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Discovery of New Proteins Involved in Spatial Reorganization of Chromosomes- Aiming at Understanding of the Mechanism for Genetic Information Producing Diversity of Life -[2009.11.03]
World’s First Achievement: NICT Verified the Potential forQuantum Key Distribution (QKD) Using a Satellite- Feasibility of Laser Communications and QKD in Space Ensured -[2009.11.23]


Earth Observation Sensor, SMILES, using state-of-the-art superconducting technology-Toward ultra-precise diagnosis of the Earth's environment from the international space station -[2009.09.08]


Achieving the Core Prototype of Spectrum sharing Wireless Communications System- Using Open Frequencies through Harmonizing Cognitive Radio Base Stations and Cognitive Radio Terminals -[2009.05.07]
Low-power and Secure Wearable ECG over Body Area Network- Towards Invisible and Dependable Health Watch-over Services -[2009.05.11]
Cubic 3D Display Viewable from Every Direction Developed- Grasp the 3D Image inside the Cube -[2009.05.20]


A Guard-Time-Free High-Speed Switching for Optical Signals- Eliminating Communication Bottlenecks by Switching the Destinations of Optical Signals in a Fraction of a Second -[2009.04.02]
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology Development of a Floating Touch Display for Interfacing with Floating Images— With your finger, you can move images appearing in the air, that seem real, although nothing is there —[2009.04.15]


MOBILE WIRELESS ROUTER CONFORMING TO WORLD’S FIRST COGNITIVE WIRELESS STANDARD (IEEE 1900.4)- Provides Appropriate Mobile Connection Environment to Terminal According to Surrounding Radio Use Conditions -[2009.03.03]


Non-invasive Observation of Internal Structure of a Giotto's Masterpiece by THz Imaging-The modern figure on the medieval preparation is revealved -[2009.02.25]
IEEE 1900.4 Standard has been published- The World’s First Specification for Fundamental Architecture of Cognitive Wireless Network -[2009.02.26]