Special issue on Global Environment Measurements
Vol.49 No.2
Special issue
1 Research and Development of Global Environment Measurements
2 Satelliteborne Measurement Technologies
2-1 Development of Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder (JEM/SMILES) aboard the International Space Station
2-2 Balloon-borne Superconducting Submillimeter-Wave Limb-Emission Sounder for Observations of Middle Atmosphere
2-3 Global Precipitation Measurement program and the development of dual-frequency precipitation radar
2-4 Space-borne coherent Doppler lidar
3 Airborne Measurement Technologies
3-1 Airborne Multiparameter Precipitation Radar (CAMPR) Observation of Wind Fields in Snow Clouds
3-2 Polarimetric Rainfall Observation with CAMPR (CRL Airborne Multiparameter Precipitation Radar)
3-3 Cloud Observation with CRL Airborne Cloud Rader (SPIDER)
3-4 Airborne/Spaceborne Laser Altimeter
3-5 Development of Airborne high-resolution multi-Parameter imaging radar SAR, Pi-SAR
3-6 Flight Experiments of Airborne High-Resolution Multi-Parameter Imaging Radar, Pi-SAR
4 Ground-based Measurement Technologies
4-1 CRL Alaska Project-International Collaborations for observing Arctic atmosphere environment in Alaska-
4-2 Imaging Riometer Database Developed in Cooperation with the University of Alaska
4-3 Recent results and future plans of atmospheric study using CRL all-sky imagers
4-4 Development of CRL Fabry-Perot interferometers and observation of the thermosphere-
4-5 Lidar instruments for the observations of the arctic atmosphere in Alaska-project
4-6 Trace Gas Observation with Poker Flat FTIR
4-7 Development of millimeter-wave radiometers and stratospheric observation
4-8 Development of a 400 MHz-band Wind Profiler Radar with RASS
4-9 Long-term Observations Using L-Band Wind Profiler in Asia
4-10 Development of the CRL Okinawa Bistatic Polarimetric Radar
4-11 Observation at the arid region in China
4-12 Development of Long-Range Ocean Radar System
5 Development of Data Network Systems for Global Environment Measurements
5-1 Development of SALMON system and the environment data transfer experiment
5-2 Development of collaboration system for environmental study
6 Special Issue on Global Environment Measurements
Introduction to Patents
Distributing, Transmitting, and Receiving System
List of Published Presentation Papers