020 search
Brightness Temperature Obtained From Global Precipitation Measurement Mission's Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar 10/1/2020 search
High-frequency short-pulse generation with a highly stacked InAs quantum dot mode-locked laser diode 9/30/2020 search
The Effect of Nonlinear Characteristics of an Electric Field Probe on Detection Response to OFDMA Signal 9/24/2020 search
Exposure assessment methods with respect to the 5G mobile communication systems 9/24/2020 search
Design of an Electromagnetic Scattering Wall Applying Array Antenna Theory 9/23/2020 search
An interactive atomic-cluster watershed-based system for lifelog moment retrieval 9/22/2020 search
Aggregation effects of radiated disturbance from multiple emitters on the limit setting model 9/22/2020 search
Leverage the Predictive Power Score of Lifelog Data's Attributes to Predict the Expected Athlete Performance 9/22/2020 search
Parallel Mining of Partial Periodic Itemsets in Big Data 9/22/2020 search
Leveraging 3D-Raster-Images and DeepCNN with Multi-source Urban Sensing Data for Traffic Congestion Prediction 9/17/2020 search
Study of Input Signal Waveforms for Precise Analog Counter 9/4/2020 search
Beam Steering in Graphene-Based sub-THz Dipole Phased Array Antenna 9/3/2020 search
SAR Dependence on Phantom Dimensions in WPT Exposure Assessment 9/3/2020 search
300-GHz CMOS-Based Wireless Link Using 40-dBi Cassegrain Antenna for IEEE Standard 802.15.3d 9/3/2020 search
Design of Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Sheet with Transparency and Flexibility in sub-THz Bands 9/2/2020 search
Effect of an Electromagnetic Wave Absorber on 300-GHz Short-Range Wireless Communications 9/2/2020 search
Research and Development of GaN-based HEMTs for Millimeter- and Terahertz-Wave Wireless Communications 9/2/2020 search
Verifiable Event Record Management for a Store-Carry-Forward-Based Data Delivery Platform by Blockchain 9/1/2020 search
Enhanced Secure Comparison Schemes Using Homomorphic Encryption 9/1/2020 search
Computational Comparison of Power Density Definitions in the Proximity of Antennas for the Assessment of Human Exposure to EMF above 6 GHz 8/29/2020 search
Disposable Botnets: Examining the Anatomy of IoT Botnet Infrastructure 8/26/2020 search
Attributes affecting user decision to adopt a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app 8/25/2020 search
A Compact Digital Signature Scheme Based on the Module-LWR problem 8/24/2020 search
A Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning System for Android Malware Detection Based on Edge Computing 8/21/2020 search
IoT-Malware Detection based on Byte Sequences of Executable Files 8/21/2020 search
Stabilities of adsorption structures of 2,4,6-tris(4-bromophenyl)-1,3,5-triazine on Au(111) surface 8/17/2020 search
Observation of the intracellular oxygenation changes in MRI signal 8/13/2020 search
Advantage of readout-segmented EPI in simultaneous multi-slice diffusion MRI measurements for identifying uncinate fasciculus 8/10/2020 search
Distrotion- and Resolution-Matched T1w-Like Anatomy for Investigating Depth-Dependent Activity in Submillimeter-Resolution fMRI at 7T 8/9/2020 search
Simultaneous functional and anatomical high-resolution imaging using BISEPI at 7T 8/9/2020 search
NOMA-CAP Modulation Format for Next Generation Converged Fronthaul-Optical Access and Data Center Interconnect Networks 7/23/2020 search
Discovering Fuzzy Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Quantitative Temporal Databases 7/19/2020 search
2-D photodetector array for high-data-rate spatial sampling 7/15/2020 search
Real-time Experimental Study of Multi-format Compatibility of ADX-RoF Fronthaul for 5G and Beyond 7/14/2020 search
Resource and Network Management for Satellite Communications Systems: A Chance-Constrained Approach 7/13/2020 search
Spatio-Temporal Volume Data Aggregation for Crowdsensing in VDTN 7/13/2020 search
Generalization Performance of Artificial Neural Network Based-Demodulator for Eigenvalue Modulated Signal 7/13/2020 search
Proposal of a Logical Sensor Architecture using WoT-based Edge Microservices 7/13/2020 search
Balancing Cost and Benefit with Tied-Multi Transformers 7/10/2020 search
Efficient Constructions of Non-Interactive Secure Multiparty Computation from Pairwise Independent Hashing 7/8/2020 search
Tagged Back-translation Revisited: Why Does It Really Work? 7/8/2020 search
Voice-Indistinguishability: Protecting Voiceprint in Privacy-Preserving Speech Data Release 7/7/2020 search
A Three-Parameter Rank-Frequency Relation in Natural Language 7/6/2020 search
The disturbance effects on single frequency GPS positioning at low geomagnetic latitude stations in Thailand 7/6/2020 search
Knowledge Distillation for Multilingual Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation 7/6/2020 search
Regularized Context Gates on Transformer for Machine Translation 7/6/2020 search
Regressor Relearning Architecture Adapting to Traffic Trend Changes in NFV Platforms 7/1/2020 search
Exploring the brain's routing strategies by simulating packet-based communication on the connectome 6/26/2020 search
Comparison of M(3000)F2 Variation between Measured Data by Ionosonde and IRI-2016 Model Data over Chiang Mai, Thailand 6/25/2020 search
Comparison of foE between Observed Data and IRI-2016 Model Predictions at Conjugate Points over Southeast Asia region 6/25/2020 search
