Special Issue on Kansai Advanced Research Center
Vol.51 Nos.3/4
Special issue
1 Special Issue on Kansai Advanced Research Center
2 Basic Research Activities and Research Strategies
in Kansai Advanced Research Center
3 Biotechnology and Neurotechnology
3-1 The Single Molecule Nanometry for the Bio-supermolecule Research
3-2 Mechanisms of Dynein Functions as Information Processing Devices
3-3 Fluorescence Microscopy for Live Cell Imaging
3-4 Genome-wide Analysis of Gene Functions
3-5 Visual Information and Eye Movement Control in Human Cerebral Cortex
3-6 Neural Activation Related To Language Processes and An Analysis Method
3-7 Measurement of Brain Activity by Near Infrared Light
4 Nanodevice Technologies
|From New Functions of Extreme Substances to Telecommunication Technologies|
4-1 Controlling Intermolecular Interactions using Nano-Structural Molecules
4-2 Single Molecular Electronics
4-3 Development of Molecular-beam Apparatus with Spray-jet Technique
4-4 Fabrication and Characterization of Nanometer-size Structures Consisting of Organic Molecules
4-5 Nanoelectronics Architectures
4-6 Design Infrastructure of Large-scale Single-flux-quantum Logic Circuit
4-7 As-grown Growth of MgB2 Thin Films and Fabrication of Josephson
Introduction to Patents
Variable Optical Delay Unit
List of Published Presentation Papers