Special Issue on Optical COE(Center of Excellence)
Vol.51 Nos.1/2
Special issue
1 Optical COE(Center of Excellence)Project
2 Light Source Technology
2-1 Fourier Synthesis of Optical Pulses
2-2 Atom Optics and Atom Lithography
2-3 Research on Superconductive Oscillators and Detectors at Terahertz
Frequency Regions
3 Photonics Technologies
3-1 Optical Modulators for Photonic Sideband Management
3-2 Study for Far-infrared and Faint Light Detection Technology
3-3 Trapping and Cooling of Ions for Quantum Information Processing
3-4 Generation and Application of Quantum-Correlated Twin Beams
3-5 Research on Sb-based Quantum Dot Laser
3-6 Optical Thin Film Technology Used in the Terahertz Frequency
3-7 Nano-Gate Transistor [Worldfs Fastest InP-HEMT[
3-8 Mobile Whole-head SQUID System of SNS Junctions in a Superconducting Magnetic Shield
4 Wavefront Control Technologies
4-1 Nondiffracting Light Beams for Long Ranges
4-2 Image Storage Techniques using Photorefractive
5 Optical Communication Technologies
5-1 Study on Laser Communications Demonstration Equipment at the
International Space Station
5-2 High-Spectral Density Multiplexing Transmission and Photonic Mixing
for Millimeter-Wave-Band Radio-on-Fiber Systems
5-3 Photonic Antennas and its Application to Radio-over-Fiber
Wireless Communication Systems
5-4 Ultra-fast Optical Processing Technology and its Application to
Photonic Network
5-5 Optical Chaos vCDMA
6 Wind Profile Measurements by Coherent Doppler Lidar
General Papers
Calibration Experiment of All-sky Electrostatic Analyzer
Progress of Wakkanai Experimental Community Network Project
Introduction to Patents
Speech System for Mobile Communication Terminals
List of Published Presentation Papers