Cortical Depth-Dependent Function Analysis in the NativeEPI Space Based on BISEPI at 7T 6/24/2020 search
Aggregate Message Authentication Codes with Detecting Functionality from Biorthogonal Codes 6/21/2020 search
Improving Depth Perception using Multiple Iso-Surfaces for Transparent Stereoscopic Visualization of Medical Volume Data 6/17/2020 search
Adaptive Multi-Beam Arrangement for Improving Throughput in HTS Communication System 6/8/2020 search
High-gain and Low-profile Dielectric Cuboid Antenna at J-band 6/8/2020 search
On Black-Box Extensions of Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments, and Signatures Directly from Simulation Soundness 6/2/2020 search
Self-interference Cancellation Utilizing Superposition Modulation Technique for Single Carrier Full-duplex System 5/25/2020 search
Link-level Performance Evaluation of an ULNOMA system with TDD constructed by hardware 5/25/2020 search
A Fading Prediction method using DL-OFDM signals for Precise TPC in TDD-UL-NOMA systems 5/25/2020 search
Community-based "Piggy-back Network" utilizing Local Fixed & Mobile Resources supported by Heterogeneous Wireless & AI-based Mobility Prediction 5/25/2020 search
A Ruin Theory-Inspired Co-primary Spectrum Sharing Mechanism for 5G 5/25/2020 search
POSTER: Android IME Privacy Leakage Analyzer 5/21/2020 search
Petabit-class Optical Networks Based on Spatial-Division Multiplexing Technologies 5/20/2020 search
Evaluation of Lasing Temperature Characteristics of 1550nm QD-based-LDs by IID-QDI Technique with Ar and B Ions and High Temperature Stability 5/14/2020 search
Frequency compensated uni-travelling carrier photoreceiver for 100 Gbaud IM-DD communications 5/13/2020 search
Dynamic Skew Measurements in a Deployed 4-Core Fiber 5/12/2020 search
Characterization of a self-organized deep-ultraviolet micro-light-emitting diode structure for high-speed solar-blind optical wireless communications 5/11/2020 search
Coursera Corpus Mining and Multistage Fine-Tuning for Improving Lectures Translation 5/11/2020 search
ML and EM Estimation of Sampling Intervals of Sensor Devices 5/8/2020 search
Transformer-Based Text-to-Speech with Weighted Forced Attention 5/5/2020 search
Neural Machine Translation with Universal Visual Representation 4/26/2020 search
Data-dependent Gaussian Prior Objective for Language Generation 4/26/2020 search
Computing at the Edge: But, what Edge? 4/20/2020 search
Study on holographic special-purpose computer for wavefront printing technology 4/6/2020 search
Toward Disaster-Resilient Optical Networks with Open and Disaggregated Subsystems [Invited] 3/27/2020 search
Channel Dynamics in Few-Mode Fiber Transmission Under Mechanical Vibrations 3/12/2020 search
10.66 Peta-Bit/s Transmission over a 38-Core-Three-Mode Fiber 3/12/2020 search
Experimental Demonstration of Optical Multicast Packet Transmissions in Optical Packet/Circuit Integrated Networks 3/12/2020 search
172 Tb/s C+L Band Transmission over 2040 km Strongly Coupled 3-Core Fiber 3/12/2020 search
First Demonstration of Automated Updates of Disaggregate Blades in Multi-Domain/Layer Optical Path Network 3/12/2020 search
Characterization and Optical Compensation of LP01 and LP11 Intra-modal Nonlinearity in Few-Mode Fibers 3/12/2020 search
0.596 Pb/s S, C, L-Band Transmission in a 125µm Diameter 4-core Fiber Using a Single Wideband Comb Source 3/12/2020 search
Demodulation of Eigenvalue Modulated Signal Based on Eigenvalue-Domain Neural Network 3/11/2020 search
On the Sample Complexity of Phase-Retrieval Receiver Based on 2-D Arrayed Photodetectors 3/11/2020 search
High-Speed Radio-on-Free-Space Optical Mobile Fronthaul System for Ultra-Dense Radio Access Network 3/11/2020 search
Fixed-rate-breaking All-optical OFDM System using Time-domain Hybrid PAM with Sparse Subcarrier Multiplexing and Power-loading for Optical Short-reach Transmission 3/10/2020 search
Evaluation of Dynamic Skew on Spooled and Deployed Multicore Fibers Using O-Band Signals 3/10/2020 search
High speed 2D-PDA FSO receiver for high optical alignment robustness with space diversity 3/9/2020 search
<500ns Latency Overhead Analog-to-digital-compression Radio-over-fiber (ADX-RoF) Transport of 16-channel MIMO, 1024QAM Signals with 5G NR Bandwidth 3/9/2020 search
Reliable Slicing with Isolation in Optical Metro-Aggregation Networks 3/9/2020 search
Automatic Resource Mapping Using Functional Block Based Disaggregation Model for ROADM Networks 3/9/2020 search
Prediction and Dynamic Adjustment of Resources for Latency-Sensitive Virtual Network Functions 2/27/2020 search
SG-Net: Syntax-Guided Machine Reading Comprehension 2/7/2020 search
Explicit Sentence Compression for Neural Machine Translation 2/7/2020 search
Converged RoF-based mobile fronthaul and passive optical network with NOMA-CAP modulation format 2/5/2020 search
Mode-selective switch for ROADM using volume holograms and spatial light modulator 1/31/2020 search
Spatial mode exchange technique using volume holograms with a random optical diffuser to reduce modal cross-talks 1/31/2020 search
SmartFIB: Low-Replacement Route Storage for Large Name Space Forwarding 1/12/2020 search
Virtual Network Function Placement Method for Evolving Network Slices based on Salience 1/12/2020 search
Efficient Pull-based Mobile Video Streaming leveraging In-Network Functions 1/12/2020 search
Detouring Skip Graph: A Structured Overlay Utilizing Detour Routes 1/11/2020 search