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New-Generation Mobility Project

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BYON (Bring Your Own Network): To realize a new generation mobile network
infrastructure that can always locally configure a service-specific network


Increased demands not only for‘network connectivity’but also for‘service- or application-specific connectivity’

  With the rapid advances of mobile network technology, it has been an era that one can enjoy the network services such as voice call, e-mail, WEB surfing, and SNS (Social Networking Service), even on a high-speed train or traveling abroad. Moreover, there is a high demand from mobile devices of accessing remote office networks and various kinds of cloud services. However, a large amount of traffic of delay- and loss- tolerant services tends to disturb the connectivity of some delay-sensitive or emergent services in the case of dense mobile devices and wireless sensors situation. As a result, there is a trend to hope a technology that enables a remote user to use the ordinary office/home network with the usual usage and security, but without any complicated pre-configuration or exclusive networks.


Enable BYON (Bring Your Own Network): a new generation mobile network infrastructure that can dynamically configure a service-specific network nearby the users without making the users conscious of the location or environmental changes.

The requirements for security, latency and communication qualities differ from different types of mobile services and applications. One of our goals is to develop a technology to differentiate a target service's traffic from the other's and dynamically configure a service-specific network, which should solve the problem that delay-sensitive services’ traffic are disturbed by other traffic as described above. Another goal is to develop a technology which enables a remote or travelling user to utilize the ordinary office/home network with the same usability and security.


R&D of mobile network virtualization and service mobility to enable BYON (Bring Your Own Network)

1.    R&D to dynamically configure a virtualized wireless service area upon service's or application's request adapted for the geographical distribution of mobile devices and the access frequency
2.    R&D to manage backhaul resources in coordination with the virtualized wireless service area
3.    R&D to partition/composite/migrate service resources aiming for a new generation thin client service
4.    R&D to seamlessly utilize a remote network environment with the usual usage and security