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Optical Packet & Circuit Integrated Network Project

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Toward the low-energy network to support diversifying network services


People today easily communicate with others thanks to the prevalence of the Internet. Now, people’s demands are growing for high-quality network services, such as entertainment, medical, or other quality-of-life oriented services, in addition to demands for data-communication services at 40 Gbps maximum at present with higher speed and higher stability. In addition, an energy-saving society based on ICT technologies is a common target worldwide.


We aim to, through the Optical Packet & Circuits Integrated Network technologies, benefit both network users and network providers. We provide users with higher-speed more cost-effective network services, and short-delay low data-loss high quality services, through both a packet-switching service and an endto-end path service enabled by our technologies. We enable network providers to consolidate their networks separately built for the Internet and leased-line networks, into a united and low-power - consumption network.


1. We build networks satisfying the following:

  • High-speed: handling growing traffic and improving user-service quality;
  • Diversity: satisfying a wide range of user demands;
  • Low power: application of optical packet & circuit switching and adaptive power-control.
2. Also, we develop optimum packet and path resource boundary control, QoS routing, and quality assurance of mobile communications.

3. We execute proof-of-concept/operation experiments on different test beds (optical test beds, subscriber fibers, or virtual networks), assuming that services start in 2020.

High quality, telemedicine and high-precision video communication not feasible today will be available at low-cost, and energy-efficient power. It will contribute to t he realization of a high quality-of-life and low-energy society.