Special Issue on the Engineering Test Satellite ‡[( ETS- ‡[)@
Vol.50 Nos.3/4
Special issue
1 Introduction
2 Overview of the Engineering Test Satellite ‡[ (ETS-‡[ ) Project
3 Development of Satellite System
3-1 Overview of ETS-‡[ Satellite
3-2 Configuration for Mobile Communication Satellite System and Broadcasting Satellite Systems
3-3 Large Deployable Reflector (LDR)
3-4 Onboard Ka-band Feeder Link Communications Equipment
3-5 S-band Frequency Converter
3-6 Feed System
3-6-1 Configuration of the Feed System
3-6-2 Feed Array Element
3-6-3 Beam Forming Network
3-7 The On-Board Processor for a Voice Communication Switching
3-8 Onboard Packet Switch for High-Data-Rate Satellite Communications
3-9 High Accuracy Clock (HAC)
3-10 Time Comparison Equipment
3-10-1 RF Part
3-10-2 On-Board Data Processing Part
4 Development of Earth Stations
4-1 Ka-band Feeder-link Earth Station
4-2 S-band Earth Station for Mobile Communication
4-3 Telemetry and Command Processing System for Experiments
4-4 BFN Operating System
4-5 Land Mobile Station for ETS-‡[ Mobile Satellite Communications Experiments
4-6 Portable Earth Station
4-6-1 RF Unit for Portable Earth Station
4-6-2 A Folding Parabola Antenna with Flat Facets
4-6-3 Parabolic Reflector Antenna Mounted Inside Folding Case
4-6-4 Data Collection System
4-7 Experimental Communications and Broadcasting Terminals
4-7-1 Functional Model of a Hand-held Terminal for OBP Experiments
4-7-2 Terminals for High-Data-Rate Satellite Communications Experiments
4-7-3 An OFDM Terminal for Experiment of a Satellite Audio Broadcasting
4-7-4 Coded Modulation Equipment With Unequal Error Protection
4-7-5 Development of a OBP/PKT Communication Terminal
4-7-6 Portable S-band Terminal for ETS-‡[ Communication Experiments
4-8 Time Comparison Experiment
4-8-1 Earth Station of Time Comparison Experiment
4-8-2 Time Comparison Equipment for ETS-‡[
|Data Processing, Analysis and Capability of Time Comparison|
5 Plan of Experiments
5-1 Plan of Experiments for Mobile Satellite Communications and Broadcasting
5-2 Experimental Plans using Time Comparison Equipment
6 Concluding Remarks
Introduction to Patents
Deployable antenna equipment
List of Published Presentation Papers