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New-Generation Network R&D Project

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Creating R&D cooperation: industry, academia and government

The project for the New-Generation Network R&D started in FY 2010 for the realization of the New-Generation Network.
It involves a wide-range of research on networks; from wired to wireless, from physical to contents, or from cutting-edge technologies to applications. For this reason, various researchers who have different experience and background should carry out comprehensive cooperation. For the success of such a broad R&D cooperation, a nation-wide research and development system or framework is necessary. In addition, unique ideas born in academy must be introduced to boost the project. Furthermore, research outcomes from the project must be handed-over to industry smoothly so they can use the ideas to evolve the current Internet architecture.  We, on the basis of contracted or joint research frame - works between academia and industry, perform R&D activities ranging from transport to service, for the realization of the New-Generation Network.