List of published conference papers (2021)

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Title Publication
A Personalized Adaptive Algorithm for Sleep Quality Prediction using Physiological and Environmental Sensing Data 12/21/2021 search
Multi-Source Cross-Lingual Constituency Parsing 12/18/2021 search
A 300 GHz Band Fundamental Up-Conversion Mixer Using 40 nm CMOS Technology 12/17/2021 search
A Wideband Multi-Stage Amplifier with Low Group-Delay Variation Using Transistors with Low Nodal Quality Factors in Sub-Terahertz Band 12/17/2021 search
A 220–330 GHz Wideband, Low-Loss and Small Marchand Balun with Ground Shields in SiGe BiCMOS Technology 12/17/2021 search
A Machine Learning Approach to Detection of Critical Alerts from Imbalanced Multi-Appliance Threat Alert Logs 12/17/2021 search
On the Analog Self-interference Cancellation for In-band Full-duplex Radio with Compensation for Inherent Frequency Response 12/16/2021 search
Piggy-back Network to Enable Beyond5G Society Supported by Autonomous Mobilities: Transaction Record Management with DAG-based Distributed Ledger 12/16/2021 search
Piggy-back Network to enable Beyond5G Society supported by Autonomous Mobilities: Concept, Key technologies & Prototyping on a Service Robot Platform 12/16/2021 search
Joint Spectrum Sensing of Wideband Frequency and Angular Spectrum based on Sub-Nyquist Sampling 12/16/2021 search
Piggy-back Network to enable Beyond 5G Society Supported by Autonomous Mobilities: Application of MAB Algorithm for Data Synchronization Between Distributed Collaborative Robots 12/16/2021 search
A Study on Spectrum Sharing for the User and Feeder Links of Command and Telemetry Communications for UAVs Using a High Altitude Relay System 12/15/2021 search
Techniques in Pan-Tilt-Zoom Operations of IP Network Camera for Visual IoT 12/15/2021 search
Wireless Capacity Calculation Method for Manufacturing Tools 12/15/2021 search
Analysis of 920 MHz Band Received Power Fluctuation in a Factory Environment 12/15/2021 search
Discovering Maximal Partial Periodic Patterns in Very Large Temporal Databases 12/15/2021 search
Spatially-distributed Federated Learning of Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Air Pollution Prediction 12/15/2021 search
Prototype Evaluation of the 38GHz-band Lens Antenna for High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) Ground Station System 12/15/2021 search
Discovering Top-k Spatial High Utility Itemsets in Very Large Quantitative Spatiotemporal databases 12/15/2021 search
MM-trafficEvent: An Interactive Incident Retrieval System for First-view Travel-log Data 12/15/2021 search
Improving the Awareness of Sustainable Smart Cities by Analyzing Lifelog Images and IoT Air Pollution Data 12/15/2021 search
Fed xData: A Federated Learning Framework for Enabling Contextual Health Monitoring in a Cloud-Edge Network 12/15/2021 search
An Image Stabilization Technique for Long-durational Outdoor Footages Obtained by Visual IoT Systems 12/15/2021 search
A study on Satellite-Terrestrial Cooperation System as a Part of Research and Development of Ka-band Satellite Communication Control for Various Use Cases 12/15/2021 search
Experimental Study of Dynamic Data Traffic Control for the Cooperating System of Smart Personal Mobility and Indoor Intelligent Infrastructure 12/15/2021 search
Status Monitoring and Diagnostics using Sensing Data in Flexible Factory 12/15/2021 search
Performance Evaluation of Wireless Switching for Indoor AGV 12/15/2021 search
IoT Malware Detection Using Function-Call-Graph Embedding 12/14/2021 search
A Flexible Frame Forwarding Scheme by Data Replication and Concatenation Functions Evaluated in the IoT Testbed Foundation for the Wireless Grid 12/14/2021 search
Extensions for Wireless Technology Emulation to Wire-based Network Testbed 12/14/2021 search
Design of an Edge Computing Testbed to Simplify Experimental Setup 12/14/2021 search
