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Access of Advanced ICT Research Institute

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Kobe City, Hyogo (KARC)

Planning Office・Nano ICT Laboratory・Bio ICT Laboratory・Quantum ICT Laboratory(Kobe branch)

 588-2, Iwaoka, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
651-2492, Japan
TEL:+81-78-969-2100   FAX:+81-78-969-2200

  By train  

 Expected duration:  JR Special Rapid Service
   ● Kyoto-Nishi-Akashi : 70min
● Osaka-Nishi-Akashi : 40min
● Sannomiya-Nishi-Akashi : 20min 

■ From JR Nishi-Akashi Station

By Taxi
It takes 20min and costs about 2,000-Yen.

■ From JR Okubo Station

By Bus
Please go out from North-Exit of the station, and take Shinki-Bus from No.3 Aboard buses bound for “Kami-Iwaoka / Seishin-Chuou Station”. 

Caution not get on the bus via "Akita", even if it is bound for “Kami-Iwaoka / Seishin-Chuou Station”.

Please get it off at “Kami-shinchi”, (It takes approximately 15min.), and it takes 10min From the bus stop to Advanced ICT Resarch Institute on foot.

Foot Route Map(from Kami-shichi bus stop)

※Shinki-Bus Timetable
● Okubo Bus Stop
● Kami-Shinchi(To Okubo)
● Kami-Shinchi(To Seishin-Chuou Sta.)

[ Access ]

  By Car

● 5 min-drive from Okubo interchange on
Route2 Daini-Shinmei Road.

Get off the Okubo interchange on Route2 Daini-Shinmei Road. Turn right at the first traffic light and go northward.

Turn right at the second signal, go along the road for a while (1 min), then turn left at the first T-shaped intersection.

You will see our institute's blue buildings on the right.

● 10 min-drive from Hirano junction on

● 10 min-drive from Okubo-Higashi junction on
Route 2.

Koganei City,Tokyo(In NICT Headquarters)

Planning Office・Terahertz and Millimeter wave ICT Laboratory・Quantum ICT Laboratory

4-2-1 Nukui-Kitamachi,Koganei,Tokyo 184-8795,Japan
Tel: +81-42-327-7429
NICT Headquarters Access Information