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New-Generation Network Security Project

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To achieve authentication, privacy and security technologies for over ten trillion entities


According to the growing of the network, it becomes too complicated to realize secure network. It makes unaware security risks.

 In the NWGN, we suppose ten trillion network devices are connected; that is one thousand devices for one person, and there are ten billion persons in the world. Existing authentication schemes and privacy enhancing techniques cannot meet this situation. We must deal with not only PCs but also smartphones and RFID tags, which has less computation power. We must protect authenticity and privacy for such kind of devices with different computation power.


Ensure security efficiently for large-scale and multimodal network.

 Existing authentication and privacy enhancing technologies are based on public key cryptography. Hence, key management is quire important. This key management operation is not feasible for one ten trillion network devices. Thus, reducing key management cost is quite important issue.

The more the network become complicated, the more it becomes difficult to find appropriate security technologies to cover security risks. Thus, the mechanism to find appropriate security technologies for such situation become so important.


Developing security technologies for huge number of network devices

1. We develop authentication scheme suitable for ten trillion network devices. Especially, we develop authentication schemes which reduce key management cost which affect operation cost and network efficiency and implement to many kinds of devices.
2. We develop technologies which can recognize network security risks and find appropriate security technologies and teach to devices and users for huge-scale network.