Special Issue on R&D Testbed Networks
Vol.52 Nos.3/4
Special issue
1 Testbed Networks in NICT
2 Trends on Network Testbeds
2-1 JGNU Advanced Network Testbed for R&D
2-2 Asia-Pacific Information Infrastructure (APII) Testbed Project in Cooperation with JGNU
2-3 Trends on Network Testbeds in the World
3 Photonic Network Technology
3-1 Ultrafast 160 Gb/s-based Transmission Experiment on JGNU
3-2 1000 Channel WDM Transmission and Grouped Wavelength Path Routing Experiments using JGNU Test Bed
3-3 Reconfigurable Optical Packet ADM Experiment using JGNU Network
3-4 Research on GMPLS over JGNU Test bed
3-5 On Influence of Network Characteristics on Application Performance in a Grid Environment
3-6 QoS-aware Resource Allocation and Utilization Technology in Access
4 High-speed Transmission and Interoperability Technology
4-1 Transport Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks: Comparison of
Their Performances in JGNU
4-2 QoS Control Method for Large Scale Data Transfer in DataGrid Applications
4-3 Grid Communication Library Allowing for Dynamic Firewall Control
4-4 Approach of VoIP/SIP Interoperabillity Task Force
4-5 About the Interoperability Evaluation of the IPv6 Multicast
(Coordinated Verification with Regional Network)
5 Application
5-1 A Report on the Experiment of Combined Operation via JGNU
5-2 Research and Developments for e-VLBI Utilizing Global High Speed Network Connections
5-3 Space Weather Information Network on JGNU
5-4 Research and Development of Application-oriented Management Platform
5-5 Research and Development of Surrounding Computing Technology
5-6 An Interactive Communication System Implementation on JGNU
5-7 International Distance Learning Experiment Using JGNU
5-8 Research Project for Ubiquitous Society with IPv6 at Technical High Schools
General Papers
Automatic Realtime Detection of Sudden Commencement of Geomagnetic Storms
Space Weather News on the Web at NICT
Introduction to Patents
Device for Measuring Airborne Particles
List of Published Presentation Papers