Field Trials of Link Aggregation System based on Multipath TCP in Heterogeneous Mobile Network 12/14/2021 search
A Study of Parallel Interference Cancellation Combined with Successive Interference Cancellation for UL-NOMA Systems 12/14/2021 search
On the Use of Speaker Information for Automatic Speech Recognition in Speaker-imbalanced Corpora 12/14/2021 search
Multilingual Approach to Joint Speech and Accent Recognition with DNN-HMM Framework 12/14/2021 search
Spectrograms Fusion-based End-to-end Robust Automatic Speech Recognition 12/14/2021 search
E-field Measurement Assessment of 2.45 GHz RF WPT System 12/12/2021 search
QKDN meets ICN: Efficient Secure In-Network Data Acquisition 12/10/2021 search
Algebraic Attacks on Rasta and Dasta Using Low-Degree Equations 12/9/2021 search
Discovering Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Very Large Uncertain Temporal Databases 12/8/2021 search
JStrack: Enriching Malicious JavaScript Detection Based on AST Graph Analysis and Attention Mechanism 12/8/2021 search
Extracting Threat Intelligence Related IoT Botnet From Latest Dark Web Data Collection 12/7/2021 search
A Unified Framework to Discover Partial Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Row and Columnar Temporal Databases 12/7/2021 search
Enhancing the system model for home interior design using augmented reality 12/7/2021 search
Analysis of Attack Activities for Honeypots Installation in Ethereum Network 12/6/2021 search
Scalable and Fast Hierarchical Clustering of IoT Malware Using Active Data Selection 12/6/2021 search
Internet-Wide Scanner Fingerprint Identifier Based on TCP/IP Header 12/6/2021 search
Distinguishing and Key Recovery Attacks on the Reduced-Round SNOW-V 12/3/2021 search
Joint Disaster Classification and Victim Detection using Multi-Task Learning 12/3/2021 search
Performance Degradation Problem of Conventional TCP in Bufferless Optical Packet Switching Networks 12/3/2021 search
Exploring Effective Speech Representation via ASR for High-Quality End-to-End Multispeaker TTS 12/2/2021 search
Speech Dereverberation Based on Scale-aware Mean Square Error Loss 12/2/2021 search
Simultaneous Progressive Filtering-based Monaural Speech Enhancement 12/2/2021 search
Security Analysis of End-to-End Encryption for Zoom Meetings 12/1/2021 search
Simulated STM Images of 2,4,6-Tris(4-bromophenyl)-1,3,5-triazine on Au(111) 11/30/2021 search
Uncertainty Evaluation of Optical Electric-Field Probe Calibration for Human Exposure Assessment at 85 kHz 11/29/2021 search
Toward Achieving Unanimity for Implicit Closings in a Trustless System 11/29/2021 search
Implementation and Evaluation of an Identity-Based Encryption with Security Against the KGC 11/25/2021 search
Models to Predict Sleeping Quality from Activities and Environment: Current Status, Challenges and Opportunities 11/16/2021 search
Investigation on Privacy-Preserving Techniques For Personal Data 11/16/2021 search
100-Gb/s Fiber–Wireless System in 100-GHz Band Using 64-QAM OFDM Signal Transmission 11/16/2021 search
Near-Field Gain Evaluation of Balanced Dipole Antenna Operated in Salt Water Using a Power Amplifier 11/15/2021 search
Accuracy-Improved Near-Field Reconstruction Using Sparse Recovery of Equivalent Electromagnetic Currents 11/15/2021 search
Verification of a Dielectric Property Measurement System using a Waveguide Well Compared with the Reference Value of Pure Water 11/15/2021 search
A Text Editing Approach to Joint Japanese Word Segmentation, POS Tagging, and Lexical Normalization 11/11/2021 search
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Terahertz Scattering from Rough Surface 11/11/2021 search
Data Analytics Using Two-Stage Intelligent Model Pipelining for Virtual Network Functions 11/9/2021 search
Evaluating Multiple-Access Protocols: Asynchronous Pulse Coding vs. Carrier-Sense with Collision Avoidance 11/8/2021 search
A 76-Gbit/s 265-GHz CMOS Receiver 11/8/2021 search
