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New-Generation Network

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Looking Beyond the Next Generation Network

As a result of the prevalence and enhancement of computer networks, our social community has dramatically changed and improved so we can hardly do anything without the Internet now. The network keeps growing, and its traffic volume is predicted to go beyond 10,000 times more than today’s network by 2025. Accordingly, power consumption by ICT is expected to increase as well so it may restrict users to use the Internet in the near future. In addition, security monitoring is required to prevent spam mails or any malicious activities, such as DOS attacks, which are caused by large amount of illegal traffic.
  Thus, the Internet needs security breakthrough to cope with such threats that become smarter and more complex. Moreover, the Internet has several structural problems, such as redundant functions or compatibility issues due to the accommodation of additional features introduce to the network. If those problems on security or structure remain unsolved, the network eventually will lose its function as a social infrastructure.
  We have been researching and developing the New - Generation Network based on the principle of“ clean-slate” rather than that of“ patching the Internet”. We aim to create a network that serves as a new social infrastructure with a life span of 50 to 100 years, free from the problems that today Internet has.