Special Issue on Human Communications
Vol.54 No.3
Special issue
1 Special Issue on Human Communications
2 Natural Language
2-1 Construction of the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese and Annotation Techniques
2-2 Information Access Technologies for Processing a Very Large Number of Natural Language Documents
2-3 Automatic Construction Technology for Parallel Corpora
2-4 Acquisition of Taxonomic Relations among Words from Huge Corpora and its Application
2-5 Development of a System to Point Out Misuse of Japanese Honorific
2-6 Development of Language Resources for Natural Language Processing in Deep Level
3 Content Fusion Technologies
3-1 Fusion of Communication Content and Broadcast Content
3-2 Digital Content Embedded in Real World Environment and Itfs Utilization Technologies
4 Social Interaction
4-1 Basic Study for Cognition and Manipulation of the Body Image
4-2 Cognitive Mechanisms of Preverbal Communication
4-3 Interaction Analysis at the Dialog by Nonverbal Behavior
5 Universal Terminals
5-1 Outdoor Environment Recognition and Semi- Autonomous Mobile Vehicle for Supporting Mobility of the Elderly and Disabled People
5-2 Barrier-Free on the Mobility and the Information for Visually Impaired People and Hearing Impaired People
5-3 Universal Designed Mobility Support Geographic Information System for All Pedestrians
6 Collaborative and Distributed Media
6-1 Experiences in UKARI Project
6-2 Distributed and Cooperative Service Platforms for Home Network Services
6-3 Real Living Experiments with Conversational Robots at Ubiquitous-Home
6-4 A Looking-for-Objects Service in Ubiquitous Home
Introduction to Patents
List of Published Presentation Papers