Smoothing Dialogue States for Open Conversational Machine Reading 11/8/2021 search
MiSS: An Assistant for Multi-Style Simultaneous Translation 11/8/2021 search
Eye-Fixation-Related Potentials (EFRPs) As a Predictor of Human Error Occurrences During a Visual Inspection Task 11/5/2021 search
Is Vector Quantization Good Enough for Access Point Placement? 11/3/2021 search
Towards Large-scale Disaster-Resilient Open and Integrated Disaggregate/Legacy Optical Networks 10/26/2021 search
Development of a miniaturized laser-communication terminal for small satellites 10/26/2021 search
Real-time, Software-defined, Multi-modulation Format, GPU-based Receiver 10/25/2021 search
Measurement of Far Field Radiation Pattern of 300GHz-band Cassegrain Antenna 10/22/2021 search
Design and Implementation of Pulse-Based Protocol with Chirp Spread Spectrum for Massive IoT 10/22/2021 search
Automated Detection of Malware Activities Using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization 10/21/2021 search
Multi-label Positive and Unlabeled Learning and its Application to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure Categorization 10/21/2021 search
Hybrid Multiplicative Secret Sharing 10/20/2021 search
Analog History Storage Circuit for Ultrafast Photonic Reinforcement Learning 10/19/2021 search
Tolerance Analysis of Comparator for Ultrafast Photonic Reinforcement Learning 10/19/2021 search
Adversarial Attack and Defense on Deep Neural Network-based Voice Processing Systems: An Overview 10/17/2021 search
HF Propagation modeling validation for Earth to space transmission by multiple bounces links 10/14/2021 search
High-Quality Few-Layer Graphene on Single-Crystalline SiC thin Film Grown on Affordable Wafer for Beyond 6G Device Applications 10/11/2021 search
Security Analysis of SFrame 10/7/2021 search
Generation and characterization of two-photon entanglement in the mid-infrared 10/6/2021 search
Measurements of Tree Attenuation by Seasonal Change of Vegetation Using Two Different Elevation Angle Satellite for Ka-band Mobile Satellite Communication 9/30/2021 search
First Concept of the Platform for High Data Rate Optical Station (PHAROS) to Support Deep-Space Missions and Small Satellites 9/30/2021 search
Transmission Experiment of IEEE 802.11ad under FMCW Radar Interference Environment in Vehicle 9/27/2021 search
Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) in IoT Non-Terrestrial Network for GNSS Buoy Array in the Ocean 9/27/2021 search
Efficient Discovery of Partial Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Temporal Databases 9/27/2021 search
Estimation Algorithm for EM Sensing of a Buried Object under Seabed 9/23/2021 search
An Effective AQI Estimation Using Sensor Data and Stacking Mechanism 9/22/2021 search
High-Quality Few-Layer Graphene on Single-Crystalline SiC thin Film Grown on Affordable Wafer toward Beyond 5G Applications 9/21/2021 search
Compact 1D/2D VCSEL Beam Scanner with Enhanced Field of View and High Resolution 9/16/2021 search
Submillimeter Large High-speed Photodetector for High Optical Alignment Robustness Optical Wireless Communications 9/16/2021 search
Integration and Control of Heterogeneous Telecom and Data Center Optical Networks Aided by FBD and TAPI for Enhancing Large-scale Optical Path Services and Network Resiliency 9/16/2021 search
A Lifelog Gathering System Based on Autonomous Device-to-Device Communications 9/15/2021 search
Performance Evaluation of an Interband All-Optical Wavelength Converter for Cost-Effective High-Capacity Optical Networks 9/15/2021 search
Ultra-wide band transmission in few-mode fibers 9/15/2021 search
MEMS mirror-based 1×4 Core Selective Switch for 12-core fiber with low insertion-loss 9/14/2021 search
Experimental evaluation of the crosstalk impulse response of a temperature controlled homogeneous multi-core fiber 9/14/2021 search
A 272-GHz CMOS Analog BPSK/QPSK Demodulator for IEEE 802.15.3d 9/14/2021 search
