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Virtual Network Service Infrastructure Project

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Base of the New-Generation Network Infrastructure for ICT innovation


The Internet, with its IP-centered architecture, has been realized as a worldwide network infrastructure to enable information exchanged from any place to any place. However, it has no frameworks to solve recently emerging problems and has suffered from the integratio n of patches that have been created with a shortsighted policy. Now, we need a revolutionary breakthrough to move to the next age.


To develop the Virtual Network Service platform as a framework for introducing new functionalities to the new era. The infrastructure virtually serves as a platform where a network operates through its resource isolation (Isolation) and programming (Programmability ) features. It also intends to provide developers with easy-to-use platforms where proof-of-concept or experimental validation is required to verify innovative networks.


1. A virtual network using wavelength paths besides the conventional packets, for strictly separating networks

2. A platform allowing component packaging of target network architectures or services, and creating a new network service on the virtualized network by integration of those packages

We expect that Virtual Network Infrastructure will create an innovative network with a life span of over 50 years that are long enough to accept new functions based on user demands. We hope that serviceinnovations emerge due to the new features introduced to the network, and ICT enriching human life come into the world.

Participating Organizations

Commissioned Research “ア”(A)    “Architecture Design and Implementation of Advanced Network Virtualization Infrastructure : ANV”: NTT※, Tokyo University, Hitachi, NEC, FUJITSU

Commissioned Research “イ”(I)    “Network Platform for Flexibly-Programmable Advanced Service Composition over Virtualization Network : FPASC”: KDDI R&D LABS ※, Tokyo University, NEC, Hitachi

Commissioned Research “ウ”(U)1    “Application for Content Distribution in New Generation Networks with In-Network Guide: In-Network Guide”: Kansai University ※, Osaka Prefecture University, Kobe University, NEC

Commissioned Research “ウ”(U)3    “Relational Metrics for New-generation Network Applications: Relational Metric”: Kyoto University※, The University of Electro-Communications, Kobe Digital Labo

Commissioned Research “ウ”(U)4    “Energy Efficient, Enhanced-type Data-Centric Network: E3-DCN”: Keio University※, Hitachi

Commissioned Research “ウ”(U)8     “Robust data transmission over multi-sliced virtual networks: ROMSNET”: NTT※, Keio University

Commissioned Research Information System