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Development of Flexible Optical Design Method for Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon DetectorsNICT paves a way for realizing a high detection efficiency with an ultralow noise[2016.10.24]
Projection-type See-through Holographic 3D Display Technology- An optical screen fabricated using a hologram printer and holographic projection technique enables the free design of both display size and visual angle -[2016.10.13]
Stable Molecular State of Photons and Artificial Atom Discovered- New state may contribute to the development of quantum technologies based on light-matter interaction -[2016.10.11]


Layer 2-based Wireless Relay Network for Robot Control under Non Line-of-Sight EnvironmentsSuccessfully Demonstrated a Remote Control for Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle beyond the Line-of-Sight via a Hovering Drone[2016.09.16]


Development of Circuit Technology that Resolves Issues with High-Frequency Piezoelectric ResonatorsRealizing Compact, Low-Cost, High-Speed Radio Communication Systems for the IoT Age[2016.06.17]


Ensemble TractographyA method to improve the identification of white matter pathways in living human brain[2016.02.12]