Special Issue on Information Security
Vol.52 Nos.1/2
Special issue
1 Researches on Information Security in NICT
2 Technologies for Security of the Internet
2-1 A Study on Process Model for Internet Risk Analysis
2-2 Design and Phase-1 Development of Secure Overlay Networks
2-3 A Development of Experimental EnvironmentsgSIOShandgVM Nebulah
for Reproducing Internet Security Incidents
2-4 Buffer-Overflow Detection in C Program by Static Detection
2-5 Efficient Traceback Method for Detecting Illegal Access
2-6 Log Management System Based on Distributed Database Using P2P Network
2-7 The Mathematics Models and an Actual Proof Experiment for IP Traceback System
2-8 Detecting Unknown Computer Viruses -New Approach-
3 Countermeasures Against Information Leakage
3-1 Subgroup Membership Problem and Its Applications to Information Security
3-2 A Functional Cryptosystem Using a Group Action
3-3 A Generalized Harley Algorithm for Genus Two Hyperelliptic Curves
3-4 An Expansion Algorithm for Higher Order Differential Cryptanalysis of Secret Key Ciphers
3-5 A Study on Higher Order Differential Cryptanalysis of 64 Bit Block Cipher KASUMI
3-6 On Multi Rounds Elimination Method for Higher Order Differential Cryptanalysis
3-7 Error Detection and Authentication in Quantum Key Distribution
3-8 Information Hiding on Digital Documents by Adjustment of New-line Positions
3-9 Secret Sharing Scheme Using Natural Language Text
3-10 Finding Solution to the Illegal Access in RFID
3-11 Hysteresis Signature and Its Related Technologies to Maintain the Digital Evidence for Network Activities in Future Society
3-12 Autonomous Access Control among Nodes in Sensor Networks with Security Policies
3-13 A Trial of the Interception of Display Image using Emanation of Electromagnetic Wave
4 Network Technologies for Safety Life with Feeling Relief
4-1 States and Trends of Technologies in the Ad Hoc Networks Applicable to Emergency Communications
4-2 Ubiquitous Communications Technology for Disaster Mitigation
4-3 Research and Development of an RFID-based Disaster-relief System
4-4 Research and Development for Victims Information Registration and Retrieval System (IAA System) and its Application to Natural Disasters
4-5 Limiting the Holding Time in Mobile Cellular Phone Systems During Disasters
Introduction to Patents
Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy and its Illumination Optics
List of Published Presentation Papers