Special Issue on Middle and Upper Atmosphere Observation Techniques
Vol.54 Nos.1/2
Special issue
Foreword: Global Environment and ICT (Information and Communications Technology)
1 Observed Results of gAlaska Projecth. Developed Instrument Performance .
”Comprehesive Arctic Atmosphere Observing System and Observed Results for gSystem Performance Demonstrationh
1-1 Stratosphere-Troposphere Observations; Approach from Atmospheric Remote-sensing to Social Safety
”Predicting and Validating the Motion of an Ash Cloud during the 2006 Eruption of Mount Augustine Volcano, Alaska, USA
”NICT Lidar Systems at Poker Flat Research Range
”Intensive Ozonesonde Observation at Fairbanks and Comparison with
Three-Dimensional Chemical Transport Model
1-2 Mesosphere Observations: Dynamics and Chemistry / Material in the Upper Air
”Characteristics of Aerosol in the Polar Mesosphere Derived from Rayleigh Lidar Observations
”A Comparative Study of the Electron Density Estimated with MF Radar DAE Method and Cosmic Noise Absorption at Poker Flat, Alaska
”Wind Estimations with Meteor Observations by MF Radars at Poker Flat, Alaska and Wakkanai, Japan
”Tides in the Polar Mesosphere Derived from Two MF Radar Measurements at Poker Flat and Tromso
1-3 Observations of Aurora and Atmosphere-Plasma Interaction
”Optical Interferometry Techniques and Scientific Results for the Dynamics of the Upper Atmosphere in the Alaska Project
”Cosmic Noise Absorption Observed with Imaging Riometer in Alaska: Use of CNA to Estimate Energy Spectra of Auroral Precipitating Electrons
”Artificial Ionospheric Irregularities Measured with MUIR (Modular UHF Ionospheric Radar) at HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
”Ionospheric Plasma Convection Observed by HF Radar Network in the Northern Polar Region
”Space Weather Study Using the HF Radar in King Salmon, Alaska
2 SMILES and Submillimeter-Wave Band Atmospheric Sounding Techniques
”Development and Ground Tests of Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (SMILES)
”The Laboratory Measurement of Pressure Broadening Parameter for Atmospheric Remote Sensing
”BSMILES . A Balloon-Borne Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder
”Implementation of a Neural Network for Retrieving Atmospheric Parameters from Remote Sensing
”The Impact of Cirrus Clouds on Retrieval of Ozone in the Upper Troposphere / Lower Stratosphere from SMILES Data
Introduction to Patents
Analog Signal Input / Output System Using Network Lines
List of Published Presentation Papers