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Smart Network Construction Project

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Toward networks with high availability and agility through layer re-configuration and automation


The present networks have the following problems: (1) growth of circuit-scale, and process time for prompt address-search, and route-convergence time, caused by bloated routing tables; (2) increase of administration cost due to simultaneous management of more than one network layer; (3) degradation of availability caused by human error during manual operations in address configuration and name resolutaion; and (4) increase of delays in mobile communications and inaccessibility between heterogeneous network protocols.


We aim to develop networks with an innovative layered-structure where ID’s, as information identifiers, and locators, as location identifiers, are separated. The network facilitates mobility of terminals and sensor devices and communication between heterogeneous network protocols. We provide network administrators with high-speed, highly reliable, and easy-to-manage networks, enabled by smart network technologies by using hierarchically structured locators and automatic locator setting for hosts and registration to name resolution servers. We also provide users with highly convenient and highly reliable networks enabled by automatic and adaptive-to-situation selection of optimum networks with a stable speed and routes.


1.  Development of technologies that use hierarchical locator structure and ID/locator split architecture to prevent route-table-bloating when a new provider or computer is added to the network.
2.  Development of technologies that ensure security through automated locator selection/setting and registration to name servers, in order to eliminate administrators’ complicated operation-work.
3.  Total design and implementation, including ID/locator separation and transport layer control.
4.  Large-scale proof-of-concept experiments on StarBED3 and wide deployment through the implementation on JGN-X.
A simple/smart structure and the management of networks will support the automation of network operation and lead to less human error. Safe, secure, stable, and easy-to-use high-speed networks will be provided to ordinary users.