Special Issue on EMC
Vol.53 No.1
Special issue
1 Research Activities on EMC in NICT
2 Use of Electromagnetic Energy and Resultant Noises
3 Development of EMC Measurement and Calibration Methods
3-1 Uncertainty Estimation of Loop Antenna Calibration System in MF/HF Band
3-2 Evaluation of Uncertainty of Horn Antenna Calibration with the Frequency range of 1 GHz to 18 GHz.
3-3 Developments of ISO/IEC17025 Calibration Systems in Wireless Communications Department
3-4 Development of the Measurement Technology of the Spurious Emission from Primary Radar
3-5 Total Radiated Power of Radio Transmitters Measured in a Reverberation Chamber
4 Investigation of EMC in Wireless Communication Systems
4-1 Electromagnetic Disturbance Measurement by Using Amplitude Probability Distribution for Protecting Digital Wireless Communication Systems
4-2 Power Measurement Emitted by UWB System in Time Domain
4-3 Effects of Spread Spectrum Clocking on Measured Noise Spectra
5 Research on Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation and on Evaluation Methods of Compliance with Radiofrequency Radiation Protection Guidelines
5-1 Studies on Dosimetry of Human-Body Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields
5-2 Studies on Evaluation Methods of Compliance to Radio Radiation Protection Guidelines
5-3 Development of Exposure Systems and Exposure Assessment for Studies on Biological Effect of Electromagnetic Fields
6 Electromagnetic Field Distribution Measurements using an Optically Scanning Probe System
General Papers
A 3D Visualization System for Real-Time Space Weather Simulator with a Glassless Stereoscope
Introduction to Patents
Software Defined Radio, its Programmable Signal-Processing Unit, and Central Control Signal-Processing Unit
List of Published Presentation Papers