1060nm Single-mode Metal-aperture VCSEL Array with Transverse Resonance andLow Power Consumption below 50 fJ/bit 9/14/2021 search
Interference Mitigation Against FMCW Signals Applicable Into IEEE 802.11ad for Intra-Vehicle Communications 9/13/2021 search
Can ISPs Help Mitigate IoT Malware? A Longitudinal Study of Broadband ISP Security Efforts 9/9/2021 search
Millimeter-wave signal generation and its radio-over-fiber link transmission based on optical SSB modulation in 105-GHz band 9/4/2021 search
Improving Depth Perception of Transparent Objects in Stereoscopic Vision using Ambient Occlusion 9/2/2021 search
An End-to-End Dialect Identification System with Transfer Learning from a multilingual ASR 9/2/2021 search
Numerical Study of the Absorbed Power Density Reconstruction for Human Exposure Assessment in Quasi-Millimeter and Millimeter Wave Bands 9/2/2021 search
Noise robust acoustic modeling for single-channel speech recognition based on a stream-wise transformer architecture 8/31/2021 search
Development of a waveguide-type hot electron bolometer mixer at 2 THz 8/31/2021 search
A 270 GHz CMOS Doubler-Based Up-Conversion Mixer with Output Amplitude Imbalance Detection 8/26/2021 search
Imaginary temporal distance affected the amount of a donation, but not universal. 8/26/2021 search
Cryptanalysis of Full LowMC and LowMC-M with Algebraic Techniques 8/20/2021 search
A Privacy-Preserving Enforced Bill Collection System using Smart Contracts 8/20/2021 search
Attainable Text-to-Text Machine Translation vs. Translation: Issues Beyond Linguistic Processing 8/19/2021 search
Which Packet Did They Catch? Associating NIDS Alerts with Their Communication Sessions 8/19/2021 search
Field Experiments of Real-Time Foreign News Distribution Powered by MT 8/18/2021 search
Studying The Impact Of Document-level Context On Simultaneous Neural Machine Translation 8/12/2021 search
Investigating Softmax Tempering for Training Neural Machine Translation Models 8/11/2021 search
On-premises Analysis of Advanced Threat Prevention Appliances 8/9/2021 search
Combat Security Alert Fatigue with AI-Assisted Techniques 8/9/2021 search
NICT-5’s Submission To WAT 2021: MBART Pre-training And In-Domain Fine Tuning For Indic Languages 8/6/2021 search
NICT’s Neural Machine Translation Systems for the WAT21 Restricted Translation Task 8/6/2021 search
Scientific Credibility of Machine Translation Research: A Meta-Evaluation of 769 Papers 8/5/2021 search
BERTAC: Enhancing Transformer-based Language Models with Adversarially Pretrained Convolutional Neural Networks 8/3/2021 search
IMAGE-2-AQI: Aware of the Surrounding Air Qualification by a few Images 7/29/2021 search
Real-time, Software-defined, GPU-Based Optical Receiver 7/27/2021 search
Discovering Spatial High Utility Itemsets in High-Dimensional Spatiotemporal Databases 7/26/2021 search
Towards Efficient Discovery of Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Columnar Temporal Databases 7/26/2021 search
Outlier Detection by Privacy-Preserving Ensemble Decision Tree Using Homomorphic Encryption 7/20/2021 search
Discovering Fuzzy Frequent Spatial Patterns in Large Quantitative Spatiotemporal databases 7/11/2021 search
Long-haul, high-capacity transmission with coupled SDM fibers 7/7/2021 search
Wideband and high throughput optical transmission with multi-core fibers and amplifiers 7/7/2021 search
Beam intensity averaging method for high precision beam control in optical phased array 7/6/2021 search
Weak-Resonant Zero-Bias Operational High-Speed UTC-PD up to 160 Gbps Line Rate 7/6/2021 search
End-to-End Management of All Optical Disaggregated Network and Applications with Cloud Native Environment for the Smart World Network Infrastructure 7/5/2021 search
Design and Implementation of ICN-Based Elastic Function Offloading Network for SFC 7/1/2021 search
Comparison of BOLD and VASO in submillimeter high-resolution fMRI Based on BISEPI at 7T 6/27/2021 search
