Special issue on Space Weather Forecast 2
[Development of Observation and Forecasting Systems and Information Services|
Vol.49 No.4
Special issue
1 Research on a System for Monitoring, Analyzing, and Forecasting of the Space Environment
2 Solar and Solar Wind
2-1 Optical and Radio Solar Observation for Space Weather
2-2 L5 Mission and Observation of Interplanetary CME
2-3 Solar Wind Plasma Instrument for the L5 mission
2-4 A Forecast Tool using Java Script for Predicting Arrival Time of Interplanetary Disturbances to the Earth
3 Magnetosphere
3-1 Real time data reception of ACE and IMAGE Satellites
3-2 Prediction of the Dst Index from Solar Wind Parameters by a Neural Network Method
3-3 Real-Time Geomagnetic Data Acquisition from Siberia Region and Its Application|PURAES project|
3-4 Quasi-Real Time Geomagnetic Data Transfer from Near Northern Magnetic Pole Region
3-5 Development of Instrument for the Resonance Scattering Emission of Oxygen Ion(O‡U:83.4nm) |Toward the Imagery of Magnetosphere|
4 Ionosphere and Thermosphere
4-1 Derivation of TEC and Estimation of Instrumental Biases from GEONET in Japan
5 Information Service
5-1 Ionospheric Observation and Observation Information Processing System
5-2 Space Environment Information Service System
5-3 Development of Telephone Service System
5-4 Space Weather Forecast in the Future Manned Space Era
General Papers
Correcting Instable Signal in Near-Field Antenna Gain Measurement
Introduction to Patents
Radar Cross Section Reduction Sheet
List of Published Presentation Papers