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Proof test on monitoring of radiation dosage utilizing smart meter system- Radio system compliant with the standard draft for smart utility networks; Long-term monitoring through low-power operation in a world first -[2011.08.25]
Fiber-based direct comparison of distant optical lattice clocks at the 10-16 uncertainty- Real time detection of relativistic time dilation due to an elevation difference of 56 m -[2011.08.04]


Bit error rate bound of optical communication theory was beaten- An important step toward ultra-long-distance, low-power and high-capacity communications -[2011.06.28]
Big Step toward Practical Use of Leading-edge “Optical Packet and Circuit Integrated Network”- Manufacturing Practical Optical Nodes from the Latest Optical Switching Technologies and Building the World’s First Testbed -[2011.06.14]


A BAN System Providing Safety Assistance to People with Visual Disability- A Wireless Communication System Attached to Sunglasses, Wrist Watch, and Stick -[2011.05.26]


NICT Successfully Conducted the Proof Test On Smart Meter Radio Devices That Enables Low-Power Operations- Automatic and autonomous control, meter-reading and monitoring via radio communications under both ordinal and emergency situations - [2011.03.17]