A 213-233 GHz x9 Frequency Multiplier Chain with 4.1 dBm Output Power in 40nm Bulk CMOS 6/24/2021 search
MNR-Air: An Economic and Dynamic Crowdsourcing Mechanism to Collect Personal Lifelog and Surrounding Environment Dataset. A Case Study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 6/23/2021 search
Robust Voice Activity Detection Using A Masked Auditory Encoder Based Convolutional Neural Network 6/11/2021 search
High-intelligibility speech synthesis for dysarthric speakers with LPCNet-based TTS and CycleVAE-based VC 6/11/2021 search
An investigation of using hybrid modeling units for improving end-to-end speech recognition system 6/11/2021 search
Encoder-Decoder based Pitch Tracking and Joint Model Training for Mandarin Tone Classification 6/11/2021 search
Transparent Fiber–Radio–Fiber Bridge at 101 GHz using Optical Modulator and Direct Photonic Down-Conversion 6/11/2021 search
Blade Abstraction Interface for Diverse Blade Integration and Unified Control of Disaggregate/Legacy ROADMs 6/11/2021 search
319 Tb/s Transmission over 3001 km with S, C and L band signals over >120nm bandwidth in 125 μm wide 4-core fiber 6/11/2021 search
User-Generated Text Corpus for Evaluating Japanese Morphological Analysis and Lexical Normalization 6/10/2021 search
240-Gbps SDM-FSO communication using 4-bundle fiber and 2D photodetector array 6/10/2021 search
S, C and Extended L-Band Transmission with Doped Fiber and Distributed Raman Amplification 6/10/2021 search
Underwater MIMO Communications by RF Signals: Capacity Analysis, Simulations, and Experiment 6/10/2021 search
A 258-GHz CMOS Transmitter with Phase-Shifting Architecture for Phased-Array Systems 6/10/2021 search
Close-talking recording with planarly distributed microphones 6/10/2021 search
Dynamic Skew in Multi-Core Fibers: From Lab Measurements to Field Trials 6/10/2021 search
Joint Multi-Eigenvalue Demodulation Using Complex Moment-Based Eigenvalue Solver and Artificial Neural Network 6/9/2021 search
Noise Level Limited Sub-Modeling for Diffusion Probabilistic Vocoders 6/9/2021 search
Reliable Provisioning for Dynamic Content Requests in Optical Metro Networks 6/9/2021 search
Solid-state VCSEL beam scanner with ultra-large field of view and high resolution 6/9/2021 search
High Capacity and Long-Haul Transmission with Space-Division Multiplexing 6/9/2021 search
10,000 km Straight-line Transmission using a Real-time Software-defined GPU-Based Receiver 6/9/2021 search
1060nm single-mode metal aperture VCSEL array with transverse resonance for 5km single-mode fiber transmission 6/8/2021 search
Optimization of a Hybrid EDFA-Raman C+L Band Amplifier through Neural-Network Models 6/8/2021 search
Record High Power Single-mode Operation and Beam Steering of VCSEL-Integrated Amplifier/Beam Scanner 6/7/2021 search
4096-ary Eigenvalue Modulation Using 12 Triangular-Lattice-Shaped Eigenvalues 6/7/2021 search
Self-Training for Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation in Unbalanced Training Data Scenarios 6/7/2021 search
A 128-GHz Broadband CMOS Amplifier with Distributed Resonance Frequencies of Parasitic Shunt LC Resonators 5/25/2021 search
58 GHz Up-Conversion Mixer Using Capacitive Cross-Coupling Neutralization in 180 nm CMOS Technology 5/25/2021 search
Advantage of simultaneous multi-slice readout-segmented echo-planar imaging on diffusion MRI measurements of the human optic nerve 5/21/2021 search
Automatic Graph Partitioning for Very Large-scale Deep Learning 5/20/2021 search
Shot-wise separate motion correction and ICA denoising for BISEPI high-resolution fMRI study at 7T 5/19/2021 search
Automation and Multi-Objective Optimization of Virtual Network Embedding 5/17/2021 search
50Gbps single mode 1060nm intracavity metal aperture VCSEL with transverse resonance 5/14/2021 search
High power and high beam quality surface grating VCSEL 5/13/2021 search
Sub-millimeter large high-speed photodetector for FSO communications 5/13/2021 search
