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Very Large-scale Information Sharing Network Project

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Realizing a network treating over a trillion objects


Recently, it is increasingly expected that 'objects' which currently lack enough communication functions, i.e. physical entities like daily necessities, sensors or devices embedded in the environment will be connected to the network and utilized in the same way as users and contents in the current information systems. Such network can improve the overall utilization and conv enience of social infrastructure. However, current Internet has no capacity to treat a huge number of objects, over one trillion by some estimations, distributed in the real world.


The objective of the research includes developing basic technologies for large-scale information sharing network platform that can treat a huge number of contents, users and objects as interoperable open resources. Specifically, the objective of the research is to design transparent access method of different kind of objects and network construction method to enable safe and efficient information sharing that can treat discoveries or distributions of objects.


1. 'Large Scale Network Construction Technologies', that treats the discoveries of obje cts or facts and information distributions to the users or services thereon in a large-scale and wide-area environment.

2. 'Transparent Access Technologies on Heterogeneous Networks', for the transparent treatment of heterogeneous types of entities in the network.

3. 'Secure Management Technologies', for both protections from network abuses and safe and secure management/use of information services.

We test and prove our research outcomes on a wide-area network test-bed 'JGN-X'. The new type of applications and services of the Future Internet or the New-Generation Network will be available; the social system will become smarter and our life circumstances will become safer, more secure, more creative, and friendly to humans and environments. Furthermore, economic impacts are expected by expansion of domestic demands through consolidation of industries and emergence of new industries.