List of published conference papers (2022)

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Title Publication
Convergence between terahertz and optical systems for 6G and beyond networks 10/6/2022 search
SFC Path Selection based on Combination of Topological Analysis and Demand Prediction 9/28/2022 search
Fusion of Self-supervised Learned Models for MOS Prediction 9/22/2022 search
Characterization of the First Field-Deployed 15-Mode Fiber Cable for High Density Space-Division Multiplexing 9/22/2022 search
1.53 Peta-bit/s C-Band Transmission in a 55-Mode Fiber 9/22/2022 search
Status Update on Research and Development of High-Speed Laser Communication System “HICALI” Onboard Engineering Test Satellite 9 9/21/2022 search
Management Methodology for Satellite-Terrestrial Interconnected Systems with Flexible Satellite Payloads 9/21/2022 search
Experimental Investigation of Coupling Offset Tolerances in a Space-Division Multiplexed 15-Mode Fiber Transmission System 9/20/2022 search
Optoelectronic Feedforward Equalization: Simple 1-tapOptical Delay Line and Ethernet-compliant Linear FFE Enabling C-band100G PAM4 over ER+ distance 9/20/2022 search
Finer-grained Modeling units-based Meta-Learning for Low-resource Tibetan Speech Recognition 9/20/2022 search
Augmented Adversarial Self-Supervised Learning for Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Speech Detection 9/19/2022 search
Data Augmentation Using McAdams-Coefficient-Based Speaker Anonymization for Fake Audio Detection 9/19/2022 search
Monaural Speech Enhancement Based on Spectrogram Decomposition for Convolutional Neural Network-sensitive Feature Extraction 9/19/2022 search
A Multimodal Simultaneous Interpretation Prototype : Who Said What 9/14/2022 search
Widely Nonlinear Phase Retrieval for Direct Detection-based Digital Twinning of Coherent Optical Components 9/14/2022 search
Semi-Blind Channel Estimation by Subspace Method for Orthogonal Precoded OFDM Systems 9/13/2022 search
Multi-Domain Dialogue State Tracking with Top-k Slot Self Attention 9/7/2022 search
Nondestructive Terahertz and Millimeter Wave Imaging for Underfilm Corrosion 9/1/2022 search
Epitaxial growth of InGaSb/AlInGaSb THz-QCL structures 9/1/2022 search
Terahertz heterodyne spectroscopy of radio-frequency-driven frequency combs without moving parts based on telecommunication technology 8/31/2022 search
Development of a corrugated horn at 2-THz band for a hot electron bolometer mixer 8/31/2022 search
Sub-Terahertz Electromagnetic-Wave Absorber for Future Wireless Communication 8/30/2022 search
Correction of Multilayer Semiconductor Process Parameters for Electromagnetic Field Analysis in the 300-GHz Band 8/30/2022 search
Relationship Between Speakers' Physiological Structure and Acoustic Speech Signals: Data-Driven Study Based on Frequency-Wise Attentional Neural Network 8/29/2022 search
Membership Privacy for Asynchronous Group Messaging 8/25/2022 search
A Sealed-bid Auction with Fund Binding: Preventing Maximum Bidding Price Leakage 8/22/2022 search
Towards Efficient Discovery of Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Dense Temporal Databases Using Complements 8/22/2022 search
An HDL Simulator with Direct Register Access for Improving Code Coverage 8/16/2022 search
Security-Alert Screening with Oversampling Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks 8/15/2022 search
Wideband Transmission in Single and Multi-core Fibers 8/15/2022 search
254-GHz-to-299-GHz Down Conversion Mixer Using 45nm SOI CMOS 8/8/2022 search
Understanding Non-Experts' Security and Privacy Related Questions on a Q&A Site 8/8/2022 search
Cybersecurity Comic: An Image Change to "Cool Cybersecurity" Findings and Challenges to Raise Children’s Security Awareness 8/7/2022 search
Simulations of two-well THz-QCL structures with non-equilibrium Green’s function method 8/2/2022 search
High Optical Feedback Resistance of 1.55 um 15-Layer-Stacked Quantum Dot Laser using InP(311)B Substrate 8/1/2022 search
Aedes Aegypti Egg Morphological Property and Attribute Determination Based on Computer Vision 7/21/2022 search
Discovering Fuzzy Geo-referenced Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Geo-referenced Time Series Databases 7/18/2022 search
Numerical Investigation of Short Pulse Propagation in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for Application to Optical Reservoir Computing 7/6/2022 search
C-band Single-lane 100G ER and 50G ZR PAM Transmissions based on Joint Optical-electrical Feedforward Equalization (OE-FFE) with Record-low Complexity 7/6/2022 search
Understanding the Characteristics of Public Blocklist Providers 7/2/2022 search
Flexible Function Estimation of IoT Malware Using Graph Embedding Technique 7/1/2022 search
Self-Adaptive Multilingual ASR Rescoring with Language Identification and Unified Language Model 7/1/2022 search
Amplification Chamber: Dissecting the Attack Infrastructure of Memcached DRDoS Attacks 6/30/2022 search
A Real-Time Background Replacement Method Based on Estimated Depth for AR Applications 6/27/2022 search
