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World’s First Demonstration of Continuous Variable Entanglement Distillation for Quantum Communication

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February 8, 2010

We have demonstrated an important milestone protocol, called “entanglement distillation” applicable to continuous variable quantum communications. Quantum entanglement is a strong correlation formed between two or more quantum systems. This can be used to realize secure and high capacity communication that are impossible by classical systems. Because the entanglement is very susceptible to damping, distilling stronger entanglement from the degraded one is indispensable after transmission. While distillation for entangled single photons was previously demonstrated, the distillation for more wave-like, continuous variable (CV) states had not been realized until now. This is important because current optical networks are based on CV technology, and eventually it would deliver ultra-high capacity communications with minimum power in the current infrastructure. This result will be published in the UK science journal, "Nature Photonics."

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