Special Issue on the Keihanna Human Info-Communications Research Center
Vol.48 No.3
Special issue
1 Human-Care Communication Project in Keihanna Human Info-Communications Research Center
2 Toward the Realization of Situation-Sharing Communications Technology
2-1 Research on Communication Mechanism of Embodied Interaction
2-2 Study of Emergent Communication Mechanisms
2-3 Using Humanoid Robots to Study Human Communication
3 Toward an Education and Learning Support Environment
3-1 New Horizons in Computational Linguistics
3-2 Language Learning in the 21st Century
3-3 Study of Speech Communication Mechanisms based on the Understanding of Human Biological Functions
4 Toward Creation of a New Media Environment
4-1 Research on Interactive Communication Media and Contents
4-2 3D Space-shared Communications
5 Towards Creation of a Communications Support Environment
5-1 Barrier-free Communications
5-2 Spoken Communication in Multiple Modalities
5-3 Studies on Community Knowledge Creation Support in Knowledge Network Society
6 Towards Realization of Human-care Communication Technology
Introduction to Patents
Two-Dimensionally-Arrayed Compression-Stressed Semiconductor Photodetector
List of Published Presentation Papers