Development of low-cost high-spectral-resolution lidar using compact multimode laser for air quality measurement 6/27/2022 search
Output Prediction Attacks on Block Ciphers using Deep Learning 6/23/2022 search
Keyed-Fully Homomorphic Encryption Without Indistinguishability Obfuscation 6/20/2022 search
Keyed-Fully Homomorphic Encryption Without Indistinguishability Obfuscation 6/20/2022 search
Repetition Using Cyclic Frequency Diversity in UL-PD-NOMA and Its Hardware Experiment 6/19/2022 search
On Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Length for Delayed Disclosure Authentication of GNSS 6/7/2022 search
HLS and CCNx Based High-Quality Live Streaming on On-Premises Network System 6/7/2022 search
Fabrication and Temperature Characteristics of 1550nm InAs/InGaAlAs Quantum Dot Distributed Feedback Lasers with Side Grating 6/2/2022 search
Generic Construction of Public-key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search Revisited: Stronger Security and Efficient Construction 5/30/2022 search
Performance of SOA in 100GBase-LR4 Link 5/26/2022 search
What Works and Doesn't Work, A Deep Decoder for Neural Machine Translation 5/26/2022 search
IndicBART: A Pre-trained Model for Indic Natural Language Generation 5/25/2022 search
Exposed Infrastructures: Discovery, Attacks and Remediation of Insecure ICS Remote Management Devices 5/25/2022 search
Characterization and Comparison of CubeSat and Drone Platform Jitter Effects on Laser Beam Pointing Stability 5/20/2022 search
1 Pb/s Transmission in a 125μm diameter 4-core MCF 5/19/2022 search
SenseInput: An Image-Based Sensitive Input Detection Scheme for Phishing Website Detection 5/19/2022 search
Ultra-Wideband Electromagnetic-Wave Absorber for IEEE 802.15.3d 5/19/2022 search
NEMIANA: Cross-Platform Execution Migration for Debugging 5/18/2022 search
Temperature Characteristics of Intermixed Ridge Type Quantum Dot Lasers 5/18/2022 search
User-centric In-network Caching Mechanism for Off-chain Storage with Blockchain 5/17/2022 search
A Simple and Flexible Global ID System for Authentication in Blockchain 5/16/2022 search
Human Skin Exposure to Terahertz Waves from 0.1 to 1 THz: Statistical Assessments Using Multilayered Planar Models 5/16/2022 search
State-free End-to-End Encrypted Storage and Chat Systems based on Searchable Encryption 4/27/2022 search
Efficient Dynamic Searchable Encryption with Forward Privacy under the Decent Leakage 4/27/2022 search
Building a Blockchain-based Social Network Identification System 4/15/2022 search
Automatic Monitoring System for Security Using IoT Devices and SmartContracts 4/15/2022 search
Toward a Blockchain Healthcare Information Exchange 4/15/2022 search
NICT’s versatile miniaturized lasercom terminals for moving platforms 3/31/2022 search
Link Budget Design of Adaptive Optical Satellite Network for Integrated Non-Terrestrial Network 3/31/2022 search
Malicious Packet Classification Based on Neural Network Using Kitsune Features 3/24/2022 search
300-GHz Back-Radiation On-Chip-Antenna Measurement with Electromagnetic-Wave-Absorption Sheet 3/22/2022 search
Improvement of Self-Heating in Quantum Dot Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for SS-OCT Application 3/11/2022 search
High-Efficiency Air-Clad Type Silicon-Nitride Ring-Resonator for Bio-Sensing Applications 3/11/2022 search
Detection of S100 Calcium Binding Protein A6 by Silicon Nitride Photonic Sensor 3/11/2022 search
Eigenvalue-domain Neural Network Receiver for 4096-ary Eigenvalue-modulated Signal 3/10/2022 search
Datacenter-Carrier Cooperation over Optical Networks during Disaster Recovery 3/9/2022 search
Investigation of Long-Haul S-, C- + L-Band Transmission 3/9/2022 search
400-pixel high-speed photodetector for high optical alignment robustness FSO receiver 3/8/2022 search
Free-space Laser Communications for Small Moving Platforms 3/8/2022 search
Investigation of Wideband Distributed Raman Amplification in a Few-Mode Fiber Link 3/8/2022 search
372 Tb/s Unrepeatered 213 km Transmission Over a 125 um Cladding Diameter, 4-Core MCF 3/7/2022 search
Hollow-core fiber capacities with receiver noise limitations 3/7/2022 search
Flight Demonstration Results of Information Theoretically Secure Wireless Communication on a Sounding Rocket MOMO 3/3/2022 search
A Wide Area Propagation Measurement for Mobile Satellite Communications using Ka band satellite 3/3/2022 search
Pronunciation Adaptive Self Speaking Agent Using WaveGrad 2/28/2022 search
3x3 MIMO RF transmission in radio over multimode fiber link 2/21/2022 search
High data-rate and long-distance wideband transmission in 125 μm diameter fibers 2/21/2022 search
Investigation of NOMA-CAP Modulation Format for Cost-effective and Short Reach Next-Generation Optical Networking Applications 2/21/2022 search
Off-chip Wideband Power Divider/Combiner for Sub-THz Receiver Module 2/13/2022 search
Construction of a Support Tool for User Reading of Privacy Policies and Assessment of its User Impact 2/10/2022 search
A Study of the Relationship between Social Communication Skills and Sensitivity to Paralanguage 1/30/2022 search