Space Weather Forecast
|Study on Space Weather and its Hazards|
Vol.49 No.3
Special issue
1 Space Weather and its Hazards on the High-Tech System
2 Solar Phenomena and Solar Wind
2-1 Study of Energy Build-up in Solar Flares
2-2 High-Energy Particle Acceleration in the Heliosphere
2-3 Solar Wind and Interplanetary Disturbances
2-4 Interplanetary Magnetic Flux Ropes
3 The Magnetosphere
3-1 Formation of the Magnetosphere and Magnetospheric Plasma Regime
3-2 Generation of Convection in the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling System
3-3 Evolution of the Ionospheric Convection due to Changes in the Interplanetary Magnetic Field
3-4 Transmission Line Model for Ground Magnetic Disturbances
3-5 Geomagnetic Storms
3-6 Space Weather Research with Computer Simulations
4 Ionosphere and Thermosphere
4-1 Ionospheric Irregularities
Introduction to Patents
Device and Method for Outputting Random Vectors and Recording Medium
List of Published Presentation Papers