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Communications Research Laboratory(CRL)  
Telecommunications Advancement Organization(TAO

Oct. 1896
Radio Telegraph Research Division was established as a part of Electrotechnical Laboratory, Ministry of Communications
Jan. 1915
Hiraiso Branch was opened
May. 1935
Type Approval System for Radio Equipment was started
Jan. 1940
Frequency Standard Radio Service (JJY) was started

Jun. 1948
Radio Physics Laboratory was integrated
Aug. 1952
Radio Research Laboratory was established
May. 1964
Kashima Antenna Facility was opened
Aug. 1979
Communications and Broadcast Satellite Organization (CBSO) established
Aug. 1982
Kimitsu Satellite Control Center was opened
Apr. 1988
Reorganization from Radio Research Laboratory to Communications Research Laboratory
May. 1989
Kansai Advanced Research Center(KARC) was opened Kanto Branch was formed by combining Kashima Space Research Center with Hiraiso Solar Terrestorial Research Center
Oct. 1990
Commenced support of specific telecommunications and broadcasting development operations
Oct. 1992
Renamed as the Telecommunications Advancement Organization (TAO) Commencement of advanced R&D info telecommunications and broadcasting

Jul. 1997
Yokosuka Radio Communications Research Center established

Jul. 2000
Keihanna Info-Communication Research Center established
Jan. 2001
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications became Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications
Apr. 2001
Communications Research Laboratory, Incorporated Administrative Agency, established
Jul. 2001
Commenced promotion of research into basic civilian technologies
Mar. 2002
Satellite control operations terminated
Aug. 2002
Asia Research Center established
Apr. 2003
Partial takeover of Basic Technology Research Promotion Center operations
Apr. 2004
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, an incorporated administrative agency (NICT) was established by merging CRL and TAO
Apr. 2012
Resilient ICT Research Center established
Apr. 2013
Center for Information and Neural Networks established