Special Issue on Photonic and Quantum Communications
Vol.53 No.3
Special issue
1 Research Activities on Photonic and Quantum Communications in NICT
2 Ultra-High Density Lightwave Communication
2-1 Fabrication Technique of Ultra-high Density Semiconductor Quantum Dot
2-2 Optical Amplification and Switches in Silicon Based Photonic Devices for Future Networks
2-3 Novel Photonic Devices Based on Electro-optic Modulation Technologies
2-4 Supercontinuum Generation and its Applications
2-5 Dense Multiplexing and Transmission Technique of Millimeter-Wave-Band Radio-on-Fiber Signals
3 Quantum Info-Communications
3-1 Overview of Quantum Info-Communications and Research Activities in NICT
3-2 Secure Communication with Quantum Cryptography
3-3 Generation of Telecom-band Quantum Entangled Photon Pairs and its
Application to Quantum Key Distribution
3-4 Status of Development of Photon Number Resolving Detectors
3-5 Manipulation and Measurement of Quantum Signals via Non-Gaussian
3-6 Quantum Network Consisting of Laser-cooled Ions and Photons
Introduction to Patents
Optical Frequency Shift Keying Modulator
List of Published Presentation Papers