Special Issue on Traceable and Secure Networks
Vol.55 Nos.2/3
Special issue
1 Special Issue on Traceable and Secure Networks
2 Research and Development of Traceable Network
3 Applied Cryptography
3-1 On the Construction of Fast Secure Set-Intersection Protocols
4 Applied Virtualization Technology
4-1 Design and Implementation of an Isolated Sandbox Used to Analyze Malware
4-2 A Load Balancing System for Mitigating DDoS Attacks Using Live Migration of Virtual Machines
5 Applied Machine Learning Theory
5-1 Monitoring and Analysis of Network Traffic in P2P Environment
5-2 A Holistic Perspective on Understanding and Breaking Botnets: Challenges and Countermeasures
6 Applied Parallel Processing Technology
6-1 Distributed Processing Language Overlay GHC and its Application Possibilities
6-2 A Survey of Distributed Storage and Parallel I/O Technique for Security Incident Analysis
Introduction to Patents
Network Spatial/Temporal Information-Distribution System, Spatial/Temporal Information-Distribution Equipment, Spatial/Temporal Information Receiver Terminal Equipment, and Network Spatial/Temporal Information-Distribution Method
List of Published Presentation Papers