Special issue on Yokosuka Radio Communications Research Center
Vol.48 No.4
Special issue
1 Special issue on Yokosuka Radio Communications Research Center
2 Research Strategy of Yokosuka Radio Communications Research Center
3 Wireless Communications
3-1 Wireless Network Integration Technology
3-1-1 MIRAI Architecture for Heterogeneous Network
3-1-2 156Mbps Ultrahigh-Speed Wireless LAN Prototype in the 38GHz Band
3-2 Wireless Communications System Using Stratospheric Platforms
3-2-1 R&D Program on Telecom and Broadcasting System Using High Altitude Platform Stations
3-2-2 A Study of Frequency Sharing and Contribution to ITU for Wireless Communication Systems Using Stratospheric Platforms
3-3 Wireless Access System
3-3-1 Design and Performance of a Millimeter-Wave Video-Transmission System using 60-GHz Band for Indoor BS Signals Transmission
3-3-2 A Millimeter-Wave Broadband Wireless Access System Using Mobile Tracking Technology
3-4 ITS Wireless Transmission Technology
3-4-1 Technologies of Millimeter-Wave Inter-Vehicle Communications„ŸPropagation Characteristics„Ÿ
3-4-2 Technologies of Millimeter-Wave Road-Vehicle Communications
3-5 Broadcasting System
3-5-1 An Advanced CATV System with Wireless Distribution
4 Millimeter Wave Devices
4-1 Research Project on Millimeter-Wave Semiconductor Devices
4-2 Research on Millimeter-Wave Communication Equipment Including Test and Measurement Techniques
5 Electromagnetic Environment
5-1 Recent Progress of Studies on EMC Relating to Various Equipment
5-2 Review of Bio-EMC Studies
Introduction to Patents
Multi-Directional Antenna
List of Published Presentation Papers