Special Issue on Photonic Networks
Vol.53 No.2
Special issue
1 Researches on Photonic Networks in NICT
2 R&D Activities of Photonic Networks in the World
3 Physical Layer Technologies / Optical Signal Processing
3-1 Optical Signal Processing using Fiber Nonlinearity
3-2 Emerging Techniques to Enable Asynchronous Coherent OCDMA
3-3 EA Modulator Based OTDM Technique for 160 Gb/s Optical Signal Transmission
3-4 Research and Development of High-Capacity Optical Link Technologies
3-5 Polarization-mode Dispersion and its Mitigation
3-6 Advanced Optical Modulators for Next-generation Photonic Networks
3-7 Highly Efficient Optical Communication Technologies Multi-level Optical Transmission and Ultra-high Density Optical Signal Processing.
3-8 OCDM Transmission Experiments on JGNU Test bed Optical Link
4 Wavelength Routing / Optical Burst Switching / Optical Access Network
4-1 Experimental Study of a Burst-Switched WDM Network Testbed
4-2 Compact Photonic Gateway with AOTF for Remotely Controlling -Paths
4-3 Experiments of a Terabit-Class Super-Network
4-4 Advanced Lightpath Establishment for Distributed Computing
5 Packet Switching
5-1 Research and Development of 160Gbit/s/port Optical Packet Switch Prototype and Related Technologies
5-2 Studies on Architecture and Control Technology for Optical Packet Switches
6 Interoperability
6-1 A Study for Technology of Controlling Next-Generation Backbone Network
Introduction to Patents
Mechanism and Driving Method for Robot Lips
List of Published Presentation Papers