Special issue on Photonic Technology
Vol.49 No.1
1 Special issue on Photonic Technology
2 Photonic Research Activity at CRL
3 Photonic Networks
3-1 Optical Code Division Multiplexing and Its Application to Peta-bit/s Photonic Network
3-2 Ultra-fast photonic packet routing technology
4 Photonic Wireless Technologies
4-1 Research and Development of Photonic Feeding Antennas
4-2 Optical Heterodyne Detection for 60-GHz-Band Radio-on-Fiber Systems
5 Photonic Propagation Technologies
5-1 Artificial Star Generation by Stratospheric Rayleigh Scattering
5-2 Distorted Image Reconstruction Using Photorefractive Effects
6 Photonic Device Technologies
6-1 Resonant type optical modulators for 10GHz band
6-2 Research and developments on p-type Germanium lasers in the frequency range from 0.1 terahertz to few terahertz
6-3 Ultrafast electron control of optical device
7 Quantum Communication Technologies
7-1 Quantum detection circuit for quantum channel coding
7-2 Continuous variable teleportation of non-classical states in noisy environment
General Papers
Transmitter Identification|The Development of a High speed Data Acquisition System with Receiving Functions|
Transmitter Identification|Experimental Techniques and Results|
Introduction to Patents
Ionosphere Propagation Delay Measurement System Using an Inverse Spread Spectrum
List of Published Presentation Papers