1024-QAM Analog Waveform Transmission Over a Seamless Fiber-Wireless System in W Band 5/12/2021 search
Investigation and Analysis of Features in Decentralized Network Management of Minor Cryptocurrencies 5/12/2021 search
Risk analysis for worthless crypto asset networks 5/12/2021 search
Empirical Study of Software Adoption Process in the Bitcoin Network 5/12/2021 search
1550 nm-band InAs/InGaAlAs quantum dot DFB lasers grown on (311)B InP substrate with side gratings simultaneously fabricated with a ridge waveguide 5/11/2021 search
Optimization of Thickness of InGaAlAs Embedded Layers in 1.5-um-Band QD-LD 5/11/2021 search
1.55-um Si-Photonics-Based Heterogeneous Tunable Laser Integrated with Highly Stacked QD-RSOA 5/10/2021 search
Device Performances and Delay Time Analysis of GaInSb-Channel HEMTs Scaled to Epitaxial Structures 5/9/2021 search
Autonomous Pay-As-You-Go Payment System with IoT Device Using Contract Wallet 5/6/2021 search
An Anonymous Trust-Marking Scheme on Blockchain Systems 5/5/2021 search
Towards Efficient Labeling of Network Incident Datasets Using Tcpreplay and Snort 4/26/2021 search
Experiment on MIMO Communications in Seawater by RF Signals 4/26/2021 search
An Efficient and Optimal Detector for Orthogonal Precoding in DFT-based Systems 4/25/2021 search
Understanding Pre-Editing for Black-Box Neural Machine Translation 4/21/2021 search
Modeling of piezoelectric actuator’s hysteresis and its effect on the control accuracy of a LEO-to-GEO lasercommunication for a small satellite 4/1/2021 search
Piezo hysteresis modeling and its effect on the control accuracy of a LEO-GEO laser-communication relay for a microsatellite 4/1/2021 search
Designing Comprehensive Cyber Threat Analysis Platform: Can We Orchestrate Analysis Engines? 3/25/2021 search
Experimental Verification of an Approximate Admittance Equation for Center-Fed Dipoles Arranged Parallel Beside Each Other and Estimation of Its Effective Frequency Range 3/24/2021 search
Optically controlled reconfigurable NRI-TL phase shifter for 5G antenna applications 3/23/2021 search
Validation of ITU-R P833-9 Tree Attenuation Model for Land Mobile Satellite Propagation Channel at Ku/Ka Band 3/23/2021 search
Investigating Behavioral Differences between IoT Malware via Function Call Sequence Graphs 3/22/2021 search
Ionograms Scaling by Using the Convolutional Neural Network 3/11/2021 search
Efficient blockchain-based IoT firmware update considering distribution incentives 1/31/2021 search
10-Gbit/s Data Transmission over Dielectric Sheet for 120-GHz-band Sheet LAN 1/27/2021 search
Electric Field Reconstruction of Antenna inside Phantom for Non-invasive SAR Measurement 1/27/2021 search
Humidity Sensor Drift Detection and Correction Based on a Kalman Filter with an Artificial Neural Network for Commercial Cultivation of Tropical Orchids 1/27/2021 search
Study on Frequency Characteristic for Self-Calibration Method of Systematic Errors for DBF Antenna Using Gating Process 1/26/2021 search
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Calculations in the Abdomen of the Human Body Caused by Smartphone at Various Tilt Angles 1/26/2021 search
Directional Loop-Type Antenna Technologies Applied to Satellite and Terrestrial Integrated Mobile Phone Applications 1/26/2021 search
Experimental Validation for Temperature Rise in Human Tissue Due to Implanted Metal Plates with Screw Holes Using Translucent Solid Phantom 1/26/2021 search
Uniplanar Broadband Balun Design for Sub-THz Antenna On-Wafer Characterization 1/26/2021 search
Improved Parking Space Recognition via Grassmannian Deep Stacking Network with Illumination Correction 1/26/2021 search
Effective Use of Ka-band Based on Antenna and Radio Wave Propagation for Mobile Satellite Communications 1/26/2021 search
Short-range Wireless Transmitter Using Mesoscopic Dielectric Cuboid Antenna in 300-GHz Band 1/12/2021 search
Cross Platform IoT-Malware Family Classification Based on Printable Strings 1/1/2021 search